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To Become Aware

Dear Friends,

Sometimes I tend to forget about the Basics. For me "to be aware" is ongoing daily experience. Hence, I have to again and again realize, that this isn't common to everyone. On the contrary. Time and again I have to notice, that people do TALK about spirituality, but are still ignorant about the Reality beyond. The danger is, that we think we communicate, while actually living in two worlds. To avoid this I will summarize about the fundamentals. E.g. in daily life people talk about "being conscious". What it really means is "I think about this or that". Consciousness on the other hand is beyond thinking. We realize it by becoming "our" observer. Once realized there appears to be an inner distance between this our new identity and our mind. "I am here and my thinking is there" (in front of me). "Thus I am not my thinking".  This is a fundamental step. By becoming conscious I realize a New Inner Dimension: the Divine Spark within. Its quality is decisively different from mind-functions. We will be enjoying timeless clarity of mind, inner stability, inner peace, joy and spiritual insight. However, "clever" minds read about these things. They just copy these categories boasting about "how spiritual they are". Mostly it is their way to not being committed to anything. E.g. by emphasizing that certain problems aren't theirs. "This trouble isn't me; I am detached from these kind of things". Reality is different, though. The next step is an expanding awareness. Until limits are transcended in such a way, that the mind instead of being "in front of you" becomes the content of unlimited Space. You are the Space containing your thoughts, emotions and desires. The latter swimming like fishes in the water of your All-Inclusive Consciousness. "Your" Space subsequently extends, including your room, house, street and beyond..Spiritual Realisation is embracing everything without exception. "You love everything like yourself". It is all about Compassion. Only in that case you can claim to "have attained". For further reading some major links are added.

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