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To my friends in L.A.

Your problem is that you think you are alive. However only your periphery is, with your Center being absent. What you call "life" is just functioning, just exploiting your own vital forces. Unfortunately they appear not to be limitless (as you would like to think) hence your stress, burned out syndromes, (chronic) fatigue and finally: depression, exhaustion and despair. Once burned out there's nothing left, just meaninglessness, emptiness. You know the joke about the owner resembling his dog? That's how we resemble the world we have created around us, a world of objects. Lacking a Center we only seem to be a limited amount of "energy", waiting for being exploited. Once the energy is used to the bottom, everything is over, like machines are. "Immortals", that word only echoes very vaguely somewhere in our collective sub-conscious. We are definitely a dead end, a branch of evolution that - similar to that of other extinguished species - soon will cease to exist. Only very few, the hero's of the culture, will refuse to accept this honourless fate. They stand up amidst the "near-death" and proclaim the triumph of life over death. My Greenie's are such people.

Only a Real Alive One can see that you are dead already. Therefore my heart is broken by so much ignorance, suffering, selfishness, ugliness and hopelessness. Better stay where you are, at least you don't have to see what I continuously have to face. An Alive One forced to live among the dying is a horrible but unavoidable thing. Hence my function is witnessing the suffering, the degeneration and the decay, giving it back to where it belongs, to you. So is this my choice? Definitely not. What keeps me here though is, that I see that in a way I am part of it too. I have been born here, raised, educated and finally a "full member" of society. I enjoy the same freedoms like you. The same freedoms which nowadays are going out of control. Freedom leads to nothing, if not shared with others. Too much wealth eventually accumulates in such a way that it will poison you, you simply will be stifled by it. All these things, it all belongs to me, but I do not belong to them. The alienation I see around me is strange to me, I am a child of life, light, beauty and friendship. I am (extremely) happy inside, but I usually don't feel myself reflected by the people around me. Only situational. If I smile to somebody very often he or she smiles back to me. That is already something, a small gift indeed. But it is not remaining, it is a "situational reflex". A real communion, a recognition of the Heart is extremely rare though.

Therefore a single person - even a Master - won't be able to change society". I used to try it and I only got frustrated, depressed and powerless. Now I am open to everybody, everybody without any exception can come to me to seek comfort, but I won't chase anybody anymore ever. Why I should try to chase you against your will? If you prefer to suffocate in your self-created burden, then of course this is your choice. Only those who voluntarily want to liberate themselves from the too much, these are my companions in life. Greenie's are such people. THEY HAVE SEEN THE DEVASTATING EFFECTS OF ACCUMULATION: spiritually, psychologically, physically, socially, culturally and environmentally. They have deeply and painfully felt the addiction, to an extent that they found the courage to step out of it. My dear other friends don't you see that you are addicted? Much worse than a junkie even. A junkie at least suffers from the inhumaneness of society and tries to escape from it. You are addicted to the very inhumaneness which drives the junkie crazy - and not only the junkie - though. Who therefore is a more severe case, who has accumulated more "karma"? Thus look honestly and carefully whose world is upside down. Once you really come to yourself bravely acknowledging the facts, then the choice will be no choice anymore. When you come to a point where there is only one choice, then you are saved. Heaven and earth will celebrate, for another genuine human being has been joining LIFE. That you may find LIFE, for that may help you Heaven and earth.


© 2000 Copyright by Han M. Stiekema. All rights reserved.
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