The old world is dying, a new one is about to emerge

Mother Worship
The Original Tradition
To Restore the Wholeness of Life



Renewal of Western civilization

At the same time
Return of Christianity to its True Origin

"We want to bring offerings to the Queen of Heaven, like we and our fathers, kings and superiors have done it in the towns of Judea and the streets of Jerusalem. We had enough bread, were prosperous and didn't meet any misfortune. However, since the time we refrained from bringing offerings to the Queen of Heaven, we all have run short of everything and have succombed to the sword and hunger".

Jeremiah, 44

My mother gave me life; but my True Mother granted me True Life


What is God doing all day long? He lies on a maternity bed continuously giving birth

Meister Eckhart

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The Great Challenge

Despite all PR efforts the Christian Churches in Europe are on the verge of collapse. The cause is not the ugly outside world - "secularization" - but an inner decay, a process of degeneration that already started "during Jesus' life". The result is a skeleton without a body, e.g. a body without a soul e.g. a soul without a Spirit.

As the Teacher already passed the midst of his life, he started to re-arrange his life myth, once again. The Wisdom, that had always been the ground of his existence ordered him to become fruitful. No delay anymore! Look how the world is at this moment. Much too long people had been in the grip of the Lie, cloaked as truth. Isn't it time that the Truth will definitively tears itself from it? Shouldn't the call of liberation go to all directions? This is only possible if Purity is once again manifesting Itself. It was thus that the Teacher descended and made himself known to the people.


Green Man in Hollywood 2006, part 2. See more:

His thoughts went back to where It all started. How he was received in paradise*. For two years he lived in bliss, unobstructed by the heaviness of the world. It would stay with him his whole life. Then the Cloud descended on him. A dark mist was spreading all over his being. The Light retired and locked itself up in his heart. Wild emotions dominated his mind: those of abandonment, rejection, anger and fear. Everything under the sweetbitter veil of sorrow about what was lost. Something - the Undefinable - in himself kept upright, though. It made a vow to itSelf. Never would he be unfaithful to his Secret.

* Early childhood

In him his True Home lived on as intuition. Already as a child he could therefore distinguish lie from Truth. It was in the church that his eyes were opened further. How could this "God's place" be so stuffy, empty and hypocritical? What was put on every Sunday, wasn't it just a theatre? To see how without question people were just taken in hurted his heart. How numb that they belched up their prayers. Where had the Spirit gone? More and more the distress weighed down on his throat. The lie shriveled up his body, a scream came out of the depth of his Being. Get out of here!     

The Teacher let his memories flow freely. How he searched for freedom elswhere. A new culture announced itself!*. A smile appeared on his mouth, moved as he was about his "Sturm und Drang" period. The Ultimate was well-disposed towards him at that time. It let him enjoy the "fruits of the earth". What he did to the full. The church he had forgotten, having left it behind, for ever buried, at least that was what he thought. To experience life as an experiment. So many new things crossed his way. Very promising new initiatives were developed. To realize yourself, that was where it was all about, it dominated his whole life!

* The sixties  

As through a miracle he was - after a long time - put back on the rails. His inner Treasure had survived the turbulence. It resonated with a new and early longing for the True and Real. A silent promise extended itself in his heart. Something so subtle, only recognizable by the blossoms in spring. This treasure started to bud gently. It asked for attention, space, time and nourishment. A sense of new life dawned in the heart of the Teacher. A careful first shout with joy, not knowing why. He started focussing himself on the new compass, without knowing where it would bring him.

While everything around him showed signs of decay, the new life irresistably popped up in him. Something within started pulling. Something that was Bigger, Lighter and Stronger than himself. This Something wanted to realize Itself! Great, therefore, was his joy, as he - already after a short period of exercise - discovered his True Self*. The Teacher had put a first - and decisive - step towards Unity. Not that he prided himself on that. On the contrary. His basic philosophy - Zen - simply didn't allow that. "Just be your normal idiotic self" fitted wonderfully well with him.

