The Original Tradition
The Great Learning
"Vision of A New Culture"


The Work of Han Marie Stiekema


The Great Mother - Vacuum, Cosmic Womb - is giving new hope to
the world through destruction of ignorance, self-centeredness, greed,
accumulation, exploitation, power abuse and injustice ("death");
giving new way to the renewal of the universe ("awakening",
"rebirth", "joy", "regeneration"
), creating a new brother
and sisterhood of all beings on this planet ("inter-
dependency", "web of life", "preservation"
thus restoring the balance of life


In Search of the Eternal Feminine in Spirituality and Religion
(Mother Worship/The Original Tradition/Introductory Essays)

These essays contain the basics of the Great Mother, ranging from herstory to mythology, from cosmology to the Grail, from matricentrism to Mother & Sons etc. Together they bring together countless aspects of the Great Mother, historically, mythologically, spiritually, culturally, politically, scientifically...It is giving the reader very valuable information and inspiration...>>

The Eternal Feminine and the Transformation of Religion
(Mother Church/Church of the Mother)

As it more and more became clear to HMS, how especially Christianity took over the heritage of the Great Mother...and how the latter distorted the former, it became a challenge to him to describe how Christianity "would have become", if it still would have been rooted in its Original Source. It will raise interest in those, who care about the Christian tradition, yet want the selfsame institution transformed, in such a way, that it will become part of life once again...>> (English)

The Eternal Feminine and the Transformation of Religion
(Great Mother Buddhism/Maitreya Mind Training)
Because of HMS' own Zen past - in 1981 he founded the Living Zen School - this book is as clear as Zen itself. The outcome is very surprising, since it is able to give a totally new perspective to Buddhism. F.i. it contains the fundamental meaning of the "Womb of all Buddha's"; HMS' "The Ultimate Sutra", a unique account of inspiration out of Nothingness; emphasis on "underground" lay movements, like the "Pao Chüan" literature of China, which cherishes the Great Mother as its Origin and Maitreya as the new Savior...>> (English)

Undoubtedly one of the most moving books is HMS' poetry - from Heart to Heart - as he calls it himself. How to give an account of such a subtlety, at the same time being so from direct experience, that you feel you are part of it? It is stirring the soul in such a way, that it easily brings about moments of deep joy, nay bliss. The seven chapters each have a style of their own, called Mission, Contemplation, Unity, Invitation, Heaven on Earth, Life As It Is and The Holy Mountain. Some of the poems have been translated into English, with our deepest hope, that the rest will be following soon...>> (Dutch)

Beyond Enlightenment and Death
In this book HMS has given an account of his life, from the beginning until he "got to know" the Great Mother. It is the most complete overview of his "Great Experiences" on the one hand and of his "Dark Night of the Soul" on the other. Especially his direct utterances of Transcendental Ecstasy are unique. Fortunately, some of the most important parts have been translated into English, however, much more has to be done. An illustrated version of the book is being considered...>> (Dutch)

Enlightened Action
Realisatie, Vernieuwing, Integratie, Actie

Complete Works of Teresa of Avila
Master of surrender and contemplation.

Mother Worship/Introductory Essays

Universele Boodschap
Aankondiging van de Terugkeer van de Moeder

Keer Omme/Grote Moeder Hymne
Waar het Hart vol van is....Han Marie's meest recente loflied op de Moeder, inclusief persoonlijke
ontboezemingen cq zelf-bekentenis. Recht voor zijn raap deze keer. Ga er echter niet voor
op de loop. Mensen die echt iets te zeggen hebben zijn immers
zeldzaam tegenwoordig (...).

