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Cosmic Womb Mandala
Both the Divine (white, yellow) as well as the universe (green) are born from the Cosmic Womb (black), while continuously returning to their Origin

Australian Aboriginals

China: 3000 BCE

"Vulva" Temple, Yunnan, China

Baubo/Goddess of Palestine

(Text in Deutsch)

"Woman is woman and man is man" is what people say. In essence they are identical, though, because both are rooted in the same Being. On the surface, there are different gender characteristics

From the moment where the woman becomes pregnant, the situation changes fundamentally. At once the uterus is central.
For women and men this is like a "foreign body"

Because "in itself" the uterus cannot be  fathomed. It is dark and empty, largely hidden for the outside world. Even the mother has no access to it. It is a mystery

Later, she begins to feel life. What she feels, however, is the baby and not the uterus. It leads to a new view. Because from the moment that you understand the cosmos as a womb .... dark, empty and inaccessible, then you will understand us that we must thoroughly change our ideas about the position of the uterus in the universe. Starting point: the womb is central

"It is not the mother who has a womb, but the womb has a mother ....". The uterus is a direct reflection of the Cosmos, the Holiest of Holiest, so to speak. The mother is the servant

Her function is to protect the uterus, care, support and nourish it. The father also has his responsibility in this regard. The cosmos has "committed" both to guard the mystery

The womb is central, the earthly mother is added to it. She is a part of an overall cosmic event. At the same time this poses an end to an ever emerging fundamental confusion

Women often complain: I can not  recognize myself in the Cosmic Mother at all. Because motherhood - warmth, care, love - cannot be reconciled with darkness, emptiness and seclusion ....

They project their role as a caretaker into the cosmic event as they have always thought that the mother is central. Instead to be a problem - we all must learn that life is not centered around our self-image -

- it is rather a big chance to really come closer to the mystery of life .....the earthly womb as a direct reflection of the Cosmic Womb, restoring the sacredness of birth (and death)

Central to all ethics stands Womb Worship, everything else is derived from it

So ....the Womb is central, mother and father are added ....

Sheelas from Ireland




Dear Friends,


Why is a vulva so fascinating? Obviously, it may largely be determined by sexual desire. But the deeper cause is, that it reflects the Cosmic Womb. This is unique. You may visualize it very concretely. The human womb is just like the Cosmic Womb: a "Bottomless Dark Cave". This evolutionary memory is deeply engrained in our Consciousness. Hence our excitement. The penis, on the other hand, has no Cosmic Equivalent. Therefore, it is perceived as something alien. The masculine is not involved in Cosmic Birth. Here parthenogenesis rules: the Birth of God and the universe out of the Emptiness of the Womb without any male involvement. In the Highest Realm a male principle doesn't exist. It is "introduced" only on the plane of earthly life. And even there it came rather late. Only millions of years after the female reproductive system had safely established itself.

This could have become the cornerstone of a very powerful female culture. However, one has to search for it like a needle in a haystack. Ironically, it is some men, who testimonied about the Reality of the Womb as the Origin of Creation and Destruction. The reports confirm each other. While being directly exposed to the Cosmic Vacuum one's existence is (temporarily) destroyed*. (It is the same Moses said of encounters with God: "no human being will survive it"). Compared to this the human womb is an allegory. Cosmic and human womb reflect each other, or, one step further, the latter is a manifestation of the former. Why, then is the womb so unpopular with women? Don't they deprive themselves from their power base? The explanation: women strive for realization of their male part, the "animus". After 2000 years (or longer) of patriarchal oppression they too want "freedom" e.g. independence. Hence the common outcry of (almost) all daughters: "I don't want to become like my mother".

* See my "Revelation of the Cosmic Mother"

Women deny their cyclic nature. Very few consider their menstruation as "something sacred". On the contrary, it is women themselves (and not patriarchal oppression) who favour sexual freedom, blocking their most subtle energies by taking the pill. Something which obviously, is totally understandable and which I am not critisizing. Many women despise their monthly bleedings, welcoming the side-effects of the pill, the latter bringing the bleeding down. In affluent circles women prefer a cesarean, just because natural birth "distorts their physique". Attacks from the outside complete this picture. The womb has low status, so very few are worried about the dramatic increase of myo-fibroma's, due to hormones in the food, and the pseudo-estrogenes in plastics. Not long ago (male) gynecologists rudely removed wombs, nowadays it is women themselves who want to get rid of "that thing". In short, the relationship between woman and her womb (not to speak of motherhood!) is grossly disturbed. And with it their connection to the Cosmos. The reason: until very recently the "Cosmos" was male dominated. Understandably, women had very little resonance with it. Recently, however, a revolution occurred. The Ultimate Reality appears not to be "masculine", but "feminine". Suddenly, women appear to be alienated from their Cosmic Origin. Will women now drift further away from it? Or will they turn on to find their original Treasure?