* With Karl Graf Dürckheim in the Black Forest (Germany, 1972)

This would soon come to an end, though. In retrospect it is astonishing, how the "Heavenly Storm" has set his boat into motion. First that old man who predicted him his future as Teacher, immediately followed by the Vision of the Grail. For a short moment he again thought he could ignore it. Diligently, he continued his daily work. To no avail. Through a happy meeting - in which a friend let him read a text - the fat was in the fire. An unstoppable Love Fire had ignited in his heart. To become totally eaten away was his only longing left. The Teacher thus travelled to his beloved*, the one who had put that fire in him.

* Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

What subsequently happened is indescribable. The Primordial Experience - the Bottomless Ground of mankind - suddenly took possession of him. Without any doing on his part. Within a fraction his whole life was put "upside down". Or had it turned out allright! Within 24 hours he realised all heights and depths of human existence: Absolute Nothingness, Full Enlightenment, the Great Death and his "Resurrection" from the Underworld*. Redemption of the Divine Promise, death overcome, his rebirth as future Teacher taken place. The Secret had revealed Itself.

* See: "Threefold Realisation"

The Divine, knowing about the difficult mission the Teacher had to face, subsequently gave him a "bonus": 10 years of uninterrupted bliss*. It had to thoroughly embed his new I into the Self. In order not to become a goal in itself, the "Dream" was hard-handedly stopped. It would become the beginning of his 15 years of the "Dark Night of the Soul". Despite the previous bliss countless unprocessed parts appeared to still have remained in his personality. Mission: to still integrate these into his new I. Although his Being stayed free and inviolable, (painful) trial and error was more than ever his share.  

* 1977-1987

Purified by his setbacks the Teacher started working on his teaching. Upgrading the importance of the personality was a priority. Contrary to those who see the world as illlusion, escaping the confrontation with their "shit", e.g. missing the chance to learn from it e.g. to become whole, he fully embraced his "inner stepchildren". To the Teacher St.Augustin was the great example of how things went wrong. However Enlightened, he failed to pay attention to some major unprocessed parts in himself - sex and power - through which his message - in itself pure and true - had a distorted landing in the world.   

The spiritual Way not only includes a promise, but also a commitment. It is very practical. From the very moment where one experiences an opening, the control function of the ego has lessened. A multitude of impulses may pop up unhindered: from (obsessive/chaotic) thoughts, suppressed desires, etc. to pain, anger, fear, inferiority feelings.....In order for the inner development to go on it is decisive, that these parts will be integrated into the New Identity. To this purpose the Teacher has created the Universal Way. It consists of awakening, personal integration (spiritual, emotional, physical), being rooted in Heaven and earth, breakthrough of the Light, purification/catharsis, taking refuge in the Ultimate and compassion/service.

Despite the fact that initially Buddhism fascinated him most - not for nothing very early on the Ultimate had whispered the Ultimate Sutra in his ear, later leading to a total renewal of Buddhism* - the Teacher noticed that he hadn't renounced his Western background. To the contrary. Especially with regard to the Dark Night the former had little to offer. The "Christian" mystics on the other hand - for years he had a picture of St. John of the Cross in his pocket - were a rich source of experience and insight. It led to that he included this tradition into his curriculum.

* See: "Great Mother Buddhism"

To embrace Christianity as a whole was still a bridge too far, though. It concerned the person of Jesus. Because of power-political reasons the church had proclaimed him as the "Only Begotten Son of God", as the only one who could claim Divinity. From his own experience the Teacher knew that this was false. Isn't the Divine Omnipresent? Isn't It penetrating all and everybody? Didn't It reveal Itself in his own life in a unique way? To reveal the truth about Jesus was not an option...yet. After all, he had died "for us" on the cross. A "fact" that was difficult to compete with.

