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Excursion "Apokalypse Revisited"

Beloved Friends! This time I want to talk about similarities/differences between the Law of the Universe and Christian fundamentalists concepts like the Apokalypse. To Europeans this doesn't seem very important, but to Americans - with some 30 million of fundamentalists - this is highly relevant. Before going into details an excursion to the past has to be made. It all originated in the US. Here capitalism has been always more extreme, compared to other places in the world. "Freedom" means ruthless competition. In the race for money and power millions of people are missing the boat. Exploitation of the poor, the indigenous people, the blacks, the unemployed, the foreign workers has created third world situations. Especially in the Southern States. Society shows every sign of rapid decay and degeneration. A response was inevitable. It came from the various Evangelical Churches. They first noticed the "loss of values". Crusades were started, depicting modernity as the work of the devil. They started offering people security, family values, mutual support, community life, hope and yes, in a way self-respect, all those things that were eroded for decades. Neo-liberalism and fundamentalism are thus two sides of the same coin. The more the former is destabilizing society, the more the need for clinging to "absolute truths". The more desperate you are, the more you tend to accept the idea of a savior: in their case Jesus Christ. The seriousness of the situation is characterized by the fact, that all hope to be liberated in this life seems to be given up. Only through destruction of the "Anti-Christ" (their version of Big Brother) and the subsequent rapture (all true believers ascending to heaven) suffering can come to an end.

If you want it or not, the "idea" of the Apokalypse seems to be unstoppable. In the USA millions firmly believe in the "end of times". Hope for a better life in the HereNow has evaporated. The only thing left is paradise in after-life. Isn't this shocking? It is the proof that society has failed. While still "spreading (forcing) freedom and democracy" upon peoples around the world, large groups of Americans are deprived of the selfsame blessings. Hence, they turn their backs on society. Now, some of you would say: aren't there similarities between you and them? You also reject the current system. You are also turning yourself to the Ultimate - of course, in your case it isn't Jesus, but the Mother - but what really is the difference? Friends, these are excellent questions. First of all, before condemning fundamentalism as a whole, I want to stress the positive sides of it. Neo-liberals support a society, dominated by science, technology and "market economy". As we all know, this "complex" is ruling the world, responsible for ruthlessly destroying nature (among others). It is heading for a crash-course. So, is the fundamentalist rejection of the system a bad thing or a good thing? Against the context of a disintegrating society, is trying to restore family life e.g. community life a bad thing or a good thing? Obviously, the manipulations of the preachers is disgusting, and nobody want to live under "Christian Sharia law". But does that mean, that you prefer to live in a technological wasteland? Is the only choice we have between Christian and technological fundamentalism? Isn't there a way out? So, what IS the difference between them and us? First of all, we are not against technology. We are against an all-pervasive, uncontrolled and destructive technology. Hence, our efforts to bring it back under democratic community control. The community - not the CEO's - should decide what projects/products are going to be developed e.g. produced. The benefits the latter have for the community is the decisive factor.  

Dear friends. We haven't given up hope for a (much) better life in the HereNow. In fact, the HereNow IS the better life. As long as you project your hopes into some future - worldly or heavenly - you are at the mercy of "mediators". Politicians and preachers take advantage of the positions you have given to them. You yourself are to blame. You shouldn't have given them the power in the first place. Hence, our effort to support the empowerment of the people. The partisan system should be transformed into community democracy, based on Self-sovereign rule, consisting of mutual cooperating bottom-up organized layers of individuals, families, streets, neighborhoods, communes, counties, states and the commonwealth.

Back to spirituality. How come, that Christian fundamentalism and especially ideas around the Apokalyse show so many similarities? Both say: society is in decay. Both talk about the possibility of final destruction. Both talk about being reborn. Yet, there is a huge difference. Ironically, the author of the Book of Revelations (on which the Apokalypse relies) connected to the ancient (pre-Christian!) ideas of "death and rebirth". Symbols like darkness, the deep sea, the dragon and the woman all refer to that. Early Christianity still saw itself confronted by its predessessor: the ancient Mother religion. It tried to wipe it out with all means possible. It used concepts from the past, and turned it against the people, threatening them in case they would "revert". What was more suitable than the Mother's Law of the Universe? What had been an impersonal Cosmic Law, a natural phenomenon, became an instrument in the hands of a revengeful, punishing "God". In fact, it originated from the last days of Sumeria, where the God Marduk finally (after She had ruled for thousands of years) destroyed the MotherGoddess Tiamat. This myth (known to us as the Enuma Elish) subsequently found its way in Hebrew society with JHWH as the destroyer of the Canaanite (Goddess) religion. So, this is the main difference. A liberating Law - death, rebirth and permanence - was turned into an oppressive instrument in the hands of rulers and priests. A situation that lasts until this very day....The former is based on insight, accomodating to it is a sign of intelligence. It pre-supposes a voluntary decision. The result is a continuous rebirth/renewal in the HereNow, a source of never ending joy, compassion and lust for life. The fundamentalist Apokalypse, on the other hand, is based on ignorance, fear, manipulation and exploitation. Sin and guilt are its prominent features. Fundamentalism and technology ("Big Brother") are greedy for power. They both want to dominate society. The Mother, on the other hand, like earthly mothers, is loving Her children, helping them to find a way out of the wasteland, fulfilling the promise of A New Heaven, A New Earth and A New Community.        

Great Mothers'
Law of the Universe 4
"The Great Promise"


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