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Allow me a rhetoric beginning. Physicists tell us, that living beings - including ourselves - consist of 99,99% of a Vacuum. Without space our total mass would be only 20 micro-gram. How is it possible, you would say, that in such a milieu cancer can develop? For that we have to dive deeper in spiritual psychology. First of all: in order to be able to function human beings need to concentrate their experiences in one single entity. The child is doing this by identifying itself with pleasurable things, while keeping the pain-experiences out.  This is the way a "personality" or self-image (plus its shadow part!) originates. In order to make it operable, the inner Core - that what you really are - (unconsciously) identifies itself with this self-image. The result is the ego.

In ancient times life was experienced cyclic. Everything - both the Light and the universe - were born out of the Dark Cosmic Womb, while continuously returning to their Origin. Examples for this were the phases of the moon, the tides, the seasons, day and night and the menstrual period. These processes were ritually supported by "Vegetation Gods" who - by their annual "death" and "resurrection" - guaranteed the conntinuation of the cycle, good harvests and the wellbeing of the people. Later, Hellenistic Mystery Religions initiated people in a "death and rebirth" experience, thus continuing the old tradition. How this cyclic aspect of life still governs our lives is confirmed by the fate of cells in our body. 25% is in a stage of birth and growth, 50% in a stage of "permanence" and 25% is in decay.

Then Christianity came. In order to distinguish itself from its predecessors - and to emphasize the unicity of its savior Christ - it proclaimed a linear history, at which end the latter would come back to "judge us all". While in the old times countless saviors came and went, the Church managed to bring everybody under its control through proclaiming the Only Begotten Son of God. This had huge consequences. Before, people didn't fear death. Death was automatically linked to the awareness of rebirth. Once linear time was established fear of death entered the culture. And with it an excessive emphasis on the ego, as the only entity that could resist it. All Western heroism can be traced back to it. Previously, the Dark Night (Mother) was the Realm of Regeneration, now Darkness became the projection of the fear of death.   The Church worsened this by terrorizing the people with fear of Hell. Only Christ could "save you" from it. He, "the Light" - won victory over Darkness....

Ego is fear. Fear is ego. Its consequence is the Western inability to go back to the Origin in order to be regenerated. Hence, the former has no choice but blowing itself up. Alienated from its Source it becomes increasingly self-centered, a separate entity that has lost contact with the Whole.....just like a cancer growth. Cancer - spiritually seen - is a metaphor for an alienated ego, an ego that is growing and growing at the expense of all other areas of life. For long it has stopped to be a metaphor, though. Instead, it is a reality of every day life. To be identified with your self (image), running after every thought, emotion and desire, while having lost every contact with your Deeper Self or/and body is the major cause of stress, fatigue and burn-out. This in turn is exhausting your body-mind system, leading to immune-deficiency, which, as we all know is greatly increasing the chance of getting cancer. A trap is the "spiritual ego". I have met many persons who pray to God for cure, meditate, surrounding themselves with every spiritual help they can get. What remains unnoticed is that their ego's are still the "center of the universe". A very subtle ego-centric behavior, indeed. Knowing that the latter is part of the problem, the solution can only be surrender to Emptiness or Cosmic Womb, service to the Whole with giving as THE way of getting rid of all accumulated mind-stuff....

The natural state of the ego - on the other hand - is that it is part of a greater Whole. It isn't "autonomous" like "modern" psychology wants us believe. Actually, our spirit is embedded in Heaven, our body is part of the earth and our "soul" (psyche) is interwoven with the community. Still, the "ideal" of a "independent" ego dominates established scientific disciplines. They consider the natural regeneration of the ego by its greater context a "regression", something that - they say - proves the "immaturity" of the person involved.... So, science is continuing the policies of estrangement, once begun by the Church. There is one area, that they cannot manipulate, though. It is our daily sleep. (However, some still call it a "regression"). To all other sound thinking people the night brings regeneration to the ego. In the morning you feel refreshed, alive and renewed. Like in ancient times, in which people trustfully surrendered to the Dark Mother! On the other hand, people who suffer from chronic insomnia are easily prone to immune- deficiency i.e. vulnerable to cancer

The fear the ego has of death (Nothingness, Darkness) is the deepest fear possible. It is existential. This fear cannot easily be "solved" by good sleep only. It is synonymous with the fear of decay and destruction. Every "fiber" of our system resists it. It totally ignores the fact, that life is a (dynamic) balance between "destruction" and "creation". F.i. in the example mentioned above, dying cells are secreting a substance ("necro-hormone", prof.dr.W.Zabel) that is promoting the birth of new cells. If decaying cells are artificially kept alive (through bad food, overeating, lack of exercise, impaired elimination, antibiotics) no hormone will be released, blocking rejuvenation. The balance, which should be dynamic and flexible, hampers. The death pole is gaining territory at the expense of the life pole. Toxic waste products are accumulating. Now the causes for this are manifold nowadays. It ranges from spiritual to psychological, physical, social and ecological. In the spiritual realm f.i. we have lost awareness of the destructive aspect of the Divine. With the re-emerging of the Great Cosmic Mother this is changing right now. We come to understand that destruction of everything old, sick, ugly, evil, self-centered and accumulated is a pre-requisite for birth of the new, fresh, young, healthy and whole...That's why "going back to the (Mother)Source" is the prime spiritual foundation of all cancer healing....

