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"A New Story is unfolding itself...."


1. To Return to the Origin in order to die to the old
I support you through
Our Big Event/Mother Healing/Worship

2. To become Reborn as a Green Man or Wise Woman
I support you through
The Universal Way as "Monastic Discipline"/Study

3. Commitment to Transformation/ Healing the Planet
I support you through
Training in Spiritual/Health/ Community and Earth Service

4. CultureRenewal
Local, regional, national, global

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Dear Friends!

Turn On

A cry for truth, justice, peace and wholeness of life goes around the world. It cannot be stopped, anymore. Political "leaders" try to suggest that by doing some "repair" society will soon be "fine" again. However, the crisis goes much and much deeper. Our very soul has been affected. Hence, we need a transformation on all levels of existence, to start with our innermost Core

Without any doing on my part the Cosmic Mother revealed Herself to me

Long ago our relationship with "Heaven, earth and the community" was violently crushed. After many centuries of (church) oppression people had no other choice, but to fall back on their ego's. The longing for an integrated, balanced life stayed deep in our soul, though. We tried to overcompensate our loss through accumulation of material goods. More having doesn't bring you Being, though. At last you get desperate: more, more and more and still it doesn't give you the ultimate fulfillment.....

Don't be afraid

It proves that the global crisis is essentially spiritual. People working for saving the earth tend to forget this. It is the lack of Being that makes people addicted to having! This process had a long history, hence is deeply engrained in our minds. On the other hand, once Being is realized the greed for more automatically diminishes. It is like in love. If love is there the need for material things is (much) less. Thus, in order to overcome the crisis, our relationship with the Whole has to be restored

I can assure you that I did everything to escape from my spiritual mission

For those (already) hit by the economic crisis, unemployment, hopelessness, burn-out and poverty, the dream is over. Rather than mourning about it, ask yourself if you dreamt the right dream! Aren't these times - on the other hand - a great opportunity for starting a more balanced and joyful existence, based on the quality of life e.g. Self-realization, friendship, mutual support, love, justice and A New World?

"Heal the Planet", begin with yourself

We invite everybody to come to our Big Event. It is a healing place for all. Ranging from physical health (Personal Health Plan), pain treatment (Chinese Jade Stone Therapy), to the OVC Health Check-up and the Universal Way (spiritually, emotionally, physically). It is a most exciting event, everything with the aim of extending our healing to our direct surroundings

Being Nothing, I am everything

Once the hearts of people is reached and their willingness to change established, the spiritual dimension should subsequently be linked to ecological-social-economic efforts. The "Healing the Planet" Initiative is an example of that

Beginning of A New Era?

In a world in which everything, even spirituality, has been corrupted, where can we find refuge? If nothing can satisfy our deepest longing, then we have only one choice left: to go beyond. So, is this Wholeness which we seek perhaps related to "The Eternal Feminine", the Origin of Life, the Mystery that is deeply engrained in our primordial memory, That Which - in these most critical of times, in which our very survival is at stake - has revealed "Herself" to the world?

The next Buddha will be a Servant to the Great Mother

Indeed, "She" - Vacuum, Cosmic Womb or "Great Mother" - and not God as we "know" Him is the Ultimate Reality - giving birth to both the Light (God, BuddhaNature) and the universe. This is Her creative Power (1)

Awaken!, restructure your life
and serve others

Moreover, in times of decay like ours - in which our ego has disturbed Cosmic Balance - the Vacuum breaks down everything old, sick, accumulated, ugly and evil - indeed, Her destructive Power (2) - in order to renew the world 

A New Teacher

In 1974/'77 "She" revealed Herself through Her Servant, in daily life spiritual teacher, psychotherapist and (holistic) medical doctor (since 1972) from Holland. It took him about 33 years before he "made himself known to the world"

Jesus doesn't need followers; he needs successors

His mission is to help you cooperate with Mother's regenerating Power (3), thus healing the alienated, one- dimensional, patriarchal, rationalistic, technocratic, individualistic, materialistic and suicidal Wasteland

2012: Recognition of the Cosmic Mother
as the Ultimate Reality

This Cosmic Mother's sustaining Power represents the Wholeness of Life, a world based on interconnectedness, friendship, solidarity, balance, care, love, respect, cooperation, community, justice and harmony with nature

My freedom? To be a prisoner of Eternity

Our initiative centers around a set of core values, while simultaneously encouraging personal spiritual growth, investigation into all religious traditions, openess to renewal, based on teaching, healing, training, study and sharing,  while cherishing the value of the community

A New Spirit for A New World

To find understanding, tolerance, reconciliation and peace in this divided world is our first priority. Several others preceded us. Think of eucumenic movements like Taize. Now it is time to extend reconciliation to other religions. This requires a new symbol of unity. Who is more "suitable for the task" than the Cosmic Mother? In most religions Her manifestations are already in the center of worship. Think of the Black Madonna in Europe, but also in LatinAmerica f.i. (Virgen de Guadalupe!), Durga and Kali in India, Kuan Yin in Buddhist countries, the Tao as Womb in Taoism, the countless Goddess sanctuaries all over the world, even as Hokhmah in Judaism, etc. Her inclusiveness raises great hope for the "Unity in Diversity" the world so desperately needs 

Become (more) foolish; the world will need persons like you

The global crisis is our hour of Truth. It confronts you with your ignorance, alienation, selfcenteredness, personal ambitions, conceit and the greed for more.The real bubble is within us: our ego. How painful to realize this!

