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Healing the Planet
To Begin with A New Spirituality

You are cordially invited to the Universal Mother Initiation
(formerly called "Council)

Our principles:

There is only One Cosmic Mother

The various religions have still memories of Her

She is the Mother of (the) God(s)

So, come forward and tell us about the Maternal Dimension of your God and faith

Together we will celebrate the Mother as the Unity in Diversity

It is a new foundation to mutual understanding, peace, justice and harmony with nature

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Universal Mother Initiation
Mother-oriented People of the World, Unite!

1. In these most critical of times, in which the survival of the entire globe is at stake, the "feminine" impulse is indispensable. For more than 3000 years patriarchy has had its chance to create "A New Heaven and A New Earth". The result is the possible destruction of the entire globe. Religious dualism - Spirit vs Matter, God vs the World, Ratio vs the Body, Light vs Darkness, Man vs Woman, Technology vs Nature - are typically products of the male mind. As paradigms of patriarchy they are largely responsible for the current decay. Every society is a reflection of its underlying "God concept". If God is a patriarchal male, then authoritarianism, (technological) oppression, exploitation, violence, injustice and the destruction of nature will continue to be the dominant forces of society*. As we all know now, this will be suicidal. Hence, the necessity of a great turning. Religions are urged to go on a search for the "feminine" aspects of their particular faith i.e. those aspects of the Divine that emphasize holistic e.g. life-confirming and enhancing values. In order to save the earth we all have to move toward inclusivity, though. Inclusivity is "feminine". It consists of love, respect, peace, wholeness, reconciliation, justice, courage, cooperation and sustainablity. It reflects the Mother e.g. the "Maternal Aspect of God", the One Who is all-embracing.

Every religion has to go on its own search. Each of them has the responsibility to bring more balance in their theories and practices. Their driving force should be compassion with the earth. The miserable "state of the world", isn't it also the effect of their doings during the centuries?

* Reconciliation of religions will be one of the key issues of the 21st century.  See in my website: "Letter to Spiritual and Religious Leaders"

2. The UNIVERSAL INITIATION brings people from within and without all religions who want to emphasize the "Maternal Dimension of God", together. It is taking the inspiration of the SermeS, the one who in 1977 was granted the Revelation of the Mother as starting point. Against the background of global crisis, the representatives of religious bodies increasingly acknowledge, that our perception of "God" is incomplete. For some 3000 years mankind identified itself with "God" as a male person*. The consequence was (is) a religion that stressed law, dogma's, punishments, threats, guilt, revenge and obedience. It is the reason why more and more people abandon religious organizations. They feel unsatisfied, unhappy and confused. Others may still attend religious meetings, but realize, that despite their commitment, religion increasingly becomes self-centered, exclusive and fundamentalist. They don't want to become part of a "clash of civilizations", though. Hence, large groups of people are re-orienting themselves, hoping that they will find a more complete "image" of God.

* While MotherWorship is already 40.000 years old or beyond....

3. Especially women have critisized the one-sidedness of "God as a male person". They went on a quest to find "feminine" aspects of the Divine. This has resulted in countless publications e.g. initiatives, such as "God as a Mother", "the heroic women of the bible", "women religious rituals", "the ordination of women priests", the founding of new religions (Goddess/Wicca) and many more. Despite this, the peak of the activities has subsided somewhat. It seems as if the effort had been too superficial. They all got stuck in ideas, interpretations and concepts, rather than having touched the living Reality of the Divine. Their longing for a new spirituality has been frustrated. However, one thing helped us a lot. It is the global crisis, in which the survival of the entire earth is at stake. Suddenly, we understand that Transformation has to start with the Origin. So, yes, our discoveries of the "Maternal Dimension of God" prove to be crucial.

4. The re-appearence of the Great Mother on earth doesn't seem to be accidental. Aren't we stuck, altogether? Society as a whole is rapidly disintegrating. We desperately need a turning point. All known options prove to be powerless. A renewal is needed, to start with our roots. "Something" TOTALLY NEW (ORIGINAL!) has to touch the heart of people, gender, nations, cultures and societies. Can you think of anything else, but the Great Mother? Her impact affects all areas of life. Imagine, the world turns to the Mother as its Savioress. What unimaginable energies will be freed by Her! People will resurrect from their hypnotic sleep. A new enthusiasm will take possession of the souls of many. The Mother will add a totally new dimension to peace ("feminine values"), interreligious reconciliation (pacifying Her quarrelling "Sons"), to the position of women, children and families ("women empowerment"), the restoration of the communities (Her "web of life"), upgrading democracy ("community democracy"), the revival of tradition ("Western and Non-Western cultures"), optimizing health (natural, holistic health), to justice (eliminating exploitation, poverty, hunger), balancing the economy (reflecting cosmic balance), while saving the earth (Her material Body: "Mother Earth"). Being All-Embracing isn't an empty word. It is the umbrella under which everything, without exception, will be healed.

