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"Green Men" and "Wise Women"

"Nothing New in the West". This is the title of the famous anti-war novel of Erich Maria Remarque. It is about the deceptive tranquillity at the front in WWl. However, any moment the enemy can start its offensive. Most encounters are deadly, without achieving any substantial "gain". It is a metaphor for the situation we are in today. Especially in my country - Holland - it is business as usual. No any sign of serious reflection, whatsever. Nobody talks about the necessity of (fundamental) change. On the contrary. Our "clever" compatriotes are capitalizing on the crisis. It ranges from building flexible home boats to teaching "business spirituality".

* In Holland a chair "business spirituality" has been established, occupied......by a priest. With the help of various rationalizations he tries to conceal, that spirituality serves as a means of boosting the effectiveness e.g. profits of big business. The latter in its turn further accelerating its exploitation, thus worsening the global crisis. It is the ultimate shame.  

"Optimism" based on delusion is a trap. It serves the purpose of keeping people "quiet". The reality is different, though. The longer you postpone change, the more violent the future crisis. So, it is time to become realists*. Realists you don't have to confront with the fact that the world is in decay. The signs are visible everywhere and it only becomes worse by the day. The impact on our personal lives will be serious. Ranging from disintegration of social welfare to increased violence; from environmental disaster to severe illness, from forced migration to poverty and hunger. When the "state" is not supporting society anymore, you have only one thing left to fall back on: a strong community.

* O, irony. Spirituality means "to live in Reality". However, very often it is so-called spiritual people who put their heads in the sand, escaping to their self-created illusionary world. Have you forgotten that "within is without?" So, when will you really wake up?

Recently it has become clear how quickly the decline of "civilization" is already headed. Privately, we increasingly have delivered ourselves to the "virtual world". This is particularly painful while watching kids. They have degenerated into little zombies, totally usurped by the virtual bubble, of which they are a part. This has led to disastrous consequences already. Korean Physicians have found "virtual dementia" - brain damage - in (very) young children, consequence of over-exposure to electro - magnetic radiation. The more general consequences of the virtual addiction are more obvious : loneliness , loss of sense of reality , communication disorders , decline in cognitive function , aggression to severe depression , which ultimately end up as a final burn-out. A gigantic mega - bubble has the world under control. " Social media " have replaced human contact , the "members" have degenerated into slaves of electronic manipulation. At the same time the state abuses the new media to monitor and control the whole world . Unstoppable decline of the whole culture?

It is not an exaggeration to say, that our current situation can be compared to that of the Dark Ages. It was the period after the collapse of the Roman Empire, including the Church. For many centuries, Europe was at the mercy of confusion, disintegration, violence and chaos. It were Irish monks (Columba and others) who went to the mainland in order to found monastic communities. They focussed on maintaining and preserving the tradition. Later to be followed by other orders. It is not an exaggeration to say, that these orders have "saved the culture" by bridging the gap between the classical world and the societies of the Middle-Ages.*

* Obviously, this doesn't mean, that I am in favor of reviving Christian communities, at all. It is just a good historic example from which we can learn.

In order to survive the coming crisis, all people face the challenge of strengthening their communities. It starts with restructuring your own life*. You have to get rid of everything superfluous. The purpose is to regain overview, mastership and sovereignty over your own life. Generally, this has to be achieved in steps. It is not so easy to make a shift from individualism to communal life! To help you in this regard I wrote "The First Steps" (overview) and "Sovereign Living" (in particular). Without restoring order to your own life, joining a community will be futile e.g. harmful to others. The position of women is crucial in this regard. They are the "substance of life", hence, they should play a major role in establishing New Communities.

* As expressed by the Mother's Vision of the Grail, granted to me in 1974: "Awaken!, restructure your life and serve others". See also "Mother Blog".

