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How to overcome the ego and heal the planet
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God (white/yellow) and the universe (green) born out of the Cosmic Womb (black), while continuously returning to their Origin

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When the need is greatest Cosmos intervenes....

Wenn die Not am größten ist, interveniert der Kosmos....

Wanneer de nood het hoogst is, komt de Kosmos tussenbeide...


Cosmic Mother
Healing yourself, healing each other
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Universal Call

Thanks for contacting the SermeS, new Teacher, the One who has been Beyond the Beyond of time and space, also called "Green Man", "Laughing Buddha", "Friend" etc. etc., author of "Origin" Sacred Book, the new "Cosmic Bible".

He has led a Cosmic Life, including the Prophecy (1972), Zen-Satori (1973), the Vision of the Grail (1974), the Threefold Cosmic Realization (1977 "Revelation"), 10 years of Uninterrupted Bliss (1977-1987), writing the Ultimate Sutra, followed by 20 years of the Dark Night of the Soul (1987-2010 integration), culminating in the Unitive Life (2015-), now availble to all as the universal Wisdom Teacher.

He invites you to go back to the Origin in order to be renewed, with the aim of restoring your true identity as part of "Heaven, earth and the (new) community". This identity is existential, universal, cosmic, including all people, animals and plants, even the "non-living world" - rocks, rivers and clouds - is part of it. The individual cannot exist without the context of which he/she is a part.

While common initiatives are silting up in goals, declarations, dialogue, conferences and projects, we have Existence-Itself as a starting-point. Everybody is part of "Heaven (Origin, Cosmos, God, Intelligence, Transcendence, Void, Nothingness), earth and the community"*. It is true for Indigenous people, Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists, Confucianists, Jews, Moslems, Christians, Humanists, Agnostics and Atheists alike.

* E.g. supported by the "Heaven & Earth Exercises"

Never before the fundamentals - (wo)man as part of the Whole - of religious reconciliation, healing, world peace, a new ethics, global justice, prosperity for all and harmony with nature has been so simple and clearly defined. We aren't seekers, we are finders. What we want to achieve is already there from eternity. For the first time in history "unity in diversity" among all people - a true "World Community" - is within reach.

The cause of the world crisis is the ego, that dissociated itself from the Whole. It is blowing itself up more and more, destroying the earth. The solution to the problem is that it is merging in, once again. We need a new "cosmo-political", spiritual impulse*. Being should retake its rightful place over having, the ecology should determine the limits of the economy and the democracy should originate with the sovereign community (instead of the state, the parties or big business).

*For a totally new "cosmic" definition of "cosmo-political" , see the Sacred Book "Origin" 

See also:

Dedicated to the
children of this world

Life is determined by "Death and Rebirth" ("Stirb und Werde" J.W. von Goethe).  25% all our cells are continuously dying, 50% relatively stable while 25% is newborn. This is reflecting the Cosmos with its Forces of "Construction" (Light) and "Destruction" (Darkness). Other examples from life are sleep, breathing, love and ego. While sleeping the "I" dissolves ("dies") while awakening in the morning ("rebirth"). It has renewed itself. Breathing out disappears into the "nothingness" of the pelvis. The more complete it dissolves, the more powerful the breathing in. On the peak of love the ego has disappeared. The deeper it evaporates, the deeper  happiness is. Sitting on a rock, it may happen that suddenly the "I" "falls off" giving space to a wonderful Moment of clarity and stillness. Back to the "I" one feels renewed, "enlightened", rejuvenated and full of joy.

True happiness happens when one forgets him/her self...

Life is taking place between two poles: Dissolution (into Unity) and rebirth (into Diversity). The more complete its breaking down, the more glorious its re-appearence. Happiness doesn't consist of accumulation, but of giving up (of the ego). It is the central mechanism of ongoing renewal. What on the other hand happens if one is continuously clinging to the ego? Right, the inner renewal is blocked. With as a consequence accumulation of thoughts, emotions, desires, images, ideas and objects, through which eventually the inner space gets clogged. Identification with the ego is blocking the "Stirb und Werde" on all levels, including further Evolution of (Wo)Mankind: individually and collectively.  

