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The Eternal Feminine
Global Initiative

Platform for Transformation of Self & Society,
based on feminine values, with the aim of
saving the planet from imminent
climate disaster


Everyday the news about the truth of the climate crisis becomes more evident.
American scientists warn that mankind has only a decade to turn the tide.
Former vice-president Al Gore has made it his life mission.

The WWF warns that very soon mankind needs two planets to satisfy its needs
for resources, unless our pattern of (over)production and (over)consumption
drastically changes. The UK environmental minister talked about "the
climate situation running out of control".

There is thus no doubt: we have to implement fundamental changes in a very short
period of time. The question is: “how mankind can make this change in an
orderly way, without violence, war and chaos e.g. without loosing its
basis rights (dictatorship)?”

For that we turn to A.Toynbee, famous British historian. He studied some twenty
different civilizations. What he found is, that like nature, civilizations also show
patterns of birth, growth, flowering, decay, death and rebirth.

In the stage of degeneration a creative minority of people - realizing that existing
paradigms, values and norms have been broken down - return to the
Source in order to become rejuvenated. Once renewed, they start
extending their achievements into society.

In order to regenerate ourselves we have to return to values, that had been
destroyed since patriarchy, culminating in "science, technology and
capitalism" (STC-complex Prof.dr. E.Vermeersch), took over society.
The former being the so-called "feminine values".

In order to overcome the suicidal rat race for more, including its raw materialism,
individualism, competition, violence, war, injustice and exploitation, we have
to turn to cooperation, balance, interconnectedness, sustainability,
justice, peace and tolerance.

A "feminine world view" has always been cherished by individuals, groups, centres
and organizations, who have been able to preserve the tradition of revering The
Eternal Feminine in some form or another, both without and
within the existing religions.

Think of Paganism with its Goddess worship; Christianity with its (Black) Madonna
reverence; Buddhism with its Kuan Yin temples and Hinduism with its Maha Matri
rituals. Even in Islam (Sufism) Allah is often experienced as the beloved "She".
In most traditions worship of the Feminine exceeds by far that
of the male Diety or God.

Recently, The Original Tradition was founded, with The Eternal Feminine as the
foundation of spirituality and religion. Against the background of the climate
disaster, it took the consequences in making "saving the planet" its
utmost priority, putting its own interests behind.


The Eternal Feminine Global Initiative has been founded in order to provide an
international pluralistic Platform, where all "feminine-oriented" spiritual
and religious individuals, groups, organizations and movements
come together, with the aim of saving the planet.

Starting point is the recognition of a shared "feminine world view" - regardless
tradition, religion, culture, race and gender - based on peace, love, human
rights, restoration of the community, cooperation, self-sacrifice,
justice, prosperity for all and an ecological balance.

It is urgent. Isn't the "substance of life" - a feminine value - about to become
damaged beyond repair? Isn't the future of our children at stake?
Will, in case of chaos, not women and children be the first victims?
So our call goes to every woman and man, who really
cares about life.

There are so many women and men, who revere The Eternal Feminine,
cherishing the Wholeness of Life. There is thus a huge potential that
can be mobilized. This will be indeed unprecedented, also considering the
seriousness of the situation. We think of the countless Goddess,
Pagan, Christian, Gnostic, New Age, Hindu, Buddhist, Indigenous,
Jewish, Shinto, Sufi and Taoist groups, each revering their
own Deity as (a manifestation of) The
Original Mother.*

* See also: Mother and Sons

To build a new society, we have to return to the Source first. Obviously,
thanks to our shared values, the common denominator of "feminine values"
shouldn't pose too many difficulties. Our "unity in diversity" principle
will be a great treasure to every participant. However, every tradition
has its own principles, practice and belief, as well. The Global
Initiative therefore respects the uniqueness of every belief
without reservation.

Every tradition or belief has a unique contribution to make. That makes our
initiative a source of inspiration, creativity and empowerment. The Platform
offers all participants equal opportunity to share, to speak out or
taking initiatives. The Coordinating Committee will take a neutral
and fair stand. It is reflecting the Divine Mother, to Whom
all creatures are Her children, without exception. We are
always open to suggestions, criticism
and encouragement.

Crucial is to take refuge in The Eternal Feminine trusting Her commitment to saving
the earth. Everybody can draw (worship/prayers/contemplation etc.) from her/
his own tradition. We subsequently support Her with our own efforts. Topics
could be a.o. the position/role of The Eternal Feminine in your tradition
or belief; the ways of reverence, service or/and worship; the consequences
of your spirituality to your daily life; the underlying philosophy or world
view; its effect on culture and society; the way you commit yourself
to social issues, your motivation to transform Self & Society,
together with proposals e.g. practical projects, all
aiming at saving the planet.       

This corresponds with the purpose of our Platform. It is meant as a stage
on which aims, principles, experiences, practices, strategies and actions
can be discussed, exchanged and implemented. The aim is to find common
ways/joint strategies to "think globally, while acting locally". The Platform
thus aims to be an ongoing source of inspiration, contact, support and
guidance (if needed), in order to make your initiative
a success.

The Global Initiative doesn't want to become a (centralistic) organization.
On the contrary, it is encouraging an open network of autonomic bodies
(Local Initiatives). Its only function is coordinating activities. Every group -
just like the Coordinating Committee - has to raise its own funds. The
latter is taking care of the annual Global Meeting, establishing
international contacts, while doing its daily
administrative work.

The core of the Global Initiative thus consists of the dynamic interaction
between the Coordinating Committee and the Local Initiatives. The latter
consisting of both individuals, groups and organizations. To become
a participant/member is by signing this letter of intention. The CC
will then start to regularly inform you about all its activities,
establishing contacts between groups, inviting you to
its Annual Global Meeting, while supporting your
Initiative wherever it can.

PS. You may cancell your membership to the Global Initiative any time. 

Procedures have to be avoided, wherever we can. However, those
who want to commit themselves, may join the Initiative's Coordinating
Committee. Obviously, we would be very happy with expertise
like PR, finances and administration. Because success ultimately
depends on spiritual experience, wisdom and commitment,
candidates are chosen through a "common application"
procedure, including a CV and personal talks.
Besides, a circle of friends/volunteers e.g.
support group is very much
welcome, as well.

Summarizing, we are glad to be able to announce a very promising new
initiative, aiming at saving the planet. It invites everybody, who share
our concern, while being involved in any kind of feminine-oriented
spirituality. You are very much welcome to commit yourself, both
in your own local group as well as our Annual Meeting. The first
to be organized in about one to one and a half years from now.
Provisionary place: Ireland where the memory
of the Original Mother is still alive.

Amsterdam, October 25, 2006
Han Marie Stiekema, "Green Man" (initiator and ambassador)


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