Someone has to take the lead. The situation doesn't allow us to wait for society as a whole to turn on. Therefore the Irish example of 400 CE (and later) is so important. Like them, we have to create pockets of strong communities, focussing on survival, spirituality, healing and the environment. The answer to the decay are new style monasteries! Starting with young people. Like it always was (is) in Buddhist countries. It is the solution to the desperate situation in which parents and children are in nowadays. In order to save their children and their future, the possibility of a monasterial education should be offered. Tradition has taught me, that there should be at least Three Pillars in order to be viable. A common denominator should prevent that the community falls apart. In our communities it is the Great Mother, who is the main unifying factor. Isn't She All-Embracing? She is the guarantee for a community based on "feminine" (holistic) values, like love, respect, courage, connectedness, cooperation, justice and durability.

* With the Great Mother as a foundation, in the course of time a Tradition of he Goddess/Queen with Her Son/Lover developed itself. The latter carried out the guidelines of the former. This consisted of the protection e.g. the promotion of the annual harvest. For that, the "Vegetation God" had to die in autumn in order to be reborn in spring.

The second important factor is a shared daily "monastic" rule e.g. schedule. A community will fail without "discipline from within". Again, your motivation has to be very strong, how otherwise can you make the shift from a fun society to real life? The centuries-old tradition of Zen has taught us that only by limiting yourself on the ego-level a jump into your Real Self can be made. Self-limitation and self-transcendence are two sides of the same coin. True freedom is freedom from the (small) self, not an extension of it! Once your True Self starts sprouting, Truth, Beauty, Joy, Love, Adventure and the Art of True Life will be bestowed upon you. For this purpose I designed "The Universal Way".*

* Consisting of awakening, personal integration, being rooted in Heaven and Earth, breakthrough of the Light, purification/catharsis, taking refuge in the Great Mother and compassion/service.

The Third Pillar consists of service. Without it (compassion) no real inner growth is possible. Inner quality should be constantly tested in everyday life. Contact with others is crucial for feedback about your level of spiritual progress. A tree is known by its fruit. I am in the very lucky position to be able to offer a training in Spiritual Service, Health Service and Community Service to all members of our Healing Communities*. The purpose is to be available to people from outside. Spiritual Service is giving you the ability to teach MotherCircles e.g. The Universal Way to others; Health Service to do the same with Mother Healing, while Community Service is supporting people with re-organizing their communities. Eventually, our common commitment is the "Healing the Planet" Initiative, like elaborated upon before on many occasions. Something that poses a great challenge to everyone involved.

* One way of "getting the taste" of a Healing Community is to participate in our "Mother Healing" sessions. See: "Mother Healing"

Suffice to say, that service to others will arouse goodwill, suppport and friendship, as well. It is a necessary factor in becoming accepted by your social environment. We don't want to become an exclusive club wrapped by secrecy. Members of the Healing Communities should be people with an open mind, always sensitive to the needs of others. In order to achieve that the inner life of the community should be well organized. Apart from the Three Pillars, members should accept spiritual guidance in some form or another. Additional activities may be developed, e.g. from organic agriculture, food or herb processing or nature conservation, creating sacred landscapes f.i. to handicrafts, a printing or an IT company!

* We hope, that the Healing Communities are going to constitute a worldwide network, always (partly) adapted to local circumstances. See also: "Mother Blog".

A community is all the stronger, as she can dispose of a surplus value. In our case this is the oldest tradition on earth: that of the "green man" and the "wise woman". In that, the woman represents the substance of life (in its broadest sense), while the man finds his mission in serving the Whole. It is a breakthrough, a fresh beginning, beyond the bankrupted institutions of the old religions, without compulsion, dogma or denial of life, without the intention of starting a new religion, something that has never been so relevant compared to our times! A true spiritual impulse embodies freedom in connectedness!

"Green Men" and "Wise Women": the hopefuls
to A New World

See: "Wise Woman" and "Herstory"; "Green Man" and "HisStory"  

The direction in which our society is moving is symbolized by the new "elites". It is mostly young people from wealthy families who have put their cards on a top career. They study at so-called Elite Universities, for which the parents have to pay a lot of money. To them that is worth a lot, for the purpose of this training is to maintain e.g. extend their privileges in the future. Without reluctance they talk about the greed for power, money and influence. These future "leaders" divide society in "winners" and "loosers". Contrary to the latter these youth consider themselves "key players", the "elite" of society, really. All others are simply lazy or just unlucky, reason why they don't have a right to be wealthy. This way we are steering unnoticed (?) toward a darwinistic, very tough, dictatorial and loveless society.   

