The Original Tradition
Mother Worship

The Vegetation/Mystery God nailed on.....the Mother: Vulva, the Stake, the Moon and the Star(s)


HMS' Enlightenment


aims at integrating, renewing, and further developing

The Original Mother Religion
(Green Man & Wise Woman)
Mystery Religions
Women Traditions

and every other tradition that may enrich humankind's spiritual inheritage



"Die Große Mutter"

Soll teilweise noch auf Deutsch übersetzt werden.

"Das was wir kennen als die Christliche Religion bestand schon unter den Alten, und hat es immer gegeben; von den ersten Anfängen der Menschheit bis zu der Zeit wo Christus geboren wurde, zu welcher Zeit die Wahre Religion, die schon existierte, Christentum genannt wurde"

Retractt. I, xiii.


Jesus is part of the Great Mother tradition with its dying and resurrected Gods. Hence, the Original Tradition claiming to include Christianity

Han Marie Stiekema

See also: Mother Church/Church of the Mother



There is no original sin
Hence, neither redemption nor a savior is necessary
I am not God

Rather, I am an Awakened One
Yes, the God-Experience has been bestowed upon me
My Mission is to teach you how to become like Me

The Divine is penetrating the whole of existence
Plants, animals, humans, rocks, rivers and the sky alike
Everything is sacred, nothing excluded

The Revelation/Realisation is ongoing
Including countless women and men of all times
Everybody is called, everybody is chosen

In these most desperate of times
I don't need followers
Instead, I need successors!


Die Würfel sind gefallen


The essence of Christian belief is that "Jesus lives". At the same time there is continuous controversy about his teaching. For two thousand years Christianity is split in countless fractions all claiming to possessing the Truth. Theologians have been indulging in speculations e.g. interpretations to such an extent, that the "true message" has become obscured. Nobody seems to be interested in Jesus' own opinions. They don't take their own faith literally. However, if Jesus is alive as they claim he is, then it must be possible to directly contact him. And this is exactly what Han Marie Stiekema did. He says: In order to meet CHRIST I went within to "my" deepest layer. Once in the Realm of Limitlessness "I" enjoyed Unity with the Divine. My common self had totally disappeared. A Voice whispered: "My brother, are you there? I am the Essence of the Universe, like You are the Essence of the Universe. Here we can meet. Actually, we are already One. Isn't that a miracle? Again the Voice: "My brother, do you hear Me?"


HMS. Yes, but how I know it is You?

CHRIST: Of course you know; don't you know your own Innermost Core?

TOGETHER: We don't have to search for each other. The Unity has been there from Eternity. Let's enjoy our Oneness and entertain ourselves with some playful talk, to the benefit of all, those who are thirsty and hungry. Yes, let's do that!

CHRIST: Actually, I am very happy that you have invited me to speak. For two thousand years - although all saying that "I live" - nobody has ever got the idea of contacting me directly. Not being able to express myself was the greatest ordeal ever.

HMS: But what about all those learned men: apostles, church fathers, theologians, popes, bishops, priests, ministers and all others, who were involving themselves and still are in promoting your message? Isn't the Church representing you on earth?

CHRIST: These pedants e.g. wiseacres are only interested in their own opinions. They misused my message in order to strengthen their own positions, denying the greatest Truth of all, namely that I am Eternally Present.

HMS: Isn't the Bible God's word?

CHRIST: The Bible served the purpose of establishing power. It has very little to do with the Truth. With the Bible in their hands the clergy had an instrument to oppress all their "adversaries". As you know only an estimate 15% of my words are genuine*. With the discoveries of Nag Hammadi people suddenly became aware of a totally different interpretation of my stay on earth. However, even those Gnostic scriptures don't give the full account.

* As has been proven by prof.dr.G.Lüdemann and many others.

HMS: I think the most crucial question of all is "Who Are You?"

CHRIST: I cannot tell you how much I regret the controversies caused by this issue. It cannot be understood without seeing it in a broader context of pre-Christian religion and beyond. The diificulty of my task was to satisfy the demands for a Messiah, bringing about social change, on the one hand, and my deeper mission, teaching the people about the Ultimate Reality, on the other. 

HMS: Could you explain?

CHRIST: Well, my life at that time didn't originate "out of the blue" as many scholars try to claim. During my life I was always very much aware of that. As you know, I repeatedly emphasized my mission as to restore the Original! Tradition. Of course, this my effort has been misinterpreted, whether out of ignorance or purposely. 

