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Green Man

The Divine

Universal Great Mother/ Cosmic Womb
Everything: The Divine (white/yellow) and the universe (green) is born out of Her (black), while returning in the self-same
Eternal Moment

Black Goddess

Wise Woman

Shrine of the Universal Mother

I, Han Marie Stiekema Sermes, a common human being (just like you), acknowledges e.g. claims to be a multi-layered Child of the Universal Mother (just like you), including all Her emanations (just like you): from Her Glorious Light Body (The Divine/ BuddhaNature and their derivatives: from Logos/True Self to the ego), Her Storehouse Body (collective unconsciousness, archetypes, "forms", androgyny), to Her Material Body (energy, "web of life", nature, the world), all originating from Her Fathomless Depth, the Cosmic Womb, from Which everything is born and to Which everything is returning, without exception.

Friends! This unbelievable Truth didn't come to me in images, dreams, visions, concepts, ideas or even experience. It was on the other hand bestowed upon me as the Revelation of Her Selfsame Reality - through "my" Threefold Realization - emphasizing that every true Renewal of Religion doesn't happen through our own projections, but through the interference of the Divine Itself. The times couldn't be better for That to occur. Aren't we all standing with our back against the wall, in shock about the misfortunes that we have inflicted upon ourselves?


How could it happen? Aren't we the most intelligent species on earth? And look at the mess we created. Isn't it time to become a little more humble? Even grasses, plants, ants, deer, dolphins, monkeys and all other natural creatures understand that only through creative adaptation one may thrive and survive. In order to understand our ignorance in this regard we have to go back to our roots. It started with archaic times in which we were embedded in Oneness. We were part of Great Consciousness, comparable to the "oceanic" state of the foetus.

Our "world view" was that of a Cosmic Womb, derived from our perception of the dark universe. It complied with the human womb. Both were the source of fertility. (In the beginning the role of the male in procreation wasn't known). So Woman was considered sacred. Witness of it are the countless Great Mother terracottas from 40.000-3.000 BCE found from France to Siberia, prove of the fact that worship of the Mother was universal. Men had no problem with their submissive role, because they simply considered their position as part of a natural order.

Friends! It is of utmost importance, that you understand where you are coming from. Because only then you will grasp both the current crisis and the way to overcome it. Many factors determined the course of evolution. First of all, the increasing power of discrimination e.g. the mind, the discovery of the roles of males in the procreation, the agricultural revolution and the patriarchal Indo-Germanic invaders. Together they replaced the feminine world by a masculine one. Centralization of power and tendencies toward monotheism went hand in hand.

As soon as the later Church started exercising power "over the souls" people were forced to believe the Christian "Good News" - Christ's redemptive role - at the expense of their connectedness with "Heaven, earth and the community". People were cut off from reality, the latter had turned into a "vale of tears". Increasingly, they were "thrown upon themselves", incapable to "pursue happiness" independently from the sinister Church, who had doomed existence through "original sin". All those who did not submit to its terror were mercilessly persecuted, tortured or put to death.

Friends, we are approaching a crucial turning point here. Because people did not see a way out they started falling back on their ego's, the only free space left. Ever since our civilization has developed along the line of increasing self-centeredness, individualism, addiction, greed and worse. The complaints of the Church about "this materialistic society" are thus totally hypocritical. It was the former and nobody else who caused it! I emphasize this, because quite some people still blame society. In reality, it is the degenerated religion that created the mess.

That's why religion as we know it cannot save us. In the mean time, the culture has identified itself even more with patriarchal/masculine, values only: rationalism, reductionalism, technology, science, profit-making, greed for power, exploitation and destruction. The opposite pole: feminine values like interconnectedness, solidarity, love, care, peace, respect, justice, harmony with nature are all pushed to the margin. Instead, people are forced into addiction/consumerism, the capitalist way of giving us "a sense of wholeness". The sad thing is that especially women appear to be easy victims.

