The Original Tradition
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The Nine Dimensions of
Cosmic Realization


My major concern is the authenticity of my writings. It means that the words I use should be directly coming from my Innermost Core. Without interference of my mind. This is only possible by continuously being open to my Depth. This Dimension is silent, limitless and timeless. By waiting, words come to the surface. These words aren't stirred by other words as is commonly the case. On the contrary they originate from Emptiness! Hence they are always original, authentic and full of surprise. "Behold, I make everything new". Only when the words exactly mirror the underlying Truth, resonance occurs. Then the Essence is pouring itself out. Even through the slightest abberation, words don't reflect the Deep within. In those cases the latter will not reveal itself. Therefore, an authentic spiritual teacher will always be in touch with his/her Essence. He/she may ask you to do the same. For in order to receive his/her wisdom you should be equally unbiased. If your own thoughts, expectations, desires, comments, judgements are in between, the message will certainly be distorted according to your own pre-conceived ideas. Nothing new will happen to you, nothing fresh will enter your Being. You will miss the point. A true spiritual communion on the other hand happens, when both teacher and readers tune in into their Innermost Core.

Even after decades of "spirituality" reaching many people, there appears to exist a lot of misunderstanding about it. One factor is its popularization e.g. commercialization. Magazines publish articles with titles like "how empty are you?", "did you already realize the divine spark in yourself" and the like. The Depth of Spirituality has turned into a supermarket, where you chose those things that "suits" you. Hardly anybody realizes that these are only mind-games with no underlying Reality, whatsoever. Isn't it an irony that the movement that is supposed to be a successor to the empty concepts of Christianity displays excactly the same pattern? Not to mention the intentional abuse of spirituality in favor of the effectiveness of company workers. The Spirit as the driving force behind profit-making!

The longing to return to the Origin, to once again being part of the Whole - ultimately the Whole itself - that is where it is really all about. It is the most primordial drive in humans. Nowadays it is more actual than ever. Because of our addiction to the ego, "returning Home" has become a matter of life and death. Either our ego "dies" or the planet will die. Let's analyze the ego. In order to thrive "the ego has to make a difference". It is comparing itself with others to confirm its "unicity". It means that the ego is ALWAYS excluding others. Deep within it (unconsciously) senses its fragility, a house without a foundation, therefore it is constantly seeking to boost its identity. This happens at the expense of the Whole. This need for personal identity is subsequently projected into religion. Ego becomes "God". Now "God" says: "I am the Allmighty, the All-Powerful.* My religion is the only true one". It is the root of religious intolerance.

* Although critisizing patriarchy for it, feminists are seeking the "Divine Feminine" with the aim of boosting "women empowerment", using (however justified their cause!) rather than surrendering to it. Do we ever really learn?

In order to save the planet - to become part of the Whole, once again - the ego stands in the way. It is self-centered rather than being related to the Whole. Because of 2000 years of spiritual ignorance the ego has blown itself up to enormous proportions. It has reached all corners of the earth, destroying the latter's foundations. With the ego in command for another decade or so......the planet will stop being a safe haven for humans. So, what to do? Going out to join an activist group? If you truly feel like that, you should obviously do it. Digging deeper you come to understand that your actions originate from your ego. However noble your objectives. Very soon you will be trapped in all kinds of ego-games. You may then realize that fighting the ego with the ego is counter-productive. It's even strengthening it. You then start searching for the beyond, the dimension in yourself that is embodying oneness and unity. "There isn't a way to peace, peace is the way". In practice, you may start searching for the Divine Spark within you. You find it by "stepping back", by becoming the observer of your thoughts, emotions and desires.


You can only achieve Wholeness if you first find Wholeness in yourself. You then create "concentric circles" around you. Step by step you work toward Healing the Planet. Now, because of the reasons given above, the Truth about spiritual Realization has been blurred.  Moreover, a new generation is emerging that isn't very familiar with spirituality. Thus the first question is how to achieve Oneness in yourself. For that it is important to have some idea about the Road ahead of you. Contrary to popular belief this is not a matter of "visualizing the light". It is not an easy mind-trick at all. In fact, finding Wholeness is a life-long mission. It is based on a deep longing for giving up your ego and to serve the Whole.


