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Supporting the United Nations in its effort to create a New World

"Unless there is a spiritual renaissance, the world
will know no peace"
Dag HammarskjŲld, Secretary-General of the United Nations (1953-1961)

As we all know the UN are not infallible. Yet, it is the only organization that represents the global community, addressing the concerns of humanity as a whole. Therefore we support them.

"Normally", people have to adjust to the system; with us the system is adjusting itself to the people

Acknowledge the (personal and collective) decay. Long for Wholeness

Descend into the depth of your Being in order to become Renewed

Concentrate on core values, drop ALL irrelevant things, activities and relationships

With your new Self become part of the Whole - Heaven, earth and the (new) community - once again

Back the "Healing the Planet" program; promote it toward your direct environment

Develop mutual agreement about common principles through basic democratic procedures

Do what you can to establish a balance on all levels of society

I am supporting you!

See: My Maya 2012 Quest

The most liberating teaching about the ego

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What else is the collapse of society but the implosion of our ego, our addictions, our greed, our expansionist behavior and.....destruction of nature. Spiritually, it means getting rid of all accumulations e.g. an invitation to return to the Origin. It will be a tough time in which we have to join in order to preserve spiritual values. Therefore, the most intelligent response to the global crisis is the formation of "Healing Communities", focussing on Spiritual, Health, Community and Earth Service. Its aim: a global network of "islands of life" weaving a new society, based on holistic values. Are you interested? Call or e-mail us for advice, support and guidance

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"How can I find real joy of life?"

"Please, can you help me to overcome my fear?"

"Is the ego really that bad?"

"Around me I see only people who are depressed, burn-out and sick. Please, explain what is going on"

"My entire being cries out for Wholeness. Can you help me achieving it?"

"The decay is everywhere. You seem to be the "only" one, who can put this in a meaningful context. We need guidance!"

"We all know it: we have to change. But how and where to start?"

"I direly need courage to face our common future"

"How can we start cooperating with each other again?"

"Please, don't be shy. Come forward and tell us the Truth"

The Teacher - "Green Man" - regularly leaves his Hermitage in order to realize his WorldWide Mission "Healing the Planet". He is calling spiritual and religious leaders to commit themselves to saving the earth (See: "Letter to Spiritual and Religious Leaders worldwide"). Furthermore, during the coming years he will be visiting many cities/towns, transforming them into a (temporary) interreligious place of pilgrimage, initiating "A Big Event" (mostly for some weeks), consisting of "Mother Healing" (pain treatments), practising "The Universal Way" ("monastic daily schedule"), offering a Q&A session ("Oracle") (spiritually, psychologically and medically), while distributing a free "Personal Health Plan" ( for all. Last but not least, he will be teaching the 7 Steps of "Healing the Planet". Those who want to commit themselves will receive a training in Spiritual, Health, Community and Earth Service. See: "Transformatorium"

"Ask not what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive...then go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."
Howard Thurman Whitman

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The Holistic Transformation
Back to the Origin in order to become Renewed,
subsequently being Part of the Whole, once again


Only if we understand the meaning of the decay of our times "we will be saved". When all "values" degenerate, then the only possible intelligent response is to return to the Origin* in order to become renewed. We don't cling to the old, but let it go. Even more so: we will deeply repent, because of our greed for more. For quite some time we already knew that "more, more and more" doesn't make us happy. How was it possible that we became so addicted? How much joy we missed because of that! So, we turn within, contemplating on our lives: open, honest and courageously, that's where it is all about nowadays.

* Origin understood interreligiously, only each religion calls it differently, f.i. God, Allah, Jahweh, Brahma, Buddha or.....Cosmic Mother. We therefore are decisively inclusive e.g. the Transformation is something that concerns everybody


Rejoice, I proclaim the Transformation to you....* It is the Spirit, (re)born in the Depth of the Cosmic Abyss, creating a New World.....