Without a new balance between masculine and feminine values our world is doomed to disappear. In fact, the latter are the foundation of life, while the former are secondary. What is the use of science, if it is not based on respect for nature? Societies' paradigms have always been the outcome of the image of God. Is he a male despote, then society will behave accordingly. Well, Yahweh, God the Father and the Church did not bring us any good, while the poor Jesus - through manipulation by the former - hasn't had any chance to bring his message of love into the world.  

That's why the Mother returned. She not only cares about all those in inner trouble, but also includes the masses of "common" people - believers and non-believers - who, increasingly, are pushed to the margin of existence. Aren't the ruling forces of this world oppressing, exploiting and crushing the "wretched of the earth?" Add religious conflicts to it and the picture is complete. Friends, it sometimes reminds me of the time of early Christianity. I very well understand the desperation of John, and his reason for writing the Apocalypse. However, revenge isn't the right answer. The Mother has a far better solution*.

* See: "Mother Apocalypse"    

Friends! This is the story. Without the Mother we are lost. Who or what else is left that can save us? People of all times have had memories of a paradise long ago. The dream of a whole world is still alive. Going back in history, where this Wholeness can be found? Exactly, in its Origin. All great teachers wanted to restore "tradition". What they - LaoTse, Buddha, Jesus - meant by that was this primordial state of Being. Even the recent Popes dreamed about it. Apparently, they couldn't find it in their own tradition. Even Mary didn't seem to meet their deepest longings.



"God is dead". It means, the way we have interpreted God is dead. All options have been tried, in vain. Religion as we know it, is degenerating rapidly. Friends! We have no other choice, but to go into the Unknown. That Realm that was suppressed for 2000 years. Obviously, we cannot go back in time. Dreaming about some "ideal" former state is stupid. We have two millennia behind us, moving from one disaster after the other. Our pain, fear and anger have accumulated to dazzling heights. We are not the same anymore, like we were in ancient times. But one thing we do have: a limitless and unstoppable longing for Wholeness!

In crucial situations that really matter - terminal disease, traffic accident, wartime - what do we shout in utter desperation? Right, we call for MOTHER. Who dares to call this "regression" is utterly cynical. You better stop reading here. Instead, this our call is a primal scream for the Primordial. Would the current global crisis bring us to the same healthy outcry? "A time will come that is miraculous. It will come in (as) the Night"......Indeed, haven't we "neglected" Darkness in favor of the Light? Even to such an extent that we have started fighting against this our own Maternal Origin?!

Our Salvation consists in embracing THAT which causes most fear. It requires great clarity, intense devotion and incredible courage. The time is ripe for that. Once there isn't any way back our deepest powers are activated. So don't try to escape. Don't repeat the old too wellknown patterns. Don't blow yourself up to some heroic act, either. Instead, decide to truly getting known the Unknown, the Original Mother. As you know from my writings, She is just another word for the Vacuum, the Cosmic Womb, the latter including the whole of existence, nothing excluded. In fact, everything lives in (Her) absolute security.

Her Essence is the Vacuum with Her dynamic in- and outgoing cosmic forces. Normally, these forces balance each other. The result is stability. Once the equilibrium is broken, either by cosmic or earthly causes or both, periods of instability emerge. We certainly are in such a period rightnow. And for sure it is us - with our accumulations - who have violated this Her "Law of the Universe". These forces include destruction on the one hand and manifestation on the other. They are the driving force - caused by the unfathomable Womb - behind all emanations. First emanation is the Cosmic Light (the Divine, "God", BuddhaNature together with its incarnations like Satori, true Self and awareness); second is the Realm of Forms, Platonic ideas, entities, angels and the like, call them prototypes of matter. They are the content of the Light, the intermediary layer between "God and the world" (traditionally called "Sophia", later "archetypes"); thirdly the Realm of Energy, containing subtle quantum energy to electricity f.i., eventually becoming the last emanation: that of matter, the universe, the earth, nature.   