The meaning of the decay: die to the old (ego)
in order to become reborn (true Self)

The more you (consciously) let in your regret e.g. this your pain, the stronger your longing for Wholeness. Only then you will go to the depth of your Being, throwing off your old skin in order to become reborn as A New Self

Deep within I am carefree, not concerned about the world whatsoever

This personal and collective Turning Point has been prophesized by the Maya of MesoAmerica already thousands of years ago. They think in cycles rather than linear time. In 2012 an old era comes to an end, while a new will arise. It is symbolized by the Cosmic Mother giving birth to the New Light....

It is time for the Truth

Thus, acknowledge the fact that Western civilization is in decay. It is an invitation to return to the Origin in order to become renewed. Once A New Spirit is born you will once again become part of the Whole - Heaven, earth and the (new) community - supported by the 7 Steps of "Healing the Planet"

My life: gratitude, beauty,

Peace Walk 2

"Buddha's Belly"

Han Marie Stiekema "Sermes"

Was granted the Ultimate Supreme Realization
"Twice Mothered (Dimeter) and Thrice Born (Trigonos)"
(Also called "Laughing Buddha" or "The Friend")

Perfect Realization
All-Embracing Enlightenment
Immeasurable incomparable unsurpassable Glory
The Origin granted this ordinary man
A rebirth as Universal Teacher
A New Step in Evolution
Did I achieve it myself?
Not at all!
Supreme Realization is born from Nothingness
I am the Son/Lover of the Mother
The Cosmic Womb
Being Nothing I am everything
I shouted with joy
This is incomprehensible
Gratitude, gratitude

Read his autobiography: "Son/Lover of the Cosmic Mother"
A new tradition cannot be understood without knowing the background of its founder.
That's why we have given HMS space to make himself known to you.
However, once you know him, drop him!  

His role is that of "Green Man" underlining his commitment
to the problems mankind has manoeuvered itself in

Read more about the background

Reclaiming our Original Tradition

Three stages can be distinguished in his life: "his" Threefold Realization with subsequent 10 years of uninterrupted Bliss; 15 years (or more) of the Dark Night of the Soul in which he had to integrate his personality into his New Identity, while finally entering the Unitive Life  

A miraculous period in which he lived like "a lily in the field", a bird in the sky, overflowing with joy, totally liberated e.g. carefree, roaming around as a "prisoner of Eternity", like "Gods Fool", always in the HereNow, on his bicycle, enjoying nature, writing poetry.....

Contrary to many "enlightened" teachings HMS claims that even after Full Realization the ego returns. Personally, this would become the most difficult period of his life. Especially, the tendency of the ego to use the Realized State for its own purposes was a constant challenge. Only after his discovery of the Great Mother his identification with "his" attainment could be dropped  

He integrated "inner and outer" resulting in his (still unfinished) monumental work "Origin", committing himself to the suffering of mankind, from small - pain, angst, anger, stress, depression, burn-out - to big - the survival of the planet. The outcome: He calls everybody to commit him/herself to saving the earth. To this purpose he initiated:

"Transformation/Healing the Planet" in 7 Steps
CultureRenewal Initiative

After having observed his responsibility toward mankind the Ultimate granted him full Unitive Life. "Being Nothing he is everything". It consists of his Being selflessly pouring out its wisdom, compassion and strength, benefitting all without exception  

Deep gratitude goes to his wife and companion MeiMei. Compared to her undisturbable inner presence he sometimes felt a pityful creature desperately trying to find inner balance. She is the Goddess who understands his mission, giving him direction wherever needed, without making much fuss about it. Silence in action, really.   

Teachers who have fully Realized don't found an organization "of their own". They are embracing all and everything without exception. HMS is such a teacher. F.i., in all these years he didn't create any followers. On the contrary, his approach is open, independent, inclusive, non-sectarian, interreligious, intercultural....

Contrary to the Church I take "Mother of God" literally

In practice, he will be retiring to his (spiritual/interreligious)  Hermitage "Mother of God", with the aim of leading "a life of gratitude, joy and devotion", "a monastic daily schedule".  People may come for personal spiritual advice, teaching, healing and guidance*

* See also: "The Universal Way" and "Our Big Event"

His ultimate destination? To proclaim the Universal Mother as the Ultimate Reality as revealed to him in 1977. This will be done in the year of the Great Turning Point 2012. It is a Cosmic Event in which a New Era will be announced . If possible, in the years ahead he will be teaching (for some weeks?) in Yucatan, Mexico, as well

The highest Realization: everything is as it is

Regular English/German/Dutch teachings. Furthermore
watch Sunday's Internet Broadcasts

Han Marie Stiekema
Ermita "Madre de Dios"



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