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Mother China 4
(Chinese Mother Religion)


Confucius Temple in Confucius' home town

There is a revealing story about the life of Confucius. Everybody knows that he was THE initiator of patriarchal phlilosophy, in which women were heavily discriminated until very recently. Some facts reveal something of his motives. During adult life he discovered that he was conceived "in the fields" by an "act of wild love". His parents being adherents to the Old Mother Religion! This shocked him so much that as a reaction he designed his rigid social system. However, on his death bed he asked for a funeral rite according to the old matriarchal tradition..... 

Confucius is not the only man who derived his "identity" from rejecting femininity....



It is widely assumed that Taoism (like the Bön of Tibet) has its roots in prehistory. It makes its link to the ancient Great Mother likely. It seems thus more than logic that it "adopted" Xiwangmu as the primal Deity in its pantheon. The latter's connection to the Great Mothers of the Near East has a great chance to become widely recognized. Further study of similarities would be a good idea. Gates to common practices could be e.g. the occurence of many Goddesses, the use of similar instruments, like drums, cymbals, flutes and the phenomenon of eunuchs. The latter played an important role at the Chinese imperial court just like their "predecessors" in Anatolia (Kybele) and Mesopotamia (Ishtar)

Lao Tze

Everybody accepts Lao Tzu as the founder of philosophical Taoism. Few realize that he was a representative of the old Mother Religion. His "Tao Te Ching" is a yearning for the "old times" in which everything was "still in harmony". Time and again the Tao is compared with the Emptiness of the Womb

"Taoist" landscape

The three "great men" of Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism - Lao Tze, Confucius and Maitreya Buddha (see below) - were all "matriarchal hero's!" Only Confucius failed to act according to his roots and became reactionary. It makes my axiom "Mother China" a very realistic one

For New People
Han Marie Stiekema

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Chinese Mother Religion
Some people think I am a feminist. I am not. Although very much advocating equal rights for women my approach is totally different. It was through Cosmic Realization that I came to know the Mother as the Ultimate Reality of Heaven and Earth, the former bringing back Cosmic Order to the world. Her Revelation thus having implications to all aspects of life: spiritually, culturally, socially, economically, ecologically.....and gender

My research is divided in five main chapters:

+ The universal Great Mother and her hero + The process of restoring the old religion + Its implications for society + The special position of Tao Te Ching: not the beginning, but the closure of an era + The continuity of folk religion from pre-patriarchial times until present days


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Forbidden City

The Emperor is the Dragon; the Dragon is Son of the Mother....The Emperor is the Son of Heaven and Earth; Heaven and Earth are born out of the Cosmic Womb


The three oldest (mythological) Sovereigns - Fu Xi, the Yellow Emperor and the Jade Emperor - were all somehow linked to the QueenMother of the West, Xiwangmu. The latter thus can be considered the Origin of the Chinese Imperial Dynasties

Imperial symbol


"In practice, the Empress as primary consort of the Emperor was called "Mother of the Nation". Although the Emperor had the highest status by law, by tradition (....) and precedent the mother of the Emperor i.e. the Empress Dowager usually received the greatest respect in the palace and was the decision maker in most family affairs. Many of them did become de facto rulers" (Wiki)

The Womb as imperial symbol!

Another phenomenon supports the presumption that even Chinese Dynasties were somehow linked to ancient times, where the rulers were God/Kings in the name of the Great Mother. The former being "Vegetation Gods" who had to (symbolically) die every autumn in order to become reborn in spring, thus guaranteeing the harvest e.g. the optimal wellbeing of the people

Imperial throne with Dragons

The Dragons

"Unlike, for example, the Japanese monarchy, Chinese political theory allowed for a change in the ruling house. This was based on the concept of the "Mandate of Heaven". The theory behind this was,, that the Chinese Emperor acted as the "Son of Heaven" and held a mandate to rule over everything else in the world, but only as long as he served the people well. Mismanagement or natural disasters (...) undermined his authority and could lead to change of rule. This important concept legitimized the dynastic cycle" (Wiki)

These beautiful principles should not conceal the fact, that the Chinese Emperors were patriarchal and very autocratic rulers. They were power-driven, mysogynic and often brutal. Lao Tze would say: "they forgot about their Origin". The true ruler, on the other hand, reigns "in the Name of the Mother", is benevolent, having only the wellbeing of his people in mind and heart

These are some of the imperial robes. Most often decorated with a Dragon



Pao Chüen
Maitreya Buddha

In 1977 the Cosmic Mother revealed Herself to me. While Buddhism considers Enlightenment to be the Ultimate Realization I went beyond it. In order to discover "Emptiness beyond Emptiness". The Origin proves to be a Dark Bottomless Abyss, in ancient times called the Cosmic Mother. She is giving birth to both the Light and the universe. It is a breakthrough in spirituality and religion. Very few have had similar experiences. Thus, to my great surprise, I came across writings that come very close to my own Realization


WuShengLaoMu temple

They are called "Precious Volumes" (Pao Chüen). Originating from the Ming Dynasty (16th century CE) they were written by lay people. Lay people, much more than monks, had always kept links with folk religion and the "old times". The most prominent was Lo Ch'ing. He wrote treatises "The Wu-Wei Scriptures". In it the "Vacuum" is the Origin of all. Later, other authors linked this "concept" to that of the Eternal Mother or "WuShengLaoMu". What a surprise" After such a long time the Mother was back, re-occupying Her legitimate position in religion   

Green Man Maitreya

The key Pao Chüen story ("Chiu Lien") is about WuShengLaoMu having great grief for Her children on earth. After they originally had been all Buddha's they forgot about their roots, while indulging in "worldly" pleasures. Addicted to greed they live in confusion, chaos and suffering. With "tears in Her eyes" She decided to send Her Messenger - Maitreya Buddha - to the earth. He should change the hearts and minds of Her children, bringing them back Home. Furthermore Maitreya's mission is to restore wholeness, transforming both the religion and the world.... everything in the Name of the Cosmic Mother!

