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Cosmic Womb Mandala
Both the Divine (white, yellow) as well as the universe (green) are born from the Cosmic Womb (black), while continuously returning to their Origin

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This "treatise" is a breakthrough of incredible proportions. Prepare for the "worst", because it is literally mind-blowing. In just 16 pages (booklet) major existing scientific AND religious concepts are turned upside down. In order to understand the universe we have to change our concept of God!: "God didn't create the world out of nothingness, but Nothingness is giving birth to both "God" (the Divine, the Light, Consciousness) and the universe, the latter continuously returning to their Origin". It is the beginning of A New Era.

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Father's Universe

How "evolutionary consciousness" supports the status quo

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Cosmic Science

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Cosmo-Spiritual Scientific Approach

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Part 1

Dear Friends,

One of the greatest challenges in physics is to explain how time originated from timelessness. Immediately I remember an "experiment" which I did decades ago. In my frequent Moments of Expanded Consciousness there wasn't any time. It means that my deepest Core is one Undivided Moment, one of Limitless Timelessness. Since this Dimension exceeded my personal boundaries, it included the world. Everything I saw around me was part of the selfsame Timelessness. E.g. my eyes saw cars moving from A to B, but since they were embedded in my Extended Mind there wasn't any time associated to their moving. Like myself they were also part of One Eternal Moment. After returning to a "normal" state time re-appeared. After a couple of the same observations I came to the following hypothesis: "Time originates from a narrow, limited mind". What is the logic behind it? Imagine you have a "panorama view" of reality around you. In this case you see everything in the same undivided moment. This is how an Enlightened Mind perceives reality. However, the "normal" mind can't. The latter doesn't possess this inclusiveness. Thus, it is forced to perceive the same panorama piece by piece. So, e.g. you start with the left side, focussing on that first, then go to the middle part, followed by the right side of the picture.  This watching in pieces - one by one - is taking time. Ergo: time is born out of Timelessness when the mind moves from an All-Inclusive State to "normal" limited perception. This is projected into the environment where in order to see the Whole, you have to watch the pieces one after the other. In the same way, in the universe time originates in Eternity (the selfsame Eternity!) through the process of materialization, brought about by the two Cosmic Forces: "Creation and Destruction"*. Being part of Eternity on the hand hand and of matter on the other, make it possible that humans can have an insight in the origination of time.  The Birth of space-time is repeated by conscious observation......"Wow", if I could "solve" a problem so easily, while physics is still struggling with it..... The point is, that without Consciousness, the (small) mind could never have solved the problem by itself alone..... Thus, in science "going within" is as crucial as "going without". Consciousness is a crucial part of Reality (Reality Itself) and in order to come to sound conclusions, physics has no choice but to include it. At that time I knew, one day this and maybe more insights will serve the unity of spirituality and science. Today this may be that "time"

* This is the classical Hindu terminology. Since the controversies about "Evolution" "Creation" is linked to "Creationalism". Our "Creation" isn't linked to a "Creator", though. Therefore, in order not to create....confusion I replaced "Creation" through "Origination". See: "The Supreme Design 2"

I have great respect for physicists and their work. Frankly, I hardly understand most of their thinking, methods and procedures. Mathematics seems to me to come from another planet. Indeed their achievements are very impressive. This is especially true for Experimental i.e. AstroPhysics. Looking closer at Theoretical Physics and Cosmology though I more and more came to see its fragile logic as those approaches are committing themselves to "explain ultimate things". Which was disappointing, because I always presumed a sound scientific foundation behind it. In reality, it rather looks like a circus, where a lot of different artists perform a series of uncoordinated acts. It usually starts with an "idea", giving rise to all kinds of speculations. The most "suitable" of them - usually determined by pre-existing ideas - are put together and form a "hypothesis". Often followed by feverish attempts to "design" a corresponding mathematical framework for it. Once this hypothesis is acceptable to some respectable colleagues, it becomes the status of "model". This has to be taken literally, for a model promotes the status of a scientist. Hence, he/she tries to get it accepted by wider circles. Sometimes he/she manages to carry out an "experiment", however, because of its limited character, it almost always has to be given up later on. What "shocked" me is the random manipulation of "findings". If your current interest is a certain model, then every new "fact" that could question it - even if that fact is very sound - is simply brushed aside. Or "changed" in such a way that the model can be saved. Not the truth, but the model has priority. E.g. the concept of "space-time singularity", developed by Penrose and Hawking. It says that when you come to "ultimate things" physics ceases to exist. Its laws cannot be applied to Nothingness. Ultimately, in other words, physics isn't able to explain the universe! Both scientists initially have fully and courageously acknowledged their own conclusion. However, to take the consequences from it is another thing. So, eventually, they just ignored it. Physics would lose its ultimate authority.....  S.Hawking feels he saved his project. However, in fact he missed a great chance.......

