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"After many years of preparation

I joined Han Marie's


As many of you know I joined our practice for holistic medicine some 12 years ago. After my completion of my (Western) flow system therapy training I was seeking to combine it with Chinese Traditional Medicine. Very soon I was lucky to "discover" the Guasha therapy in China. Ever since I practice the "Golden Triangle": nutrition, body cleansing and Guasha with great success. I have trained some 1000 therapists and lay practitioners, while patients increasingly flock to our practice.


In the course of time I became totally caught up in these activities. At the same time Han Marie - apart from being my medical supervisor and coach (as a M.D. since 1972) - got more and more involved in his "Healing the Planet initiative". We had to decide whether we would go apart - he his work and I mine - or that we should join our efforts under one all-inclusive umbrella.


After much hesitation - the practice gives us our (very moderate) financial basis after all (besides financing HEALING THE PLANET! entirely by ourselves) - I made the leap into the unknown. Which means that I committed myself to all health-related issues of Han Marie's project. Right now I still have to combine it with my practice. So at the moment the deal is: to continue the practice in Holland, while step by step taking more responsibility for the whole

See: Healing the Planet


First I want to emphasize the gratefulness I feel for my husband's relentless support. Through him I am what I am now. So it gives me tremendous joy that eventually I am able to once again become his follower and student. When I was young spirituality f.i. was forbidden in China (Cultural Revolution). Here in the West (1990) I read for the first time about Taoism and Buddhism.....On the other hand Han always says to me that I have a natural wisdom that just "pops up from the Depth within". Indeed, sometimes I say something without realizing where it is coming from. From Emptiness?....


First of all I will commit myself to the New Health Care as formulated in Han's website. Healing starts with yourself after all. If the first step is made you can extend your healing to the world around you. Health is thus an important gate to HEALING THE PLANET!

Secondly, pain treatments (spiritually, emotionally and physically) through Mother Healing is an important part of our activities. In the (contemplative/silence) sessions (of one hour) Han explains how the Mother heals, while giving some instructions as well. In every session those with exceptionally severe symptoms will be invited for an additional Guasha treatment, for which I am personally responsible

Obviously, some of you may need Guasha pain treatments over a longer period of time. In that case you can always make a personal appointment with me!

See: Mother Healing

The Retreats consist of the Universal Way, divided into 7 steps. The fifth step is "purification". It is applied in all those case where catharsis is needed. Some Retreats already take this into account since they will be combined with fasting and body cleansing. Additional Guasha often causes miracles. It works on three levels simultaneously: spiritually, psychologically and physically. Its benefits are renewal and regeneration.

See: The Universal Way

It makes a diffrence: working for yourself (only) or committing yourself to the Whole. Right from the start my life got a deeper meaning and fulfillment. I really feel supported by the universe! So I love to continue my courses and trainings to help you to become Basic Health Consultants. The difference with my practice: this time the participants will be people who want to commit themselves to saving the earth. Welcome!

Last but not least I pledge to commit myself to the HEALING THE PLANET mission with my whole Heart, with all my dedication and skills. Everything is part of an integrated Whole and I decided to live this....May it heal, inspire and support you on your Way like it does to me!

Warm Greetings,

MeiMei Yu, MA
Guasha Teacher and Therapist
from China

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