HMS: You mean during your life already.

CHRIST: Well, Jewish tradition didn't have the coherence later writers try us to believe. In fact there were two contradicting tendences: that of the popular Mother Goddess religion on the one hand and the legalistic fundamentalist JHWH religion on the other. In fact, the Old Testament is an account of how the latter tried to crush the former.

HMS: Did you consciously considered yourself to be a part of that struggle?

CHRIST: In order to answer that question you have to go back to the pre-Hebrew era. At that time the Great Mother religion flourished in the entire Near East, predominantly in Sumeria and Babylonia. Later these cults spread to Egypt, Canaan and the Hellenist realm. Their essence is always the same: it consists of the All-Embracing Mother with Her Son/Lover: the dying and resurrected Godman.

HMS: You mean to say, that these traditions are somehow connected?

CHRIST: Judaism and later Christianity are NOT exclusive new beginnings in history, as they pretend to be. They are rather continuations in disguise. To begin with, the Hebrews took over the Canaanaite Goddess cult. They copied the Divine couple Asherah and El, later to be continued by Astarte/Anat with Baal as the dying and resurrected Godman. While the Mother symbolized the Cosmic Womb in which everything is born e.g. returns, the God played the role of Her servant, protecting the vegetation. He did this by dying every autumn, while being reborn every spring. 

HMS: You were also a "dying and resurrected Godman", weren't you?

CHRIST: Exactly. Like so many others in my time. They all tried to revive the ancient Mother religion in some way or another. Since the old times a evolution had taken place, though. It started with Gilgamesh. He escaped from the Goddess (Ishtar) and started his search for immortality. From then on the Godman internalized his "death and rebirth". Instead of being a Vegetation God, he became a Mystery Man, searching personal salvation. Death became "death of your small self" while  becoming reborn as a Godman (woman).

HMS: So, this is the way I have to understand your Mission?

CHRIST: Right. My Mission was twofold. I came to restore the Old Mother Tradition, together with Her dying and reborn Son and I started to teach the people the way out of their personal ignorance. Haven't I said "Become like Me?" It means that everybody is in essence Divine.

HMS: With regard to the first part, where did you get your inspiration of following the Great Mother?

CHRIST: Hebrew society wasn't so homogenous as the Bible tries us to believe. In fact, many people - especially women - still followed the Way of the Goddess. That is the meaning of the fact, that my mother Mary was surrounded by women, while having no "legal husband". The latter means, that my mother was a (matriarchal) Canaanite, living as a Virgin, e.g. "a woman who is not depending on a man". Of course, later, the Church distorted this all.

HMS: Unbelievable, I never understood it this way.

CHRIST: There is much more, though. I have been raised in a "feminine" environment. An environment, that secretly worshipped the Great Mother. That's why I have been always loving and respectful to them. They have sent me to a Mother-oriented Mystery School in order to be trained as Her Servant. It explains why I had "disappeared" for several years.  It was the most intensive training imaginable. The Levite priests - fanatical followers of the "One God" - YHWH - would have crushed me, should I have been discovered.

HMS: Does this comply with Jeremia 44 in which the women say: "we want to bring offerings to the Queen of Heaven?"

CHRIST: As you probably know, during my years of teaching, I have quoted from one Old Testament book only, namely Second Isaiah. Why? Because it is the only book, that praises the Mother. It suggests "return to the joyful life of a mother with a large family"*. No mentioning of "husbands" in this text, hence it is a (hidden) reference to the times of the Old Mother. Sometimes I even dared to be more open. So, Thomas quotes me by saying: "Your mother gave you life, but your True Mother gave you True Life". Somewhere else I talked about my mother as a "prostitute", i.e. a initiate of the Original Way.

* Despite that the patriarchal structure was not challenged, at all. See G.Baumann "Prophetic Objections to YHWH" in "The Feminist Companion to the Bible", Second Series 8.

HMS: Nowadays, an increasing number of people design all kinds of personal interpretations about you and your life. What do you think of that?

CHRIST: The reality is much more revealing. For the first time in 2000 years I will reveal the Truth about my background. You all know that I was conceived by the "Holy Ghost". It was an attempt of the Church to conceal the underlying reality. You should know, that I have been born into a subculture of Canaanite people. Those who still practised the old Mother religion. These groups were women-centered. There is even proof in the Bible for them. Like you said above (Jeremia 44.17-18) "We used to have plenty of food, and prospered, and saw no misfortune. But by the time we stopped making offerings to the Queen of Heaven.....and pouring out libations to Her, we have lacked everything and have perished by he sword and by famine". Earlier it is said that the women were not alone in this.

