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1. A World Community: false or true?

Nowadays "social networks" are conquering the globe. They pretend to connect people. These are the facts. The overwhelming impact of the "virtual world" is alienating, isolating, addicting and fragmenting people. Especially young people suffer from (dramatic) loss of communication skills, superficiality, up to fear and autism. The cause is loss of contact with reality. It is to be expected that not only their mind functions, but also their inner core, their Being, will be affected. In order to compensate this, "social networks" are offering world wide "friendship" networks. A virtual "home" so to speak. Isn't it cynical?  The "virtual industry" alienating you from reality, in order to subsequently offering you a place in their "community". Most people - especially youngsters - are locked up in a vicious circle - an illusionary world - to be compared by sect membership. Control and   exploitation are the main mechanisms. Cutting you off from reality is its major sin. A minority may exert enough self-control, making a wise usage of the network*,  the majority of people - minds without strong roots - will loose inner stability, interconnectedness, meaning of life and inner strength. It's like wandering around without compass. So you start using the "social network" as an ersatz-world for your inner confusion. It is thus, that you are an easy prey to control and manipulation. And it comes worse. For the new "high priests" aren't interested in your wellbeing, at all. To them you and all the other millions are just objects to be exploited. While you live your illusion of "friendship", a big capitalist business makes money in favor of a small elite. While you "feel" you are the "subject", actually, you are just part of a commodity. A further step in the degrading of humanity to objects!

* Those who are aware of the problem, remaining firmly rooted in reality, may additionally use Facebook (e.g. other networks) for limited purposes, always realizing that it cannot replace real friendship!

2. From object to subject

Passion for the Real, that is what is needed nowadays. Just like a young German girl (Greta, 12 years old) said in the "Zeit" newspaper: "Reality is much more exciting than Harry Potter". This girl is a new hopeful. If she understands the situation humanity is (caught) in, then you can too. An illusionary world might be exciting in the beginning, in the course of time it only bores. Its one-dimensionality excludes clear awareness, the enjoyment of the senses, the intensity of emotions, being connected with other people e.g. nature and the Depth of the Divine within. Still it seems, we are a David confronted with Goliath. But that might be an illusion, as well. Very soon it will appear that the giant is just a bubble, like all the other (capitalist) bubble's about to implode. The speedier its rise, the sooner its downfall. The crucial factor is our wakening-up. Just like with Greta - after an initial stage of fascination - the underlying frustration of having been misled will irresistably break through. The damage will be immeasurable. A mass of confused people will be desperately searching for its footing. They will call for a true World Community. And, indeed, nothing is more urgent than that. Humanity HAS TO FIND its Unity in Diversity. If not, it will be overwhelmed by its self-induced global problems. Problems like Climate Change, Violence and War, Economic Injustice and Oppression of Women and Children can only be solved, if people find ways of global cooperation. It implies nothing less, but the creation of A New World. A world based on greed and the ego will not be able to do that. It is the cause of all trouble. Therefore, New (Wo)Men have to arise. Those who act out of Being, rather than having. It is the reason, why our core problem is spiritual. Just like Dag Hammarskjöld, first Secretary-General of the United Nations said. "Only a spiritual renaissance can guarantee world peace". Fifty years later we find ourselves with the back against the wall.

3. Existential Consciousness

Quite some time ago already, I did research to (wo)mankind rooted in "Heaven, earth and the (new) community" (published in Dutch). The surprise: I didn't find any peoples, cultures or groups that did NOT consider themselves as part of it. From archaic times to modernity, from remote indigenous tribes to mega-cities, people all acknowledge the SAME existential Truth. Contrary to the (patriarchal) belief in "God", THE cause of conflict, terror and persecution from its very start, the threefold roots of "Heaven, earth and the community" are the foundation of mutual recognition, understanding and peace. The sense of sharing a common heritage is stronger than theological, abstract divide. To be part of a Whole - conscious or unconscious - reflects a deep inner wisdom. Even in modernity, where our lifestyle has been degraded to rude materialism, deep down this deep intuition is still there. If indeed people from all corners of the earth - Kwakiutl (Canada), Quechua (Andes), Tuareg (Sahara), Naga (India), Aboriginals (Australia), Dayak (Borneo), Maasai (Kenya), Penan (Malaysia), Ainu (Japan), Mapuche (Argentina), Maya (Guatemala), the Pueblo and Navajo (US), Inuit (Eskimo), the Miao and Zhuang (China), Shan (Burma), Kalinga (Philippines), Tsembaga (Papua New Guinea), Oromo (Ethiopia), Pygmees (Africa), Kanak and Hawaiians (Oceania), Mru (Bangla Desh), the Kayapo and Yamomani (Amazonia), Zapotec (Mexico), Hmong (Thailand), Wayana (Guyana), Mongols or Comanche (US).....TOGETHER with the ancients of the West (Sumeria, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Middle Ages, Renaissance) including Judaism, Christianity and Islam and the East (Hinduism*, Taoism, Confucianism, Shinto, Buddhism) ALL embrace it, then, we can be confident, that we found the existential common denominator, connecting all people. Even Agnostics and Atheists will agree, aren't they part of "some" Cosmic Intelligence, Emptiness or Nothingness? So, it is reason for great joy! While the old world is rapidly decaying, we have to start from the beginning, from the very basics, once again. That is the importance of having found "Unity in Diversity" on a most fundamental level. Once we affirm our common heritage, further steps can be made.

