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"You don't find the Grail,
the Grail is finding you"


Vision of the Grail 1

Vision of the Grail: the trinity of Enlightenment,
personal integration and selflessness.

1. That afternoon there was a very special atmosphere. It was as if the air around me was filled with some rare energy. I lay on my bed and felt very relaxed.

2. Suddenly the room became very transparent. Everything changed into a very unusual clarity. Then, with my eyes open, a visionlike phenomenon appeared right in front of me. First I could not see what it was, but immediately after I saw some dots radiating light. As the light became more and more intense, the dots began to look symmetrical. I saw them change into a form. They became bigger. Suddenly I saw what it was: little golden flowers with minute red drops in their hearts. The flowers radiated beautiful light around them. Then I recognized them as St. John's Wort.

3. I had never seen such a radiating splendour before. It stayed there for a short while, then it started changing. The green twigs and leaves started changing into gold. The twigs reshaped themselves into semicircles with their opening to the sky. The red drops fused into each other and became bigger. In the meantime, the intensity of the gold as well as the radiance of the light had grown accordingly. How extremely beautiful this was. Suddenly I saw: the object was a Tree of Life, a Jewish Menorha. There were the seven arms, each with a red flame at the top. I was deeply fascinated, awfully impressed by the clarity of the vision.

4. Even then the change did not stop. It went on and on at a slow pace. I was able to follow it easily. After the Tree of Life reached its fullest expression, the arms became thicker and thicker. They grew towards each other. First they touched, then they fused. All space between the arms was filled with incredibly beautiful gold, radiating light in all directions. The energy was extremely powerful.

5. To begin with I did not recognize what it was but shortly after it looked like a golden cup. Yes, it was a golden Chalice radiating fascinating light all around. I had never seen anything so beautiful in my life before, such a perfect shape, such blissful radiance. This was not a normal experience. Its nature was definitely transcendental. Then, very slowly the Chalice started bending towards the right and I was able to look into it a little. I knew: this was the climax. Something very special was going to happen. Suddenly I saw. The Chalice was filled with a red fluid...blood! It was blood! Blood came up out of the Chalice's depth and started dripping over its edge. As the Chalice continued to bend over its side, more and more blood poured out of it. It became a stream, yes a river of blood flowing abundantly and without cessation. The Chalice appeared to be an Inexhaustible Source.

6. As I realized this, I was filled with deepest emotion and gratitude. An ecstatic joy overwhelmed me. And as that happened, the vision slowly diminished until finally it disappeared.

7. After some time the true nature of this event became dear to me. A centuries’ long mystic quest had been revealed to me. The culmination of so much effort, speculation, deception and greed had been brought back to Its Original Purity. Yes, this was The Holy Grail. However, for me it was not the end, but the beginning of my spiritual journey. The meaning became clear to me only much later. The vision contained a message to the world. St.John’s Worth symbolizes "awakening"; the Menorha that of "the (Jewish) Law, symbolizing the necessity of personal integration and the Chalice that of selflessness. These aspects are part of a "trinity", they are related to each other. There is no awakening without personal integration, and no personal integration without selflessness. It is a powerful message in a time, where "awakening" and "personal growth" are self-serving goals. Hence, the Vision being the beginning of a new era. It is laying the foundation of new values, a new morality and a new community.

The Grail is the Vessel symbolizing the Great Mother
(Cosmic Womb)

The Ultimate Image
The Madonna as Manifestation of the Cosmic Womb/

The Great Mother bearing the Grail.
Northern Spain

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See also: "AutobiographyZie: uitgebreide nederlandse versie


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