HMS: What was meant?

CHRIST: That they did it together with men. Again the text: "We will do everything that we have vowed, making offerings to the Queen of Heaven and pour out libations to Her, just as we and our ancestors, our kings and our officials, used to do in the towns of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem (Jeremia 44.17). It proofs that this tradition was once prominent in the entire nation. The women group in which I was raised was one of the last pockets of this tradition. Someting I am very proud of, indeed.

HMS. Please, go on, I die from curiosity!

CHRIST: In those circles women were not married according to Jewish law*. Instead, they lived in solidarity with each other, supported by one or more male supporter/friends. Joseph was one of them. In fact, it wasn't known who of the friends has fertilized my mother Mary. An unbearable fact to the Church. That's why they "spiritualized" the whole story.

* In order to lead people astray! the Bible has put the stage of a MARRIAGE in Cannaan!

HMS: This will shock people even more as the revelations of your supposed marriage to Mary Magdalene*.

CHRIST: She was also called a "prostitute!" You know in the Old Times priestesses of the Goddess initiated men through "sacred prostitution". So the Church cleverly misused her true status (by calling her "prostitute"). By the way, these recent revelations are very incomplete, to say the least.

* See also: Mary Magdalene and Mary Magdalene Revisited

HMS: I am burning with curiosity!

CHRIST: Mary wasn't my follower, I was her's. She was my mentor, coach and protectress. That's why it was she who anointed me. She was the most remarkable women I've ever met. Her wisdom, love and strength were unsurpassed. She was really "the woman who knew the All". She had realized the "Seven Stages", which is the highest possible accomplishment in the Mother tradition*. That's why my male followers - Peter - envied her so much. Against the background of an already dominating patriarchal society Mary had no chance of further developing her teaching.

* Which the Church later turned into her "seven sins".....

HMS: Could you tell us a little more about her?

CHRIST: She was - just like my family - a Canaanite woman, very independent, influential and wealthy - like many priestesses of the Goddess - a status that was recognized and respected by many. Their contacts with men were open and free. Therefore, kissing her on the mouth in public didn't automatically mean that we were "married". In our circles "marriage" wasn't an issue. She had more lovers and I happened to be her favourite (did I hear Christ laughing?....), a dedication that grew over the years.

HMS: A paradise that couldn't last for ever......

CHRIST: By and by she made me clear that my time had come e.g. that I should take up my role as a true Son of the Mother, teaching people "death and rebirth" as a way toward personal salvation. It started with my Enlightenment on Mount Tabor. It emphasizes the difference between God-Realisation and "being God". If I would have been "God" from Eternity, like the Church tries to claim, Realisation wouldn't have been necessary. Despite that, the beginnings of my public appearence weren't fun, so to speak. It took some time before I felt convenient in my role.

HMS: Why was that?

CHRIST: Well, I had to combine several roles simultaneously: First of all that of "Servant to the Mother". I honestly can say, that this was a complete failure. I didn't succeed at all in conveying the message of the Mother as the Source of all life. The oppression of the Old Way was simply too strong. Proof of this is, that even during my life the resistance against woman emancipation was growing. Very soon women were to be excluded from every active role in religion.*

* As part of the Churches' program to eradicate the Mother religion, once and forever.

HMS: A very sad development, indeed. I know of heroic women and men, who in the first centuries tried to resist this development, indeed, as you say, to no avail.

CHRIST: Even my role as a spiritual teacher of the Mysteries was suspicious in the eyes of the orthodox Jews. They saw me - not without reason - as a representative of the unbelievers, the Hellenistic Jews and the gentiles, many of whom were living in our midst. The former felt threatened, that's why, eventually, they (succesfully) tried to eradicate me. Put to it my attempts to also comply with the expectations of common Jews, who saw me as the Messiah - think of my failed entry into Jerusalem - and you get an idea of my despair, at last. To be honest, I failed in every respect. So, I had to die as a criminal, nothing more, nothing less. My small self finished, back to the earth, my True Self back to its Source!

HMS: That is a cool way of looking at it!

CHRIST: It is the truth.