"Healing the Planet in 10 Steps"
The Way of the Spiritual Leader

Why is this teaching universal?
Because it mirrors Cosmic Balance

1. The New Cosmology
The Cosmic Principle of the "Maternal Dimension of God"

In the Beginning there was Darkness. It is the "Birthgiver" of the universe. Science and spirituality complement each other, resulting in a revolutionary new understanding of existence. "God did not create the world out of Nothingness, but Nothingness is giving birth to both God and the world, the latter continuously returning to their Origin". To science everything originates from the Cosmic Vacuum. Spirituality calls this the Cosmic Womb or "Mother". From "Her" Bottomlessness two major Cosmic Forces are ruling the universe: Creation (the Eternal Light) and Destruction (Gravity). These Forces are in a state of dynamic equilibrium, making life possible (Web of Life). It complies with the archaic notion of the "Cosmic Womb" or the "Great Mother" as the Ultimate Reality. All major religions have memories of the "Maternal Dimension of God". J.W. Goethe called it the "Eternal Feminine", in which everything old, sick, ugly, evil dies ("Stirb") while the new, healthy, beautiful and good is born ("Werde"). It is the core of Renewal and Regeneration, personally and collectively. In order to save the earth, humanity has therefore still one choice: to live in harmony with Cosmic Law. I therefore invite the great religions to take the initiative.

Link1, Link2, Link3, Link4, Link5

Promoting Interreligious Understanding

@ Do you think the "Eternal-Feminine" or the "Maternal Dimension of God" could add something valuable to your spiritual/religious life?

@ In what way  Divine Mother is manifesting Herself in your religion?

@ Would you support a world view based on "feminine" (holistic) values, like interconnectedness, peace, joy of life, cooperation, justice, love, care and harmony with nature?

2. The New Spirituality
The Cosmic Principle of the Divine Light

Unfortunately, one big obstacle stands in our way: the ego. The ego is the result of a process of exclusivity: emphasizing things we like, while rejecting things we dislike. It serves our personal survival. As long as it remains contained within certain boundaries, the ego cannot do harm. Sadly, this is not the case. Through our ignorance about our True Self as the center of our Being, the ego has blown itself up to enormous proportions. It has become the ego-catastrophy, where the whole of society has come under its spell. "To have is the inability to Be". However, self-centeredness - the addiction to the small self - only leads to ever increasing frustration. "More, more and more" has to compensate for the lack of True Happiness. The way out is to "die to the ego" in order to become reborn as a New Self.  The good news: Contrary to our conditioning of 2000 years we are not sinners, nor pityful creatures on this earth. On the contrary. Deep within we are Divine. It is our innermost Core, that What We Really Are. Some call it Consciousness, others the Divine Spark within us (Meister Eckhart). How we call it is not so important* Decisive is that we ARE it. Only then we will be able to overcome our addiction to having. Instead of continuous restlessness, dissatisfaction, complaining, fear and frustration we open ourselves up to clear insight, inner balance, joy, compassion, inner strength and beauty. By this becoming our daily experience, the excessive (material) needs will disappear. How beautiful to be human, once again!

* All religions have mystical e.g. pietistic dimensions. Think of catholic mysticism, protestant pietism, islamic sufism, the jewish kabbalah etc. So, it shouldn't be a problem to understand each other.

Link1, Link2, Link3

Promoting Self-insight

@ Do you think the Reality of the "Divine Spark Within" could add to
your personal empowerment?

@ In what way this new psychological understanding is taught in
your church, temple or school?

@ Would you like to receive more advice, support or guidance on
this matter? If so, in what way? 
@ Try the Universal Way

3. The New Ethics
The Cosmic Principle of leadership

How the True Self is manifesting itself in daily life? It is searching for a meaningful context in order to be fruitful. The vertical (our link to the Divine) is connecting itself to the horizontal (our link to the world). "Being yourSelf connected" is the goal for the comining decades. We have to become part of the Whole (once again) - (Wo)man rooted in Heaven, earth and the (new) community - creating balance on all levels of life. I call it "Existential Consciousness". It is the existential foundation of life, shared by " rocks, clouds, plants, animals, humans, alike". Eco-spirituality is based on it. It unites all cultures and religions, something everything and all have in common. Hindu's, Taoists, Jews, Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, Agnostics, Atheists....all will agree that our spirit is part of the Great Spirit (God, Cosmic Intelligence, Nothingness), our body is part of the earth, while our "soul" is part of the community. It is therefore the foundation of Unity in Diversity, the long awaited universal brother and sisterhood of all living and non-living creatures. Ethics is re-defined as the willingness of the ego to (continuously) returning to the Origin. Giving itself up, our True Self is born, making everything new. In order to be fruitful, the Self in its turn is becoming part of the Whole, once again*. All other ethical considerations - balance on all levels, goodness, mutual cooperation, community, inter-religious tolerance, peace, justice, harmony with nature - sprout from this basic principle.

