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*Java: Land of Kala, its Candi's (Temples):
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A surprise right from the start

Hundreds of Kala's dominate Java's Candi's
However, no any author has written about them....

Spoilt by Borobudur I didn't have too much expectation with regard to the occurrence of Kala's at Prambanan. I had seen photo's of this Hindu temple complex and nothing led me to the conclusion that he (She) occupied a prominent position there. Until I came closer to it. Accompanied by the burning sun its first small temple at the entrance was full of surprises: Kala's all over the place!

I really couldn't believe my eyes. From every corner Kala's looked down at me. These masks were the same as those at Borobudur, although more gentle e.g. fine with an abundance of foliage around them. My first intuition: these Kala's represent a time in which people still felt themselves close to nature. Compared to this Her destructive aspect is much less developed. Hence these faces could represent Kala in Her Son aspect*. It is very well possible that the West (through Alexander the Great) got inspired by them while creating its own LINK Green Men!

* See Prambanan-2

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