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Candi Sewu 1
A surprise right from the start

Candi Sewu is one of the most intriguing temples of Java. Its symbolism is revolutionary. Cenbtral are the Kala Heads, representing the Original Cosmic Mother, later "transformed" into Her destructive aspect, the guardian "God of Time" and Demon. At Sewu Her primordial Essence as Birthgiver to the Gods appears to be the central issue. Amazing!

I counted around 70 Kala Heads at Sewu.....PS. Every Candi page contains part of the Kala Story. In order to have an overview, please go through them all

sew-1662.jpg (16053 bytes)

A further surprise: Kala Heads with circles, the latter probably symbolizing various universes*. Kals as the Birthgiver of the Cosmos!

* Speculative

The inner chamber of Sewu is very mysterious. Dwarfs are supporting huge Lotus Flowers ("Womb") again a sign of the importance of the Cosmic Mother

Face with Tree of Life on top

Kirtimukha Faces (the unity of Kala - the Mother - with the Green Man - Her Son as part of pillars, supporting the roof. It is VERY similar to the Green Men in European churches

Kala - Face + Cosmic Womb - giving birth to a God

And then this. On the right side and under Kala giving birth to a God. The latter coming out of the Cosmic Womb. It confirms the archaic mythology of the Cosmic Mother and Her Son/Lover. It means that there is a direct link between ancient Sumeria and Java! The Yogya Kration Myth (LINK) fully supports this hypothesis



The contours of the Vulva (Womb) are clearly visible

Facade with many "Son/Lovers"

The niche structure has a Vulva (Womb) shape, giving birth to the God/King. If my interpretation is right, it will shed a totally new light on the meaning of Javanese spirituality. I hope that those Kebatinan groups that aim to get back to the Origin will read this, because this supports their quest to their roots

Cosmic Womb with God and Tree of Life on top

You may consider this as highly speculative. The answer is: only many images of many temples together allows one to compare and draw conclusions. Still, I am always in for better options.

Candi Sewu 2

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