What is this Treasure all about? Men aren't totally ignorant about it. Just like girls, boys have been staying in the womb for exactly the same time. They too know it from within! And in sexual union it is men who touch it, something that is out of reach for women. In my case, it is the direct Revelation of Mother's Reality, that makes me speak here. A truly incomprehensible Event, for which I am eternally grateful. Through it I received a New Life, without which I would have remained a rather pityful creature. Even a patriarchal religion like Christianity had an intuition about the Mystery of the Womb. Think of the crypts - the Dark Spaces under cathedrals - in which surrender to the (Black) Madonna could give one New Life. It was copied from the Hellenistic Mysteries, which still had knowledge of the Great Mother and Her Regenerative Power. Dionysos Aeropagita and John of the Cross are both examples of mystics who reached this Depth too. Recently, the Christian-Hinduist monk Bede Griffiths had a major breakthrough in which he was confronted with the "Divine Feminine". Not to forget of course a few but influencial women who wrote about "Honoring Darkness".

One of the ways to honour the Womb and the woman who is the bearer of IT is to develop Sacred Eroticism and Sex. The starting point is your own body. Woman and man first practice feeling e.g. body-awareness. After several rounds of feeling your body, while simultaneously remaining the aware observer, Consciousness and body become one. This oneness with yourself is then making contact with your beloved. While coming closer both your spaces fuse. The secret: your becoming one is so fullfilling right from the start, that the drive to "make love" becomes secondary. Without body-awareness sexual desire dominates. It pushes you toward satisfaction. In Sacred Sex this push has become subordinate. Unity is there from the beginning, so what is the point? Coming together this way means that one simply enjoys the being in each other. Movements are minimal. Hardly any need for a "take off". Joy has fused with the HereNow. It may happen that you stay in each other for a (very) long time, which indeed becomes timelessness. Love is overflowing, your partner appears to be the greatest treasure on earth. Love appears to be the One Space in which both have dissolved. Without any inclination toward an orgasm. You have entered the Sacred Space of the Cosmic Womb. Love transformed into worship! The "outcome" is totally irrelevant to you. It is the fusion of Fullness and Emptiness (Dutch: "Vol-Ledigheid")

For full Tantra and Kundalini experiences, see "Threefold Realization"

The impression though is, that many women (lovers) "beat about the womb". Certainly, there is talk about the revival of femininity, but it seems it all remains in the sphere of theory: mythology and esoterism. Hard conclusions are seldom made. The question if today's women are really and truly prepared to honor their womb is rarely answered. Therefore, I would like to go deeper into the matter. Women and men are essentially identical, they share the same Divine Spark within. Obviously, they also possess the same mental faculties. Because of inherent resonance with the rythms of nature, plus different emphasis during education, women have a more developed "emotional intelligence". They have a sense of "everything interconnected", while men's rational mind is analyzing everything. Moreover, men cling more to their ego's. Femininity is part of life, while masculinity is opposing it. There is one more thing in which women are unique: they have a womb. Despite occasional praising, to many women the womb is a "Fremdkörper". For women it is something dark, empty, closed and "on itself".

It is a mystery. Even the woman has no entry to it. Outside times of menstruation and pregnancy, the womb is inaccessible, intangible. Just like the Cosmic Womb! Cosmic and human (W)womb reflect each other. "Suddenly" the (W)womb regains Her central position in life. This immediately raises fear in women: idealization of motherhood. No, of course not. What is going on here, reaches much deeper. In fact it is about the deepest level of Cosmic Insight. It confirms that in the universe the (W)womb stays central. It (She) is the Holy of Holiest, so to speak, "in Heaven as on earth". So the first step is to regain a sense of sacredness. This could be a life-fulfilling mission, already. People - women and men - could come together for "Womb-Worship". Individual women - not planning to become a mother - may start valueing their inner treasure, through living according to their inner cycle. This also reflects the Cosmos. Its Vacuum is the Abyss to which everything returns and is reborn. This Cycle of Destruction and Creation is reflected in the menstruation. It is a unique "participation mystique".