A clever mind is limited
A Simple Mind is Universal

Let's take the staircase right in front of me. The common way of studying it is to perceive its form, its material, its color, its function. Who is studying what? On the one hand there is me - consisting of perception, my existing ideas of staircases, my interpretation, my calculations and my reasoning. I study the staircase with the faculties of my mind. It is the way scientists study the universe..... What is typical about it is, that both the staircase and myself have been reduced only to certain aspects. The physical outside of the former on the one hand and my rationality on the other. For a long time this was considered the optimal way to study phenomena. But is it? Does it correspond to reality? It doesn't. It has been proven that even a staircase is not an isolated thing. On the atomic level there exists an intense exchange between the staircase and its direct environment. The same is true for me..... In fact, both the staircase and myself consist of 99% vacuum. Both the staircase and myself are part of the selfsame space! "Suddenly" the whole picture changes. Rather than the staircase being "there" (as an isolated object) and me "here" (another isolated object), there appears to exist an initimate relationship between us. Quantum physics has given us this wider perspective! But this is not all. Through Spiritual Realization I appear to be that One Space, in which both the staircase and my bodymind exist. The paradigm of Theoretical Physics, namely describing reality as if it were outside of you, proves to be wrong. If the starting point is wrong, then everything that emerges out of it is wrong too. The (small) mind - however clever - doesn't appear to be the optimal instrument to study the staircase. If this is already valid for a staircase, what about studying the "last things" then? If I Am the Space in which both the staircase (the universe) and myself are, then THE way to come closer to the truth is to become that Space. Only then can you see the interactions between your objects. It gives you a much more realistic picture than reducing them to two separate things. Studying the universe with the (common) mind - thinking - thus confronts you with self-induced limitations. Only Space can understand Space. You have to become the universe in order to be able to understand it. For physics this is taboo. They call this "metaphysics". In reality, this is more Real than real. The solution lies in what you deny!

Actually, the most intelligent approaches to reality originate from a "sudden insight". All biggies: from Newton to Bell, from Schrödinger to Bohr and Einstein to Heisenberg owe their deepest understanding to it. You clean the dishes and suddenly a "flash", an intuition pops up (or comes down) in a split second solving a problem, that had been occupying your mind for a long time. A Zen Koan is based on the same phenomenon. Though its difference is its systematic approach. This intuitive insight itself doesn't belong to physics. It isn't the outcome of rational thinking, calculation or speculation. On the contrary, it "comes out of the blue", totally unexpected. Some say "it came from a different space"..... not part of science, at all. This "space" corresponds with the One Space, elaborated above. It is the Realm of Cosmic Intelligence. That's why such sudden insights are without exception very clear, lucid, bright and.....revealing. Cosmic Intelligence, something that is both "without" and "within" us, is thus an indispensable aspect of scientific research. Without it there wouldn't be a General Theory of Relativity, Quantum Physics or an understanding about the Vacuum, proving that spirituality is one of the main pillars of science! It "only" has to be acknowledged as such.Though sticking to the facts isn't always easy. Not even to those who have made a profession out of it. This justifies "the little help" I am offering Here-Now. It consists of the insight, that what we are studying we ultimately are ourselves. "Sudden Insights" are messages from the One Space that is Omni-Present. By becoming the latter - which is the aim of spirituality - your potential for receiving the former will increase logarithmically. Moreover, your research wouldn't depend anymore on spacetime only. On the contrary, because the One Space is beyond it (and simultaneously giving birth to it) your insight will be deepening accordingly. Your taste for it will become so strong, that you find the courage to break through the existing paradigms and the political correct opinions of your colleagues. May these hopefuls stand up. I will always be available for a nice chat......