Cosmic Mother Cancer Healing

How does the practice look like? Actually, there are many possibilities. I will try to put them in a logical sequence. First of all, nothing goes without trust in the Mother. So, you should read about Her waiting for the moment, that you acknowledge Her Reality, together with Her limitless Healing Power, based on Her Cosmic Forces of destruction and creation. This trust should be actualized by feeling and watching Her all-inclusive Presence. This means that you are aware of being in Her Space, if possible "24 hours" a day. It is the foundation upon which you feel absolutely secure, your existential fear slowly subsiding. What helps is first of all feeling your skin in contact with your clothes. Once established, you will experience the surrounding space as an extension of your body-skin awareness. You may realize that the Cosmic Womb surrounds you uninterruptedly. In fact, you have been born INTO Her Womb, not out of it. It is a blow to our life-long idea of being "independent". A good laugh wouldn't be bad at such a moment....

Based opon this you may do the recommendations I have given to you in my two booklets "Science of Mother Healing" and the "Guidelines".

The third grand approach is done while laying in the bed before going to sleep. The room should be as dark as possible. First you do some body-awareness like feeling your "spine breathing out and in". (See the booklets). Once established, you realize the Power of the Vacuum and Her ability to take "everything back". Remember that this is a Cosmic Force, that is always there. Then you may feel the place of the tumor, together with all (confusing) thoughts and emotions: fear, pain, remorse, guilt, self-pity etc. You consciously accept them, feel them and acknowledge them as being part of you. Preferably during every breathing out (disappearing into Her Darkness) you plea to the Mother that She will take everything back into Her Bottomlessness. You vividly visualize the tumor disappearing in Her Abyss, the former being destroyed, or shrinking, anything, while remaining the inner observer to the process. You may accompany this through whispering the mantra "death" (during breathing out) and "rebirth" (during breathing in). The more you let go, the more your breathing in will give you renewal, freshness, relief.....You may respond with gratefulness, prayer, a song....

In between simple cries for help will contribute a great deal to your healing proces. Actually, you are constantly dying and being reborn. Birth isn't a one moment event in time, but an ongoing process. F.i. the Emptiness of the Mother takes care of renewing your mucous membrane of stomach and bowel every 5 days. An important part of your liver is changing its cells every 6 weeks. Fat tissue every 3 weeks, skin cells every month, after a couple of months you have completely new bones, the same is the case with red blood cells. With other words we never cease to be a child of the Cosmic Mother. (Here again the denial of regular psychology. They have a very reductionist view of reality, while trying to impose this on people. If this is the case with you, distance yourself from it). My advice, take reality seriously and be a child of the Mother. Surrender to Her like a child does, let your ego cry for help, while simultaneously watching it! In this way you let go, while remaining (in) your inner Center. (The latter psychology also has never heard of). Your periphery is very emotional, while your Center remains "cool".

The third major approach is the following. It is based on a phenomenon called resonance. In my booklet "The Science of Mother Healing" I have elaborated on the "virtual electro-magnetic fields" that originate from Mother's Emptiness. These fields are only transferring their full power if they resonate with already existing waves and structures (f.i.). Now, in case of a tumor the oscillations (vibrations) of the tissue are notoriously low. This is manifested by its solidity. It means that the subtle energies of the "virtual field" often have difficulties in having an impact on the cancer. The solution is the two ways approach. While you (or the healer) are in Emptiness, "inviting the Mother" to take care of your tumor, you should SIMULTANEOUSLY make contact with the tumor from within (only you can do that), consciously feeling the area where the tumor is. Additionally, you start visualizing light or heat in and around the cancer. Sometimes you feel it, becoming more light, alive, sometimes not. It doesn't matter. Whatever you feel, you do the exercise. By doing so, the energy of the tumor-vibrations intensifies, becoming more and more receptive for the electro-magnetic waves of the Mother-field. Once the resonance sets in, the Mother will start Her breaking down process.