For those women who are mothers or planning to become one it leads to the understanding that "not the mother has a womb, but a (W)womb has a mother".  The (W)womb is central, the earthly mother has been given to it. Through it a mother is participating in a superpositioned Cosmic Event. Her task is to protect, nurture, support and love her womb. The father is also part of this Cosmic Bond. He has a responsibility too. The Cosmos has "hired" both in order to guard its mystery.  Women/mothers often complain, that they cannot recognize themselves in the Cosmic Womb. For motherhood - warmth, care, love - it seems cannot be reconciled with Darkness, Emptiness, and Inaccessibility.....They project their role as caretaker into the Cosmic Realm, because they always thought the mother is central. Instead of being a problem - we all have to learn that life is not serving our self-image - it is a great chance to come closer to the Real Mystery of Life. Thus, the Womb is central, mother and father have been "added" to Her..... Together they make their dream come true: to help new life coming to the earth

The Baubo myth emphasizes the "humoristic side" of the Womb/Vulva. It started with findings of terracotta figurines of naked women with spreaded legs, often emphasizing their vulva by having their hands there. As if they want to say: "look here". The amazing thing is, that they corresponds with myths, "simultaneously" popping up in Egypt, Greece, Japan and probably India as well. These myths show striking similarities. It is always about the MotherGoddess who mourns about the loss of Her (Goddess) Daughter or (God) Son. In Egypt it is Isis lamenting about Osiris, in Greece Demeter mourning about Persepone and in Japan the Sun (Mother) Goddess Amaterasu who was harrassed by Her brother. All three were in a way inconsoluble about their loss e.g. misfortune. Then Baubo appeared. Accompanied by music - drums and cymbals, the instruments of Great Mother Kybele - she danced in front of the mourners and suddenly lifted her skirt displaying her genitals. Immediately the Mothers burst out in laughter, forgetting their misery. Baubo had reminded them of their own Essence: the Eternal Womb. The Womb that doesn't halt with individual concerns, but is uninterruptedly giving birth. Realizing their True Nature the MotherGoddesses burst out in laughter...

May I be a symbolic!... "Baubo" for a while, reminding you of your True Orgin. Until today, in Japan, there are still "real" Baubo's though. They are called Tokudashi Girls and are considered "Goddesses". They are a modern relict of the Shinto story. In the red districts (....) of Tokio and Kyoto they perform the same ritual, this time for men. They appear on a catwalk, walk to the forefront, taking a squatting position. She then goes with her hands to her vulva, opening the labia, exposing her treasure to the men. The latter are in a non-sexual! extasy, "worshipping" the secret that is revealed to them. Great enthusiasm all over the place. Westeners who attended these sessions repeatedly speak of the "total innocence" of both performer and audience. They seem to share something "higher" than themselves. Also from Japan: a big Vulva giving birth to a Buddha*..... The oldest image of the Womb/Baubo/Vulva stems from Australian Aboriginals. In China there is also evidence of Womb/Vulva worship. Pottery has been found of the Bronze Time (3000 BCE) with Baubo's. On one location one can find a real "Vulva Temple", while in another place people descent through a vulva-like opening into a dark cave, experiencing the unity with the Womb. In fact, countless places worldwide show similar phenomena. E.g. in Mexico every cave is a symbol of the Cosmic Womb. In India the Temple of Kamakhya is famous for its bleeding Womb.

* See: "Great Mother Buddhism"

When the Templars discovered Baubo's/Goddesses during their stay in the "Holy Land" they immediately grasped the meaning of it. With enthusiasm they took these images/statues back to Europe. While well received by the aristocracy, the Church was horrified by them. Immediately a policy of denunciation started, calling the Vulva "the Gate to Hell". However, both the elite and the people had different opinions. A compromise was found, the Church allowing these figurines to be carved in and on their churches.... provided that they were portrayed as repulsive, ugly and old crones. While the people rejoiced in having their Old Mother once again with them! In Ireland these creatures were called "Sheela-Na-Gigs". Actually, they are a mixture of the Eternal Womb and Goddesses/Baubo's, showing more positive or ugly features, depending on the local situation. Ongoing repression in the ages to follow further demonized the Womb, as we have seen until this very day. Even to an extent that women are denouncing Her. I think that only "androgynic" people - men and women - can restore the Eternal Feminine. I call on you to do your utmost to help turning the tide by infusing the hearts and minds of people with the sweetness of Eternal Truth. May you all succeed, so help you the Cosmic Womb.

Mother's Blessings to you all

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