You discover it by becoming the observer of your thoughts, emotions and desires. You "do" this by making an inner step back. There appears an inner distance between the two. "I am here and my thinking is there" (in front of you). The observer is the first step towards Realization. It is silent, unmoving, peaceful and empty. Rather than be at the mercy of thinking, it has stepped back in such a way that you are free from thinking and the thinking is free from you. While you are resting in your True Self, thoughts are floating freely, unhinderd by your ego interpretations, comments etc.

Just relax, while first making feeling contact with your body, e.g. through feeling your feet in contact with the floor, your back in contact with the chair. Then close your eyes while watching the inside of your eyelids in a very gentle stress-free way. This watching is your New Self, your Third Eye. For the first time you are "master in your own house", instead of being taken in tow by your thinking. The result is living in the HereNow.

How simple is this. It is nothing less than (a first) awakening! After having done this for a while (days, weeks) you may then deepen your commitment to your liberation by choosing your favorite way of meditation. The result should be stabilization of your Inner Observer, in such a way that it will stay where it is, even when confronted with (strong) emotions.

The criteria for the authenticity of your New Self is - while thoughts, emotions and desires come up and pass by - that you watch the latter SIMULTANEOUSLY e.g. in the selfsame moment of appearence "on your screen" and this without any effort. Everything happens in One Undivided Moment. You watch uninterruptedly, while resting in yourSelf, while thoughts etc. are coming and going. This first step is the most crucial one. All further steps are an extension of this. Therefore, pay a lot of attention to it. Only when firmly rooted you move to Level Two, the Dance.


The first step is the (temporal) separation of your Inner Observer and the content of your Mind (thoughts, emotions and desires). In the Dance the Observer is extending. It becomes your Inner Space, this time located in your Heart "Chakra". You perceive your Heart to be your Centre. This Inner Centre has an inner distance to the bodymind as a whole. While the Centre appears to be silent, unmoving, peaceful, bright and empty, your body is overflowing with energy. Inside is your Cool Heart, while your periphery is ecstatic. This can be illustrated by the "Dancing Shiva" (Nataraj). In this wellknown sculpture Shiva's Heart is the unmoving Centre, while his periphery is overflowing with energy (flames).

It may happen while e.g. walking/running. Many people report, that sometimes, especially when they become tired suddenly! "Something within" is taking over. It is not them that run anymore. It happens always suddenly, within a split second, proof of the fact that you made a leap into a new inner Dimension. It is a discontinuus leap, not an extension of your previous experience. It is new, fresh, powerful yet empty, undefinable yet very present. "Not me, but Christ in me" (St.Paul). This New Dimension is - like the Third Eye - part of Great Consciousness, manifested within you. It is not limited to a small spot (between your eyes) anymore, but is perceived as a spacious area. While walking/running develop body and breath awareness. In that case the leaps may occur more often.

In my case I walked for many years every day and that again for many hours spontaneously in that condition. No effort on my part at all. Once the Innermost Core is breaking through you ego-control has disappeared. Your Within determines the events. It also means that there isn't any concern about social conventions. You walk the way your Essence "wants to walk". This often leads to VERY humoristic situations. Because without ego-control previously unconscious "archetypes" will be released, highly charged psychological complexes.

So, you suddenly may walk like a fool, making all kinds of odd movements. With the Source "behind it" providing limitless energy, this is often a very powerful act, indeed. Other people may notice it, staring at you with amazement. In this way I walked like a goose, a roaring tiger, like a soldier marching, any moment on the brink of laughing for no reason.

This experience of having limitless energy is the Source of ongoing joy. Once this inner track is open you may experience it in other activities as well. One of my favourites: cycling. After having made conscious contact with the pedals and the handlebars, while "letting my behind down into the saddle", suddenly the Silent Power is breaking through. It exerts such a tremendous speed, such a strain on the bicycle, that you fear it may collapse any time.    

The same Realization may happen during washing the dishes, dancing or making love. The emphasis is not on "making" though, but on body-awareness. More about the latter in my essay about "Mother Tantra".

