Treating pain along the Camino de Compostela
Summer 2004


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In Estella, Northern Spain, from May to September in de Calle Rua,
next to the Pilgrim Inn, together with our friends*.




Virgen del Puy
With Whom I had "a special relationship"


It was one of the most enjoyable times, ever. Treating pilgrims with their pain problems was very fullfilling, indeed. Hundreds and hundreds passed by our "clinic". We had an open door house, made available for free to us by the local Red Cross. Everybody could come in for treatment, the others waited, chatted...... Obviously, our work was for free too. It created such a goodwill among the locals. Soon the latter also appeared this time with all kinds of disorders.....The "Diario de Navarra" wrote an extensive article about our PilgrimCare.

* A.o. Rene and Helma Rell, Jacobien and Theo Mensink, who helped us a great deal.

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