* Please, visualize the ego serving the Whole. Don't you think that will indeed change EVERYTHING? On the other hand "ethics" based on the ego - as is the case nowadays - is an illusion.....indeed, a vicious circle of empty concepts.


Existential Consciousness: main theme for 2013

@ Do you think our Western culture is moving towards a bright
(technological) future or rather the opposite?

@ In what way are you expressing your concern about the rapid
decay on all levels of society?

@ Would you like to commit yourself, together with
others, to CultureRenewal?

4. The New Economy
The Cosmic Principle of balance on all levels

An economy based on (unlimited) growth - like the current one - is destroying the planet: from individual souls, families, communities, values and norms to bio-diversity, the oceans, the atmosphere and human societies. Therefore we urgently have to shift to an economy of balance. In order to achieve that, we have a very simple proposal. Everybody half a week working as a volunteer for the community in exchange for a basic income. With this income the basic costs will be financed: home, energy, health care, education, transportation. In order to do so, the latter will be taken out of the private sphere, while the costs will be adapted to the height of the basic income, everything controlled by the sovereign democratic community*. In the other half of the week you may do what you like.....making money, leisure, creative work, any job....The effects are a balanced economy, with spiritual, cultural growth only, including the one based on recycling, the restoration e.g. healing of the community and saving the earth.....Furthermore, the economy should be based on subsidiairity: It says: "What can be produced locally, should be produced locally. What cannot be produced locally, should be produced nationally. What cannot be produced nationally, should be produced internationally". All other existing economic mechanisms should be adapted to these core principles!

* See under 6.

Promoting an Eco-economy

@ Do you think economy is doing fine or do you have severe
doubts about its effectiveness

@ In what way do you integrate new economic principles into
your personal lifestyle?

@ Would you favour a new global socio-economic system?
If so, in what way?

5. The New Health Care
The Cosmic Principle of optimal vitality

What is desperately needed is a health, rather than a disease-oriented society. It is said, that the former director of the WHO, Robert Muller, considered the various ways of traditional medicine in the world to be able to prevent, improve and cure around 60-70% of all „civilization" related diseases. This is confirmed by the experience of countless doctors and researchers in many countries. Dr. Bernard Levin, specialist of M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, U.S.A. - saying that 65-85% of all cancers may be prevented by lifestyle changes - is just one of them. Like in my 40 years of practice, most of these doctors are taking health as the starting point, the way and the aim towards which they are working. With health as the central issue, everything changes at the spot. Based on the principles and practice of the Flow System*, a totally new and powerful vision of the New Health Care has been developed. It consists of three concentric layers or echelons. The inner largest circle belongs to Self Care. It is the foundation. Since health can only be achieved by a healthy lifestyle Self Care should be the core of the New Health Care. It includes everything an individual can do to optimize his/her own health.

If Self Care proves not to be sufficient, if problems appear to be too complicated, difficult or dangerous, then a patient „will be sent" to the second concentric layer, that of Holistic Medicine. The term "alternative medicine" should better be skipped, for Holistic Medicine has a tradition of its own - in fact used to be the mainstream of medicine - for 2000 years in which it successfully treated those diseases which nowadays are causing most trouble. It includes all methods and techniques, which are promoting the natural healing power. It seems only too logical, that whenever the self-healing power of the patient - his own immune-system - is still intact and can become activated, that this should be the next system of choice. The second echelon then, is exclusively executed by professionals, those who up till now work as „alternative, complementary and holistic" doctors, practitioners, therapists, nutritionists, physiotherapists and psychologists. They may use an „extended" flow system therapy, added by all biological methods and techniques available, as there are homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, orthomolecular, phytotherapy, chiropraxy, neural therapy, physiotherapy, simple psychotherapy etc.

