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Many of us think that nowadays there is a "God crisis". There isn't. What is in decay are our common images of God.  Now, don't say too quickly that we have to find "new images" "to solve the problem". That really won't work AT ALL. The problem is the images AS SUCH. Mankind has grown to a level that every image has become inflational. Every day we are overflooded with images of all kinds. They all prove to be bubbles, with no inherent value. We have come to the insight, that an image is just an image, whether it is a logo of some kind or the "image of God". So, we have dropped it and have embarked for the Real Thing. That's the reason we have left the 2000 years' old provider of images: the Christian churches. They have missed their true mission: to guide people to God. How deeply engrained their brainwashing (still) is, shows a Jungian text. "Since we humans live within the framework of space and time, we never can experience the Transcendental directly, but instead have to rely on images".....  Images can be manipulated. And that is exactly what happened. They didn't serve the Truth, but the pretension to power of ecclesiastic elites. In order to understand the impact we have to first go to the past.

"God" as "we know him" originated in a hostile environment: Egypt. There the Hebrews lived as slaves. Like every oppressed people they dreamt of liberation. They were in desperate need for help, so they created a suitable deity. The function of this narrative was to make the Jewish people powerful, independent and.....exclusive. They needed a "God" that was there only for them. So, they projected this inward: by becoming God's "chosen people".  From that moment on they were not alone anymore. God would lead them out of Egypt to the "promised land". That wasn't easy with enemies all around. So "God himself" took the lead of destroying everything that stood in his way. From the Bible we know that this wasn't little. Real or fantasized* doesn't make much difference. In the minds of the Hebrews the world only consisted of the righteous ones - themselves - while ALL OTHERS were inferior. God had "all the right" to "clean this mess up". He appeared to be extremely brutal, revengeful and bloodthirsty. Only at last, God started showing his "loving face". Logically, because all enemies were destroyed over time. JHWHs “shalom” is what is left after all “adversaries” have been eliminated The underlying pattern thus hadn't changed:  a "God" who loves "his" people, while hating all others. The price that was paid is a distortion of what God really is. An exclusive "God" might have its function for “domestic use”, however, with the Real God it has nothing in common. To the Real God all people are his chosen people, without exception.

* Prof. I.Finkelstein ("The Bible Unearthed") claims that the mass killings the Hebrews inflicted on Canaan did not take place. It would mean that the stories in the Bible were all fabricated. The question is: "what is worse?" (...): real killings or megalomanic killing phantasies....

* Prof Yeshuda Bauer Professor Holocaust Studies, Hebrew University, Jerusalem - had a more courageous point of view. “As a Jew, I must live with the fact that the civilization I inherited……encompasses the call for genocide in its canon”.

Spiritual-psychological analysis offers a unique view on the matter. It is now “widely accepted” that originally JHWH “had a wife”. This “wife” was the MotherGoddess Asherah. In the Hebrew Bible She is mentioned 40 times. Surprisingly, the oldest accounts are are not even negative. This is confirmed by findings at Kuntillet Ajrud (Israel), where a prayer end with “JHWH and his Asherah”. It is one of more, proving, that Asherah was very present in the early days of Israel, the highlight being the Asherah worship in the Temple, the Holiest of Holiest called “The Womb of Astarte”, everything officially installed by King Solomon. The fascinating thing is, that the “career” of JHWH reflects the transition of the time of the Mother to Monotheism. Asherah didnt come out of the blue. Millennia before Her the region was home of the MotherGoddess: Inanna, Ishtar and their predecessors. In the constellation of those times the Mother was All-Embracing as Great Night - giving birth to the Gods and the universe. The latter continuously returning to Her. So-called “Vegetation Gods” embodied the (Her) Law of Birth and Death. The most famous were Tammuz (Dumuzi), Attis, Baal, Adonis and ……..JHWH (later on also Jesus!). “Husband” is only one aspect, Son (born out of the Mother) and Lover (returning to the Mother) were the other two. Gods were thus part of the Realm of the Mother. They were instrumental to Her Law. Just like Gilgamesh before him, and Marduk after him, JHWH refused to be part of the Mother World anymore. And started a “career of his own”. So, he separated from Asherah. Spiritual-psychologically it marked the rise of the ego. As an ego-God JHWH typically went through a “pre-conditioned” pattern. First his “independence”. It coincides with the call for freedom of the Hebrews. The latter made JHWH their “war-Lord”, leading them to the “promised land”. That land wasnt empty, though, but was inhabited by many peoples, of which the Canaanites were the most known. The Canaanites were agriculturalists (while living in small “cities”), worshipping you guess it a MotherGoddess, called Asherah.

