Mother Worship
The Original Tradition
To Restore the Wholeness of Life


"Opus Magnum/Opus Matris"

We, the Originals of this world, out of great concern regarding the current world crisis, are giving testimony of our longing for a New Heaven and a New Earth. We do this in the hope, that many will recognize this and equally submit to their deepest longing for community, solidarity and compassion with all-that-lives, without exception.

We went through the valley of meaninglessness, loneliness en despair and saw nothing but destruction in and around us. What was broken down, appeared to be our ego, our self-centeredness. That is how we returned to our Essence, the Abyss of Nothingness. What we were so afraid of, proves to be our rescue. We died and have been reborn. So, Nothing can affect us anymore.

Hence, we were not surprised to learn, that the Ultimate is a Cosmic Womb. The testimony about Her Revelation is authentic. It complies with the deepest insight mankind possesses. Her Message: give up your self-addiction and become part of the Whole, of "Heaven, earth and the (new) community", once again. Praise the Mother!

With great respect, awe and reverence we approach the True Mystery: the Light that is being born out of Darkness ("the Mother") - being Nothing, you are everything - the Divine that penetrates the world without exception, the (Her) Web of Life , in which everything is interconnected, the security and inclusivity of existence and the end of our fear of life....

The Mother is All-Embracing. To Her all religions are equal ways toward the same Truth. Therefore, we reject passionately all (religious) intolerance, superiority claims, exclusivity, dogmatism, the lies, manipulations and the oppression by existing religious systems. To impose its own "truth" on others is a horror.

For 2000 years we have been suffering just that. Our life had been amputated: the most essential in existence like God-Realisation ("heretics"), our unity with our body and nature ("pagans"/"the devil"), women and femininity ("witches"), the community ("idolatry") and the others (Jews, Muslims, Atheists) was deliberately destroyed and replaced by the "christian good news". The church was the only source of "salvation".

There was nothing left to people, but to identify with themselves. Ever since, Western culture is an ego-culture, based on on self-centeredness (individualism), raw self-interest and accumulation (materialism), exploitation (capitalism) and greed for power (violence and war). To have is the inability to Be. From the moment, that you are fulfilled with authentic values, the ersatz-satisfaction is dropping off, though.

On the other hand, every religion still contains seeds of the Truth. That is the reason, why we not only revere the Great Mother (The Original Tradition), the Black Madonna (the Great Mother in disguise), but also the Mother of God (Christianity), the Mahan Matri (Hinduism), the Tao (Taoism), Emptiness beyond Emptiness (Buddhism), the Shekinah (Judaism) and Allah in His (Her) Aspect of Mercy.

The Mother grants Her Light(Body) freely to innumerable women and men. The fixation on a single "savior" like Jesus ("the Only Begotten Son of God"), Buddha ("the Only Fully Enlightened One") or Mohammed ("the Only True Prophet") is therefore based on ignorance. Spirituality/Religion is a process of continuous revelation and renewal, brought forward by people like ourselves.

We share our hope with every receptive person. It is like in love. If love is there, then you don't need so much. Is your life fulfilled with spiritual values - insight, love, strength, justice, community - then the old addiction will be dropping off. That this isn't a superfuous luxery is testified by the current world crisis. The earth is dying for shaking off the destructive economic system.

Often women are accusing men for manipulation, oppression and exploitation of women and their resources. This is certainly true. However, to conclude that women are "innocent" beings, opposite to men, who are devils, does not comply with historic facts. F.i. both men and women were (are) involved in the development of patriarchy. The engine behind it is the interaction between male greed for power and female greed for possession.

The Mother shows us the Way out. She is calling us to re-arrange our life according to Her Cosmic Balance: the equilibrium between destruction (of the old), permanence (the web of life) and rebirth (of the New Self), not only spiritually, but also psychologically, physically, socially and economically....Only if our life is a reflection of the Ultimate peace, prosperity, sustainability, justice and community will prevail.

Our call to all: connect yourself to The Great Work ("Opus Magnum"). It is the Work of the Mother ("Opus Matris"). Seek refuge in the Great Mother, Light (Her First Body) and the Earth (Her Second Body) and Life will be bestowed upon you, everything to the benefit of all sentient and non-sentient beings.

Originals of this Earth, Unite!


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