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Green Men & Wise Women are volunteers who are taking the lead with rebuilding the Community. To this aim they receive a Training, consisting of Spiritual Service, Health Service, Community Service and Earth Service. See: "Transformatorium"


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Originally, the Great Mother was All-Embracing. The entire universe was born out of Her "Cosmic Womb", while continuously returning to its Origin. (Re)Birth and Death were two aspects of the same inclusive life. In the beginning, myths about the Mother emphasized Her descent into the Underworld, which symbolized wintertime. The Sumerian Goddess Inanna is the greatest example of it. Later, the Mother fragmented into various aspects or Goddesses. In the Greek legends it was Kore who replaced Her Mother Penelope (Demeter). However, it were especially men who took over this function. We know them as "Vegetation Gods". There is an unbroken! tradition from Tammuz, Osiris, Attis, Baal and Dionysos to.....Jesus (and Parcival), of "dying and resurrecting Gods". The older ones embodied the seasons - dying in autumn and resurrecting in spring - while later ones (Jesus) claimed to have a more universal mission. This tradition - from ancient times to the current revival - is called the lineage of "Green Men & Wise Women"


In 1937 Lady Raglan from Britain rediscovered the Green Man. She saw one (and later a lot more) on the wall of an English monastery. Typically, with a sad face and with leaves sprouting out of his mouth. It was Lady Raglan who called this face "Green Man". Slowly, it became clear that Green Men embody the suppressed Original Tradition of Europe. Indeed, it was Christianity which had done everything to hide the fact, that Jesus was part of the pre-Christian tradition of the Great Mother and Her Son/Lovers. The Churches' ambition was to be a totally unique beginning in history with no roots in the past whatsoever. The re-discovery of the Green Man (and Wise Woman) crushed all its illusions. It has become clear that the memory of the Green Man survived the times. First of all he can be found on/in hundreds of churches all over Europe (LINK: our European Pligrim Network), secondly there is one country that preserved i.e. revived this ancient tradition: Britain. Especially, Green Man as "Spirit in Nature" is emphasized. F.i. the annual LINK: "Jack in the Green" festival of Hastings is an incredible expression of a new Consciousness


In these most critical times the rediscovery of Green Men & Wise Women is a "gift of the Mother". Christianity is dying, leaving behind a religious and moral wasteland. People turn to either nihilism or fundamentalism. Neither of the two is able to lead mankind to a new stage in evolution, though. Even Buddhism shows serious signs of degeneration. So, is there anything we can rely on? The answer is yes! It depends on how you perceive the current decay. If you consider it as "a disaster", trying to cling to dead paradigms and values, then you are lost. If, on the other hand you consider the current decay as the breakdown of ego-accumulation, a necessary process, that is giving way to the new to emerge, then, the future is yours....Green Men & Wise Women are taking the lead by going back to the Origin, dying to the old (ego), while being reborn as New Selves. Transforming the core of The Original Tradition - Death and Resurrection - into an inner, spiritual event.  Once your New Self is born you become part of the Whole - Heaven, earth and the (new) community - once again. Until now this process is equal for men and women alike.

Green Men & Wise Women

Usually we define our identity through disposition and education. It is a social conditioning. Originally, people defined themselves through cosmic connections, though. Even Christianity claims that "we are created in the image of God". (By the way, how can we be "sinners" then?). In our Tradition we indeed stress the Divine Spark within, as elaborated above. Through this New Self, all people are identical deep within, sharing the selfsame Divine Realm. Once this New Self is becoming part of the Whole, once again, men and women have different emphasis, though. Not because of their socialization, but because of their cosmic connection. You remember the Great Mother as the Cosmic Vacuum or Womb. She is the Emptiness (beyond Emptiness) that contains both God and the universe. The latter also being called "the Mother's Web of Life". This "Web of Life" is ruled and maintained by a dynamic balance of death and rebirth. The Web itself is the interconnectedness of events, energy and matter, the stuff that constitutes our "material" world. Both men and women derive their additional! identity from these two aspects of the Cosmos. Green Men are reflecting "Death and Rebirth", while Wise Women are the "Web of Life". It has important consequences for their roles here on earth.....