The Psychological Dimension

Existential fear is the drive behind identification. There are two possibilities in this case. Either you build "a strong personality" or the opposite: you constantly collapse. The latter is the more "modern" variety, in which a "weak ego" dominates the spectrum. In both cases one particular pattern - or subpersonality - dominates all the others. An example of the former is a "workaholic", a manager type sacrificing his life in favor of management, effectiveness and (self) control. Everybody who is addicted to thinking, concepts and convictions - scientific i.e. religious addicts f.i. - could also be classified under this chapter. While the latter could be a parttime working fun type, exclusively obsessed with consumption, superficiality, maybe addicted to drugs, as well. What both have in common is a very limited inner flexibility. This pattern is not only dominating their minds, but also every individual cell! Cell metabolism - especially when suffering for decades from this fixed mode - is (very) one-sided, eventually leading to all kinds of disfunctions. Sooner or later this will lead to chronic disorder, among them the possibility of cancer.*

* It is remarkable, that actors and actrices, who are used to playing many different roles, usually are less sick and live longer!

Suppressing vital functions also leads to a permanent elevated stress level. This has its effects on bodily functions, as well. Through it the sympatic nervous system is constantly overstimulated. This eventually leads to fatigue and exhaustion on the one hand (depression) and blockage of the parasympatic nervous system (the other "half" of the autonomous nervous system) on the other. The latter's function being breakdown, detox and elimination of toxic waste products. The result: the body cannot get rid of its waste. What you get in the end is an immune-deficiency on the one hand (f.i. permanent too low levels of adrenaline and other hormones) and an accumulation of harmful substances on the other. Ironically, on this level there is a repetition of what we have seen in the previous: an impairment of the destruction side of life....The paradox: only if destruction is working well, you will live. If, on the other hand you suppress it, then you "will die!" The possible effects are a.o. early aging, dementia, chronic disorders and cancer.

First concern is to change the conditioning of the ego. Traditionally, the West is doing this through a "re-education" program. But who is re-programming whom here? Right, it is the ego trying to change itself. Through relaxation, exercise, talks, role-play, behaviorist techniques, discipline.....It implies effort and will-power. Since exactly that isn't available, these programs are often due to fail. Moreover, this road has very little future, for it is based on the paradigm of the ego as the "center of personality". Through the influence of Oriental philosophy (Buddhism) we know this isn't the case. It is not your Core, but a bundle of functions designed to survive in daily life*. Who or what you Really Are has been frenetically suppressed by the Church for 2000 years. The irony is, that we in the West "know everything" except ourselves. Why? Because, deep within we are Divine. Deep within we are utterly free, in a glorious way connected to the Eternal Light, full of joy, wisdom, compassion and strength. No need for the "guidance" of priests and ministers, anymore. The Divine being thus the greatest threat to the Church!!! Therefore, the latter did (does!) everything to keep you away from the Alive God..... while entertaining you with secondary issues, only.

* The exact definition: the bundle of functions is called the "small self", the erroneous assumption that this is the center of personality makes it the "ego"

Because I have written extensively about it*, here a summary of the psychological aspect of Cosmic Mother Cancer Healing. It will be clear that without the spiritual dimension no true solution can be found. In practice, it means to step back within. (In Dutch: "erachter komen"). This you do by closing your eyes, while watching the inside of your eyelids. Through progressive relaxation all kinds of thoughts, images and emotions appear on the screen. The discovery: You consist of watching and the watched. Conclusion: I am "here" (my watching) and my thinking is "there" (in front of you). Thus....I am NOT my thinking, problems and conditionings!** As the Space of your watching grows, hitherto suppressed parts of your psyche also start coming to the surface. Your experiences become more vivid. More and more you discover things of yourself you never had dreamt of. It means that instead of being fixed on a (very) limited number of "subpersonalities" you dispose of a much greater variety of them. Each of them "sharing" its specific energy with you. This is exactly what you see in cancer patients. After having been diagnosed, many start doing exactly those things they always had suppressed*.

*  Including integrating "negativity!". I have described the details in my chapter about "Emotional Self-Integration" (ESI)

** Later, when your watching extends and becomes your inner Space, the opposite takes place. You are Space and your thinking, emotions and desires appear to be the content of it!

Now that you have the disposal of a New Center (your watching, your True Self, ultimately your Divine Spark) on the one hand and a broad spectrum of possibilities, on the other, the flow of energy from the Source into your body-mind system is abundant. It is often felt as an invitation to (also) go into practices/experiences that require effort! So, many start hiking, others follow a course in self-defense, quite a lot go into creativity and the arts or accept another challenge. This time, contrary to the ego - the lame duck of the previous phase - discipline goes without effort. Without much doing on your part you establish inner balance, rather than being caught by extremes, like you were before you started your healing. Many, for the first time, discover true priorities in life. Getting rid of trivialities is a liberation in itself. Moreover, once the contact with the Source is restored, you may become a shining Light to others. That, at last, is my passionate prayer for all of you.

