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This is the story about a successful spiritual teacher, psychotherapist and (holistic) medical doctor, who suddenly and totally unexpected was granted the unique Threefold Realization (1977), after which He spent ten years in uninterrupted Bliss. During the next fifteen years - Dark Night of the Soul - he was (painfully) confronted by "the world", while integrating old parts of his self into his New Identity. Eventually, he acknowledged the Ultimate to be a Vacuum, a Cosmic Womb ("The Great Mother"), to Whom he is dedicating the rest of his life. It took more than twenty five years before he reluctantly acknowledged his role as Her "Servant/ Messenger" (Sermes). The Mother is All-Embracing, hence, Her Compassion includes the whole of existence, nothing excluded. The MatriTalks are giving an account of this>>



72 Interviews

First Series

MatriTalks 1

MatriTalks 2

MatriTalks 3

MatriTalks 4
God the Mother?

MatriTalks 5
Fear of Nothingness

MatriTalks 6
Her Message to the world

MatriTalks 7
Inner Prayer

MatriTalks 8
Women and Men

MatriTalks 9
I am a Buddhist 1

MatriTalks 10
Mother Healing

MatriTalks 11
Community First!

MatriTalks 12

MatriTalks 13
Love & Sex

MatriTalks 14
Child Raising

MatriTalks 15

MatriTalks 16


MatriTalks 17 
"Dead Ends"

MatriTalks 18
Mother & Sons

MatriTalks 19
Economic Survival

MatriTalks 20
World Peace

MatriTalks 21
The Integral Way

MatriTalks 22
A New Kingship

MatriTalks 23

MatriTalks 24
Purpose of Life

Second Series

MatriTalks 25
Sanctifying Nature

MatriTalks 26
The American Dream

MatriTalks 27

MatriTalks 28
The Great Mother

MatriTalks 29
Burn-out Syndrome

MatriTalks 30

MatriTalks 31
A New Religion?

MatriTalks 32
Hymn to the Mother

MatriTalks 33

MatriTalks 34
Human Destructiveness

MatriTalks 35
Book of the Dead

MatriTalks 36
The Calling

MatriTalks 37
Home Meetings

MatriTalks 38

MatriTalks 39
Monkey Story

MatriTalks 40
State and Religion

MatriTalks 41
Teresa of Avila

MatriTalks 42

MatriTalks 43
Personal Health Plan

MatriTalks 44

MatriTalks 45
What is Meditation?

MatriTalks 46
Self and Mutual Help

MatriTalks 47
Vacuum Physics

MatriTalks 48
Passion for Life

Third Series

MatriTalks 49
Return of the Mother

MatriTalks 50
Love your ego

MatriTalks 51

MatriTalks 52

MatriTalks 53

MatriTalks 54
Youth Movement

MatriTalks 55

MatriTalks 56

MatriTalks 57

MatriTalks 58
Song of Enlightenment

MatriTalks 59
I am a Buddhist 2

MatriTalks 60

MatriTalks 61

MatriTalks 62
Mother Earth

MatriTalks 63
Black Madonna's

MatriTalks 64
Mother Stone Therapy

MatriTalks 65
Mother Worship

MatriTalks 66
To Become an Original

MatriTalks 67
Wretched of the Earth

MatriTalks 68
Emotional self-integration

MatriTalks 69
Unity in Diversity

MatriTalks 70
To the Christians

MatriTalks 71

MatriTalks 72

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