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Great Mothers'
Law of the Universe 4
"The Great Promise"

Beloved Friends! I See, that the world situation is quickly worsening. I See, that problems cannot be solved on the level on which they originated (A.Einstein). I See, that people increasingly acknowledge, that they themselves are the cause of the decay. I See, that they in their despair will en masse take refuge in the Source - The Great Mother - in order to become renewed, embracing "feminine values": inclusiveness, respect, love, connectedness, peace, mutual support, social justice and sustainability. I See, that they wholeheartedly will embrace the guideline of the Grail Vision: "Awaken!, restructure your life and serve others". I See, that they will once again start building a new life.

See: A New Spirituality

On the psychological level, I See, that people come to a new understanding of themselves and others. They don't want to be reduced to a bundle of functions. They don't want to be reduced to "problems" anymore. They don't want to let "professionals" manipulate their souls. They don't want to stay alienated from life. What they want is to end their existential suffering. Hence, they want to restore the unity with their Divine Essence, their bodies and nature, with their deeper feelings and emotions, with their femininity, eroticism and lust for life, with their strength and with each other. They want to be fully themSelves, intimately connected to their surroundings.

See: A New Psychology

With regard to health care, people realize, that 70% of their wellbeing lies in their own hands. No doctor will help you cooking your food. You yourself are the only one, who can bring about a change of life-style. Hence, self-help to become the main pillar of health care, completed by professional holistic and technological medicine. It requires a totally new way of thinking and doing. The focus has to shift from disease to health science. We are taking the lead here. Our Flow System Therapy defines health as a dynamic balance between input (nutrients, water, air), processing (assimlation, combustion) and output (waste products, toxins).*

* See: A New Health Care and   

Dear Friends! It goes without saying, that not only health care, but all institutions have to be transformed. The entire culture has to turn on. Until now its foundation has been dominated by self-centeredness, egoism, individualism and materialism. It has become painfully clear, that we are not the center of the universe. Hence, in order to save the world and ourselves, we have to become part of the Whole, once again. We have to once again fit in in "Heaven, earth and the community". This will have its consequences for all cultural and social institutions: from welfare to arts, from education to sports, from finance to environmental management, from politics to economics.

See: A New Culture

I See the greatest challenge in the field of the community. The shift from individualism toward solidarity is a crucial one. Without that humanity will be doomed to degenerate. The Law of the Universe is of great help here. If microcosm reflects macrocosm - and we believe it does - then we have to re-organize our community according to the Mother's "web of life". Everything is interconnected according to ecological principles, nothing excluded. Hence, we should transform our communities into living bodies, an interconnected whole. This is only possible on the basis of community democracy: Self-sovereignty organized bottom-up with subsidiairity as the guideline.

See: A New Society

Friends! It becomes increasingly clear, that without cutting the spiral of overproduction and overconsumption there will be no future. The plundering of the earth has to stop at all costs. Once we realize, that our greed for power and money is based on surrogate-behavior, that our CEO's in fact lead a pitiful life - "to have is the inability to Be" - that on the other hand, to be a real hero is to serving the Whole....we will not baulk at the drastic transformation of our economy. Multinational corporations have to become community-controlled, based on an economy of balance rather than on limitless profit, growth, accumulation and expansion.*

* See: A New Economy

The result of this all will be a total transformation of Self and Society. It is the pre-requisite for a new leap in evolution. The Great Promise consisting of "bringing Heaven on Earth", once again. Obviously, many more issues have to be addressed, before mankind will have turned the tide*. Obviously, issues like climate change, nature conservation, organic agriculture and population growth have to be specifically addressed. However, it is the SPIRIT, that is decisive. Thus, do have the courage to acknowledge, that the old ways are suicidal. That you have no choice, but to transform. You will be surprised. Once the new spirit of solidarity enters your Being, old priorities and cravings will be vanishing into thin air. All sentient and non-sentients beings will be praising you. You have overcome.     

* See: A New Earth.


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