Do we want that? Doesn't our youth have any choice? Will they be either "winners" - a small group of elected few - or "loosers" - the mass? Isn't there any alternative, at all? The left is not going to give it to them*. Will there still be the possibility of a neglected niche? An area that can offer our youth perspective? There is. For that one should think of the traditional buddhist world. Young people, who are sent to a monastery by their parents. Thus to be trained as a spiritual elite. I admit: for most of our youth a spiritual career is still a bridge too far. But what happens if the economy collapses? When making quick money is suddenly over? This is a very real possibility, after all.....Against the context of spiritual bankruptcy - which we already experience today - we need a totally different kind of leaders.

* For German readers: Julia Friedrichs "Gestatten: Elite", 2008 Hoffmann und Campe

Obviously, there is nothing against being the best. On the contrary. What is decisive is, what one is going to do with one's qualification. Are you going to "dedicate" yourself to making money, self-addiction and materialism or are you going to serve the Whole, that is the question here. Well, some "elite schools" decorate themselves with "social responsibility". If you dig deeper though, then it appears, that this has to only hide the rude underlying reality. The crisis in society will not be solved by even more materialism, though. We need a totally different elite. One that isn't based on money and performance, but on insight, wisdom, compassion, commitment to the Whole, and courage. Including a career! To enhance your spiritual potential isn't inferior to making money. On the contrary. To be a wise, balanced, inclusive, joyful human being - one who has found the meaning of life - has been the ideal of all cultures and will certainly have a comeback in our society. 

Thus I will compete with the current "elite". We will see, who is going to serve mankind e.g. the whole world better. To our youth - and not only them - I hold out the prospect of a spiritual career. In this case - contrary to my competitors - all are welcome, regardless background, money, power or influence. It is the best of you, namely those who, out of their deepest inner Self, want to serve the wellbeing of the entire earth. Who acknowledge, that a elite career, based on an empty life, ruled by superficiality doesn't satisfy and never will.

The last will be the first. By voluntarily retiring from the old world we will become the foundation of a New Era. Hence, it will be the best, who decide to join. Healing Communities are open to people of all races, beliefs, cultures, traditions and nations. They are embracing women, men, old people and youth*, equally. Everybody who subscribes to e.g. actively participates in the Three Pillars is welcome. In order to make a smooth transition, going through a noviciate is a conditio sine qua non. As mentioned above career perspective is included. It varies from novice, worker, green man and wise woman, teacher to community "leader" and "mother", master and ultimately.......servant. Specialization in spirituality, health (healer) and community development will be encouraged. Additional skills, necessary to keep the community going are welcome. For more information, contact us.

* A great chance for young people to drop meaninglessness, loneliness and despair, while gaining new perspective in life.....Parents as well are cordially invited to inquire about the chances for a spiritual career for their children.

Your servant ("Sermes"),

Han Marie Stiekema

Still to be translated

Unsere Gesellschaft ist in Verfall. Ist das schlimm? Nein, denn wenn es so weitergehen würde - business as usual - sieht es für die ganze Erde schlecht aus.

Müssen wir es also begrüssen? Ja, mit dem Vorbehalt, daß wir JETZT Alterrnativen entwickeln.

Generell ist es die Sucht am Haben, nach mehr (und mehr) als Ersatz für das Unvermögen zu Sein, was unsere Existenz bedroht

Alarmierend ist die rasch zunehmende Abhängigkeit von der (Informations)technologie, sie erregt große Besorgnis

Wir leben in zunehmender Maße nur noch in der "virtuellen Welt" und verlieren dadurch den Kontakt mit der Realität

Ins Besondere Kinder bzw Jugendliche sind die Opfer, denn sie werden viel zu früh diesen dominanten Einflüßen ausgesetzt

Deutsche Kinder spenden durchschnittlich 7 Stunden pro Tag am Schirm, darüber hinaus führen sie noch viele Stunden Handy-gespräche. Es hat sich herausgestellt, daß (sie) dadurch:

- nur noch oberflächlich "funktionieren"

- die Selbsteinsicht, die Tiefe, den Sinn des Lebens verlieren

- Liebe, Freude, Erfüllung und Mitgefühl verblassen

- die Selbstkontrolle bzw Orientierung sich auflöst

- allmählich unfähig zum Lernen sind

- durch Hirnschädigung langsam verblöden

- zusammen mit Übergewicht, junk food, Alkohol und der schwervergifteten Umwelt......

