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* Oct. 1977

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Green Man got inspired by the Maya 2012 prophecies. In the beginning it was mainly because of the stimulating idea of a global Turning Point, apparently shared by innumerable people around the world. Step by step he discovered and acknowledged the spiritual wisdom of Maya Cosmology. So he decided to commit himself for the coming years, connecting his "Healing the Planet" Initiative to the 2012 Event 

Aztec Calendar

The true secret of the Mayan Calendar: the Return of the Great Mother as the Ultimate Reality,
the Womb of the All, destroying all things old, sick, ugly, evil e.g. injustice, greed and
accumulation, while renewing, regenerating and rejuvenating the world

The Land of Death and Rebirth
Ek Balam, Chitzen Itza, Palenque, Balamkanché,


Maya Calendar End-Date Event
From March 11 until December 21

Wake Up Call
Teaching, Healing and Training Program

Maya Country/Yucatan/Mexico
Pilgrimage "Healing the Planet"/Walking for Spirituality, Health and Ecology

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How to prepare yourself for 2012?

A time will come, which is miraculous,
one that begins in the Night
Jacob Boehme

I went through the selfsame process - death and rebirth -
which the world will face in 2012
Han Marie Stiekema

The Prophecy

"Normally", I am a skeptic, indeed, a non-believer. Esoteric speculations are opium of the people, their function is to fill in the lack of genuine spiritual experience and realization. It is mind-stuff. But this time I have to admit: I am impressed. While Boehme emphasized Cosmic Regeneration through interference of the Night/Darkness/the Cosmic Womb (click sideline: "Proclamation part 1"), at the other end of the ocean Maya culture developed the same Wisdom about the future Great Turning Point. Friends, isn't that totally amazing?

So, what my dearest friends, implies this Mayan prophecy? First of all I want you to know that until very recently I knew very little about it. Therefore, I am very grateful to John Major Jenkins (* for his VERY important elaborations. His discoveries coincide perfectly with my 33 years of Mother Wisdom. First of all, ancient mythology comes from studying the stars. The Maya's weren't different in this regard, this is an understatement, for they were really masters. The Milky Way was called the Great Mother. The dark rift in the middle was called Her birth canal. At the end of it there is a cave-like spot - a Black Hole - a crossing, also called the Sacred Tree. This spot is the Mouth to and from the Underworld, symbolized by the mouth of a serpent. Solar and human beings (kings) are continuously swallowed and spitted out, emphasizing the ongoing death and rebirth of everything alive. For the Maya death precedes birth, e.g. birth takes place from the bottom of Darkness.....

* Read: John Major Jenkins "Maya Cosmogenesis 2012", 1998, Bear & Company

What we thus learn from the Maya - at the same time an "affirmation" of my "thesis" - is, that the Great Mother is he Origin of All.....She is both the destroyer and the birthgiver of "God" and the universe. In Europe, this was hidden under a thick layer of later cultural developements, I mean similar myths from Sumeria and Babylon. On the other hand, with the Maya, it can be studied almost in their original state. The rebirth of the First Father in the Womb of the Cosmic Mother clearly shows the hierarchy between the two. It is corresponding with the MotherGoddess of Sumeria and Her Son/Lover.The latter also had to continuously return to His Origin in order to be reborn. The Maya with their incredible observation skills added something very essential to it, though: the ongoing World Transformation through a cycle of 26.000 years. In 2012 we will experience such a Turning Point......the "end-time".

Graphic of sun eclipse

Not yet impressed? Well, the story isn't finished, yet. Let's go back to the Great Turning Point. Through their calculations - they made the most ingenious calender ever - the Mayas calculated that in the year 2012 the midwinter sun eclipse will be exactly above the Black Mouth of the Milky Way. A constellation that symbolizes the swallowing of the old Sun God by the Great Dark Mother, indicating the end of an Era and the beginning of A New One. First of all the Maya emphasize the Cosmic Mother as the Primordial Ground of existence. This in itself is a major contribution to the West, that still clings to its patriarchal God....Furthermore, their Mother-oriented universe reflects reality as it is: everything, including "God" is born from Her unfathomable Lap, while continuously returning to its Origin. To the Maya the Mother is the "Black Hole" in which the old Sun God dies, and from where the new is emerging. Because this takes place in the Depth of Mother's "Underworld" nobody can predict how the start of the New Era will look like. 