* See:

We need an integrated health care based on the three echelons of Self Care, Holistic and Technological Medicine
(in this sequence)

In most cases, improvement of health, cure and an optimal vitality will be achieved. This echelon - Holistic Medicine - may include 30% of the total services of the New Health Care. If however, this appears not to be sufficient, the Technological (Regular) Medicine serves as a last resort. As a complementary (...) and emergency - „terminal" - approach, it has all possibilities at its disposal, to repair or compensate (excessive) damage, make life bearable for those in great pain, to treat rare or difficult chronic diseases, rehabilitate, to give pharmacological, technological and surgical solutions where others fail, and save a patients life. Something in which Technological Medicine is specialized and which cannot be done by others. In our New Health Care, where most of the work is done in the first two echelons, its volume (of Regular Medicine) occupying the last 10% of the total health care package. Re-arranging health care in this way, the benefits will become visible very soon. All the things necessary for putting it into action are available rightnow. So let’s face the challenge!

* We thus agnowledge the benefits of regular medicine in areas where it is really needed.

Promoting Optimal Health for all

@ Do you think health should be promoted in a much
more positive way?

@ In what way could you personally contribute to your
health and that of others?

@ Would you like to study our handbook "Flow System Therapy" for free, while doing our 6 weeks' Personal Health Plan?

6. The New Society
The Cosmic Principle of interconnectedness ("web of life")

It cannot be denied anymore: people around the globe are loosing confidence in party politics: one of the main reasons why democracy is eroding rapidly.... This problem is so acute, and will not change by politics, that the people are forced to think about system change. In no way does this mean, that the parliamentary system should be abandoned. On the contrary. We, the people should save democracy. Therefore, we have to strengthen basic democratic structures to begin with the street, the neighborhood, the commune to the city, the county and the state, everything  based on subsidiarity and community democracy  In order to subsequently establish a self sovereign, organically built world governance

So let's get down to business! What we need is a democracy that is derived from the people, not the parties. So you have to replace them by the people. To achieve this, we would propose the following. The individual is sovereign, so he/she pays his/her contributes to the society. What he/she cannot do/achieve is delegated to the family. The family is doing its part, everything else will be delegated to the street. The street community does what is in their power, everything else is passed to the neighbourhood. Subsequently, the neighbourhood carries out whatever lies within its competence, the remainder of the tasks is entrusted to the municipality. And this goes on: from the municipality to the county, the county to the greater districht (province) and from the province to the state and from the state to the federasl government (e.g. the - new - European Union). The whole thing is very "organically" organized. Representatives of the familiy constitute the street parliament (council), representatives of the streets form the neighbourhood council, representatives of the neighbourhood have their seats in the municipality council, etc. up to the Federal Parliament The only thing that changes in the Parliament, is that the representatives are not submitted by the parties, but stem directly from the sovereign multilayerd democratic community.

Why is the community democracy sovereign? Well, firstly, because it is built bottom up. Every citizen, everybody on his/her own level, takes responsibility for the whole, while putting his/her contribution into practice. He/she is involved in a structure based on self-determination, everything on the basis of freedom and voluntariness This means that he/she decides him/her self, how far he/her participation goes. It is the principle of subsidiarity. This principle implies that every echelon, starting with the lowest, itself decides what falls under its jurisdiction, without interference from the "higher" echelon. So, for example, the street decides which responsibilities it will take, everything in the interest of the whole! This is agreed upon throiugh free decision by the street council.. The neighbourhood or the commune (municipality) are not allowed to interfere. Mutual consultation e.g. coordination between the echelons, obviously a key task, is carried out by those street representatives; who has a seat in neighborhood council. Complicated and a waste of time? Not at all. Firstly, because everyone already works half a week for the community (see Chapter 4), secondly, the restoration/healing of the community having the highest priority, a goal in itself, and thirdly, because there are many practical advantages.

While "lower" echelons talk and decide with each other on the basis of consensus, the two third majority only starts with the county. This will force one to listen closely to each other, to understand each other, to tolerate and appreciate each other. There is no better system for supporting integration. Community life, cooperation and the joy of living will increase "logarithmically". But not only thatA close collaboration ensures stability against the general deterioration. Without community, there is nothing on which you can fall back on. Secondly, it promotes safety. No police force in the world can match a self-organized community, where everyone knows each other, where everyone has safety in his/her mind, where thus (potential) criminals are more likely to be detected and passed to the judiciary system. A close community also protects against the "raids" of large corporations, which, as we all know, use the local situation only to make profits and then simply slip away, leaving the waste to the local community. Companies can settle down, but only with the permission of the sovereign community-democracy bodies, who in contrast to the political parties can not be bribed .... and in accordance with its regulations. Because, once the councils (local parliaments) are elected, they have the authority to impose their laws on the lower echelons, but only for those areas, which have been delegated to those higher echelons in freedom and through sovereign decisions.

