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Universal Great Mother/ Cosmic Womb Mandala
(Essence of the Mother)

Light, God, BuddhaNature, Consciousness (white/yellow) and the universe (green) are born out of the Cosmic Womb (black, Darkness), the former continuous returning to their Origin

"Black Madonna", a personified manifestation (image) of the Cosmic Mother
(Compassion Body of the Mother)


"Distant Healing"



Guidelines to Cosmic Mother Healing, including "Healing on A Distance"

(Universal Mother Teaching Part 1)

Part 2 & 3 will be transmitted orally to the staff of the
Cosmic Mother Healing Shrines

1. It starts with heart-felt authentic compassion toward "other" beings. This emerges not from identification or rather pity, but from abundance, from an overflowing inner Core. It should be based on inclusivenes, without you making any exceptions. It comes very close to motherly love......

+ If it doesn't, don't go further

2. Research has revealed that awareness of interconnectedness between all living and non-living beings is the pre-requisite for "successful" healing. The bond between mother and child is the most intimate among them. Countless data have been collected how motherly love is a decisive factor in the wellbeing of the child. This will be obvious to everyone. The same is true with regard to our Cosmic Mother. It even goes further. Because the whole universe is content of Her Infinite Space, we have never left Her All-Inclusive Womb....

+ It is important to visualize this fact as lively as possible

3. We call this interconnectedness Mother's "Web of Life". In this Her Web everything is subjected to "death and rebirth". Stages like birth, growth, flowering, maturity, fruitition, decay and death can be easily recognized. Unlike Christian fundamentalists - who say that "God (Jesus) has promised you "perfect" health - undoubtedly a PR stunt - disease is thus part of the natural course of events. We can improve it, even miracles can happen, but always realizing that health isn't absolute. Perfection is real, but lies BEYOND daily life, beyond health and disease. It is the Divine Spark in us, our inner Divinity, this time ironically denied by fundamentalists!

+ Ponder about the paradoxes of life

4. So where does healing come from? Part can achieved "on the same relative plane" through a healthy lifestyle, through stimulating our immune-system or through the interference of the medical system. If the relative world is the content of Infinite Space - constantly regenerated by this Dimension BEYOND - Mother's Emptiness, together with Her Light Body (The Divine) - then our perspective to be healed is "suddenly" enriched by a potentially very powerful "agent". If we could connect to the Source of Life, the Dimension behind continuous Renewal, the same Power which is behind the regeneration of nature, then, especially in situations where conventional methods have failed, we may have gained an unexpected "last resort" in healing the unhealable.....

+ Please, write down all stories you have heard about spiritual healing

5. The Cosmic Vacuum or "Womb" heals through the dynamic equilibrium of two Cosmic Forces: Destruction and Creation. It is what I have called "Cosmic Regeneration". Everything old and sick is broken down, while at the same time replaced by everything new and healthy. Together, these Forces maintain Mother's Web of Life, the interconnectedness between all "living and non-living beings". The Way the Cosmic Mother is "doing" this is a mystery, and will always remain so. This has immediate implications for our healing practice. The golden rule is this: you plea the Mother for help, but will not dictate Her how She has to do it. This even goes one step further. You even don't ask to be healed (in a direct way).....That sounds extreme, for what is more natural than asking to get rid of your cancer f.i.? Well, if you really are convinced of the Compassion of the Ultimate, you trust the way the latter is interfering (or not...) in your life. In practice you do so by just expressing this your Trust in the Mother, by repeating the inner whispering "The Mother Heals", and this "24 hours a day" in such a way, that the Mother "doesn't have a choice not to heal you".....everything HER WAY though!

+ Before you start working with people, practice this Way of Trust in the Mother for at least 6 weeks

6. However, everyone is different, every situation is different. Therefore, I don't want to impose anything on you, either. If you feel, that the only way of relating to the Mother is through passionate pleading, then of course, do so. And do it with your whole Being, with full awareness. Don't hold anything back, while simultaneously watching your emotions. So you cry like a child (you are a child of the Mother!, after all), or you confront the Mother in such a way that "She hasn't any choice" but healing you. In these case your words are very direct, like "take this tumor from me". However, after such an emotional state has passed, you return to the prayer of ongoing Trust.

+ Now I will begin to give you (the healer) more detailed instructions

7. While laying down or sitting in a chair (with your arms on your thighs) start feeling your back while watching it. Do it so long until watching and feeling coincide i.e. are taking place in the selfsame moment.