HMS: So, no Only Begotten Son of God, sent by his Father, dying for the sins of mankind. No redeemer, no savior, no resurrexion, either? The way you put it doesn't justify the existence of the kind of "Outer Christianity" as we know it, at all. Please explain.

CHRIST: Well, actually, there are "three Jesus Christs". First the historical Jesus. This man happened to be a very insignificant figure. Measured to worldly standards, there were dozens of his kind and he wasn't succesful, either. So, it is to no surprise, that no historical records have ever been found. In reality, he - a simple healer and teacher - although Enlightened and knower of the Truth, had nothing in common with the second "Jesus Christ", the Churches' historic "Only Begotten Son of God", which was an invention, really.

HMS: I am perplexed.

CHRIST: The third Christ is the one who you are talking to, rightnow. He is the Divine Spark in all living beings, like yourself. He (it) is the spiritual principle worshipped and realised from before written history. His first "appearences" can be traced down to Osiris, Horus, Tammuz, Baal, Attis and Dionysos. A tradition that later were to be copied and usurped by the Christian Church.

HMS: So, when talking about "your life on earth" you are talking about Your incarnation into the "first Jesus".

CHRIST: The first Jesus - like everybody else - had ME as his innermost Core. I know who he was, because I AM his Essence. Though ME Jesus was able to be a teacher. His actual teaching was hindered by the fact, that he had to satisfy two groups of people simultaneously: the initiated and the non-initiated. The Divine (the "Father" to the non-initiated) is the Essence of the entire universe, being the Matrix of everything existing. It is What-You-Really-Are, What everybody Ultimately Is. That's why he taught to his spiritual disciples "The Light is within and around you" and "Know your self and you will become like Me".

HMS: In fact, putting himself to the background, to the benefit of all!

CHRIST: You are right. But let's first talk about Paul, the one who continued the teaching. What he did was the following. As a Hellenist Jew he had a great insight in the Mystery Religions. Through his own Enlightenment he also saw the similarities between the former and my teachings. He had a very sharp eye about what factors had caused my failure: the orthodox Jews who resisted Hellenistic influence. So, he started to reconstruct my story, emphasizing the Path of salvation through "death and resurrexion", this time focussed not on Israel, but the Hellenistic world.

HMS: Of which many say "he did it his own way"....Some even claim that he totally distorted your original teaching.

CHRIST: First of all, it should be stressed, that in my view religion is a process of continuous Revelation/Realisation. The Divine is penetrating the whole of existence, calling and chosing many, all the time. That exactly has happened to Paul. It justifies his own input. However, he not only respected, but also extended the core of my teaching, namely, that every person is deep within, Divine. Obviously, he was a little "over-enthusiastic", in the sense that he projected this on me. Instead of saying "the Divine or the Light within" he talked about "Christ within". He (also) clearly failed on one point: excluding the Mother from his teachings, isolating "death and rebirth" from their True Source, the very Source that makes "death and rebirth" possible*. It made it much more easy for the later Church to incorporate his teachings into an authoritarian, patriarchal framework.  

* Most modern (male) scholars are doing the same. They all exclude the "Eternal Feminine" as the Source of existence. Even Timothy Freke in his more than excellent book "The Jesus Mysteries" (1999 Three Rivers Press) - a book that I can recommend to every sincere reader - does it "for didactic reasons". Equally inspiring is Tom Harpur "The Pagan Christ" (2004 Walker & Company).

HMS: How could indeed Paul, become the main pillar of the later Church? I think of making you the "Son of God", the "Redeemer" etc. I also think of his enmity toward women. How can this be reconciled with each other?

CHRIST: It is simple. More than half of his letters have been forged. While defending Gnosis - Self-Realisation - in the first seven or so, Church propagandists let him claim exactly the opposite in the following ones. That this was known to the early Gnostics is proved by the fact, that almost all of them consider him to be one of their most respected teachers!

HMS: So, the Church not only suppressed your words, but falsified the words of Paul, as well. Outrageous!

CHRIST: It is.

HMS: Still, in both groups of letters he doesn't speak of you and your life. He doesn't seem to be very interested in his beloved teacher as a person, at all. Hasn't that bothered you?

CHRIST: It proves his spiritual maturity. He simply went to the core of the teaching - something that existed long before my time - and dropped or adjusted everything else. Please, realize that the Mystery Teachings weren't my property. I hadn't invented them! So, Paul could dispose of them without my consent*.....Important is, that people know about the forgeries. The latter should be removed from everybody's memory.