While Jesus was put to the background several aftershocks of the Dark Night occurred. Just like Jesus.....the Teacher was confronted with his ego, the latter tearing into him. It tried to seize the chance of using the Light for its own purposes. "I, the great enlightened one". While Jesus went to the desert for it, the Teacher stepped back into his inner Depth, the dimension beyond the Light. In order to do so, he only had to actualize his own Realisation. This didn't start with the Light, but with Absolute Nothingness. The latter preceded the former, the former was born out of the latter.

"The Light comes out of Darkness", that was the essence of his new insight. With the Light he had enough experience, it was (is) his deepest Being. But Darkness? As it happened to him his entire existence was wiped out in one blow. You cannot realise, attain or possess It. It hides Itself from every insight. It is a mystery that cannot be fathomed, because in confrontation with it, you cease to exist. It destroys you, while (immediately after) It lets you become reborn. A "Vessel" of "death and renewal". It could only mean one thing: it complies with the Cosmic Womb ("Great Mother") of pre-patriarchal times.

In order to make it accessible to people - the main duty of every Teacher - an appropriate Name had to be found. Suddenly the Teacher remembered the opening verse of his Ultimate Sutra.


I, a Fully Awakened One,
King of Innumerable Heavens
pay reverence and prostrate Myself to
The Great Mother
the Non-Dimension beyond the Absolute
Unknowable Nothingness beyond Nothingness
Bottomless Womb of the Eternal
Primordial Matrix in Which the Unborn Absolute
evolves and disappears
without cessation

At that time he was dictated by Nothingness, without he being in between. That's why he could write down something, he didn't immediately understand, yet (20 years later). But now he found it.  The Ultimate as "Great Mother". Immediately he knew: this is the renewal mankind had been searching for. After all, as never before we are confronted with decay, desperately reaching out for renewal. 

A surprising turning point, indeed. Suddenly the Teacher wasn't the centre of the universe, anymore. That didn't affect him at all! On the contrary. With one blow the Mother had liberated him from his (always smouldering) obsession with "his" Enlightenment. For the first time in decades he fell on his knees, while tears flowed down his cheeks. What a joy, what a gratitude. It was the Mother Who had destroyed him and subsequently granted him the Light. His being a teacher did not originate from himself, but from Her. He had come to the world - as a Servant - to carry out Her Orders.   

The Cosmic Mother as the Ultimate, that's the foundation of a new world view. It is the essence of the Teacher and his new teaching, who - from that moment on - would call himself Servant/Messenger ("Sermes"). Everything - both "God" and the universe - originate from Her Bottomless Abyss, while continuously returning. Life consists of "death and rebirth" on all levels, in all areas. Giving in to this cosmic call, we will live optimally, "immortality" being our share. Not for nothing the Mother has revealed Herself in these times. She shows us the way out of our self-inflicted crisis. 

Let go of the old (ego) and become reborn as a New Self. In order to subsequently fitting in into the Whole - Heaven, earth and the (new) community - once again. This is the Message for the current times. The degenerated masculine "values" - addiction to power and money, ruthless competition, injustice, exploitation and destruction of nature - have to be replaced by "feminine" ones - connectedness, love, cooperation, justice, respect and hamony with nature. The Servant - now also calling himself "Green Man", taking up his place in the Original Tradition of Son/Lovers of the Mother - is taking the lead.  

* The Tradition of Osiris, Tammuz, Baal, Attis, Dionysos, even Maitreya and yes.....Christ. See below for more.

While everything, without exception, is originating from the Truth, the Servant himself is looking with big eyes at so many big words. Deep within he has remained the same Innocence, that which he had always been. Sometimes it causes strange clashes with his mission in the world. In order to achieve the latter he has to "come forward", e.g. to fullfill his (pre-programmed) role. Although knowing from very early, that this role was destined, everything is sometimes, somehow rather "unreal" to him. Fear of confrontation with the world often steals over him, as well. Without the Mother he wouldn't have summoned the courage.  