"Passion for Europe" arises only after one has become master in one's own Region

This creates a bottom-up pyramid with civil self-determination on all echelons. In the top down pyramid, people respect and obey civil laws they themselves have enacted. It is a system of the people, by the people, with freedom, solidarity, cooperation and solidarity. Latter without the "dictatorship of the proletariat", without the "dictatorship of the economy", as it has been established in Europe (and the rest of the world) for a long time, already. All areas of life are indeed increasingly dominated by commercialism, such as the government, the parliament, the freelancers, science, health services, the education system, the media, the arts, the judiciary, the military, the EU....indeed what not? This development must at all costs be stopped. Economy is reorganized - according to the principles of subsidiarity (Chapter 4) - whereby the approximately 70 European regions will be autonomous and self-sovereign. (Already in 1992 the famous Dutch beer brewer A. Heineken published a brochure, in which he proposed a similar idea, including Wales, Scotland, Northern Italy, Catalonia, the German counties, Silesia, Pomerania, Flanders, Wallonia, the French regions, such as Brittany and many others. It could amount to a 'European Union of Autonomous Regions". On the one hand we have to make everything smaller, introducing self-sovereignty up to the lowest levels ("subsidiarity"), while on the other hand the overall communication is taken care of by the "Commonwealth" is (that of a new EU **). Is not it true that in the world of today, it is the small states! (Luxembourg, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, the Baltic States, Slovenia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Costa Rica) ....which are the most peaceful and the most affluent? Moreover, had Hitler been merely dictator of Bavaria, he never would have had the power to destroy Europe.

Promoting Community Democracy

@ Do you think democracy is in danger?

@ In what way do you participate in community

@ Would you like to become involved in a worldwide initiative
with the aim of extending our democratic systems?

7. The New Woman/The New Man
The Cosmic Principle of Green Men and Wise Women

Still to be improved

There are two different ways of emancipation. The one I call P-emancipation (patriarchal), the other M-emancipation ("matriarchal"). In the first women "want to be equal to man." They thus don't mind that they seek their emancipation within the patriarchy (P). These women are not or hardly critical of the system. Because they are obessessively busy with their own personal success, they do not see that they have run into a capitalist, extremely competitive, and anti-human and misogynistic trap. These are the ones who in favor of their ego, their careers and their profession, neglect their family life. Many lose with their traditional "power base" - partner, family, children and home - also their inner balance, happiness, strength and wisdom. Actually, like is the case with men. Tragically, their "rise to the top" is often not so successful as they had anticipated. They remain stuck somewhere, alone with their frustration, loneliness and burnout. They are double loosers. At the end they have nothing anymore, indeed facing nothingness.

"Emancipation" on the wrong track? Women should never give up their "power base". Because there are her roots that in all circumstances, guarantee stability, security, happiness and prosperity. However, this should be re-designed, because "just being a housewife" is, obviously, (for most) much too little. Freedom and career are to be found in the extension of the family and not in its abolition. In a nutshell: women (mothers) should solidarize with each other. They should found a street community. Thus, extension, making concentric circles, instead of giving up one for the other. (This model can be found back in a Chinese text of 400 BCE. It is called "The Great Learning"*). In the new community, women take the initiative. Tasks are shared, so that each will have time for initiatives, creativity and development. With the further enlargement of the community to streets, neighbourhoods, communes, counties and  countries, an endless range of possibilities can be created. This M-emancipation has no loosers. Both domestic e.g. family life, as well as professional life complement, rather than exclude each other.