*Existential suffering
*The Ultimate Threefold Realization
*Original meaning of
"Emptiness beyond Emptiness"
*The Chinese Pao-Chüan literature
*Taking Refuge in the Cosmic Mother, Maitreya Buddha, the Eco-Dharma and the New Sangha
*The Ultimate Sutra
*To Realize your Maitreya Mind

* Borobudur as World Holy Site
*Renewal of Buddhism
Open: "Great Mother Buddhism"

Nothingness is the Mother
of all things

Chinese devotees explain why they worship WuShengLaoMu

Compared to Her all Goddesses, Gods, Buddha's are secondary, they say

Only the Origin has the Full Power



So what is the meaning of Mother's Revelation? She has come at a (very) critical time where the survival of (wo)mankind is at stake. What makes Her appearence so unique, something that existing Gods and Deities cannot bring about? Well, it is Her True Nature that makes all the difference. As Cosmic Womb She is Bottomless, the Deep Darkness of the universe. In Her Abyss Destruction and Creation are continuously taking place. It means that She continuously is destroying the old, sick, ugly and evil, while giving birth to the new, healthy, beautiful and good. By taking refuge in Her your selfishness is taken away, while becoming part of Heaven, Earth and the (new) Community, once again

Greed ("private heart") and ambition ("wild heart") are the two evils of our time. They disturb Cosmic Balance. Uncontrolled growth is destroying the entire Earth. Balance on Earth has to reflect Cosmic Balance. Therefore, the Mother is inviting us to "heal ourselves", "each other" and the "entire planet". While doing so you will be saved. It is the promise of the Cosmic Mother to all those who follow Her. Her "Loving Heart" is All-Inclusive, nothing and nobody excluded. "Come ye all unto Me, I Am the All-Embracing One". Surrender to Her and you will be Renewed. Once you have regained your True Nature, you will extend it to your immediate surroundings


Climate disaster

Violence, war, nuclear threat

Economic injustice

Oppression of women and children

In Chinese tradition there is a unique guideline for that: "The Great Learning" (Confucian Classic 400 BCE). It says that in order to rule state affairs, you first have to manage your own business. In order to run your own business well, you should bring your own household in balance. In order to harmonize your household, you need inner balance first"
See: "The Great Learning" 


We have several ways to support you. First of all there is The Universal Way, consisting of 7 steps: Awakening, personal integration, being rooted in Heaven and Earth, breakthrough of the Light, purification, taking refuge in the Mother and service to all
Further reading: "The Universal Way"

The Heaven & Earth Exercises (Tiendi Qigong) are unique. It is the only Qigong that evolves itself from within. It promotes clarity of mind, emotional balance, wholeness of body, mind and spirit, while restoring the harmony with nature

Further reading e.g. viewing:
Chapter "The Universal Way"

Guasha Master MeiMei Yu, MA

!n 1998 MeiMei "discovered" Guasha in China. Ever since she practises and teaches it with great succes. Applied together with Western natural medicine it helps in innumerable cases. It detoxifies, promotes blood circulation, supports the immune system, stimulates cell and organ functions, removes pain, while having considerable effect on the psyche as well e.g. stress, fatigue, depression, sleeplessness and more. Additionally we offer the Personal Health Plan for free. It is based on Flow System Therapy according to Dr Han M.Stiekema, a breakthrough in holistic medical theory and practice. 

Further reading e.g. viewing:


(See: Mother China 9)

Chinese classical graves are unique. The fengshui includes the following. The grave ("cave!"/hole) ideally should be located between two hills, the Tiger (female) and the Dragon (male). Patriarchy has prescribed that the Dragon hill should be higher than the Tiger, otherwise the female will overpower you (....). Originally, the situation was just the opposite. The Tiger being Mother Xiwangmu (white "Tiger Goddess") and the (green!) Dragon Her Son

Fengshui of Chinese Grave Hill

In Yogya, Indonesia, and on Lamma Island (HongKong) I discovered Chinese cemetaries. The shape of the graves are all womb-like, the "cave" from which you are born and to which you will be returning. Unbelievable!
(Mother China 7 and 9. Click sideline)

Is everything according to fengshui, then your family lineage is secured. You - through your family lineage - will become continuously reborn, which is another definition of immortality. It makes clear why ancestor worship is crucial in China...


I have "rewritten" Chinese Religion with the help of the Mother. Never before so much has been elaborated upon through so little effort. It is as if the Mother Herself has guided me. The insights She provides are unsurpassible! Chinese religion contains all elements for making it a world religion. It proves to be very spiritual indeed. It is the most powerful of the Twelve Religions, which together constitute The Original Tradition. With the Cosmic Mother as the Ultimate Reality. It is my hope that this message will spread around the globe like fire, to the benefit of all living and non-living creatures

(May the Mother prevail)

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The key principle of Confucianism is (Wo)Man as part of "Heaven, Earth and the Community". This is a great contribution to cosmic self-understanding of mankind. The only thing I add to it is that "Heaven, Earth and the Community" are born out of the Cosmic Mother!

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