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It is part of my mission
to write down all my insights and experiences
however, words - even the most meaningful ones -
are just words
clinging to them obstructs your Path
drawing a pancake cannot stop your hunger
a stone gong doesn't produce any sound
at best words can be vehicles toward the Truth
but never are Truth itself
therefore, become empty and
you will be fulfilled




Sayings III


Monks, from now on, don't call me "friend" anymore. I Am the Tathagata, the Awakened One          
Sakyamuni Buddha

"I Am an Awakened One" (and Beyond....), hence I am your friend"
Han Marie Stiekema

"I don't need followers; I want successors" (Realize your inner Light and you will be (like) Me)

"Sent by the Cosmic Mother", my mission is to "Heal the Planet"

Being Nothing, I am everything

The heavens are Me, the earth is Me, and the nations are Me!
Me are the just, and Me are the sinners; Me are the
angels and the Mother of God; all things are Me; the Divine is Me

John of the Cross

I am not here to support your self-centered life

In the beginning I felt shy to expose myself. Then I understood that the global crisis demands, that everybody has to give her/his Very Best: the One Who You Really Are. In fact, I have realized this since my early childhood

We all live in an all-embracing Womb; we are living in absolute security

Don't be afraid

We are in the middle of the greatest crisis ever. It is an invitation to transform yourself

Strive for Holiness to the benefit of the Whole
                        Teresa of Avila

I feel what you feel, because I have experienced modern suffering as well, e.g. isolation, meaninglessness, pain, anxiety, worries, despair and burn-out

Despite all:
Rejoice, we have no choice

Life isn't suffering; to be cut off from life is. Thus, restore the unity with your True Self, your body and nature, your deepest emotions, your love, your strength and your fellow human beings, while surrendering to the Ultimate

The more abundant your foolishness the greater your joy

In these most critical of times the Cosmic Mother has revealed
Herself to me

Not through concepts, ideas or images, but through Her
Selfsame Reality

It is a miracle. Didn't Isis say: "no mortal will ever lift my veil?"

It proves the dramatic situation (wo)mankind is in

Her secret: She - Nothingness - turns out to be the Cosmic Vessel of Regeneration

If everybody would heed the Mother's call: "to die to the old in order to become reborn as a New Self, while subsequently becoming part of the Whole (once again)", then the suffering of the world would immediately come to a close

So, return to the Origin, and become a "Wise Woman" or a "Green Man"

"For when you have begun to serve the Goddess you will feel the full fruitfulness of your liberty"
Apuleius "Metamorphoses"

And as long as you don't have that,
this: Dying and Being reborn!
You are only a turbid guest
On the dark earth

By the way: "Near-Death" has nothing to do with death, but everything with the ego trying to escape from it

As Her "Servant/Messenger"*, I hope to be a worthy instrument
to Her aim: "Healing the Planet"
* "Sermes" or "Green Man"

I wouldn't have accomplished this all without the help of an Angel sent by the Mother: my wife MeiMei

What we need is insight, wisdom, interconnectedness, wholeness,
love, care, peace, courage, commitment, community,
justice, sustainability.......

Serve the Whole and the Whole will be serving you

Please, develop the ability to receive, for otherwise you will remain a beggar in the midst of affluence

In these most critical of times we all have to work together in order to be able to enter "a new evolutionary stage". However, it is good to know, that....

For 2000 years Christianity has rejected, denounced, vilified, damned and oppressed nature. It is the root cause of the current desacralization e.g. environmental degradation

At the same time it tries to make itself "steward of the earth", a champion of the protection of nature. It even boasts about its prophetic role in cosmic evolution (...). This is not only hypocritical, but also totally unacceptable

So, yes, I am the first to emphasize cooperation among all. With regard to Christianity - green or otherwise - the former can only become a reliable partner to others by practising ongoing repentance
                     After James Nash, protestant theologian

I feel deeply sorry about my own inability to share

Only the Source is inexhaustable 

"While pure speculative theories collapse by themselves, once
left to their own fruitlessness"

Awaken!, restructure your life and serve others

Proof of your (and my....) Realization: connectedness,
selflessness, compassion and commitment

It is the beginning of A New Era


"Who are you; where do you come from; where are you going?"

