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Dear Friends!


As you all know, mankind suffers its worst crisis ever. The future of the entire planet is at stake. Problems like the environmental crisis, the gap between rich and poor, besides the increasing violence raise concern all over the globe. They are considered threats to our way of life, hence a felt urgency to do something about them. However, are these problems really coming from outside? It often seems, as if they are considered to be some kind of natural disasters. The way we try to cope is labeling them, isolate them as separate issues, while addressing them accordingly. Or we reduce them to one phenomenon, only: e.g. the carbon-emissions. By doing so we pretend, that the entire climate crisis is just a matter of technological adjustment. The aim is, that the underying causes remain hidden and that we can proceed with "business as usual".


There is nothing wrong with nature. Nature would do extra-ordinary well, without our interference. We are the crisis. It is through our (Western) behaviour, that bio-diversity is being destroyed, millions of people starve from hunger, poor nations revolt against exploitation etc. Our "normal" way of life is the disease. It is a life based on "having" rather than Being. Because we are alienated from our deeper Selves, we have fallen back on our ego's. Having never brings true fulfillment, though. Hence, we are craving for more, and more. We have become locusts. In order to know where our addiction has come from we have to understand history. The crucial moment was the end of the Middle Ages. During many ages of terror, the Inquisition had destroyed the existential foundation of life: Heaven, earth and the community. People had no choice, but falling back on their ego's.


"The environmental crisis, that's me". O, friends, I pray that you may say this to yourself (and others). Yes, originally, it wasn't our fault. In fact, we were oppressed for so long, eventually being deprived of everything dear to us.....But here we are. Realizing, that whatever has been done to us, we cannot claim to be victims anymore. Deep in our hearts we very well know, that it is US, that cause the suffering of all living and non-living beings. We have transgressed the Law of the Universe. Rather than seeking a life of moderation and balance, our greed is unstoppable. A deep remorse is penetrating our hearts. And what is there to loose? Isn't modern life dominated by fear, isolation, meaninglessness, boredom, frustration, stress, depression and burn-out? Have we become such masochists, that we prefer to live in misery, rather than taking the risk of breaking out of our prisons?

Back to the Source

The pain of alienation helps you to re-structure your life. It nurtures your longing for wholeness. The latter cannot be found in the inner and outer wasteland, though. You have to break out of a life dominated by advertisements, superficiality, ugliness and addiction, a degenerated culture, in which values and norms have disappeared, while having been replaced by greed, ruthless competition and lust for power. No, in order to become whole, you first have to find your True Self. In order to proceed, you have to re-find your innermost treasure. This, you can only find in the depth of your Being. It is the beginning of your spiritual Quest. You have to descend into the Abyss, in order to be stripped from your self-centeredness. Kicking the habit is where it is all about. In order to become so grounded in yourself, that nothing can distract you from your new life, anymore.


O, friends. It took me 33 years before (hesitantly) coming to the open. Will you also need such a long time before becoming a new man or woman? Definitely not! I am a particularly stubborn case. The Mother having had such a patience with me....So, don't take me as a role model. On the other hand, focus on the Source only. By doing so, you will be entirely renewed. It starts with the birth of your New Self. Awakening being a piece of cake! By surrendering more, step by step, the depth of your Being will be revealed to you. Together with it your Consciousness will expand itself into your (immediate) surroundings. Everything - the chair, the carpet, the table, the vase with flowers - appear to be part of your extended Space. You see and feel the grass, the flowers and the trees, as if it were the first time. You love everything like yourself. It is the foundation of compassion. Joy, gratitude!       


Only New Men and New Women can create A New World. Only those who have discovered their inner surplus-value have something to give. Friends, isn't this plausible? It starts with the realization, that inner is outer. In two ways to be precise. On the one hand, the mess we have created in the outside world is a reflection of our within: the addiction to our ego's. Nobody is free from self-centeredness, hence, we all have to take responsibility for that. With the birth of our New Self, the world will reflect our innermost core, though, the latter being the Source to a new beginning. Rather than depending on your environment, renewal comes from within, while sharing your achievements with everyone around you. You become a shining Light. Friends, don't think, this cannot happen to you. You may remember moments in life, in which (suddenly) everything was transcended. It wasn't you, but SOMETHING within you, through which you overcame the obstacle.


Friends. You have seen that spiritual politics isn't about some other strategy (only). It presupposes a transformation, a spiritual Path as a pre-requisite. Only then openness, vision, intuition, strength, overview, compassion and perseverence are born. True leadership is by example: in our case Spiritual Service, Health Service and Community Service. In order to facilitate this process, we were granted with rediscovering The Original Tradition, centered around the re-emergence of Green Men and Wise Women, their Mission being "Restoring the Wholeness of Life". They do it by implementing the "Healing the Planet" Initiative, consisting of 7 Steps...Logically, in the beginning, the group of dedicated people will be limited. It serves the purpose of creating excellence. Very soon, their call will be heard, though. Giving rise to a global network of friends, associates, facilitators, supporters and....sponsors.


The starting point is our firm belief in mankinds' dominant drive: the search for true fullfilment. There is a deep longing for meaning and spirituality. On the other hand, "to have is the inability to Be". That's why spiritual people have to guide their fellow human beings in finding alternatives to a behaviour e.g. society, based on money, competition, power and exploitation. After so many centuries of self-centeredness and greed, it is time for the culture to turn to a "feminine" world view, based on altruism, compassion, generosity, joy, sharing, justice, peace, respect, cooperation and a balanced way of life. Society should cherish these spiritual values as its foundation, in which politics originates from spirituality and economics from politics. Our priorities are: the climate crisis, an end to the commercialization of society, solidarity with the poor, restoration of the community, an end to violence and war, introducing true peace - inner and outer - and the cultural/social/political renewal of Europe*.     

* We want to show, that a common denominator is possible, beyond liberal cynicism and "rationality" on the one hand, and dogmatic religion and non-committed (new-age like) "spirituality", on the other. See: "Existential Consciousness".


We are not a political party, though. Consider us as a conscious-raising initiative, a movement, aiming at transforming Self & Society. We do this through pushing our "Healing the Planet" Initiative forward. The means include giving information, teaching, guiding and training. Moreover, with unflagging zeal, we will be putting pressure on local and European politicians to change minds, to stop supporting the cause of big money, while truly dedicating themselves to a society based on generosity, kindness, freedom and connectedness. Last but not least, the media equally have to change course. Rather than being instruments of big business, manipulating information to the benefit of the former, the media once again have to stand up for the truth. In these most critical of times, we cannot afford being victims of large-scale deception, unavoidably leading us to a collective suicide, anymore.  

Turn On. Join the Green Men and Wise Women!    

"Spiritual Politics" is part of our "Healing the Planet" Initiative


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