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Our century is probably more religious
than any other
How could it fail to be
with such problems to be solved
The only trouble is that it has not yet found
a God it can adore

Teilhard de Chardin

At the low point of a cultural development that has led us into the deadlock of scientific materialism, technological destructiveness, religious nihilism and spiritual impoverishment, a most astounding phenomenon has occurred. A new mythologem is arising in our midst and asks to be integrated into our modern frame of reference. It is the myth of the ancient Goddess who once ruled earth and heaven before the advent of the patriarchy and of the patriarchal religions.

The Goddess is now returning. Denied and suppressed for thousands of years of masculine domination, she comes at a time of dire need. For we walk through the valley of the shadow of nuclear annihilation, and we do fear evil. We long for love, security and protection, but there is little to comfort us. Violence within our own society threatens to overwhelm us. Mother Earth herself has been pressed to the limits of her endurance. How much longer can she withstand the assaults of our rapacious industrial and economic policies? The patriarchy's time is running out. What new cultural pattern will secure for humanity a new lease on life on earth?

                            Edward C.Whitmont

Universal Principles

The Ultimate Reality is a Vacuum, a Bottomless Cosmic Womb, also called "Great Mother"

In Buddhism She is called "Emptiness beyond Emptiness"

We all live in "Her" all-embracing security

From eternity She is giving birth to the Divine Light ("God"/"BuddhaNature") and the universe, both continuously returning to Her fathomless Abyss

Life is ruled by Her Law of the Universe: the dynamic balance between death, rebirth and "permanence"

Optimal living reflects this Law: continuous inner renewal, while being part of the Whole - Heaven, earth and the (new) community

Darkness and Light are two sides of the same coin

Since ancient times this is called the Great Mother and Her Son/Lover. Later, Christianity had its own version of the "Mother of God"

The Divine Body of the Mother - Her first Emanation - is penetrating the universe without exception

That's why, by going within e.g. by surrendering to the Mother we realize our Divine Inner Core e.g. She grants us Her LightBody

She is bestowing Her treasures to every woman and man. It depends on our devotion, resolve and faith whether we realize this our most precious Self

Male fear of relapsing into the Dark Womb has led to denial of the Primordial Mother as the Origin of life

Instead of being the birthgiver Darkness became the opposite of the Light, indeed "the devil" itself, something that had to be fought at all costs ("the forces of light and darkness")

That's how evil came into this world

In the past teachers, masters, prophets or messengers derived their authority from their patriarchal God, promoting masculine values, like rationality, control, dualism, progress etc.

In the Original Tradition leaders act on behalf of e.g. are representatives of the Eternal Feminine. They are called Green Men and Wise Women

Nowadays, our suffering is characterized by our alienation from life. We are cut off from reality in manifold ways: from our bodies on the one hand to our True Selves on the other

Restoring our Wholeness means re-claiming our Selves, our bodies and nature, our love, erotism and sex, our hidden creativity, our suppressed emotions, while surrendering to the Ultimate

One of the most impressive priestesses of the Mother was Mary Magdalene. She managed to continue the Old Tradition despite the all-present Judaic oppression

She did so by anointing Jesus as the latest chain in the millennia-old (Mother) tradition of "dying and resurrecting" Gods: Osiris, Tammuz, Baal, Attis, Dionysos, Adonis....

They were the "role-models" for spiritual regeneration, something that was available to all in the various mystery religions

However, the Church denied its roots, while instead monopolyzing salvation, excluding e.g. crushing all those who did not comply with its doctrine

Nowadays, 2000 years of lies, deceit and oppression have come to an end

Once again, everybody has access to realizing his/her innermost Divine Core. By doing so we won't be followers, but successors to Jesus (and Mary Magdalene!)....

