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Candi Banyunibo
A surprise right from the start

Banyunibo, the temple of Kala

The Goddess as Manifestation (Daughter) of the Mother (Kala)


Protected by the (male) Makara's

Banyunibo, the temple of the Goddess


Kala with Makara's

Banyunibo contains all elements of  (Tantric) Mother spirituality. First the Mother (Kala) as the Ultimate, together with Her masculine aspect (Makara). Then the Goddess as Her Daughter. The latter (Lady) with Her Beasts (male adepts) having Tantric Sex together (Kundalini). Does Banyunibo therefore has attraction to the loving (teens) couple? (See below)

Banyunibo, temple of love....

Banyunibo, the temple of Makara's (masculine aspect of Kala)

Quite powerful, indeed!

Banyunibo, the temple of (Tantric) Kundalini Experience

Male adept ("Beast") in the Womb, experiencing Kundalini, while being embedded in foliage

Embedded in the Womb means that Kundalini is raised through the shortcut of Emptiness with Consciousness and Energy

Green Beast, with many similarities to Western Green Men (LINK)


I even suggest that Banyunibo was a Mystic School. A place where initiates were trained in Kundalini-Experiences. The latter are so realistic, that one can only conclude, that this was a temple of great experience. Clearly distinguishable are the Third Eye on the forehead and the rising Kundalini energy pillar, culminating in dissolving in the Heavenly Realm. Nowhere I have encountered such realistic images on this subject....They are exactly corresponding with my almost daily Kundalini-experiences (See below)...

My daily Kundalini Experiences 1982-83. Note the exact similarity with the Banyunibo images...

Kundalini ending up in Vessel of Abundance (in the West the Holy Grail)

Vessel fertilizing the world

My daily Kundalini Experiences 1982-83. Note the exact similarity with the Banyunibo images...

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