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Healing the Planet
To Begin with A New Spirituality

Ongoing program with

Teaching "Healing the Planet", to begin with A New Spirituality

Daily "monastic schedule" based on The Universal Way e.g. meditation, heaven & earth exercises (sanctifying nature) etc.

Mother Worship, e.g. praying for the world, contemplation, celebration, mantra, chant, dance

(Special Ritual: "The Eternal Return")

Pain treatments through Mother Healing, including spiritual/emotional
purification e.g. catharsis, Chinese jade stone (Guasha) therapy and others

Group consultation: spiritually, psychologically and medically. Free "Personal Health Plan"

Meeting/talk about founding Healing Communities ("Transformatoria")

Educational material, e.g. Mother images, Chinese jade stones, DVD's, books and other info is available

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We bring Mother Healing there where we are needed. Everything on donation basis

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The Original Great Mother

The Great Mother is a Trinity containing three major aspects. She is the universal Womb that is giving birth to life on all levels, from an electron, a new cycle of seasons, a cherry blossom, a young dog, the healing of a disease, the birth of a human baby to awareness, rebirth and Enlightenment. She embodies the regenerative power of the universe. Through Her everything is continuously renewing itself.

Her Law of Creation, Preservation and Destruction

Secondly, She is the Weaver of the universe. Through Her all phenomena of life are interconnected. She keeps a delicate balance between opposites. It is she who is taking care of sustainability. This aspect of life is threatened by our self-centeredness, greed, materialism and accumulation. It is the Mother who confronts us with the fact, that our society is aiming at the wrong goals. Will we learn from Her?

Thirdly, the Great Mother is the destructress of everything old, sick, ugly and nasty. Her limitless compassion is taking everything degenerating back. As said above, the Void doesn't tolerate any accumulation. Hence, once we exceed Her limits of tolerance, Her destructive power will come into effect in order to re-balance life. It is the aspect, which is of greatest actuality today. Wise people are cooperating with Her.






Healing the pain of the world

Imagine. We come to your place and start installing a Mother Shrine somewhere. From that moment on, your village, town or city has become the "center of the universe". The message starts spreading. "Come to the Mother for worship, contemplation, meeting, teaching, praying, healing and celebration".

Many people don't have the opportunity to visit a Great Mother sanctuary. So, we decided to bring the Mother to you!* Our approach is interreligious. It means, that our Mother (see left) is deliberately "neutral". Christians may see the Black Madonna in Her; Hindu's the Maha Devi; Pagans the Primordial Mother; Buddhists Kuan Yin, Taoists the Tao (Cosmic Womb); Africans the Original Mother etc. It is an invitation to tolerance, respect and reconciliation.

* In Switzerland, Black Madonna's are regularly borrowed to (remote) places. People can have Her in their midst for some time. After a while,  She is moved to another village....Isn't that moving? PS. In order to make our project work we are continuously looking for suitable places (room, chapel, little home, temple, hut) where the Mother can stay for a while. We are grateful for every tip in this direction.

During the day, we invite all those who suffer from pain. We will try to help you with additional therapy. This therapy originates from the time of the Great Mother. We call it "StoneAge therapy for Modern (Wo)Man"*. The effects are (often) astounding. The results can be felt on all levels: spiritual, emotional and physical.  In the evening there are usually meetings, talks, teaching, group consultation and contemplation. We bring Mother Healing to people worldwide. Mostly - depending on the interest  - we will stay some weeks in one place.  If you want us to come to you, please contact us!

* This therapy   - "Guasha", meaning "Scraping therapy"  - was further developed by the Chinese: or

We consider pain as the central "metaphor" for the suffering in the world. It stands for alienation, "being thrown upon yourself", existential angst, meaninglessness and despair. It is the spiritual dimension of pain. The psychological aspects are, like many of us (have) experience(d) personally: rejection, abandonment, oppression, violence, neglect, addiction, loneliness, self-centeredness, incomprehension, heartlessness, injustice, exploitation and many more. These and other factors "are often manifesting themselves in the body" as fysical pain: headache, neck- and shoulder pain, back pain, pain in the joints, muscle pain, fibromyalgia, nerve pain, RSI and PMS for instance.

Mother Healing
Spiritually, emotionally and physically

Pain is the symptom of the "wasteland"*. It is the central theme of the Grail Legend. It starts when you turn away from the Origin. In that case, you are cut off from feed, while withering up. In the Grail Legend the sacred Wells are symbols of the Primordial Feminine. With the arrival of patriarchy the Ladies - who guarded the Wells - were kidnapped e.g. raped and the Wells dried up. Ever since the world has become a "vale of tears". Nowadays, the wasteland - due to ruthless exploitation - has become visible everywhere. Mother Earth Herself is in acute danger.

* In Korea, the pain of the "wasteland" is called "Han"......

We take the Grail seriously. Healing of the "wasteland" is the "Leitmotiv" of our action. First and foremost step is restoring contact with the nurturing Source: the Great Mother. In practice, we go to the "pain spots" of the world. In order to bring the Truth, Beauty, Healing, Joy, Peace and Reconciliation of the Mother. These could be all kinds of places. From your own neighborhood to a conflict area, from economic pain (mass unemployment) to neglected youth, from a forgotten group to a war memorial site, from an ecological disaster area to the inner emptiness of top-managers, from single mothers to churches that lost their orientation.