Most other religions have their roots in the Great Mother, as well. That's why Mother devotees from all over the world have more in common with each other than with their own religious background

See: "Mother & Sons"

Let's join, while creating a New World based on "feminine" (holistic) values: wholeness, joy, connectedness, love, care, cooperation, justice and harmony with nature

To be continued


Green Man

The Divine

Universal Great Mother/ Cosmic Womb

Everything: The Divine (white/yellow) and the universe (green) is born out of Her (black), while continuously returning to Her in the self-same Eternal Moment

Black Madonna/Goddess

Wise Woman


"Evolutionary Spiral"

Since 1893 when the "Parliament of World Religions" declared its aim, namely a "World Religion", interfaith efforts have been developed at an increasing pace. In almost all big cities of the Western world representatives of various faiths try to define common denominators. The results are meager. Why? Because - as the members themselves admit - of lack of SPIRIT. The great religions face a problem that can hardly be solved. They are caught in their own definitions. Definitions are excluding each other.

In order to unite existing belief systems you have to go beyond God: spiritually, mythologically, historically....That is exactly what happened just recently....The new "world religion" has to go back to its roots, redefining its subsequent developments until recent times. The surprise is this: the evolution of religion proves to be cyclic. After many millennia of patriarchal dominance we are once again embracing the Origin of God and the universe: the Cosmic Womb or Great Mother. She is the Bottomless Vacuum to which everything returns and from which everything evolves.

The Great Mother
Originally, mankind lived in a magical universe, dominated by the "Universal Feminine". Spiritually, it is the Realm of the Cosmic Womb, Absolute Nothingness e.g. Emptiness beyond Emptiness. Mythologically and historically we have only the Mother statues (Hohle Fels, Laussel, Willendorf) of 40.000 years ago and older at our disposal

Neolithic/Bronze Age
The Mother/Goddesses/Gods
The Great Mother is subsequently getting a face: Nuth, Isis in Egypt; Inanna, Ischtar in Mesopotamia. She is the Source of Death, Rebirth and Permanence. Later Her Son/Lovers took over the role of "Vegetation Deity", the dying and resurrecting Gods, like Osiris and Tammuz. Spiritually, "death and rebirth" is the foundation of inner renewal, while "permanence" invites to (once again) becoming part of the Mother's web of life.

Iron Age
Fragmentation of the Mother results into separate Goddesses symbolizing limited aspects of the Original Mother, e.g. the ""Goddesses of fertility", "love", "war" etc. Sometimes they still have the aura of Wholeness, like Asherah/Astarte of Canaan. Increasingly, they were forced to compete with  male colleagues. It culminated in myths like the babylonian Enuma Elish in which the God Marduk destroys the Goddess Tiamat, announcing a new patriarchal era. Patriarchy is a reaction to the original dominance of the Mother. Men refused to be part of "birth and death" anymore. Hence they departed for "immortality" (Echnaton, Gilgamesh, the Buddha). They projected the Divine as being opposite to the Cosmic Mother. "Light" started fighting Darkness.

Historical time
The One God
Political "necessities" - authoritarian, centralized regimes (Joshua 600 BCE) - were leading to a monotheistic religion: "One God, One Ruler, One Country". The first attempt took place in Israel, where Yahweh "distanced himself"" from his consort Asherah. Patriarchal society managed to dominate the culture, this at the expense of Mother-oriented groups and societies. The Bible is an account of how ruthless "Yahweh" initiated massacres and wars in order to crush his enemies. ""I am a jealous God, and apart from me, no other God exists". Ever since, the three "great" religions deny any relationship with this their infamous past

The Son of God
A Substitute
Hellenistic mystery religions and Gnosis tried to revive and extend the Old Mother Religion together with the "dying and resurrecting" God. The latter being the role model for personal renewal. Jesus was the last chain of thousands of years of Near Eastern tradition. The Church, however, monopolized inner regeneration, by making Christ the "Only Begotten Son of God". (Buddhism is centered around Sakyamuni Buddha as The Fully Enlightened One). Islam declared Mohammed God's last Prophet. Christians were thus deprived of their inner Divine Spark as their True Identity. From then on their only hope for redemption came from outside: "salvation" through Jesus' death and resurrection