All this has deep consequences for our Self and World View. The Cosmos too is oscillating between Unity and Diversity, eternally and uninterruptedly. This is projected into time as "Cosmic Evolution". Originally there is Absolute Nothingness, continuously giving birth to both God (Eternal Light) and the universe, the latter simultaneously returning to their Origin ("death"). On the other hand, the manifestation in time isn't simultaneous, but humans interpret it as a sequence of stages. From the time of the Great Mother ("beginning"), the God of religions until the ego of current times. With the ego the final stage of fragmentation (diversity, complexity) is reached. There will be no further evolution, only ruin. The ego desperately tries to stop this with all means e.g. to stay in control, which is only worsening the situation. The solution?

It is really THE miracle of our times: In the depth of our agony the Mother has revealed Herself (1977). Hinduism calls this all "Kali Yuga", the ultimate decay, with at the end the birth of a New Era. The Turning Point consists of the Mother destroying the ego, while simultaneously giving birth to our True Selves. In the Bottomless Nothingness of the Mother (physics: "Cosmic Vacuum") everything accumulated, congelated, morbid is being broken down. Like in nature this is accompanied by ongoing rejuvenation. Cosmic Awareness consists of confirming this deep Truth in one's own inner Being e.g. making it the guideline for our behavior. In this way we become partners of the Cosmos, messengers of a new World View, healers of the planet.

We are in the endphase of an era. It is confirmed by the fact that both our ego and the world are shattered. Our ignorance, greed and megalomania have precipitated into the world. The inner catastrophe and the outer catastrophe are two sides of the same coin. What the ego has caused destruction in the world now backfires on us, a self dugged grave: it destroys the planet. The old prophets would say: The (inner) wickedness avenges itself". That's why personal liberation is not enough. With our True Self we have to reconnect with the world, "incarnate" in order to become fruitful. There is no perfection that doesn't include the world. Freedom and inter-connectedness belong together (the inner Space is inclusive). The practice of which is extensively elaborated in the Sacred Book "Origin". (Wo)Man (part) should once again be part of the Whole. Wholeness mirrors our existential situation: our spirits as part of the "Great Spirit", our bodies as part of the earth and our "souls" as part of the (new) community.

The core question is: "Who are the new hopefuls?" Isn't the whole of society degenerated through ego-addiction? First there is a small minority, that is open to "Stirb und Werde". Only those who give up their egos are forerunners of renewal, receiving strength to devote their energy for the turnabout: Cosmic Renewal of the World. Secondly, the majority of the population is victim of a all-destructive - soul, relationships, community, prosperity, self-respect, joy, compassion - commercialized world, in which "economic relevance" is the only human standard. Thirdly: Our youth understands that these our "values" are just empty, hollow and superficial. While they are (desperately) looking for self-respect, dignity, meaning and perspective. Fourthly:  Mothers (parents) are a mirror to the selfish, materialistic ego-system. Their selflessness is unbearable to the capitalistic system. Hence, mothers being discriminated, devaluated, isolated, looked down on and worse. In reality mothers represent the highest possible form of humanity. Care for the future of their children makes them an indispensable pillar for our new community. The fifth group experiences - often in a (very) painful way - a collapse of their ego-identity, nowadays called "burn-out". The accompanying symptoms: Exhaustion, Angst, meaninglessness, depression, loneliness, worries, problems. Cosmically interpreted, the breaking down means rebirth of the divine Self. This "back to zero" is a great chance for an authentic new beginning. The sixth group suffers from bodily disorders e.g. a variety of chronic disease. Like above, only refuge in the Origin can finally liberate from ego-disaster and its effects on the physical plane.* The last will be the first.....