PS. For my Tantra and Kundalini experiences, see: "Threefold Realization"


E.g. while cycling something else may happen. It is the next stage of Cosmic Realization. Rather than experience (limitless) energy, your body suddenly becomes empty. And not only your body. The Silence is everywhere, in and around you. It is very gentle and sweet. Through it you feel connected with everything around you. To such an extent that "you love the grass like yourself". I often spontaneously fell on my knees kissing the green. Everything is so precious, nothing excluded. For the first time you realize the sacredness of existence. Not through a concept or idea, but through becoming all-inclusive Space. All faculties of the mind are still active, though. It means that while being Space you may simultaneously have comments on it. "My God" (Mother!) how beautiful this is. However, these thoughts do not dominate you. They do not originate from thinking. They are precious gems, that praise the glory and the beauty of life. In case of cycling, you only move very gently, subtle and slow. Nowhere to go, everything is perfect HereNow.

You may want to develop this quality to such an extent that it becomes your "First Nature". It is easy. The foundation is "feeling (body) awarenes. In all situations of life you start feeling your foot soles in contact with the floor, your back in contact with your clothes, chair or matrass, while feeling and watching your breathing, always with emphasis on the breathing out, the moment it disappears into the emptiness! of your pelvis. Watching while simultaneously feeling is essential. Only then there can be a feedback between the two. Awareness raising the energy level, the latter in turn promoting clarity of mind. So, very soon, while sitting in a chair you will transcend your body, including your direct surroundings: the chair, the carpet, the table, the vase with flowers and the cat winking at you.

Contact with everything around you has become direct, without any interference of your mind. For the first time you see things as they really are. Seeing this way is seeing everything for the first time. Everything is equally precious. Your surroundings have become part - content! - of your extended Space. Space is all-inclusive, it is the foundation of Love and Compassion. Again: "you love everything like yourself". This No-Mind is the precondition for "enlightened Action". "Without any thinking on his/her part, he/she jumped into the water and saved the child". It is proof of the fact that supreme action doesn't need thinking. Awareness is the Master, thinking is its servant. Clarity of Mind determines the quality of your life. 

PS. I didn't mention the necessity of additionally integrating unprocessed contents of the mind, this in order to achieve true Wholeness. Because there are many other places in the website where I have elaborated on this important! issue e.g. it is a crucial step ("Personal Integration") in "The Universal Way" Retreat.


Everything that happens suddenly, unexpected and discontinuus has the potential of coming from your Depth. That is particular true in this and subsequent Stages. To be One with the All is traditionally called Moksha, Samadhi or Satori. Suddenly! another Dimension has taken possession of you. Usually provoked by a random event, like a noise, a sun ray though the trees, or a (Zen) Master shouting at you. Suddenly a Totally Different Quality has replaced common perception. This Dimension is everywhere, in and around you. It is transcending all of existence, making everything New. It is the Otherness that has lifted the world up to a thusfar unknown level. Everything exalted to a "higher" Dimension. Everything, including yourself is part of it. You realize that this is the Truth, your True Homeland. You may laugh for no reason. "How simple this is", "this is IT", "how stupid I have been" etc.

The difference with Step Three is that this time Oneness is not an extension of your Inner Space. Instead, a Totally Other Dimension has taken possession of all and everything. A Totality with Numenous Quality, indeed the Divine Itself, making itself known to the world. This world appears as Totally NEW, Unique and Precious. Everything is "Prisoner" of Eternity. Nothing stands on its own, but is interconnected with everything else.

Again, exercise may pave the way in order to invite Satori to happen. It was in 1981 that I opened my "Living Zen School". Later, this resulted in "The Universal Way", a basic spiritual training for every sincere seeker. Especially the (unique!) "Heaven & Earth Exercises" prove to be "highly effective" in opening the gate to the Divine "within". 


While in Satori your consciousness has become One with Great Consciousness, in Full Enlightenment the former has completely dissolved into the latter, together with all faculties of the common mind (as a matter of course). In Satori your awareness e.g. True Self can still perceive, think, comment - although in a very reduced mode - in Full Enlightenment it is all gone. There appears to Be only One Eternal Light, only THAT exists. You haven't become PART of Eternity, YOU ARE IT. It is a State of Utter Fullfilment, empty of Self, but full of Otherness. In Dutch: "Vol-Ledigheid", empty and full at the same time. A permanent State of Utter Bliss and Joy, that is how it can be described. This Lightness of Eternal Being is everywhere. Being Nothing, you are everything! The whole universe is part of it.