Hence, the INITIATION is an event in which representatives of religious and affiliated bodies are welcome, from small lay people groups to International Bodies. Furthermore representatives of the EU, of national governments, of the existing great religions, of interreligious initiatives, universities, ecological groups etc.

5. The UNIVERSAL MOTHER INITIATION is open to all those individuals, groups, organizations, centres, churches, religions, sangha's, temples, mosques and synagoges, that acknowledge the necessity of emphasizing the "Maternal Dimension of God". Our mission is to support those groups, congregations, who seek to deepen their religious life, aiming at strengthening the feminine dimension of religion and spirituality. Our function is to inspire, coordinate and encourage. We do so, because we ourselves are deeply convinced of the value of a "Mother-oriented" society. As coordinator we will not impose our insights on others, though, but facilitate faiths to develop their own inherent values. F.i. in Islam, Allah the Merciful will be emphasized; in Christianity, the "Maternal Aspect of God" or the position of the Mother of God will be further elaborated; in Judaism Asherah will be revered as the consort (nay, the Mother) of Jaweh; Hinduism, the unifying potentiality of the Original MatriDevi will be stressed; in Buddhism, the position of the Eternal Mother e.g. Kuan Yin will be upgraded; Taoism, the Tao as a (Maternal) Valley is something to pay attention to, etc. etc.

6. The result will be regular Meetings of independent and autonomous representatives of religious organizations, having in common a "feminine" World View. It will be a platform on which "unity in diversity" is promoted, experienced and celebrated, everything to the benefit of all "sentient and non-sentient" beings. A Community based on feminine e.g. maternal values, is emphasizing cooperation rather than competiveness, love rather than hate, tolerance rather than exclusion, justice rather than exploitation, peace rather than war, sustainability rather than destruction. Its highest aim is to serve life in all its aspects. It is open to all people regardless gender, nationality, status or position. All over the world networks will be sprouting. "Ordinary" mothers will welcome it.* Too long their roles have been "undervalued". Visualize this new global Community. Doesn't give it a vibrant feeling, joyful, fresh, renewing and full of promise? Yes, we agree. It is nothing less than the beginning of A New Era.

* See my website: "Mother for Mothers"

7. Although having a clear spiritual/religious foundation, it should be emphasized , that the UNIVERSAL MOTHER INITIATION itself is not a religion. Rather, it is a Meeting in which the SermeS is sharing his Cosmic Inspiration to the benefit of all. The unique thing about is that it lays the foundation for cross-religious re-organization. "Normally", Mother (Madonna, Kuan Yin, MatriDevi etc.) oriented groups are exclusively incorporated in their own corresponding religious settings. These settings are almost always patriarchal. The Father rules over the Mother. Reason, why the Latter is often unable to develop Her full potential. We want to re-balance this situation by giving Mother-groups a second orientation e.g, source of inspiration. It is the raison d'être of the UNIVERSAL MOTHER INITIATION. It serves as a home for those who confess themselves to the Mother as the Ultimate on the one hand, while being a supplement to those who still maintain ties with their traditional organizations, on the other. Our aim is to bring all these people together. 

8. People of various religious backgrounds who revere the Mother often have more in common with each other than with the patriarchal tradition of which they are a part. The UNIVERSAL MOTHER INITIATION is providing a platform to all of them, whole-heartedly welcoming everyone, without exception. This "cross-fertilization" could cause a "landslide!" Suddenly, experiences, insights and ideas which until then were locked up are spreading their wings. There is "One Ultimate", but the ways to it are manifold. No one is superior to the other. Hence, peace, tolerance, respect and reconciliation are its main principles. It is inviting both organizations and individual members. These people maybe mothers, fathers, singles, youth, theologians, religious leaders, feminists, priests, nuns, shamans, therapists, workers, unemployed, teachers, writers....all are welcome. The UNIVERSAL MOTHER INITIATION - as a loose Community of all Mother-oriented people - is taking the lead here. We will support you through coordination, (regular/ annual) meetings, conferences, healings, trainings, celebrations and actions. We will selflessly share all our expertise with everybody involved, regardless background, belief, conviction or denomination.