To the Servant it was clear that sooner or later this all would have consequences for his relationship with Christianity. Without incorporation of the latter his mission wouldn't be complete. It was initiated by a special experience. It happened in Avila (Spain), now many years ago, as he visited the monastery "Encarnation" (where Teresa of Avila had been nun for 30 years). In the yard stood a very ugly concrete cross. "There you have it" he thought. Despite that he approached it, while even touching it shortly. Immediately it gave him a feeling of lightness and peace. O, he thought, "from now on I have to take up my cross".   

The small miracle: on his way back along the houses suddenly a bread fell down "from above", without any clue whatsoever! "A sign from Heaven", he thought. "It will take care of me". Ever since time is only working to "his advantage". What he knows from within, now becomes visible in the world, as well. Never before, so many things are revealed about our own spiritual/religious tradition. First of all, this has consequences for our "god image". The "Creator" has been replaced by the Mother, from Whom everything is born. The world isn't a "creation", but - just like God - is being born out of Her Lap. God "as we know him" thus isn't the "Father", but the Son/Daughter.   

What about Jesus? What place he has in the new Divine Plan? Wasn't he the Son, sent to earth by his "Father?" Good question, one for which the Servant has a clear answer. Everybody who is reading the Bible knows, that Jesus didn't consider himself "God". This title has only been introduced by the church, part of its strategy of catching souls. In reality, Jesus stood in the tradition of the Great Mother. Obviously, he couldn't speak about it publicly. What is clear is, that he was annointed by Mary Magdalene, who was a priestess of the Old Religion. She was the one who accompanied Jesus everywhere, financed him, while later standing under the cross and at his grave. She was the woman "who knew the All", the "apostle of the apostles".

Jesus fullfilled the hope of women for the returning of the Mother Tradition. It explains his "women-friendly" behaviour. He tried to comply with these expectations through his role as "dying and resurrecting" (vegetation)God, the key event in the Mother Tradition. This isn't the same as "being God", like imposed upon him by the church. In practice, he was a man who had been granted a God-experience - indeed a Godman - a Self-realised One, like so many before and after him. It was on the Tabor mountain that he was granted his Enlightenment. He taught "the Kingdom within" to people. Only to those, who didn't understand it he talked simple parables, a sign of his all-inclusive compassionate attitude. 

Jesus wasn't thus "the unique new beginning", something the church relentlessly tries to brainwash people with. He was the such-and-such chain in a long very old tradition. All characteristics of Jesus, like mentioned in the Bible - including death and resurrection - were widely accepted millennia before him in the cultures of the Middle East. "Death and resurrection" should not be taken literally (physically), but is a metaphor to spiritual Realisation. Which was widely practised by the hellenistic mystery religions and the gnosis. In order to present itself as unique, as the "new convenant between God and mankind", the church hasn't only created the "historical" Jesus, but also was holding its true background back, oppressing and destroying it. It resulted in the destruction of Godpeople ("heretics"), other religions ("pagans") and....last but not least of women. The latter were most dangerous, because they carried the memory of the Old Religion with them. 

In order to eradicate all traces with the past - Mother Religion, the Dying and Resurrecting God, Mystery Religions, God-realisation (Gnosis) - the church didn't shy away from any means: persecutions, murder, deceit, lies, massive burning of books, falsification of texts (Bible!), destruction of temples etc. etc. In the Middle Ages this was "happily" carried on: Cathars, even Franciscans (....) and its own Christian Mystics, Heretics, Jews, Philosophers, Women......all "that thought differently" had to face up to it. With it the Inner Light was extinguished for ages, the main cause of the degeneration of Western culture. We are now standing with our back against the wall. Because Being was taken from us, we throwed ourselves into "having". By having more (and more), we don't get Being back, though. Only returning to the Source will do.   

