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A. Health care is rapidly deteriorating. Despite all technological progress disease is dramatically on the increase. Hence, the time is ripe to take health care in our own hands. Increasingly, people are doing this already. Never before the interest in self care, nutrition, fitness, life style and complementary medicine has been so great. It is evolving from a great concern about the increase of a multitude of disorders - think of stress, burn-out, ME, RSI, but also chronic disease - with regard to which regular medicine has no answer whatsoever.  Hence, people are forced to look for other solutions. The number of courses, trainings and schools is indeed unsurveyable.

Q. What is it all about?

A. The expertise to help oneself and each other is thus growing. Considering the seriousness of the situation it is time to transform individual experience into structural change. The most important elements are the following. Health is largely depending on a healthy life style, hence the priority of individual responsibility. It is corresponding with the principle of subsidiarity, that says, that everything a "lower" echelon can do, cannot be done by a "higher". A number of  health aspects are directly related to the family, education, personal relationships and habitat, which makes that promotion of a healthy lifestyle is the responsibility of the community as well.

Q. How you think this can be achieved?

A. Therefore the first level ("echelon") of the New Health Care - self care and mutual help - consists of the combined efforts of individuals and the community. For this purpose we have developed our "flow system therapy", a breakthrough in medical thinking and practice, containing more than 200 natural self help methods, besides a free two months' "personal health plan" with which everybody can (considerably) improve his or her health. In practice self help is organized along the lines of individuals, families (groups), streets, neighborhoods, communes and regions.

Q. Which practical steps have to be taken here?

A. Women in particular play an important role here. They will organize themselves (together with men) as special street health teams and district health consultants, everything structured bottom-up. The dynamics of the system are utterly logic and consistent. It consists of the interaction of three echelons or levels: Self help, holistic and technological medicine. The first is that of self and mutual help. It is the foundation of the New Health Care. As long as you can help yourself, you should do so. If that proves to be insufficient a person is then seeking help with the second echelon, that of holistic health, everything according to subsidiarity: "what can be done by a lower level...."

Q. Could you elaborate?

A. The second level consists of professional workers of what is still known as "complementary medicine". Logically, as long as self healing power can be promoted, people will be referred to holistic medicine first. Only if the latter fails, the patient will be able to fall back on technological medicine. The advantages of this truly health-oriented system are obvious. It promotes optimal health and well-being, no harmful side-effects, self-management, cooperation and its (unbelievable) cost-effectiveness. (Moreover...the Mother will be very pleased indeed). Because the extensive reading already available, I refer to the articles, boks and websites below.


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