In reality it is about the 2012 december solstice, whereby the sun appears in front of the Galactic Center of the Milky Way. It is a metaphor, for the sun is not really touching its "Maternal Origin". So it is just symbolic. It cannot be taken as an astronomic fact, at all. On the other hand, the wisdom beyond is impressive. Maya's have had a very deep insight into the Cosmos, where Light is born out of Darkness. It is all about the ongoing Renewal and Regeneration of the universe, projected into a single event. Now, you can do two things. One is to altogether reject it, or make it ridiculous. End of the story. Or, you consider it as a manifestation of a great spiritual-cultural heritage. A mythological approach to reality that is much more real than "the birth of Christ". Its underlying intuition is absolutely unique. So, in this case the Maya Event is an invitation to celebrate.  

Sun eclipse on December 21, 2012
above Dark Mouth of Milky Way

Now, some critisize, that the calculations aren't that exact. The Event - if at all - could happen some days before, already. In my concept, dear friends, this is rather irrelevant. Because the Maya myth is interwoven with the Reality of the Mother, the latter is giving it its credibility. Moreover, the response of people worldwide is very impressive, indeed, which can only mean, that the Event resonates with a truth within. Add to it the unbearable world situation that cries out for transformation - the Mother swallowing the evils of lies, oppression, greed, injustice and exploitation - then it will be clear to everyone that this Event has to be taken seriously. It cannot be ignored. Our "response": the inclusive Universal Mother, giving birth to the Great Goddess and Wise Woman on the one hand and the Divine and the Green Man on the other (See Shrine on previous page). Through this new divine constellation the universe will enter a New Era of balance and harmony. Isn't that corresponding with our deepest longings?

Cosmic Mother

Some have said, that contrary to other MesoAmerican civilizations the Maya did NOT left behind many MotherGoddess artefacts: statues and murals. So, they concluded that Maya society was thoroughly patriarchal. The all-present GodKings would prove their claim. Although the former is true, these scientists tend to forget that the Maya projected their belief in the Mother in different ways. First of all and most prominent as Cosmic Mother/the Milky Way. In Her Black Hole (vulva) the old God dies while the new one is born. It has its parallel in the countless pictures of Gods coming out of the mouth of a toad, snake, crocodile, jaguar or tree of life. It proves the fact, that the Mother was considered the Origin of life in all its aspects. Add the symbolism of the cenotes and caves as "entries to the Underworld" (of the Mother) to it and you will agree with me that under the layer of the male-dominated warrior states the Mother was still prominent. Something that was emphasized by the last ruler of Palenque, Pakal, when he stated that his mother was "in reality" the Divine Mother of the three God's triad.

Being rooted in "Heaven, earth and underworld" - like all old indigenous traditions of Mexico cherish -  may seem hopelessly "archaic", not complying with modern insights at all. Nothing is further from the truth. Spiritual life has its foundation in death of the ego ("underworld"), rebirth as a New Self ("Heaven") and once again fitting in in the web of life ("earth"). All three categories originate from the Original Great Mother. Isn't Her Law of the Universe including the dynamic balance between "Death, Rebirth and Life" equally? Mexico therefore is a guide country for sincere searchers (especially for its northern neighbors...who tend to deny death as much as they can.....).


In the middle: Teotihuacan Great Mother. Left: Temple of the Sun;
right: Street of the Dead...

Prove of widespread dissemination of the tradition is the "Day of the Dead" (Dia de los Muertos) in Mexico. It has an Aztec background dating back thousands of years. It was (is) dedicated to the Goddess Mictecacihuatl, the Lady of death and rebirth, corresponding to the modern saint Catrina. Here again the fascinating fact, that the Mexicans start with death as the source of rebirth. It is corresponding with the Bottomlessness of the Mother, giving birth to the universe. The festival is held from October 31-November 2, the Catholic holy days of All Saints/All Souls Day. (Not so) astonishing detail: on the island of Janitzio (Michoacan State) only mothers, grandmothers and children see to the dead.....Men are banned from the ceremony.....


Day of the Dead

It also explains the incredible veneration Mexicans have toward their Lady of Guadalupe. We now understand that Her blackness - main characteristic of the Spanish Black Madonna's - could be easily transplanted to Mexico. The latter had developed a highly mystical and cosmologically brilliant concept of the Great Mother. Through the Black Madonna's European and MesoAmerican understanding about the Ultimate Reality of life received a common root. Dear friends, I am really excited about these "discoveries". The Lady is widely recognized as being a manifestation either of the Aztec Goddess Tonantzin or Coatlicue, both names for the Original Aztec "Mother of God". Regarding the male figure at her feet, she might have an (obvious!) relationship with the Green Man.....


