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Cosmic Womb Mandala
Both the Divine (white, yellow) as well as the universe (green) are born from the Cosmic Womb (black), while continuously returning to their Origin

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The Cosmic Mother Conquers the Globe
The Original Tradition Uniting
World Religions

Dear Friends,

We are NOT weary of God. What we are fed up with is the IMAGE of God as provided by the existing religions. To most people, the real God is unknowable, so how can you be fed up with something you don't know? Facts prove it. While the churches become emptier all the time, the longing for spirituality is increasing. So, it is our brainwashing we are protesting against. The indoctrination of the Church has been very effective, indeed. Even people who have abandoned Christian belief suffer from meaninglessness, disorientation and confusion a long time after. Abandoning lies doesn't necessarily bring you Truth. Re-orientation can be very arduous. Where to search in our current no-God land?

You have to go to the depth of your alienation. This in order to feel being cut off from Reality, being "thrown upon yourself". Initially you perceived this as freedom. Slowly it dawned to you that to be an isolated entity is the root cause of fear. The rationalized (Western) personality - the "crown of creation" - is built on sand. It is afraid of both life and after life. It neither can cope with the world nor with "God". It is inevitably steering toward "nothingness". The latter we want to prevent at all costs. We therefore dive deeper into our addictions: denial, rationalization, distractions, all kinds of ego-ambitions, sex, power, greed for money, luxeries, wealth...... However, all this doesn't satisfy our "soul". The first step is - like in drug-addiction - to feel the pain of it. Only then our longing for Wholeness will become strong enough.

After feeling pain and fear anger may arise. The Egyptian Revolution has shown how to use anger in a positive way. Its achievement exceeds its objectives by far. Never before a people has shown so much humanity, while liberating themselves from oppression. The anger we feel is against 2000 years of deceit, intimidation and enslavement. The whole idea of "original sin" and everything that is connected to it proves to be a fraud. It says that "God has sent his Only-Begotten Son" to earth. The "Love of the Father" was so big, that he let his Son die a horrible death in order to redeem us from our infliction. "Christ died for us on the cross" is still the major weapon of Christian missionaries. It creates a life long feeling of guilt. Wouldn't you follow a man who died for you, for you personally? And, how can you pay him back? The Church is asking "only one thing" in return: your submission..

Anger can help to liberate you from deep engrained loss of self-respect. We are not sinners, deep within we are Divine! So, after having shaken off your yoke, you decide to "go for the Real Thing", promising yourself not to be exploited, ever, anymore. One thing you intuitively know: Ultimate Reality is pure and free of any manipulation or blackmail, whatsoever. Once you start longing for it, your Path is full of promises. The known has proved to be corrupted. For, all (patriarchal) religions are based on greed for power. It is the Unknown - something beyond "God" - that is pregnant with a New Era. Like the Egyptians we want "regime change". We want Truth, sincerity, joy, lust for life, to be ourselves, living in harmony with "Heaven, earth and the (new) community" instead of lies, hypocrisy, illusions, empty words, guilt, greed, submission and exploitation. Neither are we satisfied with surrogate solutions like the New Age that in its turn created a pseudo-reality of "positivity". The "modern" virtual world will not do, either. Only the Real Thing can still give us fulfillment.

If existing solutions don't satisfy you anymore you have only one choice: to go beyond. The crucial question is, is there "something" beyond "God?" Believe it or not, there is. God proves to be NOT the Ultimate, but is continuously born out of Absolute Nothingness or Vacuum. Light is born out of Darkness! This is confirmed by physics and cosmology. In ancient times this Bottomless Abyss was called the Cosmic Womb or "Great Mother". All religions have still memories of Her*. In Taoism She is called the Tao, in Hinduism Aditi or Maha Matri, in Judaism Asherah, Shekinah or Matronit, in Buddhism Emptiness beyond Emptines, in Folk Buddhism Venerable Mother ("Wusheng Lao Mu"), in Nordic Religion Freya, in Celtic Religion Cerridwin, in Christianity Black Madonna, in Orthodox Christianity Sophia, in Christian mysticism Eternal Wisdom, in Islam Allah the Merciful and the House of Allah (Ka'aba), in Sufism the Beloved. Unknowingly, atheists call Her by Her Name when they talk about "Nothingness".....