The Physical Dynamics

Spiritual ignorance and existential fear, together with an alienated and blown-up ego, as well as fixation on a few aspects of life, only, all consequences of 2000 years of Christian civilization....have created a theater in which harmful physical influences thrive. The common denominator is immune-deficiency on the one hand and the accumulation of toxic waste on the other. Four more factors have to be mentioned here. They are 1. lifestyle 2. self-poisoning through one's own bowel 3. environmental toxins (including medication) and 4. the ubiquitous electro-stress. All these factors are interacting with each other, explaining the explosive character of cancer nowadays. I have called this MESS or Multiple Etiological Sumtotal Syndrome.* It says that cancer (or any other chronic disease) doesn't have "a single cause". That's why "scientific efforts" to find them are always in vain. It is self-serving, benefiting research and future profits, only. In the mean time false hope is created. No, this is not the road mankind should go. Let me inform you about the alternatives. 

* Who helps me with translating the MESS article from Dutch into English and German?

Above mentioned factors, together with genetic and constitutional causes, completed by so-called "foci" - chronic inflammations (tonsils, teeth and others)  - that have a negative effect on other organs constitute the sumtotal of causes (Dr. J.Issels). This "pool" uninterruptedly disrupt basic regulations i.e. the "grundsubstanz" in the entire body. It does so through toxic, allergic, nervous and hormonal mechanisms. The effects are manifold. First of all the autonomous nervous system is effected. It ranges from centers in the brain, fixation of the sympaticus (or vagus) to hormonal glands. Secondly, the immune-system starts suffering, especially the RES (reticulo-endothelial system with its immune cells), the lymph-system, bowel and liverfunctions. At last enzyme and redox (oxydation) functions within the cell are damaged. The result is a disbalance on all levels: from acidification to failure of enzyme-reactions, from accumulation of waste to immune-deficieny, from failing regulations to electrical depolarization of cells (through electro-stress). Leading to a tumor friendly milieu on the one hand and a lowering of the resistence on the other. It is in this internal milieu, that tumor growth is facilitated. Little - fatigue, flu, antibiotics, excessive meal, too much coffee - is then needed to actually have the first DNA derail, producing the first cancer cells. Generally (there are exceptions) no tumor without a tumor-friendly environment (first)!

Cure of cancer isn't just taking the tumor out. Although this can be a (very) useful measure, indeed. It means to simultaneously getting your entire body-mind system in order. To clean up the tumor-milieu is where it is all about, this to prevent future tumors! This, however, has implications, not only for the person in question, but for society as a whole. The former has to thoroughly change his or her lifestyle, while society has to aggressively tackle the problems of environmental pollution and the electro-disaster. Not to speak of changing the goals of the culture as a whole. As long as materialsm remains the highest goal, causing the rat race with its "progress", greed for more (and more), exploitation of people(s) and the earth, the resulting stress, psychological disorders, the impact on relations and education, eventually leading to burn-out of both individuals and society as a whole....cancer will never disappear. On the contrary: it will become explosive.

So, if cancer is a symptom of a sick civilization, what can you do personally? Experience has taught me, that the greatest chance to be healed is to do ALL above mentioned recommendations SIMULTANEOUSLY. Thus, seek refuge in the Cosmic Mother, find out Who (What) "She" is and establish a relationship with Her. Become convinced of Her Healing Powers and entrust yourself to them. Secondly, start doing additional emotional (psychological) integration. Thirdly, tackle major problems on the physical level. This consists of 1. Have a check for "foci". One technique is the computerized Thermo-Regulation. If " foci" are found, f.i. in the dental area, let these teeth treated. 2. Change your lifestyle, including an optimal diet, bowel cleansing and other measures. I have especially designed the "Personal Health Plan" for this (always consult your physician!) 3. Remove all damaging electro-stress from your home, everything that is wireless, f.i. Dect-telephones. Ask your neighbors to also remove Dect-telephones (their range can be 90 meters), (very) limited use of cellular, computer and TV 4. Remove all poisons from your household, especially chemical detergents. 

Last but not least I have to tell you, that I DON'T have a cancer clinic (anymore). This to prevent disappointment. So, you can't get a complete cancer treatment here. What we do though is:

1. Cosmic Mother Cancer Healing, both personal and "on a distance" (Send your photo and diagnosis to me and I will send Mother's Healing Power to you on a daily basis)

2. MeiMei, my wife, therapist TCM from Beijing, China guides you in starting, developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle on the basis of the "Personal Health Plan" (See: www.vitalworld.org)

3. MeiMei is a Master of Chinese Guasha Therapy, one of the most effective approaches for boosting your immune-system, while simultaneously detoxifying and de-acidifying your body. (See:  www.meihan-guasha.nl)

All the best, good luck,

Mother's Blessings

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