Our Lady of Guadalupe
(See relationship with the Green Man)

Universal Teaching

A big surprise: science is confirming the cosmology behind Maya prophecy. It starts with the "Origin of All". An increasing number of physicists call this "Absolute Nothingness" (S.Hawking) or "Cosmic Vacuum". According to them Nothingness is giving birth to the universe. However, they still don't know how to position Consciousness e.g. the Divine into the overall picture. The solution: The Vacuum first giving birth to "God", while the latter emanates the universe. In the language of physics: the Vacuum contains a Virtual Field from which virtual waves originate. This Field is both constant, as well as uninterruptedly returning to the Absolute Nothingness of the Vacuum. "Death and Rebirth" at the most fundamental level of the Cosmos! The virtual waves materialize into particles (neutrons and protons), the latter forming more complicated structures. Through the "centrifugal" Cosmic Power the universe expands. Until it "inflates" to such an extent that the "Birth Power" loses its grip. It is a turning point where expansion turns into contraction. The "Death Power" (Gravity!) is the centripetal Force, pulling matter (Dark Matter) back to the Bottomlesness of the Vacuum or Cosmic Womb. Deep within "Her" Abyss another Turning Point is causing a Big Crunch/Big Bang: the beginning of a New Cosmic Cycle.

See also: "The Supreme Design", "Universal Teaching", "Great Night"

Now, my dear friends, it will be clear that the Great Cosmic Cycle and the earth time cycle are two different things. The former is the ongoing Renewal of the entire universe, with frequent Big Bangs. The latter is an earth cycle based on "precession" e.g. a projection of the movement of the earth against the Milky Way. What the two have in common, though, is a sense of cyclic time. Life is an ongoing process, based on "Birth and Death". The big surprise is that Mayan mythology - as one of the few in the world - had a notion about Black Holes, as well. What does the "Dark Gate (Mouth) to the Underworld" otherwise mean? Exactly, it is the Galactic Center or Cosmic Womb. Isn't it reason for deep awe for their intelligence? According to modern research Black Holes are the outcome of the death of a star. From here speculations start. But isn't the central question: why do stars die? Is it simply because their thermal potentiality exhausts? But why is it exhausting? Spiritual Insight about the Great Mother gives the answer. The answer is: because beyond our visible universe there exists a Cosmic Vacuum. It is this "Womb" - the unity of Darkness and Light (Consciousness) - that draws everything (matter) in, while at the same time shooting energy out. It sheds a totally new light on what Black Holes really are*. Indeed, they are Gates to the Underworld, the Cosmic Womb!, the latter being the Primordial Ground of Regeneration, relentlessly renewing the universe.

* In the same way the Mother takes care of spiritual (personal) death and rebirth. Isn't that a miracle? I think the Mother should receive the Nobel Price!...... 


Black Hole (left).   "Wormhole" (right) as bridge between two universes,
a highly unlikely hypothesis, for the underlying
"universe" is the Cosmic Vacuum

Black Holes "preceded galaxies"

The evidence was unveiled at the 213th American Astronomical Society meeting in Long Beach, California. How incredibly exciting. What was previously known is, that there was a link between the masses of Black Holes and the central "bulges" of stars and gas in galaxies. The news is, that "scientists have been able to measure black-hole and bulge masses in several galaxies seen as they were in the first billion years after the Big Bang (Fabian Walter, Max-Planck Institute for Radioastronomy, Bonn, Germany). The conclusion: "The constant ratio may not hold in the early universe", therefore, "Black Holes started growing first". (Dr. Chr.Carilli, US National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Socorro, New Mexico). It complies fully with both my Threefold Realization, where Nothingness preceded the Light* and the findings of the Maya, where the Cosmic Mother gave birth to the First Father. I cannot get over it!!! Tears......

* "Darkness precedes Light" (Salerno Cathedral)


Maya Ruler Jade Death Mask (Pakal, left); his wife the "Red Queen" (middle)
and Maya Green Deity (right)

Jade mask
(Foto: Antje Baumann)

As if this isn't enough.....In Mexican museums there are several jade death masks of famous Maya kings. Am I now caught by speculation fever myself when I say that this is really too accidental? Because in ancient (Near East) mythology the Great Mother and the Green Man (Vegetation God) were two sides of the same coin, the latter being Her Son/Lover. This God had to die every year (in Her Cosmic Womb) in order to guarantee the next years' harvest. This fits perfectly into the Maya picture of the king swallowed by the Dark Mother. For sure, because archaic Mexican peoples originate from tribes that crossed the Bering Street starting around 17.000 years ago. At that time all people worshipped the Great Mother! In Teotihuacan, in the Pyramid of the Sun (near Mexico City) a Chamber has been found, some kind of Womb for the rebirth of the GodKings. Some scientists confirm that a "kind of Magna Mater Goddess" was the main deity here. If this has a truth in it, then the tradition of the Mother and Her Green Man would gain an exciting new dimension.