* Which doesn't exclude (holistic) psychotherapeutic or/and medical help. 

Come, celebrate this most glorious turning-point, with the Living Reality as principle - the power lies in the Origin! - and support SermeS' global effort "Cosmic Mother Healing the Planet: Healing oneself, Healing each other and Healing the world". You are all welcome in our Pilgrim Site, that has especially put into life for our basic suffering (ego). Religious leaders, scientists, politicians, businessmen, IT people, artists, activists, working people, unemployed, seniors, mothers, men and women, youth, all are called to join.

For extensive discussion, read "Origin", the Sacred Book. We are grateful for further distribution, promotion, sales, study and translations.

Main issue of the SermeS:
"A zombie-existence or awakening to Cosmic Consciousness", that's the question. Now you can still decide.


For appointments e.g. "Cosmic Meetings"
with the SermeS, please, contact the hermitage


Way Out of the MEGA-Crises

“Origin” Sacred Book
European Educational Initiative
1. Edition in German

Here Content in English
Five Books in One

View the printing on YouTube

ISBN 978-90-70525-35-4
Healing the World Publishing
Edition 2014, 822 Pages
2000©Copyright H.P.J.M. (Han Marie) Stiekema SermeS
& Mei Yu. All R
ights Reserved.

After 2000 years of "civilisation“, ending in the Ego-Catastrophe of today, a world of burn-out, angst, loneliness, addiction, suffering, humiliation, impotence, this book is giving you your dignityintelligence, joy of life, spiritual depth, connectedness, strength, wholeness, future, creativity and your enthusiasm back. Indeed, THE Sacred Book, ringing in a New Era.

Who could suspect, that in our times "without alternative", in which all hope for a new perspective is melting away, a new Wisdom Teacher has stand up, claiming to have found the key to saving the world. Reluctant for more that 33 years to at all starting his mission. What turned the scales was the current out of hand Ego-Catastrophe. He represents a new world-view, while ending 2000 years of judeo-christian thinking. This is based on his 1977 "Threefold Cosmic Realization". The absolutely stunning thing is, that not "God", but Absolute Nothingness is the Urground of all, an insight that is shared by science. In ancient times this was called "Cosmic Womb". Everything - including God and the universe - is emerging from Her, while continuously returning. Nothingness is not the end, but the "Cauldron of Renewal and Regeneration". Decisive to our global crisis is, that only Nothingness can curb the blown-up ego. The one who had a feeling was J.W.Goethe. Only the "Eternal-Feminine" can deliver us from ego, through "Death and Rebirth" to be precise. It is the breakthrough towards universal religious and cultural renewal. The SermeS made this his life-mission. His initiative is called "Cosmic Mother Healing the Planet", a design for a "Cosmo-Political Society" in which (wo)mankind once again becomes part of "Heaven, Earth and the (new) Community". The "Origin", THE Sacred Book is universal, beyond all belief-systems. It distinguishes itself from all other great spiritual books through the fact, that it is comming from direct and undistorted Cosmic Inspiration. Therefore its authenticity is unique, a treasure for all who are seeking the Truth.

* Han Marie Stiekema SermeS, "Green Man" and medical doctor (since 1972, from Holland), also called "Laughing Buddha", the one who has been BEYOND the BEYOND of TIME and SPACE

His Mission:
„Healing the Planet“
Healing yourself/Healing each other/
Healing the World

Info, Contact, Orders
Price: 33,- Euro, incl. postage. Abroad excl.
With orders: Please, mention your name, address, postal code, city, country and e-mail
On request educational centres may receive a free copy (excl. postage) + discount for more copies. All revenues go into the „Healing the Planet“ Initiative.