- schon im frühen Alter immer häufiger terminale Krankheiten (Krebs) bekommen  (Siehe zB www.mirasmovement.org & www.env-health.org)

- von Stress, Depression, Burn-out und Suizid heimgesucht werden

- verwahrlost, einsam und perspektivlos sind 

- zunehmend süchtig und gewaltbereit werden

- sich politisch-extremen Gruppierungen anschließen....

- ganze Generationen sind gefährdet

Auch wenn wir für uns selbst die Hoffnung schon aufgegeben hätten ("apres moi le deluge"), dann könnten wir uns wenigstens noch für unsere Kinder einsetzen. Schließlich haben sie ihre Lage uns zu verdanken. Der Ausweg: zurück zur Basis. Alltägliche Lebenserfahrungen und Fähigkeiten gehen jetzt schon verloren. Was wird aus ihnen wenn der (elektronische) Überbau der Gesellschaft zusammenbricht? Genau, sie können noch nicht einmal ein Brot backen oder das Gras mähen. Es ist wie kurz vor dem Zusammenbruch des Römischen Reiches. In Englisch wird die Periode danach - die viele Jahrhunderte dauerte - nicht umsonst "the Dark Ages" genannt.  Damals kam die Rettung von den irischen und britischen Mönchen. (Mit dem Vorbehalt, daß sie eine sehr naturfeindliche Missionierung - und das während sie in ihren Heimatländern die Natur sogar beschützt hatten - praktizierten). Diese Mönche stifteten Klöster, in denen die Erbe - christlich UND klassisch - vor dem Untergang bewahrt wurde. Die Situation heute ist vergleichbar. Auch jetzt werden  wir weder von der Politik, der Regierung, vom Bildungswesen, der Gesundheitsfürsorge, noch von den Kirchen "gerettet". Im Gegenteil: alle (die Kirchen haben schon viel Erfahrung mit dem sich anfreunden an totalitären Systemen....) unterstützen (trotz besseren Wissens!) den technologischen "Fortschritt". "Wollt ihr die totale Verblödung? JAAAAAA: Deswegen gehört das Stiften von "Heilenden Gemeinschaften" zu meinen Hauptaufgaben. In diesen Gemeinschaften soll das reale Leben wieder erfahren und gelernt werden. Die Schäden die unsere Kinder jetzt schon zugefügt worden sind, sollen zurückgedreht werden. Eine innere und äussere Erneuerung und Regeneration also. Die Heilende Gemeinschaften sollen Oasen sein, möglichst nah an der Natur ran. Eine naturnahe und gesunde Lebensweise mit Selbstversorgung, jeder Gemeinschaft nach seinen eigenen Möglichkeiten. Wie oben schon erörtert, biete ich Kurse in Selbsthilfe und Heilung an, Fähigkeiten, mit denen sie danach andere Menschen helfen können. Die Gemeinschaft könnte sich am Rande eines Naturparks niederlassen, für den dann Verantwortung übernommen wird. Eine sehr gute Idee ist auch in die "Dritte Welt" umzuziehen, nicht um Hilfe zu bringen (obwohl das sicherlich auch eine Aufgabe sein könnte), sondern um zu LERNEN. Die Einheimischen sind nicht die zu beklagenden "Primitiven", sondern Lehrmeister(innen), die hohen Respekt verdienen (und von uns entsprechend bezahlt werden müssen). Die Zahl der Chancen ist schier unbegrenzt!

Für diejenigen die gemeinsam mit anderen eine Neue Zukunft gestalten wollen
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