The Grail Vision
The Message of the Mother to the world: "Strive for Enlightenment, restructure your life and sere others"
Great Mother Shrines
The four Holy Objects for your Home Altar
The Ultimate Sutra
Awakening, acceptance, friendship, surrender and action
Celestial Daughters
Spiritual heroines e.g. Mary Magdalene, Hadewych, Hildegard, Catharine of Siena, Teresa of Avila....
Threefold Realization
The Unity of Absolute Nothingness (Essence of the Mother), Full Enlightenment (Light Body of the Mother) and the Great Darkness (Destructive Body of the Mother)
Home Meetings
Opportunity of starting a new community
The Valley of Eternal Peace
Mother & Sons
The Great Mother embracing all spiritual/religious traditions
The ecstasy of orgasmic purification
From Nothingness to the ego and vice versa
Taking refuge in the Great Mother
Becoming a child in the arms of the Mother
Vacuum Physics
Science is confirming the existence of the Mother
The Integral Way
Our spiritual initiation (retreat) in seven steps
Book of the Dead
The stages of dissolution, guideline for the dying
The Black Madonna of Einsiedeln
Image of the Great Mother

Chinese Mother Religion
A continuity from the past to the present

Mother of Israel
Our common heritage

Universal Message
Announcing the Return of the Mother

The mythological origins of the Great Mother

Grail Backgrounds
A historical-spiritual journey

Mystery Religions
Hellenism and the rise of the Cybele Cult
Reborn Order
The Order of the Great Mother
Sanctifying Nature
The Heaven & Earth Exercises
To Realize your Maitreya Mind
Renewal of the Dharma
Womb of the Buddhas
The Prajnaparamita Sutra
Transformatorium "The Great Mother"
Our future Center
Stages of HMS' spiritual Path
Picture Gallery
An impression
Personal Reactions
From people worldwide
The Master
A critical approach
Heaven on earth
Q & A online
Important spiritual issues
An all-inclusive attitude




Reality seen from the perspective of the Great Mother. 72 interviews ranging from devotion to democracy; from love & sex to re-incarnation; from evil to state and religion and from Teresa of Avila to sanctyfying nature. MatriTalks reflect the core of HMS' philosophy. (English)

(Wo)man Rooted in Heaven and Earth
The painful reality of alienation was the driving force behind HMS' first book. It contains a review of "(Wo)man rooted in Heaven and Earth" throughout the ages, in various cultures and traditions worldwide. It has become a basic source book for everybody, interested in unity in diversity, multi-ethnicity and how to restore the wholeness of life...>> (Dutch)

The Shattered West
Includes one of the most revealing insights about the underlying dynamics of Western society. Unfortunately still in Dutch only. Who would like to help in translating these around 20 pages? (Dutch)

The Lap of the Universe
After his rediscovery of the Great Mother, HMS was in a very enthusiastic mood. The Lap has been written accordingly, in just ten days. It is an unrestraint criticism of patriarchy e.g. support for the central position of the "feminine" on all levels of society. Chapters like the Threefold Mother, Gods and Goddesses, Mothers and Sons and Men and Women are bearing witness to this...>> (Dutch)

Revolution of Being
(From having toward Being)

To be your Self - Being - has far-reaching consequences for having. It is so fundamental, that you may "recognize Being through having". Isn't Being so fulfilling, that the obsession of having automatically sweeps away? Then the "too much" is not considered as wealth anymore, but as a burden. What is the meaning anyway of dragging of such a dead weight, if it doesn't make you happy anymore? HMS talks about a.o. Realization of Being, Dynamics of Being, Community of Being, Culture of Being and Revolution of Being...>> (Dutch)


The attitude that is all-embracing
Existential Humanism (in Dutch)
(Wo)Man rooted in Heaven, earth and the (new) community.
Men and Women
Servants of the Mother
The position of men
The Caribbean Model
Spiritual pathology
Review of dead ends
Mother Russia
An account from a living tradition




The Self-Sovereign Society
This book is born out of concern about the current world situation. HMS firmly believes, that the cause of disintegration of society (on all levels) is spiritual: loss of contact with the Divine. He therefore doesn't focus on daily politics, but instead offers a new vision, inviting everybody to join him in developing alternatives in an intuitive, creative way. The aim is to contribute to a society, which is (much) more humane, tolerant, just, compassionate and free. This cannot be achieved by just emphasizing human values though. The very foundation of society has to become transformed, a.o. based on community democracy, subsidiarity, federalism and matricentrism. Again, it is a pity that this book too - which contains so many valuable insights - has not been translated into English yet...>>  (Dutch)

Transformation Manifesto for the 21st Century
This brochure pursues the search for a Natural Socio-Political Order; to redefine the place of the individual in the community; of the community in the state (EU) and of the state in the Cosmos. It is an educational project, containing the "44 Steps toward Transformation". Students are using this pamphlet as a guideline/discussion paper, as part of their Community Service...>> (Dutch, German)

Transformation workbook
Has been designed, but not worked out yet.