To derive your identity from "the Cosmos" is the ultimate empowerment. As stated above this consists of three levels: your Divine Spark within; to be part of the Whole, both the same for men and women, while having additional specific male and female callings. The Whole is ruled by the "Law of the Universe": the dynamic balance between destruction, creation and "permanence". First "death and rebirth"". Women reflect this Cosmic Force physically: through the cyclic function of the menstruation. Men don"t have this. Their bodies are (largely) non-cyclic. That's why in men "death and rebirth" are manifested on the psycho-spiritual plane, as the necessity of continuous ego-death. It prevents ego-accumulation, the latter is THE characteristic of patriarchy. Secondly, Mother's Web. It consists of the interconnectedness between events, energy and matter, also called the "Whole" or the "substance of life". Women, through their unique inclusive qualities embody this Whole, (while men are the servants to it). Living life this way is granting you "Cosmic Resonance", manifested by great insight, joy, renewal, strength and compassion. All other (moral) qualities are sprouting from it: love for truth, justice, inner (and outer) peace, community, harmony with nature....

Green Men & Wise Women have thus evolved from guardians of the seasons toward symbols of Wholeness: with their spirits in Heaven, their bodies in the earth and their "souls" as part of the (new) community. Contrary to Bodhisattva's or Advaita saints, they have "incarnated" into this world, as Immanent Transcendence. As such they are the new "role-models" to the 21th century. Life in this century will not be easy. Increasing deterioration, chaos and violence are to be expected. Therefore, new social units, with Wise Women at their core, supported by male partners and friends seem to be at least one answer to the deterioration. For more: see "Healing Communities" 

The consequences of "Cosmic Resonance" for daily life are manifold. First of all the "Web of Life" materializes itself on earth into the community. The co-existence of people, together with all other living and non-living beings. The root of ecology is the Cosmos! The human community is the sumtotal of all social levels: the individual, the family, the group, the street, the neighborhood, the commune, the county, the region and the nation. Everything "organically" linked to each other according to subsidiairity. Which means a bottom-up structure of self-governing bodies. What a lower level can carry out will be done by them, without interference by a higher echelon. Only those things that exceed the former's competence will be delegated to the next. Thus, what a street can do is done by it. What it cannot do, is carried out by the neighborhood, etc. etc. I have called this "Community Democracy". The big difference with the current system is, that the people themselves are the Sovereign Living Body of society, while the State is the "administration" for only those tasks that cannot be done by the lower levels. Thus the power of the State is limited by the Sovereignty of the Community

A serious problem incresing everyday is the addiction to electronics of all kinds - computer, TV, video-games, iPods, cellulars - by our youth. The result is absorption by the "virtual world" to an extent, that young people totally become alienated from real life. In large cities there are millions of youth who has never experienced wild nature.  They have no chance to appreciate it, so they don't know what it is. The consequences are grave, not only for the boys and girls themselves, but to the whole of mankind. For once these persons are adult they have no sense of the value of the natural world. Thus, they will do nothing to protect it. If an entire generation becomes indifferent to the earth..... what future mankind will have? Living in a science-fiction world could become the horror of tomorrow. Therefore, we will do everything to motivate young people to become Green Men & Wise Women. A training in the wilderness - f.i. in the mountains, the tropical jungle - will certainly part of the overall training scheme 

The Living Community is a reflection of Mother's Web of Life. Women embody the Substance of it i.e. the interconnectedness of all elements described above. It means that women (and especially mothers) - with their great social talents - should become the leaders of the New Community. Until now, women who want to develop their talents have no choice but joining the capitalist rat race. Which has been proven to be a disaster. Women, on the other hand, flourish in a context of cooperation, rather than merciless competition. It is here that "Wise Women" are taking the lead. They are the shining examples to all others, showing that a career - as leaders, managers, caretakers, coordinators, experts, businesswomen, officers etc. - in and for the Community is much more challenging and fullfilling. While "(Wise) Women" are the Heart of the Community, "(Green) Men" - as Servants to the Whole - are the executives, the hands and legs so to speak. While cooperating closely, both genders have their own areas of competence and power, both are passionately committed to the Whole, though....

International Training Centre for Green Men & Wise Women  

Ermita "Madre de Dios"
(Near Utrecht)


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