Another spectacular insight is that of "parallel realities". The details will be explained in Part 2. I elaborate about it, because it gives you unexpected entry to a difficult matter. The surprise: our breathing, science and Cosmic (spiritual) Realization all reflect each other. It means that they represent the same universal Truth, each in its own way and on its own level. Let's start with our breathing. "Normally" our breathing is automatic. Breathing-in and breathing-out are like an entity, floating in our inner body. From the first moment we become aware - starting watching and feeling (the breathing) - the latter's pattern changes. Breathing-out is deepening itself, eventually disappearing into the "nothingness" of our pelvic space. Paradoxically, we start feeling that the breathing-out has its roots there. It disappears into a "fixed point". The latter even is pulling the breathing-out in. It appears a point of inner rest, quietness, depth, darkness and....peace. In its turn, through watching it, our inner watching gains inner clarity, insight and stability. They are two poles that - through aware breathing - are one. The deeper our aware breathing-out, the more powerful our breathing-in is. The more thorough the death of the former, the more powerful the rebirth of the latter......Death and rebirth being two sides of the same coin, both originating in the "vacuum" of our pelvis. It appears, that this nothingness is an inner mystery. We watch and feel it, but never grasp its depth. It is the bottomless abyss within ourselves. Once the breathing-in is "born", it moves up, expanding itself into our thorax, until it reaches its highest point. This moment is a turning point in which breathing-in turns into breathing-out. Everything without effort, whatsoever. This breathing-out moves spontaneously back to it "origin", the dark pelvic space. Watching and feeling transformed the entire process. Without it, the breathing was just a "floating entity", now it appears to have a dynamic structure. breathing-out, disappearing into the pelvis, point of rest, breathing-in, its upper turning-point, breathing-out, disappearing into the pelvis......The absolute sensational finding: conscious breathing is a reflection of the findings of cosmology, the latter confirmed by Cosmic (Spiritual) Realization. Science asserts that through "gravity" everything is returning to the Cosmic Vacuum ("breathing-out"). In its bottomlessness the light is born (Higgs Field). This light (also called "dark energy", better name would be "invisible energy") is expanding the universe ("breathing-in") until it reaches a turning-point, where the inflated power loses it energy. It is being transformed into "dark matter", pulled back ("gravity") into the bottomlessless of the Vacuum. My Cosmic Realization* follows exact the same pattern, prove of the fact that this Cosmic Law penetrates all levels of existence.

* Extensively described in the second Part.

This last short essay of Part 1 is about "as above, so below". This principle ruled the Middle Ages, where people felt themselves as being part of a greater Whole. This existential awareness was destroyed by....the Church. Those who aimed at Godexperience ("heretics"), who considered themselves part of nature ("pagans", women), subsequently the communities that were built on those beliefs, were all persecuted and eventually destroyed. This lasted many centuries ("inquisition"). At last people didn't have a choice, but to fall back on the only faculty left: their ego's. Instead of being in direct contact with a greater Reality, it was the ego - though its speculative, thinking, rational mind - that started to design its own reality. It did so through ideas, concepts, interpretation, abstractions, hypothesis, everything as an extension of self-interests, greed, power games and all the rest of it. The social structures built on them were thus arbitrary. They were entities without any roots in Reality. Like bubbles in a glas of water. The consequences of which we face in current times, where the failure of our self-centered system is painfully exposed.  "Tolerance", "justice" or "sustainability" appear to be just words, their meaning depending on the ones who are in power. They are corrupted concepts, part of a corrupted system. Hence the cry out for "new" or "real" values and ethics nowadays. But where to find these values? Who or what can provide them? Religion has had its day, for its entire belief-system served only one purpose: to manipulate, control and oppress "souls". Therefore, people of today are suspicious about any initiative, that comes from that corner. With good reason. On the other hand, the answer can only come from the greater Whole! For the key question is (once again): what is our place in that Whole and how should we behave accordingly? The Source is Cosmic Insight! Thanks to Cosmic Breakthrough (1977), the True Nature of the Cosmos has revealed itself to us. It consists of the Vacuum (Absolute Emptiness, "Cosmic Womb"), and two opposing, yet complementary Cosmic Forces: Creation and Destruction. The latter maintaining a dynamic balance between each other, also called the "Web of Life" or simply life. Everything, without exception is part of this balance. Or should be, like (wo)mankind. Obviously, it is not. Half a millennium ago, the ego started dominating life and the harmony with "Heaven, earth and the community" had been disturbed until this very day. It is clear: our survival as (wo)mankind depends on whether we will once again fit in, yes or no. In contrast to the past, we now know exactly HOW! Before we didn't, because we didn't know how the Cosmos looked like. Its Emptiness is keeping cosmic balance between death and rebirth. To our economy "as above, so below" thus means, that unlimited growth should be abandoned in favor of an "Economy of Balance". Because everything in the "Web of Life" is interconnected (including us), our political system should be based on the Community. Something I have called "Community Democracy". The superiority of this approach becomes evident, once we really grasp the impact. Because by restoring the harmony with the Cosmos, values like "tolerance, justice and sustainability" automatically fall into place. They are not invented by an arbitrary mind anymore, but part of us being part of the Whole. Isn't that a surprise?

We are part of the earth, the earth is part of the universe, the universe is
part of the Divine and the Divine is part of the Cosmic Mother

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