Now, in order to understand this fascinating story, you have to read it from the Canaanite position. Their MotherGoddess existed many centuries before JHWH came on the stage. She had Son/Lovers before, like El (Isra-El….) and Baal*. These Gods were still under “Her wings”, “dying” every autumn and being reborn in spring, symbol of the returning cycle of seasons, supporting fertility and prosperity (functions which JHWH claimed to have at last also!). The early JHWH was thus a Canaanite God, a successor of El. From the Canaanite point of view he broke the sacred cycle, while selfishly going “his own way”. And that indeed, was the way he behaved. Over and over again he boasted about his (only) obsession: to be the only God. Apparently he had a lot to fear! In the Gnostic Gospel “The Secret Book of John”, the “Creator” arrogantly brags about everything “under him” and declared:” I am the father, and God and above me there is nobody”, whereupon his Mother exclaimed: “Dont lie, Jaldabaoth”*…. How sweet the Truth eventually is! Indeed, his career is like an ego (ruthlessly) fighting his way to the top. His major concern is to destroy his competitors e.g. “enemies”. Unlike his predecessors, who in a way pursued a “cosmic career” benefitting everything and all, JHWH committed himself exclusively to one people only. Ego is synonymous with exclusivity! Not surprisingly thus that his power and worldly power were two sides of the same coin. In fact, King Josua, in collaboration with fanatic Levite priests, destroyed the last remainders of Asherah-worship. As said above, only then JHWH started to show his “loving face”. Logic, for there were no enemies left, anymore!

+ It explains the excessive hatred the later JHWH-nists had towards Baal.
+ E.Pagels “The Gnostic Gospels”, 1979

This exclusivity was taken over by Christianity. It even became its major driving force. "God has sent his Only Begotten Son to earth to redeem mankind from its sins". Only those who believed in Jesus Christ could be saved, everybody else was (is!) doomed. To emphasize this, God (Jesus) was portrayed as a "personal" deity, entirely there for "you alone". Exclusivity became very intimate. Every Christian is thus "a chosen one". Later, this function was transferred to the Church. The latter became the exclusive gate to salvation. Again this "love" within and this hatred without! Of course, Christian missionaries have only "compassion" for the souls they try to "save". If the latter refuse to convert, though, the damnation, the demonizing and conviction immediately descend upon them. The same is true in Islam. There is only one faith, and all those who don't join are condemned. All three "great" religions have thus the same pattern. Their God is exclusive, self-serving to those who believe in "him", while hostile to all others. This is so deeply engrained, that one suspects, that deep psychological mechanisms could play a role too. They indeed can be found in early education. There, in contrast to girls, in order to become somebody, the boys! are forced to become "different" from the mother. In order to become "strong" (masculine) they have to reject i.e. renounce, yes, even hate "the weak" (feminine).

This process relies on a more fundamental (primitive) one: the pain-pleasure principle. We share this with almost all other living creatures. It says that we tend to seek pleasure, while avoiding pain (of all kinds). By doing so, a "positive" personality is formed, while everything unwelcome is rejected. The latter leading to the formation of the "shadow". Personality-formation is thus based on exclusion! What we like is let in, what we dislike is kept out..... This process doesn't stop with childhood. Once the pattern is there we continue to "pursue happiness" at the expense of accumulating unconscious negativity. We don't want to feel or acknowledge the latter. Therefore we start projecting our own shadow into others. The result: a division in "good" and bad i.e. evil. The world divided in "us" and the "others". The latter being a projection screen for all our own nasty, negative and rejected characteristics. Because we have condemned this in ourselves, we have no problem in condemning the same things in others. This subsequently extends itself to the Transcendental. There we create "believers" and "non-believers". The believers (us) believe in the "true God", while the non-believers are "immoral", "heretic", "pagan" and thus doomed.  Because the latter "have no moral standards" they are considered "untermenschen", who can at random be denounced, demonized, persecuted, tortured and....killed. It is the "religion" of God Exclusive.

