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* Javanese mysticism (Kebatinan) & Traditional Javanese religious tolerance: a model to the world?
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*Java: Land of Kala, its Candi's (Temples):
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Candi Ngawen
A surprise right from the start

Ngawen, a very intriguing Candi

The images on the right side and below would probably be called "face with foliage". In reality this is the God/Son of the Cosmic Womb (note womb-shape), while the foliage is the manifestation of the selfsame Vessel of Abundance. It is the same symbolism as the Green Man as Son of the Mother, as we see them in the West (e.g. Cathedral of Exeter) (LINK). Very unique, indeed!

Son of the Cosmic Mother

God is born out of the Mother

nga-1795.jpg (19959 bytes)

Second image

Located in a very green "arcadian" landscape

Classical Hindu lion-guard



Phallus/guard at the periphery (male) of the temple (female).

nga-1805.jpg (12624 bytes)

Indication of tantric practices

No doubt about it...

Convincing enough?

nga-1808.jpg (14273 bytes)

Entrance to the Temple (Womb)

Double Kala
(About meaning LINK Pawon)

A variation on the same theme (see beginning)

nga-1811.jpg (16266 bytes)

King in the name of the Mother (just like Sultans used to be)

nga-1812.jpg (15181 bytes)

Kala on top of niche (probably with God)

Niche as extension of Womb


nga-1815.jpg (12962 bytes)

This Kala tends toward abstraction, a process seen everywhere on Javanese temples. It means that the Original Mother symbolism was forgotten, abandoned.....

Both Kala Head + abstraction

Close-up of abstraction: "King in the Womb", which means he rules in the Name of the Mother

At the times of the Mother (Kala, above) people (below) lived in paradise (center)

The "paradise" group

Another Paradise image

Another Paradise image

Very much looking like a Western Green Man. Their common source: the Vegetation Gods of Sumeria/Babylon

Emphasizing the "masculine" aspect of Kala/ Kirtimukha



Pieces of Kala scattered around the temple

nga-1801.jpg (16211 bytes)

Simple lion-guardian

Candi Ngawen emphasizes the Cosmic Birth of the Son from the Mother. Subsequently the Son has the hieros gamos (sacred marriage) with the Goddess, thus guaranteeing fertility. It expresses longing for paradise. It proves that the Javanese somehow managed to go back to pre-patriarchal times. Very special, indeed! 

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