+ Watching and feeling your hand in front of you may help. Notice that (after some exercise) both take place simultaneously. If you don't manage it, don't go further

8. Feel your breathing with emphasis on the breathing out. Watch and feel it disappearing into the dark nothingness of your pelvis. Hold on for a split second. The breathing in will then spontaneous emerge from the depth. The deeper you let your breathing out disappear the stronger your breathing in. Recognize: "the more empty I am the more powerful my energy" (that comes out of it).

+ If you don't manage to accomplish this step, go back to 7. while trying it again

9. Start feeling and watching your breathing in and out through one of your arms. The breathing out will end up in your fingertips, while your breathing in goes up to your shoulder. The more your breathing out disappears into your fingertips, the more powerful your breathing in, originating from the latter. While your arm becomes warm i.e. hot, your mind becomes more and more empty and clear. Then, at some (unexpected) moment, while your breathing out (again) disappears into your fingertips, suddenly Emptiness is breaking through. It is like a fog that has cleared up. It is this Empty Presence that will give you the opening toward the Cosmic Mother, becoming an instrument to Her Healing Mission.

+ If you don't manage this, go back to 8. and try again. By the way: Visualizing, suggesting, thinking or rather feeling that "your mind is empty" won't do. It is mind manipulation, rather than true realization. Refrain from it!

10. Bring this your breathing out and in to your spine. Watch and feel "your spine breathing" without any interference on your part. If this is the case you may imagine your spine to be flooded with (transcendental) Light. Or you may visualize the Cosmic Mother Mandala (See picture "Mother Healing") there. PS. Because in this case the latter are supportive measures, only (and not concerning Emptiness directly), you may use them here.

+ If you don't manage this go back to 8. while trying it again (and again, and again)

11. At this stage your mind should be empty i.e. the latter should break through every time you stretch your arm (Heart) out to others. The breathing in en out (through your arm) now goes entirely "by itself" with no-effort whatsoever. Emptiness is your center, while your (very) alive arm is your (detached) periphery. You may feel gratefulness to the ones who come to you for help. Thanks to them this your innermost Treasure is bestowed upon you. Thank the Mother for it. In practice, Emptiness should have a stability of its own. This is characterized by clarity-only, not disturbed by any sort of energy, no thinking, phantasizing, dreaming, visualizing, seeing colors or images, no emotions, no desires., no limits, no time. There is just Emptiness, something that totally transcends common experience. You realize to be part of the Emptiness of the Cosmic Womb. Joy, gratitude.....

+ If this isn't happening, don't do effort, don't go any further. Go back to 9. (or 8) and start all over again. If it doesn't happen within a couple of weeks, then, unfortunately, you have to give up. Maybe in a later stage of life, where you have solved some major problems, this will be possible, once again

Nothing IS

12. Through your extended Space you will spontaneous experience that your immediate surroundings - just like your own body - have become part of your True Self i.e. timeless and limitless Emptiness. Being Empty, you are everything! So the chair or the bed, the carpet, the table, the flowers on the table, the cat and....your beloved are all equally part of your Greater You. This Greater You must be more REAL than your common reality-perception. Otherwise "it won't work". It is accompanied by very subtle compassion for everything that is in your Space. Indeed, "You love others like you love yourself...."

+ If this Reality is not revealing itself to you, please, go back to 1. and start all over again. In the mean time you may start praying to the Cosmic Mother: "Please, Mother let me become part of Your Reality"

13. Without loosing the quality of limitless and timeless Emptiness, you then start focussing on a particular "object" within your extended Space. Again, this Reality MUST transcend common experience.+ You stretch out your arm to your beloved, the cat or a plant, while touching his or her body. You then repeat the breathing out and in, like you did during step 9. The (big) difference is that your breathing doesn't come from effort or mind anymore, but emerges directly from Emptiness. It gives you a "detached feeling" as if your breathing takes place independent from you. In fact, there isn't any (small) you anymore that could influence the process. Surprisingly, your touching hand feels very hot and overflowing with energy.

+ If not, go back to 1. and start all over again

14. I assume that from the beginning there was strong compassion with a person, a problem, a concern or a disorder. Now you have the opportunity of putting your hand on it, feeling the power of Mother's Emptiness. This Power destroys everything old, sick, ugly, evil and accumulated, while giving birth to the new, fresh, young, healthy, whole and beautiful. I have called this "Cosmic Regeneration". Feel your hand to be a "Black Hole" - an oven in which all obstacles are burned - through which Mother is doing this Her beneficial work. Make contact with, feel and visualize these disorders (problem, conflict, stress, fear, pain, illness). This shoud be accompanied by the Prayer of Trust: "The Mother Heals" or otherwise a clear, passionate and intense plea (passionate is not necessarily very loud....) for healing. F.i. "Trust the Mother, and she will heal you" or "Please, Mother, bring his hypertension down" or "She is healing you, right now". "In the Name of the Cosmic Mother, be healed". It is decisive, that the person in question imagines to also be in Mother's Womb. You may do that through simply consider the surrounding space as such, while unconditionally trusting that you will be healed (by it). You may subsequently "give back" (whispering, please, take my .......from me) your problem to where it belongs: to the infinite Emptiness of Mother's Womb.