Meister Eckehart already stated, that "the God we can think of is not the Real God".  He meant the image of God as it came to us from the past on the one hand, and all images as such on the other. He was utterly right. Not only has the image purposely been distorted and abused, but images in general are not the Real Thing. That's why Meister Eckehart is the (only) highlight in Western tradition we can rely on. He called God Nothingness..... This was very courageous, because "Nothingness" is the greatest religious taboo. The Church put it in the category of Darkness, the Devil and ultimately of the Cosmic Womb....... As the successor to the Ancient Mother Religion it did everything to portray Darkness as the ultimate evil. "Christ, the Light, has come to overcome Darkness". Suddenly, the true cause of existential fear becomes clear to us. At all costs the Birthgiver of the Light  had to be destroyed. It sheds a totally new light on "exclusivity": in order to be able to rule, the male ego has to get rid of its dependency from the m(M)other. The reality though is, that "God" - the Divine Light - is being born out of Nothingness i.e. Darkness......while continuously returning to its Origin.....  everything at the selfsame Eternal Moment. "He" (It) is Mother's Light Body, Her first emanation. In "his" (Its) turn, "he" (It) is giving birth to the visible world, the latter being Mother's Material Body. This is the Ultimate All-Inclusive Cosmic Event, the Truth of truths. You, me, all people, the trees...are in God, that's why God is in you, me, all people, the trees....

Putting images and definitions between oneself and God has (had) dire consequences. Instead of becoming One with the Godhead - as Eckehart recommends, thus knowing God firsthand - Christians had to believe in "secondaries" like "God is Love", God is Personal", "God is Almighty" and "God is Just". (I am well aware of negative theology, which states that God is neither this nor that! However, this never became popular belief). The problem with definitions is....that they don't tell you the Truth. In our case "God is Love" is incorrect, the latter is an aspect of God..... God itself is much more than his (its) aspects. Ultimately, God cannot be defined. On the other hand, the self-created definitions, in particular God is  "Love", "Personal", Almighty", "Just" have caused  its own trouble. How to explain the hatred in the world, if God is good and almighty? How to explain the soaring injustice if God is just etc? These were (still are!) key theological problems (sic). The irony is that these problems have neither to do with "God" nor with theology, but everything with our own projections. Our problems "with God" are just artificial. This is how the Church has kept us busy, making itself indispensable..... From the first moment we come to know God firsthand, we liberate ourselves from these delusions. Then we understand that the Ultimate is a Vacuum or Cosmic Womb (atheist are very close to the Truth by saying that there is Nothing....).

Summa summarum of inclusivity is the Cosmic Mother. Everything withhout exception is born out of Her. Her Bottomlessness is giving birth to the Divine, the Eternal Light. Darkness and Light are two sides of the same coin. The latter is Mother's Light Body in its turn (through the Birth Power of the Mother!) giving birth to the universe. Some ridicule those people who want to "return to the Womb". In fact, nobody has ever been outside of it! Everything is born through Womb into the Womb. There is no "outside". Actually, we don't have to seek it. To the Mother we are all "unborn", living in Her All-Inclusive security. It is the foundation of Cosmic Trust. "Whatever happens She is always embracing me". We are part of the earth, the earth is part of the universe, the universe is part of the Divine and the Divine is part of the Cosmic Mother. We all have the memory of Cosmic Birth in us. Through our stay in the womb we know about the Cosmic Womb; through Our Divine Essence we know about the Eternal Light ("aren't we created in the "image" of God?"). Let US - Mother/Father - create humans, the Bible says. Obviously, many of us don't perceive life like this. This is based on ignorance e.g. illusion. If we accept life as it is, and not how we want it - identifying ourselves with our (extreme) ego-desires - life is a Grace, granted by our Common Origin. Thus the Womb is the True Mystery, together with Her two Cosmic Forces: Creation and Destruction.... Everything - including God and the universe - is born out of "Her", while continuously returning to their Origin.