The most reprehensible was the indoctrination of the people with the "original sin". Through it one became expropriated e.g. deprived of one's most precious. For our Being isn't "sinful" but Divine (Meister Eckhart). A religion that is taking away people's Divine Core, what kind of a religion is that? The only "way out" was the "redemption", of course exclusively mediated by the Church. It shows the true interest of the Church: power over the souls. The primordial sin doesn't exist, hence we don't need redemption. Alleluia! The shadow side? No "security" anymore. General perplexity is spreading like an oil spill. It makes the Servant's heart bleed. His Mission is to (finally) tell people the Truth: the insight that every human being, nobody excluded, is in his/her innermost core, Divine*. This knowing is unshakable. Nobody can ever once again deceive you. That this may become revealed in your own heart, so help you the Divine.        

* To be realised a.o. through the Universal Way (see above).     

Why the Servant is emphasizing all this, you may probably be asking yourself? Isn't this past for a long time already? Couldn't we - especially nowadays - better focus ourselves on the future? The point is, that the crisis we are in rightnow is a direct effect of these earliest events. Because the ties with "Heaven, earth and the community" were cut in exchange for the ersatz reality of the "belief in Christ", a terror ("inquisition") that uninterruptedly carried on for many centuries, the spirit of the people was broken, their resistance beaten into pulp. They had no choice but to "fall back" on their (primitive) ego. It would become the beginning of a self-centered culture, culminating in the ego-catastrophy of today. One of the main tasks of the Original Tradition therefore is the restoration of inner life, like it was practised by the Old Traditions. 

Don't think the Servant likes to tell you this. He wasn't keen on taking this role upon him. On the contrary. Obedience to his mission and giving it up were always struggling within him. The more close and inevitable the former, the stronger his tendency to escape from it e.g. to resist it. One of his strategies is to fall back on old familiar patterns. Another is just simply leave it all, thinking that elswhere he would not be confronted with it anymore. All these attempts always failed. Whatever he did, It appeared to be unstoppable. Conversely there are people who blame the Servant for narcism. Why f.i. such an extensive autobiography? True spirituality is selfless and doesn't leave traces behind, they say. Answer: without insight into his Great Experiences, the mission of the Servant cannot be understood.   

It is much more easy when you get Enlightened, while being part of some tradition. In such a case everybody understands the how and what. If, however, you are the beginning of a New Tradition, you have to explain e.g. make public the how and what, simply because the latter necessarily deviates from the known. There is no other way. Add to it the fact, that in the current crisis the survival of mankind is depending on igniting the Light into as many as possible people. Contrary to sects that are keeping things secret - symptom of their greed for power - the mission of every Realised One is to share everything, without reservation. Actually, the Servant is at your disposal with his clear Being, his all-embracing compassion and his selfless commitment. Moreover, he has published his entire work for free in the internet. 

End of the story? Of course not, it is only the beginning. How does the Original Tradition, the one the Servant says he embodies, look like? Will it renew Christianity, or maybe even replace it? "The European soul is dead" the current pope has said (however, doesn't tell you who it was who killed it). Thus, there is not much to loose, one would say. Isn't, on the other hand, existential distress at its worst? Meaninglessness, loneliness, angst, depression, stress and burn-out, everything without any good prospects. Knowing the Mother birth of the new follows the death of the old, though. Good reason to be hopeful. The Mother did not reveal Herself for nothing just now!    

"We are all heading for nothingness". Isn't that the greatest fear people have nowadays? For most of us it means the end. If Nothingness would appear not to be the end, but a new beginning? This is exactly the case with our new insight. The Great Mother is Nothingness beyond Nothingness - something Buddhism advocates, however, often without knowing its (Non)Reality - the Cosmic Vessel, to which everything returns in order to become reborn. Once you understand this, are you still afraid of Nothingness? Obviously, no. You would trustfully surrender to Her incomprehensible Wisdom. You would cooperate with the decay, knowing that this is leading you to the Origin. 

