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"Before the gates of life can be opened, the ego must first be slain"
J.W. von Goethe


Through making (wo)man a sinner, Christianity destroyed the inherent divine Nature of people. It is the ultimate, primordial crime. Why is this so important? Because of this people had no other choice but falling back on their egos. It is worse. It is the direct cause of the current ego-catastrophe. The "Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums" (life's work of K.H. Deschner) pales by comparison to this devil's work. The Cosmic META-Religion, on the other hand, is giving divine heritage back to (wo)mankind. Alleluia!


"Heaven, Earth and the Community"


The key question is: What are the causes of today's man's self-destruction?

(Wo)Man as a creature is not perfect.

At the beginning of history he/she understood himself, however, as part of a larger Whole

He/she lived largely in harmony with "Heaven, Earth and the Community"

Time was regarded cyclical, life ruled by Cosmic Law: "Dying and becoming" (JW von Goethe)

Through increasing property and power, man broke away out of this Law, stepping out of the Eternal Cycle of Death and Rebirth, death became irrevocable.

This caused his life-long (existential) Angst.

Self-assertion e.g. "survival" became the ongoing obsession of ego. It feels threatened by the world, instead of feeling at home in it.

Decisive in history was the appearance of Christianity

In favour of its "Good News" it definitely destroyed the pillars of the old society, to know:

Direct contact with Heaven (God-realized people persecuted as "heretics"), the Earth (sacred nature, pagans, women, witches) damned as evil par excellence and the Community (rituals, traditions, social structures) destroyed

After many centuries! of terror ("Inquisition"), people had only ONE way out: To fall back on their ego's, as the only area that had been spared

The Church itself is thus the cause of "secularization" (subsequently started fighting against it (...)

However, people perceived this as a liberation ("Renaissance"), it was the beginning of the heyday of the ego (Phase I of the ego-catastrophe)

Being was replaced by having, the start (15th century) of early capitalism

Greed and power (Machiavelli) spread out ever further. The National States expanded through conquest and colonization.

Big "progress" was achieved by industrialization and technology, whereby the ego reached an enormous expansion.

In the 20th century this led to the great disasters, in which ego, greed, power, and technology are the main perpetrators. (Phase II of the ego-catastrophe)

Today, the situation is totally unleashed. The Western ego (with the United States at the top) has become so overblown that it threatens to destroy the whole world.

This briefly summarizes the fateful history of Western "civilization", called by me Phase III of ego-catastrophe.

It tells the history of the ego, from the beginning as Wholeness to today's one-dimensionality

The most tragic thing is, that the ego is not our true identity, our disaster is instead caused by a surrogate-I.

This "I" was born when it was breaking away from the Whole. It became an isolated entity, living in its own thought and imaginary world, only

His ordeal consists of fear, existential insecurity, isolation from life, powerlessness and inferiority complex on the one hand and his overcompensation - greed, abuse of power, hatred, envy, on the other.

It puffs itself up in order not to be confronted with nothingness, ultimately with Cosmic Nothingness.

That's why it feels "everything else" - everything unknown - to be a threat, because this confrontation brings his own shaky existence into question.

Everyone is a (potential) rival, an enemy: Jews, Communists, Vietnamese, Muslims, Russians, Chinese.

However, it is clear: We ourselves are our own enemy, an ego which is "thrown back on itself" and therefore can not save itself.

His only salvation is once again become part of the Whole - its original, true home - what I have called his "Cosmo-Political Nature". It will bring people freedom from fear, their dire longing for security and stability.


Article 1

"The healing of humanity consists of once again becoming part of the Whole: Heaven, Earth and the (new) Community"


Article 2

"Heaven" is conceived as Absolute Nothingness, the Void, Emptiness, Cosmic Vacuum, Cosmos, Cosmic Intelligence, the Great Consciousness, the Ultimate, the Eternal Light, the Divine and God

Article 3

In reality, however, the Divine is born out of Nothingness, they are two sides of the same coin. Everyone is free to accept this or not.

Article 4

Intentionally, no difference in the Universal Declaration between Nothingness and God is made, so as to enable everyone, regardless of religion, color, nationality, gender, etc., to interpret the term "Heaven", according to his/her own preference.

Article 5

Hence, "Heaven" claims to be universal

Article 6

"Cosmo-Political" means: "The earth, man and society as a reflection of Heaven". To differentiate it out: "The Spirit as part of the Great Spirit, the body as a part of Nature and the "soul "as part of the Community"

Article 7

This is consistent with the archaic idea of "macrocosm is equal to microcosm". This ethical imperative is confirmed by science (cosmology)

Article 8

Inevitable consequence is that the universe is sacred, "governed" by Cosmic Law

Article 9

This Law includes the two opposing, complementary dynamic cosmic forces of birth and death, origination and destruction

Article 10

Together they form the web of life of quantum physics, which makes life on earth possible, including our own lives

Article 11

Spirituality (Cosmic Realization) and science are the two "Royal Roads" that make it possible for (wo)man to disclose the Cosmos

Article 12

They are the basis of a fundamentally-new worldview.

Article 13

Only on this basic action to save (wo)man and the world,
a new evolution can be set in motion

Universal Ethics

Article 14

Rooted in Heaven, our ego is "automatically" pushed out of its dominant position. Instead of being the center, it is now located on the periphery

Article 15

Instead of having to obsessively follow its own ego-centric impulses, it now has become servant of the Whole

Article 16

At the same time our True Self, the one we really are, is born. This would be enough for an inner transformation.

Article 17

However, we are not only the spirit but also the body. We feel this, when we want open up ourselves to Heaven, because that does not work without relaxation, which in turn is not possible without the body

Article 18

Once body-conscious, we spontaneously establish contact with our immediate surroundings. With an expanding consciousness - sooner or later - we even include nature

Article 19

The world turns out to be the content of our expanding "inner" Space: "We love all as our self." It is the essence of compassion

Article 20

It's not that all just comes easily to you. We have been distorted by the ego for a lifetime. Although "Heaven, Earth and the (new) Community" is our True Nature, we have to practice to actually realize it

Article 21

"For that purpose" the Cosmos has bestowed the gift of the "Heaven and Earth Exercises" ("Tiendi Qigong", "sanctifying Nature") upon me*. They miraculously lead you to a new Wholeness

* See Chapter 12 of  Book "Origin2"

Article 22

However, it does not stop with personal wholeness. Parallel to expanded Consciousness, we include more and more of our surroundings. Realised inner values - wisdom, connectedness, joy, love, justice, courage - are now shared with our fellow human beings

Article 23

At this moment it becomes clear whether "the tree bears fruit." As the Chinese Classics (Ta Hsüeh/The Great Learning 400 BCE) recommends: "First, realize your True Self, then master progressively larger areas".

Article 24

The current world crisis obliges us to engage in "Cosmo-Political" action. Through Heaven we take care of the renewal of religion, the Earth forces us to establish balanced economics - and the Community leads to self-sovereignty, subsidiarity and solidarity.

Article 25

We have called our Cultural Renewal Initiative "Cosmic Mother Healing the Planet" (healing ourselves, healing each other and healing the world). We invite everyone to support this pioneering initiative.


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