Only at this point key moral issues can be elaborated. If we accept that the universe is ruled by Creation and Destruction, we suddenly see it all around (and in) us.   Isn't nature continuously dying and being renewed? Every year we experience the seasons of autumn, winter, spring and summer. Aren't we ourselves part of it? We are born, live for a while and then die. Why is it so difficult to embrace this simple truth. Does the fact that we die means that "God" doesn't love us? Of course not. It is simply the "Cosmic Law" to which we are subjected. It might not comply with our personal (ego) interests..... but "God" doesn't seem very much impressed by that. If we look within we see constant dying as well. From medicine we know that 25% of all our cells are in a stage of decay and death, 50% is relatively stable and 25% is in a stage of renewal. The surprise is, that the dying cells are secreting a substance ("necro-hormone") that is stimulating the birth of baby cells! Death as a pre-requisite for new life to sprout. The consequences are revolutionary. In order to optimize health we should take care of proper breakdown. Mankind has known this from the beginning (and seems to have forgotten it today). It cherished various forms of fasting (in 1972 I introduced fasting.retreats in Holland): spiritually, emotionally and physically. In fasting all kinds of accumulations are broken down, leading to renewal of both body and mind. All kinds of chronic diseases are due to accumulation: rheumatism, psoriasis, atherosclerosis, hypertension, bronchitis, asthma, dementia, cancer and many more. The solution: "creative destruction". In all those cases we humans are using Mother's Destructive Power to our own benefit. However, because destruction is in us (just as creation and love), we might abuse it as well.

Abusing Cosmic Forces for our own ego-interests - hatred toward everything different, while blowing ourselves up - isn't that what characterizes the Inquisition, the slaughter of Indians in the New World, the slavery of Black People, Treblinka, Auschwitz, Dresden, Korea, Vietnam, the stalinist Terror, Pol Pot, the genocidal wars of the Balkans, the horrible killings in Ruanda, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and those to come? It also explains why these crimes are "giving energy" to those who commit them. They tap from a Transcendental Source! Don't we all know that hatred generates power? The point is, that by defining "God as Love", we create our own shadow part. Therefore, this Christian "war against darkness" is creating exactly the opposite. What we deny dominates us! First they project their negativity into the "devil" while subsequently combatting "him". Indeed a vicious circle.  The cause is ignorance about the True Nature of the Divine. Instead of being obsessed with one aspect only ("God is Love"), we should come to know the Ultimate AS IT REALLY IS.  However difficult to accept, we should realize our childish "God-concept" and open ourselves to the Real Thing. Knowing Its Reality reveals everything about our own reality. We are part of a Cosmic Balance of Creation (Love) and Destruction (Hatred). It doesn't mean that immediately all atrocities are stopped. What it does mean though, that knowing Reality gives us much better instruments to acknowledge and thus tackle the core of the problem.  If we handle it well, then even Destruction can be used in our favor. F.i. through it we "die to the old", being reborn as a New Self; in medicine almost all chronic diseases can be cured through it, f.i. through breaking down accumulations (vegetarian food, detox, fasting, guasha). Nowadays, breaking down harmful social structures is unavoidable. No taboo, no guilt or "punishment" by a "personal God" is involved, just a Cosmic Law, with the Mother as the Source of Creation and Destruction.*

* I feel sorry for the Christians. It SEEMS they have to give up a lot. However, this may help them. "Personal" means excluding others, impersonal means being all-inclusive...... Only by being impersonal...... "God" can be personal to all and everyone - including the grass, the trees, the rivers, the animals, the clouds....*

Acknowledge the Destructive Dimension of the Cosmic Mother! Without it no Renewal would be possible! Through Her the ego continuously dies, giving birth to the New Self i.e. realizing God Inclusive, thus saving the earth. It is proof of Her benevolent character. If the ego refuses to "die", then it is blowing itself further up, becoming an agent of God Exclusive, while further destroying the planet.  Conclusion: for the earth to live, we (our ego's) have to die......* In fact, the choice nowadays is to die voluntarily (while being reborn) or involuntarily. The latter certainly being not so pleasant as the former**..... Because one cannot expect mankind to be "converted" this way on a large scale..... hopefuls, who deeply understand the (this) Truth have to come forward. In order to facilitate this process, I invite you to join me. Usually, this will consist of Teaching (about the Cosmic Mother Healing the Planet), Healing (for those in need: spiritually, emotionally and physically) and Oracle (Q&A). Would you feel inspired you may think of sitting together, discussing the possibilities of founding a Cosmic Mother Healing Shrine in your community. Is the outcome positive, I will give you a short training about how to set it up. The Shrine is based on three principles: the Cosmic Mother as the Unity in Diversity, a spiritual practice (like mantra and contemplation) and service to the people. In some cases (but not necessarily so) a "Healing Community" will be formed, based on a "monastic" daily schedule. (See "The Universal Way"). Like in the the Dark Ages they will establish islands of hope in the middle of a (quickly) decaying society. If circumstances allow the inspiration will then spread to people everywhere. Those who want to commit themselves - as Green Men & Wise Women - for a longer period of time receive a Training, consisting of Spiritual Service, Health Service, Community Service and Earth Service (See: Transformatorium), extending their dedication to "Healing the Planet".