* See "Mother & Sons", "Europe Motherland"

The Mother: Unity in Diversity

Once you discover that Her Darkness gives you absolute security; that while surrendering to Her you will be continuously renewed; that She will always take your burden from you; that She is always eager to heal you - spiritually, emotionally and physically - that enthrusting yourself to Her She is giving birth to the Light within you; that you through Her Web of Life become part of the Whole, once again; restoring meaning in life; that Her Overflowing Abundance grants you ongoing bliss and joy; that by courageously trusting Her Nothingness you will be freed from existential fear; that She is empowering you beyond measure, granting you insight, love and strength; that in Her "Lap" you feel utterly free, like a "a lily in the field", not afraid of the future anymore. Once you experience the Inexhaustible Source of Life, you KNOW that you have found your True Home. Moreover, when inner qualities start growing within you like justice, peace and harmony with nature, and you feel committed to them, then you know you have entered a new stage on your Path*. Now, nothing can disturb you anymore. You have become a hopeful to this world, cooperating with the Mother to Heal the Planet.

* See "Letter to Spiritual and Religious Leaders Worldwide", "The Holistic Revolution", "Universal Mother Council"

Let's elaborate on it a little more. The Origin of all is the Vacuum - the Cosmic Womb - together with Her two Cosmic Forces: Birth and Death, Creation and Destruction. The first is "centrifugal", through wich the universe expands, while the second is "centripetal", through which the universe contracts. These Forces constitute a dynamic equilibrium, allowing only very "tiny" fluctuations. Sometimes "Creation" is emphasized, sometimes "Destruction". It is all about the dynamic interaction between the two, correcting, adjusting to each other through mutual feedback. So, when Creation has the upper hand, then, sooner or later the balance will move in the direction of Destruction. This has an immediate effect on the universe, also called Mother's Web of Life, consisting of a dynamic interaction between its various layers: virtual waves, electromagnetic waves, sub-atomic particles, atoms, molecules, up to more complex structures, including nature and human society. This isn't only a metaphor. The deep intuitions of science and spiritual insight together confirm this. This has far-reaching consequences. We are embedded in One Undivided Whole in which everything is interconnected. What happens on one layer will have its effects on all others.

"Will "Will the ego destroy the earth or the Mother destroy the ego,
that is the question"

It sheds a whole new light on evolution. Darwin defined it as "survival of the fittest", determined by genes, vitality and the environment. On the other hand, representatives of "intelligent design" want "creation" to be the work of "God", eventually understood as the "God of the Bible". Neither of these two approaches gives a satisfactorily explanation to the origination and development of the species. The biblical version is a metaphor, the only opening left would be "God" as impersonal universal Dimension. Darwin's approach lacks depth, though. He looks at reality through the eyes of phenomena, only. However, the visible world is a manifestation of the invisible. Here, religion and physics share the same insight. Living organisms are complex structures, based on (indeed) molecules, atoms, sub-atomic particles, electromagnetic waves and virtual fields. These layers are in constant interaction with each other. The mechanism behind is determined by the Vacuum and its Cosmic Forces of Birth and Death. Virtual and electromagnetic waves are constantly being born and disappear into the Bottomlessness of the Vacuum. So do sub-atomic particles. A given situation is determined by "fluctuations" between the Cosmic Forces. If Death dominates information gets lost, if Birth dominates information is added. In its turn, the Quanten World has its effect on more complex structures. Mutations in the DNA of living creatures are directly influenced by them. Not only individual plants and animals, but the entire environment - the ecology - is affected by it. The Whole decides about successful adaptation of the parts. Hence, "natural selection", yes, but not (only) caused by the "struggle for survival"*. These few lines thus contain a revolutionary new insight! Why species disappear or thrive is brought about by the "fluctuations" of two competing, yet cooperating Forces: Birth and Death. It means that evolution - the origination and development of species - is ultimately caused by its underlying Reality: the Mother and "Her" Cosmic Forces.

* The "scientific" justification of "social darwinism" - the right of the strongest - is lapsing with it....

See also: "The Supreme Design", "Universal Teaching"

The whole universe - from atoms, bacteria and plants to humans, stars and galaxies is determined by the Cosmic Forces of "Birth and Death". So, there isn't any reason why "evolution" would be an exception. It means that neither the "intelligent designers" nor the "darwinists" have it right. Both have neglected the possibility of a "third factor". E.g. why people die at very different ages? Obviously, their initial vitality, the circumstances in which they grew up, their lifestyle, wealth and working conditions all play a role. These are tangible factors. But couldn't there be invisible factors as well? People with comparable constitutions, lifestyles etc. can show quite a difference in life-expectation. Okay, one gets sick, while another stays healthy. But why this misfortune to the former? Couldn't it be that in that case he or she is more vulnerable to Cosmic Destruction? Fact is, that this Force is always there. Everybody, without exception, is subjected to it. So, when visible and invisible causes come together, decay can become accelerated. It all depends on the state of Balance. Sometimes "Creation" dominates, sometimes "Destruction". If this could be true, "Natural Selection" has got an additional explanation. Cosmic Forces could very well co-determine gene-mutation. Because of ever varying fluctuations between "Birth and Death" evolution isn't linear. It is discontinuous. NB. The Maya Ball Court, where the players play between two longitudinal structures ("Birth and Death") probably has this deeper meaning. Summarizing: introducing Cosmic Forces to evolution  is a revolution. It proves, that when introducing the Cosmic Womb as the Ultimate Reality, everything turns out to be logic, transparent and..... enjoyable!