* See: "The Great Learning"

The misunderstanding is, therefore, that women think that the only way to emancipate themselves is participation in the capitalist "rat race". This misunderstanding leads back to the times of Hobbes, where the state and the community were definitely separated. Over time this has worsened/culminated into one-dimensionality. So they do not know better, than that there is only one area where they can be active. Nowadays, where everything gets more and more into decay, their eyes will open. The future is not so rosy. So women have to re-orient themselves. You must look out for an alternative that is doing justice to her being a woman. The traditions of the world tell us that women thrive when they are part of the community. She is not only master of her own household, but also of the larger community. Her communication skills, her interest in the social, her sharp intellect, her earthliness, her practical reason, her emotional balance, their sense of the whole, her attention to detail, the patience to deal with people, that were her strength for thousands of years. Now, in the course of time, some healthy individualism, self-realization and her own material desires have been added to it. This is obviously okay. The point is that the environment in which women live and work, should consist of cooperation instead of competition, solidarity instead of egoism, sustainability rather than exploitation, justice instead of violence, of joy instead of stress, everything characterized by optimism rather than cynicism. Just as is the case with our community democracy. It is in this community, that their talents, leadership, management and communication skills, creativity, care, have future. So, join the new community! * New men are those who wholeheartedly support this project ....

Green Men & Wise Women

@ Do you think our Western culture is moving towards a bright
(technological) future or rather the oposite?

@ In what way are you expressing your concern about the rapid
decay on all levels of society?

@ Would you like to commit yourself, together with
others, to CultureRenewal?

8. The New Education
The Cosmic Principle of ongoing Renewal

Excerpts from the original German text
See: "Die Ganzheitliche Transformation")

Education can only be successful if the children from the beginning are integrated in the community, as I have described in more detail above. The mothers are the center spreading love, security and basic trust. This is a term that has been coined by Jean Liedloff *. Through years of observations with Indians in the Amazon, she came to the conclusion that for basic emotional security/trust a continuum in the first three years is an absolute condition. She means that the psychological health depends on babies being cared for by ONE same person, including a lot of body contact. That should not necessarily be one's own biological mother. Later, of course, the connection must be loosend. Girls identify with the mother and other women, while boys with the father, several uncles, or/and the men who have joined the clan. Both sexes follow various lines of development, sometimes you do something together, sometimes separately. It is proved that the partial separation of the sexes has a good influence on development and identity. The community democracy makes it possible that the children get all the time they need. Other adults can participate, so that the children are actually raised by an extended family. The earlier problems with the nursery, or the decision whether to want children or not, now appear rather unreal. "How did we let ourselves fool by our own disorientation in life?. The basis was fundamentally wrong, that's why everything became a problem".

* J. Liedloff  "The Continuum Concept", 1984 Da Capo Press

A major problem in this respect, is the widespread addiction to the "virtual world"*. It started with "science fiction", which was used by the technocrats as a means of propaganda. It should make people familiar with a future that consists of a gigantic mega-machine. In those films people have become robots. Callousness, cynicism, cruelty and violence are presented as self-evident. Add today's electronic networking to it. For many young people this virtuality is "normal", for them, it is simply their life. In reality, the "social networks" the reality is replaced in such a way, that their illusionary superficiality - without any substance - has become an addiction. Through it our youth, and not only them, have been deprived of their deeper feelings, insights and emotions. The networks are thus "deeply" anti-spiritual and anti-human. That this is not natural ..... shows an experiment from the US. Only for one day! youth was deprived of anything electronic.The result was serious mental and physical problems, confusion, depression, aggression, up to psychosis ... So what happens when one day the whole system breaks down? These days not only the children have often lost contact with the world. This also means that for many nature increasingly has become something alien, something unknown. And where there is no contact, no appreciation will be there either. So if nature to the next generation has no value, who will protect it then? Indifference towards further destruction is a nightmare scenario. We have to prevent this by all means.

* Of course, we are not against a reasonable use or application of information technology. As long as it still works .....

We, the Holistic Transformation, will do anything to - in the self-interest of our youth - to shape education in such away, that the former can realize their own dreams. Although the propaganda tirelessly repeats that the youth are happiest when they can enjoy the blessings of consumption, we are convinced that this is not the case. It is unacceptable e.g. criminal to force our youth into a system that ultimately destroyes their own life-perspective. Young people sense it, know it, their problems, such as depression, lack of purpose, superficial life, aggression, violence and drug abuse, have only one underlying cause, namely that young people are not allowed to realize their own ideals. Without forcing anything upon them, we on the other hand can assume that each youth is future-oriented. Therefore, the shaping of the future - as the youth itself sees it - should be the focus of all effort. Everything else is derived from it. With it come new ideals, visions, search for identity, self-development, to get away from addiction and consumption, community, culture, curiosity for unknown areas and vocational training, yes, certainly, "Facebook" and "Twitter", but only for limited use. Teachers new style take on the priorities and make them into a curriculum. They certainly will bring physical education, spirituality, lifestyle, a new worldview, ecology and survival strategies into the curriculum. Everything with clear leadership. Should young people be able to relate this with to their own ideals, then the former will be certainly willing to commit and train themselves, yes, even to develop self-discipline. Shaping your own future  is just not a non-binding affair. That basically everyone knows. The whole of education should act accordingly.