In practice

The first step of healing is in your own hands. It consists of the inner leap from unconscious identification with the mind to the freedom of your awareness, your True Self, the Divine Spark within you. Everybody can make this step.

The discovery is, that you are "here", while your thoughts, emotions and desires are "there", in front of you. Because you have become the Center, the mind - which until then occupied your Center - has moved to the periphery.

It is the most decisive step towards liberation and healing. Before you were dominated by your problems. Now, an inner distance has emerged between you and your worries. Maybe the latter are still there, but they don't determine your life anymore.

However, in these most complicated of times, it is not so easy to work on Self-realization. You simply are "too busy", "have no time anymore", are "too distracted by other things" or even are too tired e.g. burn-out.

Increasingly, for many life is getting out of control. Fear comes up, that maybe some kind of existential confusion will take possession of you. Together with inner deterioration all kinds of disorders - physical and psychological - may pop up.

These are indeed hard times. To whom can you go, who still has an understanding of life in its totality? "Specialists" all over the place. But where are those, who are able to have an overview, e.g. make the right links e.g. connections?

You start longing for a refuge, where you can really and truly feel secure. A place, where you are taken care of: spiritually, psychologically and physically. Something that reminds you of the time you were still a child.

We ourselves have gone that road. It wasn't easy. On the one hand there is this longing, on the other hand the resistence to acknowledging that you feel helpless. Pride, fear and pain stand in the way. Yes, courage is needed.

                  Han Marie



Obviously, our life in the West is incomparably more comfortable than life in Africa, for instance. There people heroically struggle to overcome seemingly insurmountable hurdles: e.g. poverty, hunger, exploitation, deadly diseases, degradation of nature and violence (against women and children).

The times that our own society was a paradise are over, though. It has become a jungle of ruthless commercialism. Decay is visible on all levels. It manifests itself in meaninglessness, youth without perspective, loneliness, stress, burn-out and yes, a dramatic increase in (chronic) disease.

A society that has exhausted all its options has to go back to the Source in order to become renewed. It coincides with the re-discovery of the ancient-old notion of the Ultimate as a Cosmic Womb. Everything is being born out of "Her", while continuously returning. Hence, Her name: "Vessel of Regeneration".

More in particular: Cosmic forces continuously break down everything accumulated, old, sick and ugly, while paving the way for the new and the fresh to emerge. It is the foundation for a new kind of spiritual healing.

This kind of healing relies on the Cosmic Mother. Yes, like children we entrust ourselves to Her, intuitively feeling, that She has the Power of Transformation. Hence, we surrender to Her Blackness, the bottomless Mystery of Life.

We are not alone in that. During many millennia people of all cultures - from Africa to Mexico, from Egypt to Europe and from the Middle East to India and China - have taken refuge in the Black Mother as a Source of comfort, healing, support and guidance.   

The miracle is, that the Mother once again has revealed HerSelf to the world. It is a gesture of immeasurable compassion. It is also an ominous sign. Apparently, during our current global crisis it will be decided if mankind is going to survive or not.

We have responded to the call of the Mother. Our mission is to heal in Her Name. To be healed by Reality Itself is the most powerful "tool" possible. As instruments of Her Power we have made ourselves available to all those in need, without exception.

"Come all ye unto Me, I Am the All-Embracing One". It is this invitation, that will exert an increasingly strong attraction to people from all races, nations, gender and religions. The more you truly trust the Mother, the greater your chances to be healed. In Mother Healing surrender and devotion are crucial.

Our approach is interreligious, so we encourage Indigenous people to seek refuge in the Great Mother, Christians in the Mother of God, Hindu's in the Maha Matri, Muslims in Allah the Merciful, Jews in the power of the Shekinah (Sophia), Buddhists in Emptiness beyond Emptiness e.g. Kuan Yin etc.

Indications are all chronic disorders (e.g. hypertension, artrosis), especially pain syndromes e.g. neck, back, joints, muscle, nerve pain, headache and migraine, PMS, RSI etc. Moreover, all kinds of emotional blockades, psychological problems and last but not least spiritual concerns, like alienation, self-centeredness, angst, meaninglessness....

In practice - apart from prayer and contemplation - we work with a set of additional methods. First of all, there is Chinese guasha for removing blockades on all levels. Secondly, we combine feeling awareness with breathing techniques and a mantra. Thirdly, we have added emotional self-integration, a group consultation and the personal health plan.

As said above, all are welcome. Reality has taught us two things. Please, do expect a miracle! whatever the seriousness of your ailment. Your longing is your "capital". Furthermore: please, be realistic. Not all disorders will be cured. The art of engaging the Mother is to combine these two attitudes!

Our intention is to start with going there where we are needed. We will stay for two or (many) more weeks, assisting you with your plea for help to the Mother, while offering our therapies. Everything "in the Name of the Mother". Depending on your needs we may keep contact about "after-care" e.g. the additional recommendations you got from us.

All in One, it will be an unforgettable experience. You may wish to come to the Mother more often. Please, do so! The Mother loves Her children with limitless compassion. She is always available to you. For further details, see our chapter "prayer, contemplation, mantra". Let us know, if you want us to come to your place, town or city.

In a later stage we may start a permanent center. We don't know yet. It is all in the hands of the Mother!

Her Blessings to you all!


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