It is not an Experience, like in Christian Mysticism, an Experience of Oneness with the Beloved. No, while the latter is temporary, giving rise to endless new longings for Unity, True Enlightenment is existential. It means that in that One Moment your whole Being is transformed and with it your (later) identity. Deep down You Are Divine. It is your True Nature. To me it happened in 1977 and lasted the whole day. Ever since it never left me, ever. It has become my True Nature. Its intensity may vary, but its Essence is always there. Deep within I Am Immortal. Joy, gratefulness! However, it wasn't the end of the story (see below).

How you know you Are It, since there is no you anymore? Give Enlightenment another name and you will come closer to it. E.g. "Cosmic Intelligence". If you ARE IT, then you KNOW. In order to KNOW you don't need the mind. The latter is a derivative of the former, not the other way round. A State of Knowing, you also might say. So, KNOWING KNOWS what happened, without the need of knowing e.g. memorizing it with my small self. It is something that is often a considerable hurdle in sharing it with other people. Especially nowadays, where everybody tries to be smart(er). Isn't "to make a difference" a cornerstone of our ambitious ego's? Before you know, jealousy creeps in. Sometimes I am so discouraged in "working with other people" that I wished I was a hermit, once again.  

In many traditions (Buddhism) this is considered the most exalted Experience, available to humans. Which is not. In my life two more Dimensions were revealed to me. I will tell them in the sequence of the Eight Dimensions (although in Reality Step number Seven actually came first).


Again, totally unprepared, which, as you may know now, is one of the trustable signs of Divine Interference, in the night direct following the Day of Light, I suddenly woke up, finding myself in an Ocean of Horror. Usually, fear is in you, but this time it was in and around me. I was embedded in a hyperactive grey Wall, that seemed to include me from all sides. Together with it, my bodymind, everything that belongs to my common identity had disappeared in this All-Present Angst. Within a split second my energy was gone, while deep electric currents pervaded me. I was chilled to my bones, while getting a flash of an image in which worms were eating my flesh, accompanied by death smell. I felt totally hopeless, the faculties of my mind also having dissolved into this Ocean. No thoughts, feelings, no emotions or reflections. The Horror had an incredible "sucking" quality, devouring everything. Fortunately, my response was almost as quick. Intuitively I realized that this was a situation of life and death. So, in a reflex I took the position of Zen-meditation, vertically sitting on the ground. Realizing that one thing wasn't destroyed: my Clear Awareness. I clutched at straws, since this Light inside was the only thing left. This way I sat the whole night. The frightening thing was, that if I just moved a few centimeters to the front or the behind, the Angst immediately jumped on me. So, I kept sitting in the exact vertical position. (The Zen instructions given to pupils, namely to sit unmovingly in an upright position must originally come from experiences like this). My endurance paid off, the more my inner Space extended, the more the Angst subsided. In the early morning the latter had gone. So, totally joyful and relieved I greeted the early (Indian) sun.

I realized that this was the true meaning of Death and Resurrection. Rather than being a "physical" event Rebirth is spiritual. It serves the destruction of the ego, while giving birth to your True Self. Curious that after a Day of dissolving into the Eternal Light the Cosmos considered it necessary to confront me with this, the greatest Angst possible! The size of my ego must have played a decisive role.... If so, my gratitude is even greater, the Compassion of the Mother is indeed limitless.

In history e.g. mythology this event is really rare. Only a few teachers have experienced it (e.g. Tibetan Delogs often females! like Nangsa Obum, furthermore Ramana Maharshi, Teresa of Avila, Bede Griffith). It is nothing less but the descent into the Underworld. In my case the pendulum went from one extreme to the other. Enlightenment (Heaven) and the Underworld being two sides of the same coin! This isn't phantasy, an allegory or a fairy tale, but are Realities that are a thousand times more real than common life. It can be translated into scientific categories. Creation (the Light) and Destruction (the Horror) being the two Great Forces in the Cosmos. They oppose each other, maintaining a dynamic equilibrium. The latter making life possible. Two opposing Forces should have an Origin, though. In physics this Ultimate Dimension is called the Vacuum. In ancient times people called it Cosmic Womb or "Great Mother" (See Step Seven below).

Death and Resurrection has been claimed by Christianity as being the attributes of Christ only. I, on the other hand, confirm that they constitute the common spiritual heritage of mankind. It is the Core of Regeneration, Rejuvenation and Renewal of all people. It belonged to the Great Mother Religion. There Inanna descended into "Hell" to find Her Son/Lover Dumuzi (Tammuz). The deeper meaning was to mirror the change of seasons, in which the hero died in autumn and was reborn in spring, thus "strengthening" the powers of nature, guaranteeing the success of the next harvest. Later, in the Hellenistic Mysteries people of all ranks had themselves initiated, this time to undergo spiritual Transformation.