Youth First!

@ Are you content with your country's educational system?

@ Do you think it prepares you for a future in which you will thrive?

@ What exactly has to change in order to promote dreams about your own future life?

9. The New Earth
The Cosmic Principle of Gaia e.g our living planet

The core concept of sustainability is "Dynamic Equilibrium". It finds its origin in the Bottomlessness of the Cosmos. Two cosmic forces arise from the Vacuum or the Cosmic Womb: renewal and resolution, creation and destruction. These two forces oppose each other, so that they keep each other in check. The result is a dynamic balance that makes life possible. What is surprising is, that all levels of existence aren't only influenced by this balance, but are ultimately determined by it. The planes that I would like to emphassize here are: the universe, the earth, evolution, ecosystems, (wo)man, society and the economy. The vacuum I have already mentioned.

According to modern research energy vanishes into the Cosmic Vacuum, while at the same time being born out of it. The "Field" that arises - "Higgs Field" - seems therefore to be immutable. It is interesting, that the same is said of God. At the lower levels of energy and (quantum) particles, the incessant creation and destruction can be observed more clearly, e.g. by means of a "black hole". The black hole is the "short circuit" between the vacuum on the one hand and energy/matter of a galaxy, on the other. Science defines the black hole as the result of the death of a star. It is not a convincing explanation. For why should a star die? Yes, it is said: "because the thermal power is exhausted." But why they is it exhausted? Only the existence of absolute Vacuum can give a satisfactory answer. Because the Vacuum sucks matter into itself, destroying it, while ejecting e.g. creating energy at the same time. The black holes are thus manifestations of Cosmic Bottomlessness - the "Mother" - through which we are able to read processes that would otherwise remain hidden to us.

These two cosmic forces act everywhere in the universe, also on earth. Everything is constantly broken up into simple building blocks - atoms and molecules - in order to be re-assembled afterwards. So there is a concomitant tendency to simplicity the one hand and to complexity on the other. Only when there is a dynamic equilibrium life can arise. In case of the origination of the earth this has worked out wonderfully. In millions of years, a system has been created that is keeping itself within narrow limits. The control systems of the world are adapted to each other in such a way that one can rightly speak of a "living organism" (Lovelock). His Gaia hypothesis was first ridiculed as often happens to new ideas. However, nowadays, more and more people take it seriously.

This also has consequences for the interpretation of evolution. So far everything has been interpreted "horizontally". "Survival of the fittest" is the result of genetics and environment. Now, this is fully justified. With a weak genotype and adverse conditions a plant or an animal will have less chance of survival. But is that the only explanation? For there are still other factors involved. In the background of all life, there are the cosmic forces of destruction and renewal. These forces are not imaginary or abstract, no, the whole of existence is pervaded by them. In concrete terms, this means, that a weak disposition can be co-determined, because at the moment of conception, the destructive power had the upper hand. As a reminder, the two cosmic forces have a DYNAMIC relation to each other, "fluctuating" constantly. Therefore, there are moments in life, where the renewal has the upper hand, and vice versa.

Sustainability - the dynamic equilibrium - is sacred

Now we come to the next stage: the eco-systems. They are the perfect example of the "web of life", the result of the interplay of cosmic forces. In the eco-system everything - earth, air, water balance, temperature, micro-organisms, plants and animals - is perfectly matched. This does not mean that there is merely one pole of life involved. For life to be optimal the death pole is also included. This is all characterized by eco-intelligence, the integration of relatedness, cooperation, exchange and adaptation. These are qualities that in particular belong to organisms, that are part of the whole. In this respect, moss, bees, sardines, reindeer and monkeys are many times smarter than humans. That is because they are a direct reflection of the cosmic quantum web of life .... In contrast to eco-intelligence we humans are driven by the ego. The latter has detached itself from the whole, cannot return to the origin. Because of its inability to "die", it thus inflates, blowing itself up more and more. The loss of ecological intelligence comes at high costs. The wholeness to which it owes its existence is ruthlessly destroyed by it.