The Church
In order to extend its monopoly the Church did not shy away from every thinkable crime. From oppression, lies, deceit, manipulation, falsification of texts, burning of books, torture, murder and wars. Once again, political ambition (Constantin "the Great") concentrated power, this time into the hands of the Pope. From then on Christianity became the state religion. With state power on its side it did everything to crush all its "enemies'': pagans, women, heretics, jews, philosophers..The greatest sin of the Church, however, was that it monopolized (spiritual) regeneration. While in reality, every woman and man is part of the regenerative Power of the Mother, the Church claimed that only Jesus "died and resurrected". After many centuries of terror ("Inquisition") the resistence of the people was broken. They fell back on their ego's, the beginning of the self-centered Western culture.   Its alienation from ""Heaven, earth and the community" ultimately caused disaster after disaster, culminating in the current global (ego) catastrophy. 

Nietzsches' "God is dead" reflected the "definitive" degeneration of religious life in Europe. In fact, this was part of a process of general decay: spiritually, culturally, socially, economically...It culminated in the current global crisis with climate change as ultimate threat. Nowadays, our survival is at stake. This unprecedented situation requires a total "Umdenken" - a total new way of thinking - as a prerequisite for a "new global order". According to Toynbee this can only be achieved through radical new values, norms and way of life. To be able to do so we have to first return to the Source in order to become renewed. A New Spirit as a prerequisite for a New World! 

Return of
The Great Mother
Our traditional concept of "God" proves to be incapable of renewing the culture. Hence, in order to receive new insights, love and strength we have to go beyond it. There a big surprise is waiting for us. God isn't the Ultimate but orginates from "something'' beyond. This "Something" is Absolute Nothingness, or as Buddhists say: Emptiness beyond Emptiness. At the same time people say: "We are all heading towards nothingness". Without deeper meaning this is rather frightening. What if "Nothingness" isn't the end of all things, though, but proves to be a Cosmic Vessel in which everything old, sick, ugly is dying, while continuously giving birth to the new, the fresh and the young? In ancient times this All-Embracing Dimension was called "Great Mother". Our evolution isn't linear, but proves to be a eternal return, indeed, an ongoing spiral. What is crucial: Darkness and the Light aren't opposites. The (Christian) dualism of the battle of Light against Darkness proves to be a lie. In Reality the Light is the Son being born out of the Mother. It is the ultimate reconciliation....

A New Era
The Original Tradition

I have called this evolutionary spiral "The Original Tradition". It includes the various stages of Consciousness. the Cosmic Vacuum as the Origin, followed by the Divine Light (God/God-Realization), the harmony with Heaven, earth and the community (birth, growth, flowering), to subsequently entering stages of decay (ego-centeredness/greed/ accumulation/disbalance/disintegration). Nowadays, we are at a cross road: the culture either dies or regenerates. Renewal means, that we have to cooperate with the ""Law of the Universe"" - death, rebirth and permanence - only then "Divine Grace" will be regenerating us. The first prerequisite is to continuously dying to the old, while subsequently becoming part of the Whole, once again. Being part of the "web of life" implies cherishing a world view based on ""feminine"" (holistic) values: interconnectedness, love, respect, peace, tolerance, cooperation, community, justice and harmony with nature. Existing religions could take the lead here by emphasizing the ""Maternal Dimension of God", everything according to their own tradition (Great Mother, Madonna, Kuan Yin, Matri Devi, Sophia, Shekinah etc.). Moreover, worldly balance should reflect cosmic balance, e.g. we should create balance on all levels of society. That's why The Original Tradition advocates a community democracy, an economy of balance and a sustainable earth. 

Green Men/Wise Women

To be part of the Whole: spiritually, culturally and socially puts an end to loneliness, emptiness and angst. Instead, an all-inclusive security will take possession of you. From then on you only live in the Here and Now. Neither prisoner of the past nor of the future you have managed to replace "having' by "Being". This is the background of your commitment to Life. You are the one who has discovered that "from the moment on that you commit yourself to Life, Life will be committing itself to you". You will fly on the wings of the Ultimate. Supported by the knowledge that you are part of the most ancient tradition on earth, Wise Women and Green Men relentlessly commit themselves to A New World. They do this through Spiritual Service, Health Service, Community Service and Earth Service. 