The Great Learning
Drawing concentric circles from the individual to the environment
Visioen van een Nieuwe Cultuur
Artikel in Hervormd Nederland (8 Dec. 2001)
Re-organizing society bottom-up
A. Toynbee
Rise and fall of Civilizations
The Community of the Mother
City Awakening
Global Tour "To Restore the Wholeness of Life"
Earth Care
Earth Care Memorandum "A Late Spring" was published in Prana Magazine in 1989. It consists of a design for an environmental organization. Although the latter never was implemented, the project has some historical value. That's why it has been considered worthwhile to adding it to our list...>> (Dutch)
Planet under pressure
BBC report




The current health care systems will further disintegrate, because a.o. of their own inconsistencies. One of them is the neglect of self help, life style and prevention. Based upon his more than 30 years experience (1972) as a very successful (holistic) medical doctor, HMS' has designed seven integrated steps toward A New Health Care: 1. Personal Health Plan 2. Extension of Self Care 3. Street Health Teams 4. Training of Basic Health Consultants (Excursion: Guasha Therapy Training) 5. Career Perspectives 6. A New Health Care 7. WorldNetworkFund Foundation. Moreover, quite some valuable articles about key issues can be found here. He also offers you an internet health check-up...>> (English, Dutch)

Flow System Therapy
This handbook holistic health
is a breakthrough in medical thinking (medical system theory) and practice (flow system therapy), in which health depends on the impute, processing and output of e.g. nutrition, water, oxygen, waste and toxins. This dynamic balance can be subdivided in nutrition, digestion, transport, assimilation, combustion, detoxification and elimination. Rather than focusing on "diseases", his system is examining, diagnosing and treating these basic metabolic functions, thus optimizing health, while indirectly improving e.g. curing disorders. The book contains 200 different natural self help techniques...>> (English)

Chinese Guasha Therapy
We have brought a wonderful therapy from China to Europe: guasha regeneration. It is so versatile, simple and effective, that inevitably it has become our mission to help as many as possible people. Summarizing, guasha is stimulating the immune system, detoxifies and de-acidifies, promotes the circulation, regulates functions and organs, removes blockades and pain, revitalizes and regenerates ("life-extension"), diminishes stress, fatigue and burn-out, improves e.g. cures indirectly countless (chronic) disorders and complaints, rebalances emotions, relaxes and promotes clarity of mind...everything through ONE simple treatment. It is "replacing" other methods like massage, connective tissue treatment, reflexology, periost massage, acupuncture, moxa, lymph drainage and immune therapy...>> (English, Dutch, German)

Initiation therapy: body, mind & soul
Additional to the many articles about health, to be found in the first site, HMS has written quite some more about psychological e.g. psychotherapeutic issues, all in the context of spiritual awakening. Some of his major are "Stress, burn-out and regeneration",  "METAsynthesis", "Initiation therapy" ("Therapy of Being"), "Emotional self-integration", "Psychopathology of spirituality" and "The self-addicted society"...>> (English, Dutch)


Personal Health Plan
Free internet program for optimizing your health
Stress, burn-out & regeneration
The problems of burn-out seen through various angles
A New Health Care
Re-organizing the health care system, according to the three layers of self-help, holistic and technological medicine
Guasha Therapy
Stimulating immune system, detoxifying, promotion of blood circulation, pain relief, removal of (emotional) blockages, regeneration and clarity of mind...everything in ONE simple treatment
The Australian site about Electro-sensitivity
Multi-Etiological Subtotal Syndrome

Spirituality and electrostress (in Dutch/German)
Very extensive information about the harms of Electro-magnetic pollution

Integral cancer therapy
Physical, emotional, spiritual and environmental
Collective self-addiction
The sickness of "normality"
Emotional Self-Integration
Embracing your inner step-children


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