Last but not least. Both Buddha and Christ had the Greatest Fulfillment at the end of their lives. On his death bed Buddha went into Nirvana, while Christ died on the cross. I, on the other hand started my spiritual life with it. This insight troubles me until this very day.....


I already indicated it. My spiritual Path started with Cosmic Realization e.g. a supernatural Lightning destroying not only my bodymind, but by entire Being as well. For a split Second I wasn't there anymore. It was a Moment of Absolute Nothingness, Blackness. This has nothing to do with the ego disappearing into (relative) Emptiness (Enlightenment), but with the total annihilation of Consciousness. Something the Buddha called "Nirvana", of which he hoped he would enter at his death bed. This is what physics calls the Vacuum, it is equal to the Cosmic Womb of the Mother Religion. Isis said: "nobody will ever lift my veil". The meaning is that nobody will survive if directly confronted with the Ultimate. Even  Judaism says the same thing. Buddhism talks about the "Womb of the Buddha's", however, meaning "just" Enlightenment, causing confusion about the true Nature of the Cosmic Womb*. Not to mention all those who just identify with images, idea's, concepts and experiences, subsequently claiming that they have "realized".

* The Buddhists also talk about "Emptiness beyond Emptiness". However, I until now didn't come across anybody claiming that he/she "realized" it, except one: Nangsa Obum. (See the wonderful book of  T.Allione "The Women of Tibet", Snow Lion Publications) See also: "Great Mother Buddhism"

In 1977 the "Mother" revealed Herself to me. For the first time in history the Bottomless Depth of the universe - recognized as Cosmic Womb - has made Herself known to humankind. The Revelation of "Something" beyond "God" (the Light, Buddhahood) is THE religious revolution for the 21st century! The survival of the planet depends on it, for only Nothingness can destroy the ego, the latter being responsible for the global crisis. Existing religions have failed to curb the ego. The mind always found ways to find an escape. Instead of actual spiritual death it invented symbolic ways imitating the real thing. Only the confrontation with Absolute Nothingness - Cosmic Mother inviting you - is able to do that. That doesn't mean that everybody has to go naked before Her like it happened to me. A truly, honest and authentic intention is for most people the maximum realizable. If continuously practised the Mother will grant you Renewal of your entire Being.

In my experience, immediately after my Cosmic "Black-Out" the Eternal Light was born. Light is born out of Darkness! It proves that Enlightenment is NOT the Ultimate. To the contrary, it is the "Son" born out of the Womb of the Cosmic Mother. The latter therefore called "Holy Night". I instantly dissolved into this Light, I AM THE ETERNAL LIGHT, something that lasted the whole day. While that same night I descended into the Underworld, the Ocean of Horror that stripped me of all faculties. (see earlier). Cosmic Realization, the highest possible Attainment thus consists, not only of Enlightenment (as Buddha said), but includes three Dimensions that are all intimately interconnected. This "Trinity" includes the Cosmic Mother, together with Her two Cosmic Forces (Dimensions): Creation (the Light) and Destruction (the Underworld). These Two Forces oppose each other. Together they make life possible. This is the core of my Teaching.

As said above, the Mother has revealed Herself to mankind in order to restore Cosmic Balance. In order to do so, She destroys the ego (in rare cases even Consciousness!), while giving birth to the Light (within). It has given me an abundance of unsurpassed insights until this very day. Insights which during my last twelve years of solitude and writing I have shared for free in my website. 2012 will be a turning point in the sense that I long for sharing wisdom with all of you personally: through talks, teachings, healing, guiding, training. Everything in the Name of the Mother.   

* See "Threefold Realization"


Frequent question:"how do you feel nowadays?" Well, eh, just "normal" I think. Prove of that is, that it rarely occurs to me, that I "am different". I can honestly say, that I consider people to be the same like me. E.g. it took many, many years (33) before I started to make myself known. Until very recently I didn't start any "spiritual talk" of my own. If people don't ask me questions I just keep silent. Decisive is my life in the HereNow, which means I am (mostly) my Clear Awareness. This Inner Space is empty, cause of the fact that I am rarely occupied with thinking. The only desire left is to serve the Mother and contribute to the wellbeing of all "beings". So I moved from a "writing hermit" to making mySelf public. "The messenger is the message". Eventually, I overcame my reluctance. The HereNow is giving me direct contact with the surrounding world. Seeing/feeling a tree without interference of the mind, is a unique experience. You not only see it as it is, but it is part of your extended Space as well. Hence, my life is filled with joy and gratitude. In order to be optimally there for you I do some exercise every day, which just for myself wouldn't be necessary.