First Steps
Healing Communities

With increasing disintegration of society, the necessity of creating new communities only becomes more acute. It can be compared with the Dark Ages. At that time Irish monks went to the continent in order to start monasteries. This monasterial movement was very successful. It saved the culture from disappearing. Nowadays, the survival of the planet is at stake. Individualism and materialism are the two major undermining factors. They are the cause of alienation, lonelines, fragmentation, meaninglessness, angst and degeneration. The answer is to establish New Communities. It is one of our main concerns. Hence, our commitment to support you wherever we can. 

International Training Centre

Do you want to become part of the New World rightnow? It is possible. We are working hard to start an educational curriculum in short notice. It will be a (spiritual) "University for CultureRenewal", based on a daily "monastic" rule - with an ashram-like structure - aiming at teaching you the 7 Steps of the Healing the Planet Initiative. It will train you as a Green Man e.g. Wise Woman, volunteers, who's passion it is to go into the world practising Spiritual, Health, Community and Earth Service. This consists of guiding people on The Universal Way, offering them Mother Healing, while initiating "Healing the Planet" Programs. Together you will be the hopefuls to the world, new leaders, who will take the lead in making new steps on the Evolutionary Spiral.

Joy, gratitude! 

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"Frau ist Frau und Mann ist Mann", sagt man. Im Wesen sind sie jedoch identisch, denn beide sind im selben Sein verankert. An der Oberfläche gibt es die unterschiedliche Gendermerkmale

Von dem Moment an, wo die Frau schwanger wird ändert sich die Situation grundsätzlich. Auf einmal steht die Gebärmutter zentral. Diese ist für Frau und Mann wie ein "Fremdkörper"

Denn "an sich" ist die Gebärmutter nicht zu ergründen. Sie ist dunkel, leer und von der Außenwelt weitgehend abgeschlossen. Auch die Mutter hat da keinen Zugang. Sie ist ein Mysterium

Später fängt sie an Leben zu spüren. Was sie spürt ist jedoch das Baby und nicht die Gebärmutter. Es führt zu einer neuen Sicht. Denn von dem Moment an, daß Du den Kosmos als Gebärmutter verstehst....

.....genauso dunkel, leer und unzugänglich, dann verstehst Du daß wir unsere Ideen über die Stellung der Gebärmutter im Universum gründlich ändern müßen. Ausgangspunkt: die Gebärmutter steht zentral

"Nicht die Mutter hat eine Gebärmutter, sondern die Gebärmutter hat eine Mutter....". Die Gebärmutter ist eine direkte Abspiegelung des Kosmos, das Heilige der Heiligen, so zu sagen. Die Mutter ist die Dienerin

Ihre Funktion ist die Gebärmutter zu beschützen, betreuen, unterstützen und zu ernähren. Auch der Vater hat in dieser Hinsicht seine Verantwortlichkeit. Der Kosmos hat beide "engagiert" um das Mysterium zu hüten

Die Gebärmutter steht zentral; die irdische Mutter ist Ihr beigegeben. Sie hat Teil an einem Ihr übergeordneten kosmischen Event. Das setzt zugleich ein Ende an eine grundsätzliche immer wieder aufkommende Verwirrung 

Frauen klagen oft: ich kann mich überhaupt nicht wiedererkennen in die Kosmische Mutter. Denn Mutterschaft - Wärme, Fürsorge, Liebe - sind nicht zu vereinen mit Dunkelheit, Leere und Abgeschlossenheit....

Sie projizieren Ihre Rolle als Fürsorgerin in das Kosmische Geschehen, weil sie immer gedacht haben, die Mutter steht zentral. Statt ein Problem zu sein - wir alle müßen lernen, daß es im Leben nicht um unser Selbstbild dreht..... es eher eine große Chance das Mysterium des Lebens wirklich näher zu kommen.....

.....also die Gebärmutter ist sakral, Mutter und Vater sind Ihr beigegeben....