The Original Tradition
of the
Universal Cosmic Mother




MeiMei walked on the streets of Beijing (her home city). Searching for glasses. Her current glasses weren't strong enough. She met a young man, who didn't seem very trustworthy. He said he had the right glasses for her. For which she had to pay in advance. Because he would deliver the glasses at another place MeiMei had to simply trust him. Once she got the glasses she instantly got awakened.

She then walked in another street. A very narrow and crowded one. She got rather stressy. She heared my voice saying: you have to put all your treasures - black stones, other symbolic objects, writings - together. Suddenly she was in the middle of a Radiating Golden Light......

MeiMei was flying like a "superwoman" into a castle. The castle had a wall all around it. No gate, no windows whatsoever. She tried the miracle of putting all her treasures together (dream 2). To no avail. She again heard my voice saying: TRUST. So she continued flying right against the wall. SUDDENLY a tunnel opened itself. She went in. At the end she descried local people, eating and drinking on grassland, the latter being very green. Joyfully the inhabitants received her, sharing all of their food and drinks. The former said: "we thought you never would make it...."

At last she found herself among a small group of elderly women. They were very wise, indeed. The women seemed to hide something. MeiMei understood that they wanted to give it to her. It was a baby. The old mothers handled it over to MeiMei, entrusting it with her care......


MeiMei's dream is a unique example of spiritual initiation. It is a very complete dream, including major steps of the inner Path. The first section is about awakening, symbolized by getting new glasses. She gets it from a stranger, which means that it is not an extension of the common mind, but rather is something hitherto unknown to her. Only by trusting the process she can make the leap.

In order to making progress on the Path you have to step by step extend awareness. By doing so you exceed common boundaries. Until all limits of time and space are transcended. She suddenly dissolves into the Eternal Light.

The third step is all about the Grail, the latter symbolizing the Cosmic Womb. This is very rare indeed, for "usually" the spiritual Path ends up with Enlightenment. It means that MeiMei is called to Ultimate Fulfillment. As "superwoman" - Enlightened One - she still has to make one more step. The Womb, however, cannot be realized. It is symbolized by the Dark Castle. You have to give up your life for it. And that was what she did: blindly flying against the wall. Going back into the Womb is symbolized by the tunnel**. At the end of which she found the "Cauldron of Abundance" - The Grail - embodied by the eating and drinking folks.....They were amazed to find MeiMei, for very few manage to (re)enter the Womb.....

* The symbolism of the Grail is widespread. In China the Bronze Vessels - "Ding" - are closely related to it. It is thus not strange that MeiMei being a Chinese got a corresponding vision

** Miraculously, the symbolism of the tunnel corrsponds exactly with the dream that was granted to me at the beginning of my spiritual career 40 years ago....See: "Threefold Realization"

The last scene is very moving. Rather than just enjoying the feast without asking the meaning of it - like Parzival did - and thus loosing the claim of carrying on the Grail tradition, MeiMei finds herself in the middle of "Old Women", the latter symbolizing the Cosmic Mother. As sign of the fact that MeiMei is considered worthy of becoming the next Grail Goddess, the Mothers pass the baby - the new Cycle of Birth and Death - to her. Isn't this totally amazing?

Two more things. During the dream MeiMei was aware of a very unusual clarity in and around her, which is proof of the transcendental nature of the dream. On the other hand, this initiation was still a dream. It didn't happen "in broad daylight". Therefore, its meaning has to be considered a promise, a certainty of the fact, that one day the "dream" will surely become true. It is a wonderful encouragement to all of you! Have TRUST in the Mother and She will bestow all Her treasures upon you....

Dream Coming True

MeiMei is a gift of the Cosmic Mother. Because she will never say much about it, I, as her husband will tell you how I see her. I have three titles for her: "Wise Woman", "Chinese Guasha Master" and.....but not least "Incarnation of the Healing Goddess". These three dimensions are ultimately one. Never in my life I have met somebody, who radiates such a shining tranquillity. Everything she is and does manifests natural balance.

She combines gentleness with resolution, joy of life with commitment to her work. Yes, I am devoted to her, knowing she is Devi. I have always known that sooner or later she will come to the open, showing her full wisdom, compassion and strength. Typically, she will not take the initiative to do so. She wants others to confirm her mission, giving her a last push. Her confidence has grown over the years, though. Nowadays, her kindness has attracted quite a few people already.

Her wisdom is manifested through deep insight without the need of thinking first. If a question is not relevant, she simply doesn't say anything. She will just smile, giving you the re-assurance not to worry, that everything is okay. If a question does touch the essence, then her answer comes immediately. Complicated matter is brought back to a few words, which often have the quality of a revelation. The result is that your burden immediately drops off, leaving behind transparent Space.

More than 12 years now she has developed her skills as a healer. It was great luck that at that time during a visit to China she discovered Guasha. All her talents are united in it. First there is her medical insight. "Like a professor" she studies whenever she can. Because she has direct access to Chinese sources her knowledge is always up to date. Secondly, her therapeutic skills are extraordinary. She heals complicated "cases" with great ease. Thirdly, her educational skills are impressive. Typical comment of her students: "with MeiMei we have learned in three weekends more than in one year of".

"Incarnation of the Healing Goddess" requires some explanation. How to say it? It is because in healing she is an undivided Whole. All her qualities meet, there is no inner division. It makes that she is living and acting not from her common self, but out of her Essence, the Transcendental. She has realized her Devi within. I see and feel it every day. It makes me grateful and joyful without limits. That's why I am devoted to her Goddess within. Recently, she indicated that she wants to extend her work to spirituality. I always have known that one day she would make this step. Nevertheless, it still came as a surprise to me. Her Dream will certainly come true, to the benefit of all and everyone.

Jai Mata Di
(May the Mother prevail)

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