"Life is not suffering; to be cut off from life is. From the body and nature; from your deeper emotions, love and joy; from your strength, your fellow human beings and from your True Self e.g. the Ultimate"

I know you better than you yourself

"Feel the pain of the Wasteland - inner and outer"
The Grail

"To have is the inability to Be"

To refuse to give up the ego is war
Dropping your ego is peace

2000 years of (Western) God-belief failed in curbing the ego
Which rating agency declares it bankrupt?

Only Emptiness (beyond Emptiness/ Cosmic Womb) is able to do so

Atheists, Agnostics and "Nones" are therefore closer to the Truth as they think....

"For the Truth you have to go beyond God"
Meister Eckhart

"A civilization in decay has to go back to the Source in order to be renewed. After that a new beginning can be made"
                         Arnold Toynbee

The Revolution of the 21st Century: a Vacuum, a Cosmic Womb or "Great Mother" as the Ultimate Truth"

"The Eternal Feminine draws us on"
J.W. Goethe

Even Popes long for the True Mother
"I am seeking the Eternal Feminine"
Pope John Paul II
(Reykjavik, June 1989)

"Fullness exists thanks to Emptiness. The universe exists thanks to the Cosmic Womb. Limitless security
thanks to Nothingness"

"In these most desperate of times She has revealed HerSelf to the world. Her Message: die to the old, in order to become part of Heaven, earth and the (new) community, once again"

"God (the Divine, Buddhahood) is Her Light Body, while the
universe is Her Material Body, both continuously returning to their Origin"

"While going within, I end up with the Cosmic Mother"

"By surrendering to Her, She will grant you Her LightBody - your innermost Core - the Source
of Oneness and Love"

"I really have done EVERYTHING to delay, resist, escape e.g. sabotage my calling. However, to no avail. It seems I have no other choice, but to show my True Face"

"You are all called"

"The Universal Way helps you with awakening, personal integration, rooted in Heaven and earth,
breakthrough of the Light, purification, refuge in the Cosmic Mother and compassion"

See "The Universal Way"

"It marks the end of your existential fear"

"Every True Renewal of Religion is caused, not by our own desires e.g. projections, but by direct interference of the Divine Itself"

"Through this our deepest longing for A New Era of enlightenment, wholeness, peace, connectedness,
joy, justice and sustainability has
been fulfilled"   

"The greatest stupidity: thinking that you know it"

"Don't get stuck in concepts, convictions, ideas, imagery,
presumptions, opinions.....go for the Truth"

"The reward for your seriousness: to be God's Fool, a Dakini,
infinitely playful, enjoying Cosmic Dance, a laughing Buddha, embracing everything with love"

"Once you have experienced (realized) the Whole, you cannot
but serving that Whole; once you experienced that you have been born out of the Whole, you know that
the Whole has sent you"

"The ultimate freedom: to be a prisoner of Eternity"

"Born from the Mother I became the Divine; born from the Divine I became the Self; born from the Self I became man/woman, together with the animals, the plants, the rivers, the rocks and the clouds"

"Join our eco-spiritual initiative"

"It is NOW or never"

"Give all your pain, problems, worries, fears and anxieties
back to Her Limitless Lap and you will be totally Renewed"

See "Lap of the Universe"

"Modernity" is a dead end, give up all virtual dreams

Greed, progress, growth and accumulation are leading us to the abyss

"Give yourself to Life and Life will give itself to you"

"Let's praise the Mother for Her immeasurable Compassion: "Come all ye unto Me, I Am the All- Embracing One"

"Not surprisingly thus, that The Original Tradition is embracing, reconciling and transforming
existing religions
See "Existential Consciousness", "The Maternal Dimension of God",
"Mother & Sons", "Black Madonna","Turn On!" and many more....

"It is true, deep within we are Divine e.g. the Goddess. Ultimately we - men and women - are all children
of the Cosmic Mother, though"

"Women embody the substance of Life. Hence, they should
get back their central position in the (thoroughly transformed)
culture, while the misssion of men is to serve that selfsame Life"

"To think that you can establish a women-oriented society
without active support e.g. participation of men is an illusion"

"My body is masculine; my soul feminine and my Essence is rising above them, including both equally"

"Androgyny: in order to balance two factors you need a third"

"The world is in deep trouble"

"When all options are exhausted, society calls in the help of an outsider"
Parzival Legend

"Become a Green Man and a Wise Woman"
Join the Oldest Tradition on Earth

"What is needed is nothing less but a
World Eco-Spiritual Mobilization"

What I recently have called
"A New World Religion"


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