The Power of Reality


Return of the Cosmic Mother
and the
Renewal of Life





Historical/Mythological Overview

The Power of Reality

The Power of Reality

The Power of Reality


Mother & Sons

The Five Pillars

The Original Tradition has five pillars. They are very simple, but not easy. Maybe you immediately like them. Then you are really blessed. Maybe you come to them because of bad experiences with other approaches. Then I hope this time it will turn out better for you. Maybe you just read about it and want to know more. That's okay too. In fact, the way you come to The Original Tradition is not in our hands. In reality, there are countless ways, as many as there are people. So, whoever you are, be welcome.

1. Times of Decay

Essential is that you acknowledge that we live in a time of decay, within and without. Aren't we in great problems, with our health, our relationships, our work, our contact with the Ultimate, the economy, the future, our youth, society, our culture and with the earth? Crucial is the question: "what exactly is being broken down?" Right, it is our ego-accumulations. Spirituality is all about (re) connecting to reality, hence, the requirement is that you are (become) a realist. So, aren't our times characterized by "me, me, me" and "more, more, more?" With other words by self-centered individualism, rude materialism, ignorance, addiction, indifference, carelessness, superficiality, corruption, and so on?

Not surprisingly thus, that essential values and norms necessary to keep up the culture are rapidly eroding. We are about to commit collective suicide. To spiritual people this is the moment "to cooperate with the decay, instead of resisting it". Let the ego-accumulations - the ones who have brought us to the verge of the abyss - die is their parole. By going back to the Origin our addictions will be broken down, while restoring contact with our True Self. By reconnecting to our Origin we are led back to the One We Really Are. And this, in its turn is a pre-requisite for renewal.

This goes against the common "dream come true" obsession. Although it looks "positive" and "hopeful", it is the ego's fear for being broken down that makes him produce yet "another dream". It becomes very clever in inventing dreams. In reality, it is escape behaviour. True renewal only emerges after you have "died to the old" e.g. cleaned up your mess.

2. Back to the Origin

Fortunately you are not alone in this. As so often, when everything looks gloomy with no way out - in our case the fiasco of traditional religions and the current global crisis - the Ultimate interfered by revealing itself to the world. "God is dead (Nietzsche), long live the Cosmic Mother!" By Her Self-revelation a totally new understanding about existence has emerged. Suddenly, the crisis appears to be an opportunity. Why? Because the Ultimate Reality appears to be a Vacuum, in Which everything is dying while continuously being reborn. This Emptiness is also called "Cosmic Womb" or "Great Mother".  

"Death and rebirth" is the governing principle of the universe. In practice, this means, that it is a Cosmic Law that our burden is constantly taken from us. Only when you accept the decay, the old, sick, accumulated, ugly, evil and fouling things have a chance to be broken down. Provided we don't hinder it. We hinder it by clinging to ourself, our thinking, emotions and desires. We even cling to our misery! However, from the first moment we let go e.g. giving our anguish back to the Mother She has to take it back, because this is Her Cosmic Nature. So, let go of your identifications and She is doing the rest: taking your burden from you. Our motto: "Die (ego) in order to live (your True Self)!"

Insight into the Nature of the Cosmic Womb is decisive. It gives us a foundation, not merely on belief alone, but on understanding. This has tremendous consequences for our contemplation, for instance. If I give my burden back to the Mother, while simultaneously imagining Her as an empty Womb, the latter taking every content back, then the power of my prayer will be accordingly. You will be supported by the Power of Reality, because you (re)connect to the Origin itself, not to some derivative or self-created image. Not only that. Knowing the Law of the Universe will give you security - through which you will be able to surrender without fear. You let go while knowing that She is doing Her part of the job.   

3. The Birth of a New Self

Deep down in Her Bottomless Womb destruction is transformed into rebirth. It is the unfathomable Mystery of the Mother. This applies to all levels of existence, to start with the Eternal Light (God, Buddhahood). The latter is born out of the Mother's Abyss. Since we are embedded in it, our surrender to Her is rewarded with the birth of the Light within us. This ranges from Full Enlightenment, Satori, our True Self to "simple" awareness. This is supported by our mantra "Mother of God"*. This is the most poweful mantra ever introduced, because it touches the untouchable Bottomlessness of the Mother, the Origin of all.