* This way Christians have a great chance to REALLY becoming followers of Jesus....

** To show his superiority over the Mother JHWH - the jealous God - turned Her Cosmic (Natural) Destructiveness into personal cruelty. The Bible is full of passages in which this bloodthirsty "God" is mercilessly destroying entire villages, towns and peoples. Especially the Book of Hiob gives evidence of his self-righteous and vicious behavior. NB. By enduring this, Hiob got insight into the True Nature of the Cosmos. Amazing! Later, the "Book of Revelation" echoed the inherent violence of God Exclusive....

Our (Western) egoism and in particular that of ruling  elites has led to systemic threats - the climate catastrophe with its floods, droughts, storms, water and food shortages, loss of bio-diversity, mass migrations, and.... war - which puts the survival of mankind at stake. It started with disturbing the Cosmic Balance between Creation and Destruction within ourselves, nowadays it has disturbed the balance of life on earth, as well. This global crisis has already begun! So, how to cope with it? First of all, we have to deeply acknowledge and regret our transgressions. It is the cause of the fact, that "civilization" is in decay. That's why old "values" cannot save us, anymore. The only option left (A.Toynbee) is to go back to the Origin in order to become renewed. The Origin, of course, is the Cosmic Mother. In Her "Lap" - Emptiness - all our self-centeredness - will be broken down, simultaneously giving birth to a New Self. This is the Divine Spark within us. This Divine Spark has to "(re)incarnate" into the world, by becoming part of the Whole, once again. Our Spirit becoming part of Heaven, our body part of the earth and our "soul" part of the (new) community. From that moment on we become saviors. "Behold, I make everything new!" We have to become the embodiment of God-Inclusive, not followers, but successors to Jesus ("find the Light within, and you will become like Me"). The challenges are dazzling, therefore, those who were granted Grace bear a great responsibility. They are the Leaders leading mankind through this the greatest crisis mankind ever experienced. It is them who have to translate their Divine Insights into practical strategies. Only if supported by the Origin - God All-Inclusive - we will be able to turn the tide.....And we have to do it quickly. That's why I took the lead by initiating the "Healing the Planet" project. JOIN IT!

The virus of exclusivity was passed on
from ancient patriarchy
to the Hebrews
to Christianity
to Nazism
to modern age Capitalism

The Real God is All-Inclusive, everything without exception exists in "his" (Its) limitless Space. "God Exclusive" - claiming God as "Christian", "Islamic", "Jewish" - on the other hand, is a fraud, a blasphemy. It isn't God AT ALL, dividing people rather than uniting them. It proves Western culture's  total ignorance about the True Nature of the Divine. It has led to 2000 years of discrimination, hatred, oppression, violence, killing, pogroms and war. It is THE underlying cause of all human suffering. It created the narrative of the exclusive and superior "me" against the inferior "them". In history it has taken different shapes, while the underlying (patriarchal!) pattern is always the same. It is a pest that has to be drained out of our souls*, to begin with its deepest cause: our God image. We have to feel the pain of our alienation, while starting to search for the Real Thing. It means that we turn to God-Realization, something that by the way was always emphasized by the mystical undercurrent of the three religions (Kabbala, Mysticism, Sufi). We are lucky to live in a time where the Origin of all - the Cosmic Mother - has Revealed Herself, once again. "She" and Her "Son" - the Light - embrace the whole of existence. Insight into and surrender to this "Maternal Care" is the beginning of a New Era, laying the foundation for (ever)lasting Peace. She destroys (real!) evil, while giving birth to the good. Even to those, who don't believe in the Mother as the Ultimate: the acceptance of the Reality of God Inclusive (GIAI), - the One Who reconciles all opposites, overcoming all discrimination   -.liberating us from the curse of "God Exclusive" would be a major step forward in evolution..... World peace, justice and sustainability are at stake! Therefore, I consider it as my Mission to teach "God Inclusive" to everyone. Follow your Heart and you will discover this Truth yourself.....

* Through accepting, integrating and neutralizing our shadow.

Mother's Blessings to you all

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