But is goes further. The irony is this. While most people use "spirituality" to become "special", I returned to the marketplace, nothing special, nothing holy..... "To be special" is thus NOT the outcome of the spiritual Path. But.... confronted with the necessity of spreading my message - Cosmic Mother Healing the Planet - I am forced to adopt a certain form that makes me "special". Without that, no recognition by people (being mySelf is so subtle, that nobody recognizes IT), no impact on the course of events, no power behind my Mission. It is a wellknown problem e.g. Maitreya Buddha's descent to earth. Reluctantly, because he had to give up paradise in the Tushita Heaven....

Yes, I worship the Cosmic Mother, Origin of All Life, of both the Divine - granted to me through Enlightenment, which is Her Light Body, Her first Birth or Emanation - and the entire universe. What is extremely important: my existential fear (of Nothingness, Death) has completely disappeared. I enjoy the "small things in life" more than ever before, continuously being grateful to what is bestowed upon me. Cosmic Life ranges from Ultimate Surrender to the Whole on the one hand, and being identified with the ego on the other, and everything in between, like it is elaborated in this essay. To say YES to every Moment, without the slightest desire to change it, is true liberation. If the sun is shining fine, if it is raining equally fine. It is the only way to experience Life As It Is. Inner Emptiness guarantees a Lightness of Life, regardless the circumstances. Because, ultimately, everyone and everybody is content of ("my"...) Divine Space, I love all "like myself". It includes a feeling of "responsibility" for the entire planet. My hope is that this website will give you guidance on your spiritual Path. In my best Moments I Am, on the other hand, dissolved into Nothingness, enjoying Peace within and without. In the mean time I help my wife with cooking, cleaning the home and shopping. A very sacred activity, indeed!  


Physical death is the nineth step. It is the only stage, obviously, that I haven't experienced. However, I know about the spiritual Dimension "beyond" it. Its stages are described above and can also be compared to those of meditation. First there is disappearence of thoughts e.g. cognitive functions; then of emotions; then of body awareness. In this sequence. It means that thinking is the most superficial function, followed by emotions and body-awareness. Subsequently your inner watcher is born, everything totally natural, provided you don't block it. You have to let everything go.  Consciousness spontaneously expanding itself further. So you move from this your Third Eye to Satori or Small Enlightenment, the realization of limitless Clarity. Through further extension of Space this your Satori enters Full Enlightenment. You ARE the Eternal Light. There proves to be only THAT. Enlightenment continuously returns to the Cosmic Womb, though, while being reborn in the same Eternal Moment. Because it is dying and reborn in the selfsame Eternal Moment, the quality of the Divine remains the same. It seems "unchanging". Yes, death thus means to become immortal. This Ultimate Stage is so transparant, though, that it is questionable that you will ever "realize" it. You ARE IT, but you don't know it. The Ultimate Forgetfulness! Also - for reasons mentioned above - "you" will never experience the underlying Vacuum directly. "Nobody will ever lift my veil" the MotherGoddess Isis said. In our entire history only VERY rare cases report about Absoltute Nothingness "experienced" during earthly life (see above).

My gratitude is limitless. The deepest possible Cosmic Realization has been granted to me. At the same I realize the responsibility that this "gift" is giving me. To me the "We are born to make manifest the glory of God" (the Mother!) (M.Williamson) has become acute. Indeed, "our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure". However, it is not us (our small self) but the Divine within, that shines. I must confess, for a very long time I have been playing small. I did not serve the world as it should be. So, there is regret but also a renewal of commitment. This time there is no way back. Both the (self-induced) crisis within and without has put (wo)mankind with the back against the wall. We have no choice but to stand up. Everything in the Name of the Mother.

(May the Mother prevail)

Han Marie Stiekema
Universal Teacher thanks to the Great Mother, Who granted him All Eight/Nine Dimensions of Cosmic Realization

* See "Threefold Realization"

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