* That Paul is referring to a Tradition that goes far beyond the historical Jesus is proven by his sayings. F.i. Col. (1:25-8) Paul asserts he has been assigned to the task of announcing "the secret hidden for long ages and through many generations!" (D.Pratt).

HMS: Removing them is pretty late after 2000 years of Outer Christianity, e.g. a Church that has suppressed all expressions of Inner Religiosity e.g. spirituality. I think of oppressing e.g. eradicating the Old Mother Religion, then the Pagans, followed by that of the Gnostics, then the Jews, followed by the witchhunt on women, etc., etc..

CHRIST: I know, I know. The occurence of the (Catholic) Church is maybe the greatest tragedy, überhaupt. Their aim was (is) power, rather than liberation e.g. emanicipation of the people. There is only one justification for being a religion: that is leading people to God-Realisation. It means that your effort is a temporary one. Once a person has realized, the Church proves to be superfluous. This is true selflessness, something of which the Church possesses very little. Actually, the Church has done exactly the opposite.

HMS: Does it still represent the Truth?

CHRIST: The Outer Mysteries - a savior, a canon, dogmas, outer rituals - are at best a first step toward God-Understanding. They have to be followed by teaching into the Inner Mysteries e.g. necessarily becoming a spiritual Path as the next step, though. Some churches indeed try this now. But because the clergy will never be willing to loose its grip on "their" people, these attempts are like hollow gestures. Some totally new has to emerge.

HMS: Like?

CHRIST: A new attempt has to be made to integrate all levels of existence. In fact, the tradition that I once tried to restore has still to be healed. I desperately need successors, who continue where I failed. It starts with the Great Mother as the Origin of all that lives. As the Cosmic Womb She is the foundation of continuous "dying to the old, while rising as a New Woman or Man". A tradition that existed far beyond the beginnings of Chistianity.

HMS: Like portrayed on a 3. Century CE amulet (see side line) where a "God" is dying, apparently you, but at a closer look it is Osiris/Dionysos, the Pagan "God" complex.

CHRIST: This amulet is indeed unique, for it emphasizes the unity of the tradition. You may call it the dying and resurrecting Vegetation/Mystery God (Tammuz-Osiris-Baal-Attis-Dionysos-Christ etc.) complex (TOBADCetc.). Crucial is that they all - as "Son/Lovers" - manifest the underlying Truth of the Great Mother as the Ultimate Source of death and rebirth.

HMS: I have studied the picture and have come to an amazing conclusion. The connection to the Mother is emphasized by the Vulva (below); the (vertical) Stake (the sacred symbol of the MotherGoddess Asherah) instead of a cross, the horizontals are there, merely for practical reasons: to support the arms.....; the Moon as the classical symbol of the Goddess and the "Venus" Star or the Star of Ishtar, proof of the fact that the God is dying in the Dark Lap of the Eternal Mother*.

* See picture in side line.

CHRIST: Excellent. Maybe from now on we are going to call "God" TOBADCetc.....(laughs loudly about his joke...). Moreover, in many accounts from initiates of the Mystery Religions it becomes clear, that spiritual rebirth always has been understood as going into Darkness, in order to die to the old. After allowing your fear of death into your innermost core the Eternal Light will be born, the initiates' resurrexion to his/her Divine Essence. It is a confirmation of the underlying Truth: the Cosmic Womb - Darkness - giving birth to the Light.*

* See "Threefold Realization"

HMS: Which isn't the end of the spiritual Path....

CHRIST: Right. The Divine is penetrating everything without exception. That means, after your awakening - in order to become fully Whole - you still have something to do: including your small self ("personality") into your New Identity. Only when the personality becomes one with your Essence - becomes content of your Inner Space, once again - the spiritual Path can be considered successful. Only a purified body/mind can testify to the underlying Truth!*. Only then you will be able to re-integrate in the matrix of life: "Heaven, earth and the (new) community" and become fruitful. It is your "sacred marriage" with existence. Together you may create a sacred earth, once again.

* Due to influences from abroad (Indian philosophy) this very essential last step is often not made. Many awakened people cling to their "attainment", while declaring the small self as a irrelevant, illusiory part of existence. They often look pityful to those who do embrace the heroic path, as if the latter still "have a problem" or "haven't understood where spirituality is all about".  

HMS: What you say is very enlightening to me.      