The more Empty you are the stronger Mother's
healing power

15. Through your experience of being One Space you start realizing that the Love you feel is non-discriminating. Your preferences - always based on "personal" i.e. ego-attraction - have disappeared Instead, True Love proves to be based on inclusiveness. The latter should take place in True Emptiness, otherwise it isn't real. It doesn't make a difference (anymore) whom or what you are touching. It is all the same Loving Touch. In fact, it is the Touch of the All-Embracing Cosmic Mother. Deep gratitude will be overflowing with you. Once you start experiencing this, you may also start "healing on a distance". If everything is in One Space, the latter being limitless and timeless, then it doesn't matter where your "object" for healing is located. Contact is always immediate, whether he or she is next to you or a thousand miles away.....The crucial thing is - let me repeat it again - that everything should be based on authentic Realization.

+ Should you in this later stage discover, that everything was well meant, but not based on the Alive Spirit in and around you, find the courage to quit the proces here. You will not be a failure....but a hero to the Mother. She will reward you for having done the right thing!

16. This leads to surprising insights and practice. Emptiness is all-inclusive. Everything is part of the same Essence. Thus, once you have become it, you include not only yourself - your own body-mind - but all and everything, to start with your immediate surroundings. If your beloved's bodymind is "yours" like your own bodymind is "yours", then her or his hypertension is your hypertension. And vice versa. So, when your beloved realizes Emptiness, then your bodymind is in his or her Space, as well. Ultimately, there is One Emptiness and the entire universe is its content. In practice, it means that I am all people with hypertension. And not only those with hypertension. I include and am all people, all living and non-living beings, including all their anguish and ailments, simultaneously. Yes, I AM and INCLUDE the entire planet.....And because I AM EMPTINESS I can even bear it! That's why Jesus could take the sins of the whole world "upon him". As a person this would have been a little difficult, though. Only Emptiness can do, because it is bottomless, everything is included without weighing on you, without you being disturbed by it. There is thus no effort in being all-inclusive. Therefore, "taking up your cross is easy". The only permanent "concern" left is your Emptiness......

+ Yes, there is pain - even more than before, because, while your personal suffering has evaporated, instead, you "have taken the suffering of the entire world upon you" - and you will feel it, raising great compassion, but on the deepest level it doesn't hit you. How can Bottomlessness be hit? So, only when on the deepest level you don't suffer from it, then you can take "all suffering" upon you.....

17. Decisive is the acknowledgement that because of Emptiness there is no doer involved. Your ego has completely dissolved into the Cosmic Womb. So, you are not doing anything. There isn't any "you" left. All healing power comes from Emptiness, which ultimately is the Cosmic Mother. So, your whole Being is immersed in gratitude toward the Mother. She is the Alpha and Omega to your life. Because in this last stage your whole life will be dedicated to being an open Space to the Mother, giving the latter an optimal "passage" to do Her beneficial work. You and the Mother increasingly become One. Except for Her deepest Bottomlessness. This remains a Mystery to most, because you won't survive direct actual contact (See my "Threefold Realization"). On the other hand, physicists say that the whole universe, including you, me and the earth, is consisting of a Vacuum. It comprises 99,99 % of existence, while energy and matter sums up to only 0,01%. So, the Mother and you are indeed One. Hence, through you (and other ways) the Mother can heal innumerable people "on a distance", reaching all and everything simultaneously. It doesn't matter where they are or what they are suffering from. I took the consequences and have dedicated myself to "Healing the Planet", including all small and big problems, close and far, easy and difficult. It doesn't matter. I only have to remain Empty and Mother will do the rest. My greatest "desire" is that as many mothers and their staff, women and men - those who dedicate themselves to the "Cosmic Mother Healing Shrines" - will follow me, together granting the earth the Healing Power it deserves.

+ Every time (day) that you are going to "do" Mother Healing you have to go through these 18 steps, one by one, in the right sequence!

18. Let's thus join, together bringing this one message to the world: "The Mother Heals" and the world will be transformed, from personal levels up to world peace, justice and the healing of nature. For those who want to further commit themselves, please study "Healing the Planet in 7 Steps"

Mother's Blessings,

Han Marie Stiekema
Son/Lover of the Cosmic Mother

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Universal Great Mother/ Cosmic Womb Mandala
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