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* Javanese mysticism (Kebatinan) & Traditional Javanese religious tolerance: a model to the world?
*The Yogya Kraton Myth
*Taman Sari 
*The Gunungan 
*Tutup Ngisor
*What we can do for Java....
*Java: Land of Kala, its Candi's (Temples):
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*Candi Mendut

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*Candi Sewu
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*Candi Gebang
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Candi Sambisari
A surprise right from the start

One of the smaller temples

sam-1232.jpg (13584 bytes)

Some say, don't you exaggerate a litlle with emphasizing the Cosmic Womb all the time. Well, apart from the Kala's the inside of the main temple can be considered a symbolic Womb as well. Just like the crypts in Christian churches.....

Two Makara's at the entrance, Kala is absent

Inside the "Womb" to find a most sacred (Tantric) object will not be a surprise anymore

The "classical" explanation is that Phallus and Yoni symbolize the God Shiva and his lover Shakti. Originally, it is more like the Cosmic Mother (Yoni) and Her Son/Lover Shiva (Phallus)

MotherGoddess Durga defeating the Demon Mahasurisa

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