CHRIST: Buddhism has been more consistent in this regard. If the Ultimate Reality is indeed penetrating everything and everybody without exception, then everybody is already (potentially) Enlightened. Contrary to Christianity, in which I was supposed to be the "Only Begotten Son" of God, everybody may become a Buddha.

HMS: The consequences can be seen in the shattered society of today.

CHRIST: By hiding e.g. suppressing the Truth, people were prevented from realizing their own True Self. It is the cause of the degeneration of the entire culture.

HMS: While at the same time they were called on to imitate you.

CHRIST: It was (is) one of the Churches' greatest sins. On the one hand forcing people to "become like me" - qualities like love, humility, kindness, sacrifice, justice etc. -  while at the same time deliberately denying them to realize their Divine Spark within, from which those qualities originate.....

HMS: What is the future of the Church according to you?

CHRIST: Whether big or small, institutions based on lies, manipulation, deceit, greed and oppression will continue to seek dominance and exploitation. However, they have nothing to do with God, me or life.

HMS:  The Church blocking the road to God, rather than the opposite.

CHRIST: The purpose is to make people so confused, that they become willing victims of the Churches' dominance. By making me "God", they deliberately destroyed the work of the Ultimate e.g. the continuity of Revelation to countless women and men. God's purpose is to uninterruptedly renew the tradition, in order to continuously regenerate mankind. By denouncing this, the Church is responsible for the degeneration of the culture. People deprived of their Divine Spark within is the tragedy of the West.  

HMS: Having put you in a position, you didn't want to be in yourself?

CHRIST: What I regret most is that by making me the "redeemer", they took the possibilities away from people to "die and become reborn" themselves. Rather than becoming liberated, people were cut off from their inner Source, deprived of the possibility of Renewal and Regeneration. The latter isn't just allegorical or symbolical - as some modern writers try us to believe - but is a Realization that is more Real than real. Spirituality is about living in Reality, it is the birth of a New (Wo)Man.....

HMS: Instead, redemption has become an absolute monopoly of the Church.

CHRIST: You say it. My passion on the other hand has always been to guide people toward their own God-Realization. I never favored the founding of a Church. Fortunate for you, that you live in a time in which the old structures are collapsing.*

* See also "MatriTalks" nr. 70

HMS: If you would be teaching now, what would your teaching be?

CHRIST: The essence of every religious teaching is to guide people back to the Source. I confess, that I am totally relieved, that nowadays the Truth can be transmitted without obstacles. In the past I made some mistakes myself, which contributed to the confusion.

HMS: This sounds like a confession (laughing).

CHRIST: It is. In my enthusiasm to spread the tradition I forgot about practising patience. A certain ambition to gain political power wasn't entirely strange to me, either. It has led to premature actions like my entry as "a King" into Jerusalem. Logically, the authorities felt threatened. I should have postponed it or entirely cancelled it in favor of spiritual teaching, only.

HMS: I thought "your Kingdom wasn't from here".

CHRIST: To emphasize one Truth is not necessarily denying the other. I considered myself part of the old tradition after all. There the Divine Son is indeed a King. More important though is, that my premature death could have been prevented. Buddha had forty years at his disposal to spread the Dharma.

HMS:  So, it wasn't all determined beforehand?

CHRIST: What do you mean?

HMS: I mean your "death and resurrexion".

CHRIST: Preconceived was the archetypical myth of the "dying and resurrecting God" as part of the Great Mother tradition. It offered me a guideline, an ideal so to speak. I did not take it seriously as something that could actually happen to me. Only the very last moment I realized that "the dream had come true". I had two choices: escape, which would mean committing treason to my inner Truth or accepting. You know how it eventually turned out.

HMS: Crucial to the Churches' "teaching" is the "fact" that you resurrected in the body. What is true about it?

CHRIST: Don't you remember what I said to Mary (Magdalene) after my resurrexion? I only have to quote the Churches' own Bible. There I said "don't touch me". It means "I don't have a physical body, but a spiritual one", emphasizing that my "death and rebirth" had to be exclusively understood as a spiritual realization. You know it from your own experiences....  

HMS: What would you like to share with people today?

CHRIST: Commitment to one's inner truth is decisive. In order to be fruitful this your consciousness has to be connected to the Universal Truth.

HMS: What benefit people would gain from it?

CHRIST: By surrendering to the Ultimate you will be granted continuous Renewal. Unlike me, who is said to have only once "died and resurrected" (laughing again?....), you should continuously be "dying to the old" in order to be reborn. It is a VERY REAL experience, indeed. Once realized, you should share your new qualities with the people around you. By doing so, my effort could gain a new meaning.