So, finally, we arrived at humans. His behavior is characterized by having, "To have as the inability to Be". However, "more, more, more", cannot satisfy thge longing for true fulfilment. So having is becoming an obsession. Every time the hope for happiness is there, every time there is disillusionment, until it becomes unbearable (burn-out!), while deep within the sense of being on the wrong track grows. Accumulation of all kinds chokes life. One is buried before one dies. And here we have arrived at one of the deepest paradoxes of life. "To die, because one refuses to die .....". The ego refuses to fit in, to "die" voluntarily, and expands ever further on (accumulation). That's how (wo)man suffocates in his/her own waste, stress, possessions and slag. Our metabolism is, here again, a clear example. It is a dynamic equilibrium, where 25% of all of our cells are in the process of dying and 25% are constantly renewed. Miraculously dying cells excrete a substance, "necrohormone" that stimulates the renewal of young cells.....Optimal dying as a condition for new life! However, if metabolic slags prevent the dying, less hormone is released, so that the regeneration is blocked or does not take place. With chronic degenerative disease as the result. Accumulation and collapse are two sides of the same coin ....

Continued in "Ganzheitliche Transformation" (German)

To have is the inability to Be

@ Does it make sense to you: becoming part of "Heaven, earth and the (new) community?

@ Would you commit yourself to an ecological economy?

@ Is eco-spirituality something you are interested in?

10. The New Vision
Manifesto for the 21st century

I have a Vision. It includes peace, joy of life, justice, harmony with nature and prosperity for all. We can achieve this through putting these 7 Steps into practice! It is a universal program, including people from both sexes, all nations, colors, beliefs and social position. Much could be added, though like the urgent control over science, technology and economy by the self sovereign, basic democratic community (not the state)."Healing the Planet" furthermore includes sustainable energy, nature conservation, organic agriculture and vegetarianism. The program is so inclusive, simple, powerful and promising, totally in harmony with the Cosmos, that more and more people will be filled with enthusiasm.

One thing is certain: the endless progress of the technocratic- capitalist system is unsustainable. In addition, the parlementarian sham democracy as we know it today, can not solve the problems. It is stagnant, corrupt and will soon crash under its own contradictions. When the time comes, we will not want to be empty-handed. So it would be foolish to continue to rely on this system. Intelligence means to develop alternative visions NOW and through achieving them create a new foundation. To give up old certainties - which are thus none - in favor of new, is not easy. We probably need to be forced to do so. Otherwise the unknown is too risky to us. What helps, then, is the recognition that our present certainties are built on sand. If we continue to believe these illusions, the immediate future will confront in a very painful way. I do not wish anybody to be overwhelmed by this kind of suffering. So that's why I am trying to make clear a few steps to be made, simple and logically. It focuses on the 10 steps, as they are discussed in this manifesto. To save the earth, all have to be implemented, if possible, all AT THE SAME TIME. The following objectives are suitable for a leaflet:


+ We want a culture of being, in which the ego plays a subservient role
+ We want to live in harmony met "
Heaven", earth and the (new) community "
+ We want to "live, love and praise"
+ We want to live in peace
and ban violence
+ We want optimal health and vitality
+ We want material security through a basic income for all
+ We want to be free from artificially induced anxiety, stress, oppression and addiction
+ We want to eradicate the inhuman structures of our society
+ We want freedom in connectedness
e.g. a community democracy
+ We want that the best - controlled by the community - lead us
+ We want a new Spirit - enthusiasm - blowing
+ We want a new
solidarity between men and women
+ We want the youth
to regain new perspectives
+ We want unity in diversity, a meaningful existence and a fulfilling life for all
+ We
commit ourselves for the healing of the planet e.g. a sustainable future

Promoting a New Heaven, a New Earth and a New Community

@ Do you think we can achieve a New World?

@ In what direction you think we have to move in order
to achieve this goal?

@ Would you personally commit yourself to "Healing the Planet"
on all levels, from personal wholeness to the
wholeness of all beings?

Universal Teaching recorded under the guidance of
Cosmic Inspiration
by Han Marie Stiekema

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