Mother's "major concern" is a free operating dynamic balance. This balance operates within narrow limits, though, providing the constants through which life can unfold. Science calls this the "anthropic principle". It can be compared with the constants in the blood. E.g. calcium and phosphor concentrations move within very narrow limits. Excesses to both sides - too litlle, too much - cause big trouble. This and numerous other "homoiostases" are linked to Cosmic Balance. Eventually, our Earth - Gaia - can be considered one living organism. This can be extended to human society e.g. civilizations. If this is true, then, the ancient "as above, so below" is regaining dramatic actuality. "To live according to Cosmic Law" could be the key to solving our global crisis. I developed the following insight. From ancient times until the Middle Ages Western society was "Cosmos-oriented". People lived (more or less) in harmony with "Heaven, earth and the community". There was still a dynamic balance between "above and below". However, Christianity destroyed this balance in favor of its "Good News". Representatives of the old practices: "pagans", "heretics", women, philosophers, jews and all others, who "thought differently", together with their sacred places, books, libraries, communities and natural environments were merciless persecuted, "converted", exiled, tortured and eventualy murdered. This lasted for many centuries!

At last people's spirit was broken. They had no other choice but falling back on the only faculty that wasn't affected by the terror: their ego's. Ego is what is left after all connections with Reality are cut off. You are literally "thrown upon yourself". Instead of being part of "God and the world" you yourself are the "center of the universe". This shift, obviously, had its own liberating moments. It was the beginning of the Renaissance with its flowering arts, science, economics, lifestyle and other adventures. Something beyond went terribly wrong, though. Ego means self-centeredness. Your major concern is to enrich yourself at the expense of others. Ego, therefore, is accumulation on the one hand and deprivation on the other. Both on the level of the mind and that of society dynamic balance is obstructed. Free flow of energy stagnates. Since everything is interconnected the effects are felt on all other levels. Accumulation of wealth (power) in the hands of a few translates itself in accumulation of power (wealth), knowledge and technology on the one hand, creating huge masses of deprived people on the other. The Egyptian Revolution is a good example. A society totally out of balance, deprived of its dynamics is asking for Revolution e.g. restoration of free flowing energy. Usually, this is only considered a "political event". It could have more dimensions, though. Could "Cosmic Law" play a role here, as well?

Mother's Destructiveness Saving the Earth!

Too much rigidity on various levels provoke Cosmic Mother's Destructive Force. It is the explanation for a society in decay. An ego that cannot return to its Origin - constantly re-balancing itself, as it should be - is blowing itself up. It becomes a huge bubble. This expands and expands, until it reaches a critical limit. Lacking an inner framework, once starting to implode, events go very fast. Everything created by that bubble is dragged down with the decline. Ancient people's would call this the "Wrath of the Mother". In fact, there isn't any "personal" Mother involved. It is Cosmic Emptiness that doesn't tolerate accumulations. Because structures are rigid e.g. fixed, violence is often inevitable. Everything comes to a sticky end through the interaction of Cosmic Forces. Indeed, "as above, so below".  Coming to this point, what can we do e.g. learn? It may be clear that the Mother holds all the cards. It is the Moment of our inner Revolution. Accepting the Mother as the Ultimate Reality changes your world view in a dramatic way. Suddenly you understand! Before you were confused, your vision blurred and your heart filled with fear. So, how could this new insight help us overcome our global crisis? Where Cosmic Forces are determining events, only complying with them in some way or another, is the only hope left. Without it the current degeneration is pretty meaningless. Once you see that it is our ego-accumulations that are broken down, everything makes sense. The first step is going back to the Origin in order to become renewed. Just changing your thinking is not enough! The core of the problem - our ego - has to be fundamentally transformed. So, your plea to the Mother is to become reborn as a New Self. Once this your True Self is born you may become part of the Whole - Heaven, earth and the (new) community - once again. 

Jai Mata Di!


Origin of All
Emptiness beyond Emptiness
Giving birth to God and the universe
Light is coming out of Darkness
Source of Creation and Destruction
Weaving the Web of Life
Bottomless Abyss of Renewal and Regeneration
Unconditional Maternal Love
Mother Worship being
The most ancient tradition on earth
Green Men and Wise Women
Praising you
Healer of the Planet:
the grass, the trees, the animals, the rivers
the oceans and the clouds
Refuge to the Confused
Liberator to the Oppressed
Religions once again
Acknowledging You as
The All-Embracing Universal Mother
Queen of Heaven
Ultimate Mystery


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