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1. In the Original Great Mother Tradition the teaching is directly derived from Realization. It is a fresh start. It is the reason why an account of personal experience e.g. of Ultimate Realization is inevitable and thus has been presented here. Through it everything is directly referred to the Origin. Three crucial Moments have to be distinguished. Unique Moments, which will bring about a decisive turn in spirituality. Usually Enlightenment is considered to be the ultimate Realization. Hence, it is said to be the alpha and omega, the aim of countless practitioners.

The claim of patriarchy appears to be false. The Ultimate
Reality isn’t God, Father or Being, but the Womb,
the Great Mother, the Vacuum, the
Inconceivable Abyss of
the universe

2. Few are aware of the fact, that the Great Light is "only" one side of a coin of which the Great Darkness appears to be the other. The reason is that the latter is extremely rare. Only in Great Mother Religion, Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism accounts have been preserved. But even there the link between the Great Light and the Great Darkness has not been elaborated. It may therefore come as a shock to you: Enlightenment is part of a polarity and because of that cannot be the Ultimate Oneness. There must be something Beyond. The key to this is Absolute Nothingness, "caused by" Cosmic Lightening as has been described above. In the selfsame Moment as it struck, existence was wiped out in Absolute Emptiness*. It is the empirical "proof" of the Vacuum.

3. Now everything makes sense. The Light, Being, the Divine appears not to be a "dimension on its own", but has been born out of the Void, Emptiness...There thus appears to be a "Mother and Son" relationship between the two. Both the Great Light as the Great Darkness ("Endarkenment") are aspects of the Vacuum Beyond, of the Womb*. Thus Absolute Nothingness is the Essence of the Great Mother, Enlightenment (Her Light Body) is Her Creative Aspect, while the Great Darkness is Her Destruction Body**. It corresponds fully with the archaic notion of the permanent destruction and rebirth. Everything without exception - including the Divine - is born out and returns to the Great Mother. As the Matrix of Life, She embraces all existence. Through Her everything is interrelated as all religions are of one family. She is the true Context of life, the common denominator of all religions.

* The terminology could give rise to misunderstanding. Both the Vacuum/Essence of the Great Mother as well as Her Destruction Body are called "The Great Darkness". Better is to call the former "Absolute Nothingness", while the latter is "the Underworld".   See also "Autobiography".

**The Ultimate Realization is thus threefold: Absolute Nothingness,
Enlightenment and "Endarkenment"

4. Recently, I realized that my stay in the Underworld reflects the myth of the moon hero, the one who is confronted with the destructive "negative" aspects of the Mother. A moon hero is the one who is swallowed by the abyss (think of Jonas in the whale). This is exactly what happened to me. Within fractions of seconds my ego, body awareness en energy were destroyed by the horrors of darkness. If the ego is everything you are - like in most people - you are hopelessly lost. You either become psychotic or even may die. "Intuitively", I understood that only conscious awareness could save me. That's why I immediately took the Zen meditation position. Keeping my inner clarity - my True Self - was a matter of life and death. The miracle: watching the horror without one moment of letting go, lasting several hours, leaning heavily on the angst, caused my awareness to grow accordingly. Or, with other words: my awareness got stronger and stronger all the time. Until it was so bright that the horror slowly subsided. Now I know that this is the journey of the moon hero. The latter's quest is to overcome existential angst. It is an inner process, contrary to a sun hero who's aim it is to overcome obstacles in the outer world. The sense of triumph isn't less, though, it is a invincible feeling, indeed. I am not afraid of the forces of darkness (nor of "negative" women) anymore. On the contrary, cooperating with them in the right way - let it happen, while watching with maximum awareness - makes you "The One Who Is Truly Reborn". In the Maya tradition it was the king who's main duty it was to mediate between Heaven, Earth and the Underworld......

* Contrary to the patriarchal sun hero.

5. Are we - just like 2000 years ago - at the eve of a worldwide spiritual-religious turning point? Many who have read „The Lap of the universe"* think so. Others are hoping it dearly. This book is the witness of a new era. The Divine exists, but appears not to be the Ultimate Reality. Both the Eternal Light and Darkness are nouminous aspects of the Mother. Her Depth is the Beyond of the Beyond, the Vacuum, the Womb, the Lap of the universe. Hence, the beginning of the universe isn’t „male" but „female" - in Reality of course neither of the two - it is (can be named) the "Great Mother". Therefore, „God", Being, Light is not the Father, but the Son. The world isn't a creation, but a birth. The Light is born in the bottomless Abyss of The Mother. Everything, including God is born out of Her, while returning in the same Eternal Moment. The purpose of life is therefore to continuously die and being reborn, while subsequently becoming part of Her Web of Life - Heaven, earth and the (new) community - once again.
*See "Lap of the universe": http://welcome.to/thegreatlearning/ (In Dutch)

The Ultimate Realization: the recognition of the Mother

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