„The long awaitedCosmic Bible

„The most profound book ever written about
Western civilization"

„This book liberates the Germans once and for all from their complex, an amazing achievement

„Living reality, an immortal book

„Everyone bearing social (religious, political, economic)
responsibility, should have read this book

consists of 5 books

Book I
"Ego: (Wo)Mankind deeply disturbed"
Causes/The Church/The German Complex/The Attractiveness of the Third Reich/Antisemitism/The Center/Overcoming Hitler/Rebirth of Man/Spiritual NobilityThe Virtual Bubble

Book II
"The Original Tradition"

Churches are dying/The Shattered West/Triumph of Nothingness/Meister Eckhart/Mothers for Mother/Cosmic META-Religion and Science/Humanity Part of „Heaven, Earth and the (New) Community“/Ethics/Roots of Evil/The New Wisdom Teacher/
To Realize your Maitreya-Mind

Book III
"The Wholistic Transformation"
The Ego-Catastrophe/Europe Awaken!/Community-Democracy/Green Men & Wise Women/Healing the Planet in 10 Steps/The New Health Care/Revolution of Being/The Great Learning

Book IV
"Song of Perfection"
Spiritual Autobiography/The Vision of the Grail/Beyond the Beyond/Absolute Nothingness/The Eternal Light/Dark Night of the Soul/The Antagonist/The Cosmic Mother/Black Madonnas/To live, to love and to praise

Book V
„The Inner Way
Exercises/Methods/Meditations/Renewal/Spiritual Pathology/Winners & Losers/ Enlightened Action/The Creative Process/Change and Complexity/META-Synthesis



The person, that embodies the NEW EUROPA as we desire it, most, is Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

As we will show, he puts his finger exactly on the wounds of current times

Clues are the existential problem of ego (Faust); the Eternal-Feminine as the only one that can redeem us from ego; his "Stirb und Werde" as the Birth of the Inner Light and its re-fitting into the structure of "Heaven and Earth..."

He was an advocate of a sacred nature (Eco-Spirituality)

He thus isn't "just" a poet, who grants us beautiful and true words, but has showed us a unique Way, one that ought to be travelled

"We go on where he stopped"!

See: "My Teaching"



"Her Great Work"

The Ego-Catastrophe

The New Wisdom Teacher


THE Sacred Book


The Original Tradition/The Cosmic META- Religion

Green Men & Wise Women

Cosmic Mother
Healing the Planet

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A New World

This is the Disclosure of
A New Wisdom Teacher, called "SermeS", "Green Man", "Laughing Buddha" or simply "Friend", the one who has been

It is nothing less
but a Cosmic Breakthrough, one that heralds a New Era in the history of (Wo)Mankind

The materialistic world rests on a false paradigm: "the separation of God and the universe". In reality the Transcendence includes all and everything. The world, therefore, is sacred.

The biggest deceit
(lie, crime) of all times is the denial by Christianity of the inherent Divinity of (wo)man. By making everybody a sinner the entire Western civilization has become shattered, crippled, amputated, degenerated.

The true opportunistical character of the Church is revealed by the fact, that she promotes herself as the champion of climate rescue, after having demonized, cursed, dammned and destroyed nature for 2000! years.

Another irony: Atheism carrying out exactly the program of the Church: (Wo)man without transcendental Essence!

Without the inner Centre (wo)man is an easy victim of addiction, e.g. thoughts, greed, consumerism, work, entertainment, "wellness", sex, computer and the "social" networks

Ego or True Self, that is the decisive issue of the current crisis.

Through the interference of the Cosmic Mother at this crucial moment in history (1977) the first step toward healing of (wo)mankind has been made.

She ist Emptiness beyond Emptiness, the Bottomless Abyss of the Cosmos, Absolute Nothingness, Birthgiver of the Eternal Light and of the Universe. Beyond Her there is Nothingness, hence She is the LAST REVELATION, (wo)mankind's last chance to renew itself.

Jai Mata Di!

Green Man announces
"A New World Religion"
The Original Tradition of the Universal Cosmic Mother
Healing the Planet
Visiting Teacher Program
Agenda World Tour2014/15

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My Teaching with
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How do I give up my ego?

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