HMS: Such as?

CHRIST: That my "death and resurrexion" is not something that can be claimed by any Christian Church whatsoever, anymore. It is not exclusive. It is not tied to my person either. It is universal.

HMS: What consequences could this have for spirituality in general and the Western tradition in particular?

CHRIST: These times are characterized by decay. It is an invitation to go back to the Source, in order to renew yourself. Not only individuals but the tradition, nay, the entire culture should regenerate itself, as well. That is the meaning of the Revelation of the Mother. Through surrendering to Her many people will be granted God-Realization. These people will guide others in making the next step in evolution.

HMS: Renewal as a permanent process?

CHRIST:  Religion should be based on continuous Renewal, yes. In fact, this is taking place all the time. Both emanicipated women and men occupy a central position here. The mystics of past and present are the forerunners. They all realized their Universal Consciousness. I don't need believers, I need successors!

HMS: This a very revolutionary statement, indeed!

CHRIST: "The European soul is dead". Isn't that remark coming from the current pope, who, like all other popes, obviously is NOT my representative on earth? And this after 2000 years of Christian re-education? This could only mean, that Christianity has killed it! So, right from the start the religion took a wrong course. You have, in a way, start all over again.

HMS: What could possibly be the Mission of your successors?

CHRIST: They - women and men - have to connect where I got stuck. It is all about the Mother. The time is very favourable. Patriarchy is almost at its end, although may produce quite some (very) unpleasant spasms. There is a beginning awareness of the Great Mother as the Source of all life. Unconditional Love - like an earthly mother to her child - should be the attitude to all living and non-living beings.  

HMS: And furthermore?

CHRIST: To teach spirituality or religion from within. Outer Christianity became the dominant religion, not because its inner or moral superiority, but because of (violent) oppression of all "others". The traditions that experienced God from within were crushed. Again, due to my inability (and historic inevitability) I didn't succeed in establishing a lasting inner tradition. My only hope is, that through the suffering of so many centuries, people will find the strength and the resolve to this time turning the tide. Not only for the sake of individual salvation, but of an entire culture.

HMS:  I have heard one of your major concerns is the social/gender issue. Could you explain?

CHRIST: Well, as you know, I have been the initiate of women, not the other way round. Looking at the developments in current times, there is indeed reason for concern. Developments again go into the wrong direction. It is not about the emancipation of women, at all. They inevitably have to realize their masculine part, because that's the way to overcome the suffering of the past. So, it is okay that they go for independence, career and even power.

HMS: But.....

CHRIST: Yes, obviously, there is a "but". Their mistake is to assume that emancipation is possible within the framework of a patriarchal society. The latter is very clever by binding women through the temptations of the consumer paradise. So, career, yes, but only if simultaneously a women-oriented society is being aimed at. Within the current system all feminine aspirations will eventually be crushed. Look at the most successful among them. Are they more human, feminine, compassionate? The opposite is the case, I am afraid.

HMS:  What about men?

CHRIST: Men are increasingly becoming the victim of their own system. Is a boy guilty, just because he has been born into a male-dominating social system? He will be brain-washed without being able to resist the powers around him. In these times, where this system is rapidly deteriorating male identity is on the brink of break-down. This is a very dangerous situation, indeed. My successors should be aware of this. In fact, they have the same task as I used to have: to re-educate the male part of the population*. The only way out - like before - is to make them aware of their alienation from life and the subsequent necessity of becoming part of the Whole, once again.

* Social developments in which women are realizing their inner masculinity ("animus") and men their inner femininity ("anima"), the latter also called "metro-sexuality", intensified by the tendency of single parents, in which children increasingly become "daughters and sons of the mother"....., could very well give society a push toward a more androgynic/matriarchal direction, as advocated by Jesus. 

HMS: So, there are still sources of inspiration here in the West?

CHRIST: The turning point is the Revelation of The Great Mother. She is All-Embracing and all existing religions are Her Sons. As Unity in Diversity She is the completion of (wo)man's religious aspiration. Since the beginning of time nothing really has changed!!!

HMS: Thank you very much from the Depth of my Heart. Talking with you truly has made me a different man.

CHRIST: It surely will. Very soon the Cosmos will lift you up, giving your life a totally new Dimension. Under all circumstances: rely on Her!

TOGETHER: Praise the Mother! 

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