Great Mother swallowing Constantin the Great, founder of the Christian Church,
symbol of the old world (left), while giving birth to New Life (right)

World Teacher

Summarizing: The Maya acknowledged the Cosmic Womb as the "Origin of All". They projected "Her" into the Milky Way, called Xibalba or the Great Rift. "She" is Absolute Darkness, destroying and giving birth to the Eternal Light, something the Maya call "God". The Maya understood that this is a cyclic - in fact timeless - process which they projected into cycles of time. Thus 2012 is the re-enactment of a Cosmic Drama, a Celebration of the Renewal of the universe. This Renewal is symbolized by the Birth of "a New God". As we know now the Divine is manifesting Itself in all and everything. By going within you'll discover it yourself: your innermost Core as your Divine Spark. The latter eventually may lead to Ultimate Oneness with the Ultimate. Hence, the Maya World Renewal is first of all a personal Realization e.g. the birth of the Divine within. Secondly, this revolution of the Spirit is going to connect all living and non-living beings. Everybody is invited to prepare for it, no-one excluded. Many questions may pop up. What exactly is going to happen? In what way? What is the best way to prepare for it? And how? Indeed, without a guide these questions are difficult to answer. Therefore, the 2012 World Renewal implies the coming of a "World Teacher", a (more than) Fully Realized One, who - as a Shining Light - will take the initiative. The latter consisting of leading mankind into a New Era. This "World Teacher" has already descended from "Heaven" and is preparing for his Proclamation in 2012.  

The signs for a Great Turning Point are overwhelming. A highly "explosive" mixture is being brewed. It is the Universal Mother - the Supreme Ultimate Reality - Who Herself will bring about the Transformation the world is direly waiting for. The key event is Her giving birth to the New Light - both individually and collectively - extending its Consciousness, Wisdom, Compassion and Empowerment to all directions. It is supported by a series of "circumstances" that gives the "magical" amalgame further nourishment. Don't we experience the rapid disintegration of society, events speeding up at incredible pace, the global threat of climate change e.g. natural disasters, the end of the patriarchal era; the "death of the Old God"; the awakening of oppressed peoples and the synchronicity of prophecies e.g. the heightened awareness around the world? The Maya's e.g. have predicted this. They have set the stage for a Cosmic Drama, that symbolizes the Rebirth of the World. We tune into it, because we want to accelerate the Transformation the world so direly needs. A World Crisis requires e,g, implies a "World Teacher", someone who has been granted New and Unsurpassed Cosmic Insight. With this insight we will overcome the crisis. Everybody will share the Wisdom, the Love and Strength of his Universal Mind. I feel incredibly priviledged that the Mother has chosen me to prepare the coming of this "World Teacher". I know he spent more than 30 years to get himself ready for this task. Now he is about to make himself known to the world. It creates an irresistable wave of expectation, hope and empowerment around the globe. Indeed, A New Great Cycle of Renewal, in which (wo)mankind will become part of the Whole - Heaven, earth and the (new) community - once again.

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Mary is the "Mother of God". Yes, of God. So, not only of Christ. Because, isn't Christ on the other hand of the selfsame substance as the Father? Yes, he is. Hence, Mary - in fact the Eternal Feminine - is the Mother of "God the Father". God isn't the Father, but the Son

See the "Shrine Madonna" at the bottom of this page. It is the most truthful image of the "Mother of God", giving birth to both "God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost"

The unbelievable thing is, that the indigenous people's of Mexico, in particular the Maya's, already knew this. Their cosmology is based on the Cosmic Mother giving birth to the First Father. It complies with the ancient wisdom of the Near East, emphasizing a "dying and resurrecting" God. The Mother proves to be truly universal....

Obviously, the Great Mother includes all traditions equally, not just the Christian deities. Therefore, Her Spiritual Reality as depicted in the central mandala, consisting of the Cosmic Womb and Her direct manifestations: the Black Goddess, the Divine, Wise Woman and Green Man is the center of our devotion

My early ancestors came from Canaan (home of the Great Mother Asherah/Astarte/Anat and Her dying and resurrecting God Baal e.g. Green Man), later settling down on Sardinia, at that time a colony of Spain. In the 17th century my grand/grand/grand etc. father was forced - as a mercenary - by the Spanish to join the army, and became part of the occupying force in The Netherlands. As the Spanish were defeated in 1648 my
ancestor took the chance, escaped from the army and stayed in the Low Countries. This past - being of Spanish descent, but having been also colonized and exploited by the Spanish - gives a great deal of ambiguity. So I can feel what indigenous peoples like the Guanches of the Canary Islands or those of Latin America feel (felt). Moreover, both worship the Cosmic Mother, together with the Green Man (GodMan), just like my early ancestors did. Being able to sharing my Being and skills with them is a glorious HomeComing, indeed! Joy, gratitude....