* One place where "Heaven, earth an the community" is still very much alive is Bali. They call their Living Tradition "Tri Hita Karana"

4. One World Community

Our true e.g. authentic World Community can only be found in Reality. It is based on sharing our common heritage: "Heaven, earth and the (new) community". Our Spirit is part of "Heaven" (Great Spirit), our body is part of the earth (nature) and our "soul" is part of the community. By becoming part of this our Threefold Existence, our life will be optimal. I call it "Existential Cosciousness". We don't have to search for it, because it is our very life. We only have to reclaim it. First by acknowledging our estrangement e.g. addiction to the surrogate way of life. We have to feel remorse. It can be a painful experience. However, the more we let this pain in, the stronger our longing for Wholeness. We realize that we are already a Global Family. No need to join Facebook for it! Meeting each other, knowing that we both cherish the selfsame life foundation, is an unforgettable moment. Deep down we know, we are connected. We share the care for our joint heritage. And once we feel authentically drawn towards our True Nature, we come forward to openly pledge oneself to it. In the beginning, mostly individuals will join. In the course of time international institutions, organizations, temples, churches, mosques, synagoges, businesses, local initiatives, foundations, communes, counties, groups, centers, yes, also big public bodies like governments, the EU, the UN will be invited to affiliate. Because One World Community includes all and everything, representing all living and non-living beings. Step by step the Community will grow towards an inclusive Global Body. My "Healing the Planet in 10 Steps" initiative is helping (wo)mankind to subsequently realize it.


(please, read loudly)

Inspired by the statement of Dag Hammarskjöld, former Secretary-General of the United Nations, I declare that I commit myself to Existential Consciousness as the foundation of life for All, joining the One World Community of hopefuls to this world

Congratulations! You have become a hopeful to this world. You have become part of a Global Community sharing the same Goal: to live your Heritage as a Human Being, in harmony with all and everything. You didn't take this decision lightly, for it is a life project. After your "vow" you realize, you couldn't have decided differently. For you have become ONE with the meaning of life. Great clarity, joy, love and strength are engulfing your Being. And laughing. For how stupid you have been for so many years. How was it possible to have yourself led astray. That illusionary world - once dominating your whole life - has melted away as snow in the sun. A bad dream, indeed. From now on your Community has a Purpose, though: to spread the message to as many people as possible. The survival of the world depends on the growth of our One World Community. Pass it on! f.i. every time to 10 people/friends, asking them to do the same etc. etc.

A few practicalities. Our main purpose, obviously, is to connect to each other. To share, exchange and support. Since we aren't one of the "smart boys" realizing their "big (business) dreams", though, we are forced to have a more humble start (good sign!). At the moment you do it through sending your confirmation of your COMMITMENT to our e-mail box, mentioning your name, city/country, e-mail address, together with the abbreviation OWOCO. You may add a personal note to it. We are busy to design a certificate of your pledge, to be put into the internet. You may download and print it. Moreover, at the end of every month we send you all incoming e-mails. This makes it possible for you to make all kinds of contacts. Obviously, this will work only at the beginning. Later, it will become too big to process it this way. A more effective way has to be found. Therefore, we are asking for help. Which computer programmer could install an automatic address system to our website? Please, contact us. With regard to his ongoing commitment "Green Man" for the next 10 years will relentlessly share his wisdom and passion with every sincere seeker. His aim is to transmit the fire to a dedicated group of hopefuls, a core group that will continue his work in the future. For that he will go to any place, city or country, where people want to hear his message. He will try to get his message across with leaders of governments, international organizations, interfaith groups, religions, peace, justice and environmental initiatives. His strength is his insight into what people really connects, guiding them to their own deepest wisdom, in order to get empowered from within. Once their True Self is born, they become part of the Whole - Heaven, earth and the (new) community - once again. It will lead to a new solidarity, yes, to a One World Community.


Han Marie Stiekema
Green Man        

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