Dear friends, do you know what even (slightly) shocked myself? It is the fact, that once you take the Mother as a starting point, all concepts of "God" as we "know" them automatically disappear.....There appears to be no need of them. It starts with the Mother's first emanation: the Light. Contrary to former concepts, the Light hasn't an absolute existence of its own anymore, but proves to be born out of Mother's Lap. Two things: what was formerly called "God the Father" has now become Her Son/Daughter..... Secondly, His (Its) real status has changed into the Light Body of the Mother. "He" cannot be understood without "His" relationship to Her, She is His true and only Origin! So, no need for a special term, anymore. Thus our new creed: There is One Mother and "God" is Her Light Body. The Mystery: the Light is born from the Depth of the Mothers' Bottomlessness, while uninterruptedly returning to Its Origin. This happens in the Eternal Realm, hence there is no time between birth and death. "At the same time" some part is returning, while another part is born, making the exchange a hidden event. It is the reason why the Light is considered "Absolute" and "Unchanging". This is the dynamic approach.

While the Light is born out of Darkness, emphasizing a hierarchical relationship between the two - called in ancient times the Mother and Her Son/Lover - "Son" because He is born out of Her, "Lover" because He continuously returns to Her, if we look at it structurally, Darkness and Light appear to be two sides of the same coin. That's why some traditions call the Ultimate "God the Parent" (Oya, Pure Land, Tenrikyo). Here, there is no hierarchy, but equality. It is the foundation of all those concepts, that emphasize androgyny. The two gendered Divine (Sophia-Logos is another attempt to describe it) is the "archetype" for the gynandric/androgynic ideal of gender here on earth. Both the dynamic as well as the structural concept have to be valued equally. The latter gives credit to the masculine part of existence. He - the Son - has His role in the Cosmos to play. In former times He used to be the Dying and Resurrecting Godman, serving life through His sacrifying role. It is the tradition of Tammuz, Osiris, Baal, Attis, Adonis, Dionysos and yes...Christ. Identification with these archetypes restores masculine integrity, regeneration, His true mission, beauty, contributing to renewed self-respect and dignity. We call Him the "Green Man" with "Wise Woman" as his counterpart....(See Mother Shrine below).

Obviously, it has been women, who suffered most under 2000 years of patriarchal oppression. Something that isn't over, yet. On the contrary, violence against women is worldwide on the increase. While a minority enjoys the pleasures of a patriarchal career, thereby developing their masculine part ("animus"), often only to discover that femininity cannot thrive in a male-dominated environment......a majority (painfully) recognizes the fact that only a female-centered society will be able to create peace, justice and harmony with nature. They long for a world based on interconnectedness, respect, wholeness, love, care and an integrated community. Such values can only emerge, if they come forward from an All-Embracing Cosmic Deity.

How fortunate we all are my friends! Isn't this the time where the patriarchal God is at His end? Together with His oppression of femininity, like manifested in the poor Catholic Virgin Mary? That's why the True Universal Mother has Revealed Herself to the world. This time not holding back anymore, but pouring Her Grace unrestricted to (wo)mankind. All the things patriarchalized Goddesses could not give us She is giving to us, to women and men equally. Her death aspect, that is destroying all evil, accumulations and greed (""cosmic destructivity"), thus anabling the birth of a New Spiral in evolution. Granting each of us renewal, regeneration e.g. realization of Her Light Body (our innermost Divine Core), satisfying our deepest longings and last but nor least Her life affirming attitude, promoting lust for life; celebrating the body, eroticism and sex; (women) empowerment, thus emphasizing the Goddess in every woman (while revaluating the role of the Madonna and other Goddesses) promoting fertility on all levels, from the (waste)land to human beings, intensively loving nature and the world.....thus embracing life in its entirety, without exception. Praise the Mother!

Maya Calendar World Renewal Event

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