9. The INITIATION is not an organization. On the contrary, it is a loose worldwide initiative, exclusively based on horizontal networks e.g. local autonomous groups, frequently initiated by local people themselves, with free affiliations, based on a fruitful cooperation between men and women (with women often having a leading role), held together by a coordinating group. It is a Source of Inspiration in which those invited are inspired, informed, encouraged and supported. It is a unique interfaith initiative, giving the religious landschape new colors. It beholds the promise of turning the "wasteland" into a flowering and fruitful earth, once again, to the benefit of all its inhabitants. We actively promote "unity in diversity", respecting roots, wisdom, differences and convictions of all participants involved. We cherish a bottom-up organization with active participation of everyone, the latter subscribing to the principles described above. On the other hand, we - the UNIVERSAL MOTHER INITIATION Coordination Group - are free to taking any initiative that promotes the Wholeness of Life. Are you interested? Ask for more details.  

10. The meetings of the "UNIVERSAL MOTHER INITIATION" are an annual highlight. Here, everybody comes together from all corners of the world to share what has been bestowed upon you in your daily situation. Through talks, workshops, teachings, seminars, informal encounters, celebrations and action, the participants have the opportunity to share inspiration, support, exchange, learning, networking and models for action. It is a worldwide demonstration of the will to fundamental change. All our individual sources of inspiration flow into one Big Ocean of Maternal Compassion, spreading itself to all directions. People will be moved by the idea of a Cosmic Womb, including the whole of existence, nothing excluded. The Mother will be irresistable: "Come all ye unto Me, I am the All-Embracing One". This is where we have been searching for, for 2000 years. Healing the wounds, the pain, the fear and the anger is a first priority. Motherly Love will then lead you further. She will teach you to become like Her: all-embracing. It is the ultimate fulfillment of personal longing, running into a collective effort to Healing the Planet.

Praise the Cosmic Mother!          

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Can we still be saved?

Culture Renewal Manifesto for the 21st Century

Letter to Church Leaders

Dear Brothers and Sisters. Recent disasters have revealed the vulnerability of modernity. People all over the world fear for health and safety. This touches the religious dimension. Because existential fear reflects the finity of life e.g. the possibility of death.

Whom are people calling in their moments of greatest despair? Right, they don't call for "father", instead they cry out for "mother". It proves that "mother" is the ultimate refuge. Is religion recognizing this very important spiritual fact? Well, not really.

Moreover, isn't the greatest longing of people worldwide for an inclusive world? Indeed, "masculine" values of raw competition, ego-centrism, exploitation, violence, exteme rationality, individualism etc. are widely considered as being responsible for the deterioration of society.

If we are honest - and that is what we want - then our great religions seem to be part of the problem rather than the solution. The churches are ruled by a patriarchal hierarchy. There is hardly any room for "feminine" values getting an equal status.

It is widely recognized that these values - inter- connectedness, tolerance, peace, love, community, respect, equality, mutuality, justice and harmony with nature - are the "sine qua non" for the survival of mankind. The challenge for the Church is to re-balance masculine and feminine values.

You don't have to be a women (I am a man) to see that these are very important priorities. The people always have known this. The masses turn to shrines dedicated to female deities. Regardless of the religion people belong to. Think of the Madonna in Christianity, Matri Devi in Hinduism, Kuan Yin in Buddhism, yes, even in Islam pilgrimages to female saints are among the most popular.

So, can we speak of a turning point? Well, it greatly depends on Church leaders. Do they take the longing of the people for a feminine "holistic" world serious or not? Against the background of a world that is rapidly deteriorating such a step might be unavoidable. What helps is, that in every great religion the memory of the "Mother" is still alive.

In Europe - the continent that has suffered most from the inquisition - there is a revival, even among Protestants, of Mother worship. The Mother of God is getting a more universal status, while places with Black Madonna's enjoy more devotees every year. It is a sign of a coming turning point. The question is: will the churches in Asia (and other continents) join?

Increasingly, people come to understand that the Mother is universal. She revealed Herself in the various religions under different names, shapes and manifestations. People who venerate the Mother have more in common with each other than with their own confessional background. To bring these people together I founded the Universal Mother Initiation.

It is an invitation to search IN YOUR OWN TRADITION for the "Maternal Dimension of God".
For all details, click "Universal Mother Council"
www.motherworship.com info@motherworship.com
Han Marie Stiekema, New Teacher & "Green Man"