* Additionally by "The Universal Way"

It goes this way. Whispering "Mother" while breathing out, "of God" while breathing in, in both cases consciously feeling your breathing. Your breathing out, together with "Mother" is disappearing into the dark realm of your pelvis, a metaphor for the Cosmic Womb (Grail Vessel!), and dies there e.g. dissolves into nothingness, while your breathing in, together with "of God" is filling your thorax, extending it to all sides. The secret: the deeper your breathing out, the more poweful your breathing in.

By doing so God-Birth is taking place within you 24 hours a day! Both inner Light, clarity of mind and expanding energy are constantly transforming your system, making it more transparent for the Divine realm. Your insight, love, joy, strength and gratitude will grow accordingly. You experience in yourself the Cosmic Drama where the Divine is constantly born out of the Dark Abyss of the Womb! From that moment on you know by your own experience*. No need for following anybody, anymore.....

* And not only that. Since Divine energy is penetrating your entire system it can be consciously directed to areas that are most in need. That's why it can be "used" in healing f.i. See: "Mother Healing"

4. To Become Part of the Whole

Usually, the spiritual Path ends here. Not with The Original Tradition. Some insights may help. Contrary to many popular paths - who claim that after Realization the ego has disappeared for the rest of your life - we know from experience that this is not the case. It will come back! Especially when this fact is denied......there is a realistic danger that the ego starts identifying with your Attainment, using it for its own purposes: status, power, money. The consequence: even after Enlightenment you have to work on personal integration.

The same is true for many of the oppressed emotional contents of your psyche. It is quite ironical, that, while you think "your dream has come true" e.g. you will now enter a realm of harmony and peace, flare-ups of irritability, instability, anguish, anger and depression are the order of the day. Not that smiling "enlightened being", at all. It is a crucial moment in which you have the choice to acknowledge the state you are in or (once again) deny it. If you choose the former, you - like everybody else - have to go back to zero to start working on integrating these old parts into your New Self. Hard work! It took me about 20 years!

Last but not least, if your Realization doesn't become integrated in a meaningful context, in which it can find balance, your entire effort will be in vain. In former days the religious culture provided that context. Nowadays, we have to actively search for it*. I call it to become part of "Heaven, earth and the (new) community", once again. The way you do it is very personal. The goal is the same, though. Your True Self has to find a framework that supports "him" on the one hand, while providing "him" a fertile soil for pursuing its spiritual calling e.g. mission, on the other. 

* Suggestions to become part of the Whole: "Existential Consciousness",   "Sovereign Living", "Mother Circles", "Healing Communities"

5. Transformation/Healing the Planet

Finally, your integration efforts have to be extended to your direct environment, as well. The latter being nothing else but the materialization of your ego. Hence, to include the world is part of your responsibility. Those who "forget" about this last step just prove that their realization is not complete. The greater the Grace you received the more extensive your compassion with the beings "around you". In fact, everything is part of (your) limitless Space. So, you just love everything like yourself. Nothing special, nothing holy.

This is the meaning of being a Chosen One. Applied to an entire people this is blasphemy, because the key characteristic of God (The Mother) is, that "He"/She is all-embracing, nobody or nothing excluded. Individuals do get chosen, though, often causing theological problems: "why him and not me if God loves everybody equally?" The answer: those who are chosen "have to pay it back" through their commitment. The more Grace you received, the greater your responsibility toward the Whole.

So, everybody differs with regard to the grade of commitment. Some less, some more, some much more. In order to support you in finding a meaningful strategy the Mother granted me Her program for saving the earth: "Transformation/ Healing the Planet in 7 Steps", to begin with a New Spirituality. So, that's how I got my mission. It didn't make me committed right from the start, though.....It took some effort to come out of my inner paradise, my easy going life and private security. At last, I didn't have a choice anymore*.

* Proof of how important it is to follow your spiritual responsibility e.g. the commitment to sharing: if you don't, even the inner Light becomes poisonous, causing all kinds of trouble, including sickness.   


In spiritual life everything depends on the Mother. She is the Cosmic Vessel of Transformation, in Which destruction is converted into renewal. Without Her the crisis is meaningless. Thus, surrender to Her Ultimate Reality, the Mystery of Her Bottomlessness. She is giving Essence back to life. It is a new step in evolution. Those who do entrust themselves "will be saved" will be renewed in this life! It is all about "to die in order to become reborn". If many do it, then the culture will be saved too. The New Self of many will initiate new impulses, everywhere. It is exactly as A.Toynbee said: "in times of decay people go back to the Origin in order to become renewed. It is these people, who, out of a new inspiration build a new culture".

A New (Wo)Man for A New World


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