Letter 18
Creating the spiritual nobility for A New World

Everybody without exception has to become a savior.
They will be teachers, healers and warriors

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Save the Earth

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Everybody knows that there isn’t too much time anymore to save the earth. The next ten years will be decisive for the survival of mankind as a whole. Once you have realized this, there is only one thing to do: to leave your comfortable situation in order to dedicate yourself to the Whole. What is the point anyway to bother about all kinds of details, problems and symptoms while the ship is sinking? Never before personal interest and the interest of the Whole were so identical. Hence, there isn’t anything that could give you more fulfillment, than to be on the right spot doing the right things. The fact that the global crisis is spiritual - man alienated from Heaven and earth - underlines this even more. It isn’t enough to only care about your own salvation. How can you separate the wellbeing of yourself, your beloved or your children from the wellbeing of trees, birds and streams? True spirituality is inclusive, it is the experience of everything interconnected. You depend on the Whole and viceversa. Therefore The Original Tradition is a breakthrough. It emphasizes the unity of God and nature, light and darkness, birth and death, male and female. It shows that the patriarchal goals of „achievement", „liberation" and „conquer" has to be put in the context of integration, embracing and Wholeness. Spirituality is all-embracing, hence Love is the underlying quality of everything we do. Without Compassion your spiritual practice is merely self-indulgence. In feeling the pain of your alienation, in meditation, doing your exercises, practicing feeling awareness, being in satsang, studying, integrating your neglected inner parts, walking in nature or being with friends, in all those situations there is the germ of Love. In fact you Love everything like yourself. Hence, you care about the tree as a part of your own body. Your own body and nature are part of the universe: the body of God. All our aspirations should therefore be in the context of saving the earth. A true savior teaches people about their pain of alienation and how to restore the Wholeness of Life.


Save the Earth


A New Health Care is probably the most urgent need of mankind. First of all (new) diseases are spreading at an alarming pace. Unlike the (recent) past, the etiological factors causing disease aren’t personal anymore. Increasingly, everybody without exception is imbued by the etiological soup of bad nutrition, chlorinated water, lack of exercise, self-poisoning from the bowel, environmental toxins, radio-activity and X-rays, amalgam, fluoridation, the effects and side-effects of drugs, electro-smog and the various causes of stress. HMS has called this the Multi Etiological Sumtotal Syndrome (MESS). All these factors together have their impact on our basic metabolic functions: the dynamic equilibrium of input, processing and output of nutrients, water, waste products and toxins respectively („flow system"). This can be divided in seven stages: nutrition, digestion, blood circulation, assimilation, combustion, detoxification and elimination. Health appears to be greatly depending on the proper functioning of these basic metabolic functions. Chronic impairment however leads to all kinds of disorders - digestive disorders, candida, deficiencies, food-intolerance, multi-chemical syndrome, allergies, ME, EMF, RSI and many more - with immune-deficiencies, cell damage and chronic disease as the result. Flow system therapy in which these basic metabolic functions are optimized is the answer to the problem. However, this won’t work if at the same time our entire health care system will not be transformed in a revolutionary way. It is called The New Health Care. It is based on three concentric circles or echelons. First, through proper education people can help themselves a great deal. Most of the disorders are the result of an unhealthy lifestyle after all. This is the first echelon, called self care (1). Secondly, if this proves to be insufficient, professional holistic medical assistance is given: all those methods which support the self-healing power of your body and mind. The second echelon (2) therefore consists of holistic medicine. The majority of the disorders will be cured here. Only some diseases may be simply too grave, acute or terminal. In those cases you will be referred to a specialist of the regular technological medicine, this third level serving as a last resort (3). Conclusion: Because of the seriousness of the situation our saviors have to be healers as well.



Once you have found your True Nature - yourSelf connected - the world around you will look differently. You are not an entity, a lost island in the Ocean of Life anymore. Your compassion with your environment appears to run parallel with your inner growth. There is no other way. That means, that „suddenly" you look with different eyes to your direct surroundings. Your expanding awareness increasingly embraces everything around you. And not only that. Once you know your Self, you know that this Self is identical with the Self of others. Deep inside you are divine. Not only you, but everybody IS THAT. You and everybody around you possess the Buddha-nature („Unlimited"). Deep within you are Self-sovereign. Every living creature appears to be the „crown of creation". Like you your family (group) is Self-sovereign, then the street, the block, the neighborhood and the commune, they all consist of Self-sovereign people. Thus, Self-realization inevitably leads to the Self-realization of society. The inner Path is the dough for the transformation of society, to begin with your own immediate situation. Inner freedom and communal life appear to be two sides of the same coin. Thus your inner qualities will spread in such a way, that after some time a street community has been established, then a block community, a neighborhood community up to a new community on a regional level. The common denominator is Self-sovereignty, that means that everybody is responsible for what he or she is (voluntarily) able to. Freedom creates responsibility. First you decide what you can do for your own environment. Then your family is doing the same, the common denominator of the contributions of all families is the contribution of your street to the neighborhood etc. Women will play a crucial role here. The street, the neighborhood etc. can be compared to the old clans and tribes, in which the mothers used to be the center. The women together with the men are going to reclaim what was taken from them: their souls (from the church), their bodies (from medicine), their households (from consumerism), their street (from violence) and their regions (from environmental destruction). Eventually Self -sovereignty will lead to Self-rule on all levels, the state being split up in smaller surveyable units: in Autonomic Regions. It is a consequence of a development, which already takes place worldwide. For Europe we advocate a European Union of Autonomic Regions, in which politics comes out of spirituality and the economy out of politics. The spiritual foundation of this New Society will be symbolized by a new style emperor (empress), a fully Realized person - the unity in diversity - a Maitreya, a Goddess or a Parcival.


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