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Great Mothers'
Law of the Universe 2
"Its manifestation on all levels of existence"

Friends! You probably would say, that the evidence of macrocosm reflecting itself in microcosm is too meager. You are right. Without examples on various levels of existence, my "hypothesis" will not be very convincing. What to think of the following. In our bodies 25% of all cells are in a continuous breakdown process; 25% are continuously renewing themselves, while 50% are in a more or less stable condition. On the level of our physiology, there thus appears to be a dynamic equilibrium between death, rebirth and "permanence". The astonishing thing is, that dying cells are releasing a substance - also called "necro-hormone" - that stimulates the birth and growth of new cells. Death appears to be a pre-condition for new life to come into existence. Isn't it that flabberghasting? But there is more. Our metabolism is ruled by the law of input, processing and output. Only when there is a dynamic balance between input (food, water, air), processing (assimilation, combustion) and output (detoxification/elimination of waste products and toxins) our health would be optimal*. If, on the other hand, input (overeating, eating the wrong things etc.) exceeds processing and output, all kinds of intermediairy metabolic substances, waste products and toxins are accumulating, as a result of which cells will be damaged, causing chronic disease. Again, accumulation being the crucial factor in derailing the system.

* See: "Flow System Therapy" in

What about our psychology? Are there parallels too? Well, I'll paint you a model of personality, through which understanding will come more easily. The mechanism of building up your personality is called "identification". During the course of life we constantly confirm or/and reject aspects of life. The former are allowed to become part of our conscious self, while the latter become part of our shadow. Step by step priorities and preferences are being sifted out, depending on factors from within (inherited things, personal tendencies, talents) and without (education, environment). In a society like ours, we are forced to choose a specialization. By doing so we once again have to favor some aspects at the expense of others. That's how e.g. the "ambitious manager" is born. Such a person has a strong identification with a certain role. Other roles will often be (totally) secondary. It means, that such a person is dominated by one type of energy only, which, as we know now, is determining all psychological and even physical functions. Cells, dominated by a certain fixed energy-pattern are bound to get sick. Again, accumulation appears to be a decisive factor with regard to health and disease. The pre-condition for a healthy personality is inner flexibility. That's why actors often reach a high age. It includes the ability of "letting go" of fixed patterns. "Dying to the old" as a pre-requisite for renewal. Dear friends, don't we once again see the Cosmic Law at work?*

* In practice, I favour Voice Dialogue, developed by Hal Stone and Sidra Winkelman. I have changed some details, in order to make it suitable as a self-help technique.  See: Emotional self-integration

"To have is the inability to Be". This reflects our core spiritual problem. In the abscence of true fulfillment, we fall back on having as a substitute. Accumulation of money, power doesn't make us happy, though. On the contrary, it alienates us even more from our true longing: Being. We crave for more, more and more, while suffocating in our accumulations. In our despair we not only destroy ourselves, but start destroying others - people and nature - as well. It is typical for our culture. "If I have to die, you also will". Think of Hitler, dragging the whole of Germany with him in his grave; think of the current developments in the USA. If, on the other hand, Being has taken possession of your innermost core, having becomes relative. Once you are your Center, clinging and craving are becoming the periphery or disappear altogether. It is like in love. If love is there, needs become less important. "l'Amour c'est mourir un peu". Love means dying a little. What dies here is the ego with its self-centeredness, desires and obsessions. Death and rebirth are two sides of the same coin. "To die in order to live" is the core wisdom of all mystical traditions. If, on the other hand you cling to "life" (ego), you will die. It is reflected by the suicidal ego-accumulation of today. Nature dies, because of our refusal to give up our ego's. The way out is to live in harmony with the Law of the Universe: dying to the old, the birth of the New Self, while becoming part of the whole - Heaven, earth and the (new) community - once again.*

* Until now, emphasis has been laid on the "death and rebirth" aspect of the Cosmic Law. One more step has still to be made, though. This becoming part of the Mother's "web of life" is extensively discussed in "Existential Consciousness" and "Law of the Universe 4"    

Okay, my friends, I understand that some of you will say: "well, not too bad, but this is still the level of personal experience. What about Cosmic Law with regard to the public sphere*, e.g. social and economic life? Having "accumulation" as our key issue, it is not difficult to see, that current society is built on it. In fact, it is the first time in history, that an entire society has made itself subordinate to a one-dimensional obsession. Isn't the economy dominating all levels of society? Profit-making has penetrated all areas of life. Human beings have become commodities too. "What benefit can I get out of this guy". It all comes down to the development of the science, technology and capitalism complex (STC, prof.dr.E.Vermeersch). It very much resembles a cancer-growth: invasive, uncontrolled and destructive. It mocks every sense of the Cosmos as a dynamic balance. Limitless accumulation and balance are excluding each other. Hence, capitalism being a "major sin" against the Law of the Universe. Extreme expansion inevitably leads to a collapse, though. There is even no need for "the Mother to interfere". What about those who try to introduce "spirit in business?" Is this the solution to our problem? As has been stated above, spirituality opposes materialism. Hence, introducing it into business inevitably means changing goals. Accumulation has to be replaced by an economy of balance. Without that business just abuses spirituality in favour of its self-interest and money-making.

* For "Community Democracy" as a reflection of the Law of the Universe, see "A New Society". Moreover, few will deny that Nature is a perfect mirror of Cosmic Balance.

Great Mothers'
Law of the Universe 3
"Apokalypse Revisited"     


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