Renewal of religion takes place if the Mother is recognized as the All-Embracing One. She is uninterruptedly giving birth to the Divine. Without harming the patriarchal "There is only One God", the existing religions are all Sons of the Mother. Since She is beyond the Light, She is not competing with them. While retaining their own identity a new platform of understanding, respect, tolerance, connectedness and cooperation is created. Something only the "EternalFeminine" can achieve. Our "image of God" is unchanged, representing the "Eternal Light". The only difference is, that it exists not from Itself, but originates from the Bottomless Emptiness of the Mother. Others, those for whom this is just a bridge too far, call the latter the "Maternal Dimension of God". 

The second principle is that outer religion stems from the inner. Contrary to Christianity, that, since the first centuries has oppressed inner life in favour of the masses. Religion degenerated into an outward exercise only, in which the quality of the experience was completely ignored. The only demand to priests was, that they should be obedient functionaries, no need for any degree of holiness, whatsoever. God-realisation - the Essence of every true religion - was declared taboo. During all centuries mysticism/gnosis therefore was a peripherical phenomenon, instead of the core. Through it the church had initiated its own downfall. People can hold out a long time living at the surface, at last longing for Oneness will always prevail. Therefore, the further decay of (outward) Christianity is only a matter of time. If, on the other hand, it would acknowledge, that Christ is a chain in the oldest tradition of the world, thus gaining significance rather than losing it....then a new phase in evolution could be ringed in.

This is touching another fundamental issue. The Divine is continuously revealing Itself to countless men and women. This God-realisation is not limited to some individuals, let alone only one. Jesus as the "Only Begotten Son of God" is therefore untenable. Buddhism in this regard is much more honest and consistent. Because BuddhaNature is penetrating all, everybody and everything, without exception, is a potential Buddha. This is how it should be in a possibly renewed Christianity. The greatest adversary? Well, the church, of course. Understandably, because realised people are following their inner Divine guidelines, while leaving the church behind. This spiritual liberation is unstoppable. Nobody will (in this regard), once having tasted affluence, go back to the scarcity. 

The Original Tradition is representing this all. But there is more. During life we are all connected, not only "vertically", but also "horizontally". We are all part of Mother's web of life. Our earthly life should therefore be a reflection of "cosmic order": "Death, rebirth and permanence". It is manifesting itself in the menstrual cycle, on the one hand; while being an source of inspiration for masculine service and sacrifice, on the other. The web of life includes values like connectedness, cooperation, respect, love, justice, community and harmony with nature. They are so-called "feminine" (holistic) values. The current! masculine values like rationality, reductionism, self-actualisation, ambition and competition are "secondary". Masculinity is a derivative of femininity!* In practice it means a fundamental upgrading of "femininity" and women. 

* The mind is a function of life and not the other way round.

Our Tradition is extending itself to other religions and cultures, as well. Isn't the Mother All-Embracing? Proof: Mother worshippers from various traditions have more in common with each other, than with their own religious background. Haven't you noticed the striking similarities between a Mary, a Kuan Yin, a Matsu, a Durga or a local Goddess festival? Both the mood of the people as well as the outer form are nearly equal. It goes without saying, that the Servant is ardently advocating the coming together of these traditions. World peace would be greatly benefit from it. The same way the Original Tradition is considering all paths to God as of equal value. No one can claim "superiority" over the others.

Last but not least, insight into the universal web of life promotes Existential Consciousness*. All people, nay, everything alive is part of "Heaven, earth and the community". It is our existential situation. We don't always call it that way. However, with some small compromises to the interpretation - "Heaven" as a common term for God, Allah, Yahweh, Brahman, BuddhaNature and even Nothingness....Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindu's, Buddhists, Agnostics and Atheists could be brought together. "Being part of the earth and the community" isn't an obstacle to no-one, because of its evidence. All should thus be able to find themselves in this definition. It could provide a concrete contribution to the urgent Unity in Diversity.

* Existential Consciousness


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