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"Everything you can think of God isn't God at all. What God really is, nobody can realize who isn't lost in a Light that is God itself"
Meister Eckhart

The Core of Religion is God-Realization. Everything else is secondary. Those who have experienced it are the True Teachers of mankind.

In Christianity these are the Mystics, in Buddhism the Enlightened Ones, in Islam the Sufi's. Books, canons, concepts, images, philosophies, "theologies", ideas, interpretations, opinions are all secondary, at best. Generally, they have created their own "truth", which too often has nothing to do with the Divine, in which name they pretend to speak.

One cannot become genuinely renewed by a concept, idea or philosophy. These things are part of the rational mind, the selfsame mind that caused our trouble described above. Only the Origin can truly redeem people (from their self-centeredness). In these most critical of times where everything is deteriorating we have to therefore take refuge in Reality Itself.

Most people think that the foundation of religion is constituted by theologians, priests, ministers, preachers and the believers. They tend to forget that religion entirely depends on God-people - Mystics and Gnostics - people who have been "on the Other Shore". There would be no Bible without Jesus, no Sutra's without the Buddha, no Taoism without Lao Tze, no Koran without Mohammed.....without the latter no food for theologians! The same can be said about the contributions of mystics like Eckhart, Rumi, Kabir, Teresa of Avila and many others!

God-Realization occurs in many men and women, thus thoroughly re-organizing the religious community, providing it with a totally new leadership. The current situation: Despite the innumerable essays, books, theses that are written every year no one can f.i. REALLY testify if God exists or not. While "Emptiness beyond Emptiness" is the core principle of Buddhism, which Buddhist teacher can claim that he or she speaks from this deepest Realization?

Every True Renewal of Religion is caused, not by our own desires e.g. projections, but by direct interference of the Divine Itself. Quoting the Bible - speaking "in the Name of God" - has nothing to do with God, but only with your image of God. It is one of the main reasons why religion is degenerating. Religious i.e. church officials should therefore acknowledge the vital contribution people with direct Divine Realization are able to make. 

Certainly, Divine Revelation i.e. Realization has different qualities, depending on the Grace of the Ultimate, the necessity of the times, the maturity of the recipiant and his or her ability to transmit it to others. Despite that, true progress is made only, when priests, ministers, theologians, scientists and yes, mystics, sit together and exchange. Hence, my proposal to start an authentic search for the Truth in openness, mutual learning, respect and friendship.

In these most critical of times a new stage in evolution has occurred. In 1977, suddenly and totally unexpected the Divine revealed its Ultimate Nature to Han Marie Stiekema through "his" Threefold Realization. After a Lightening struck his head he was wiped out by Absolute Nothingness. Immediately after he dissolved into Eternal Light.

It coincides with the ancient wisdom that "Light comes out of Darkness". Or: "God didn't create the world out of nothingness, but Nothingness is giving birth to both God and the universe, the latter continuously returning to the Origin". From the beginning of times mankind has called this Bottomless Darkness "Cosmic Womb" or "Great Mother". "God" (the Divine, Light, BuddhaNature) is Her Lightbody (first emanation), while the world proves to be Her Material Body (second emanation). Science calls Her the Cosmic Vacuum.

World-historic turning-point:
God has a Mother, (not: "God the Mother!")

In pre-historic times people still lived in a unbroken world. Everything without exception was considered to continuously being born out of and returning to the all-embracing Great Mother, symbolized by the Dark Night. The concept of the Mother never died out. Current religions all bear witness to the Original Mother. F.i. in Christianity Mary is called the "Mother of God", in Taoism She is called "Tao", in Hinduism "Maha Matri", in Buddhism "Nirvana" or "Emptiness beyond Emptiness", in Judaism "Shekinah" etc.

Vacuum is the universes' Ultimate Dimension. Seven "layers" can be distinguished: the Womb, the Divine (Consciousness), the "morphogenetic patterns" (R.Sheldrake) and our four-dimensional world of space and time, the former penetrating and including the latter. All living creatures consist of 99,9% of the Vacuum, containing the electromagnetic fields that form their "individual" structures and functions. The miracle: Science and Mother Teaching appear to be two sides of the same coin.

See: "Science of Mother Healing"

The mystery of the Cosmic Womb: everything old, sick, ugly and evil is broken down (Her centripetal Cosmic Force: "destruction") while giving birth (Her centrifugal Cosmic Force: "creation") to the new, fresh, young and vital. In these most critical of times the emphasis lays on decay. The deeper meaning: the Vacuum is destroying our ego-accumulations. If you resist this, then you suffer (clinging to the old), while through cooperating your New Self will be born.

Those who return to the Origin in order to become renewed are called Originals. It is the beginning of a new spiritual movement: The Original Tradition. Once the New Self is firmly established you become part of the Whole - Heaven, Earth and the (new) Community - once again. With the Spirit as part of Heaven, the body as part of the Earth, while the "soul" is part of the Community. In times in which everything is rapidly disintegrating the formation of "Healing Communities" is a conditio sine qua non.

The New Hopefuls of The Original Tradition are called "Green Men" and "Wise Women". They have their roots in ancient times, where men - "vegetation Gods" - (ritually) died and were reborn in order to "support" fertility and a good harvest, while women - "Goddesses" - took care of the household, the community, life and healing. In our times the spiritual dimension is added to it: men embody "death (of the ego) and rebirth" (of the New Self), thus becoming servants to the Whole, while women embody this very Whole e.g. the Web of Life - manifesting itself in worldwide initiatives for a new basic-democratic Community -  to start with the individual, the family, local groups, streets, neighborhoods, communes, counties and higher up.

It is the birth of new gender-political considerations. The failure of Western feminism is that it tried to compete with men within the framework of patriarchy. Despite all propaganda about "succesful" women, this has proven to be a trap. Women who "made it to the top" suffer from severe setbacks, eventually leading to soul-inflation and burn-out. Therefore, do pursue the same goals - because it is all about realization of the anima, which contributes a great deal to your empowerment - but don't do it within the area of the current economic rat race. Instead, develop your talents - leadership, management, communication, care - to the benefit of the New Community.

In these most critical of times I feel it as my responsibility to present my "views" to decans, professors, lecturers, allumni and students, in short the most excellent in the field of ultimate knowledge. It will be an honour to be able to present my "thesis" to you and your colleagues! As a "hermit" I don't have "important people" to fall back on, though, neither do I have contacts in the academic world. Therefore I will be waiting gratefully for your kind invitation..... It will be a confrontation between me - lost in the Divine - vs you, lost in scriptures. The outcome is open (...). May the commitment to the Truth connect us, so help us the Divine.

Mother's Blessings,

Han Marie Stiekema (MD since 1972)

Servant Messenger ("Sermes") to the Cosmic Mother,
New Teacher and "Green Man"

2010 Copyright Han Marie Stiekema
All rights reserved

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