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The Original Tradition
of the
Universal Cosmic Mother


Climate disaster

Violence, war, nuclear threat

Economic injustice

Oppression of women and children





A doctor who found a therapy for a deadly disease
but did not make it known to the world

Or a scientist who's work is a breakthrough in physics
however, he didn't publish it in a major magazine

Similarly, an artist who composed a true masterpiece
but isn't interested to having it performed before an

I imagined at the end of my life asking myself
did you do EVERYTHING in order to save the earth?

A feeling of deep shame and remorse came upon me
for I immediately knew the answer: no

What would be your comments in those cases?

Well, most likely, you would blame me of having not
enough sense of responsibility toward society

I have to admit that my "sin" is (was) being
afraid to show my Original Face to the world

So, what would be your response to somebody
who was granted a unique Cosmic Insight - one that is
vital to the survival of the planet - but doesn't
dare to come to the open with it?

Just because he thinks this is too big a task e.g. not
a role for him, even is afraid of being ridiculed, of
becoming a fool in the eyes of others

Wouldn't you challenge such a person by saying
that he is an escapist?

Well, I am (was) such a person. After having received the
"Revelation of the Cosmic Mother" (note how wierd that sounds)
it took more than 33 years before I hesitantly made
my Experiences public through this website

Moreover, Cosmic Realization causes a tsunami of related
insights. So, in the last 12 years I lost track, almost forgetting
that everything is coming from One SelfSame Source

That's why I HAVE to stop writing now, overcoming my
reluctance, returning to the Origin of All, with one message only:
"the Cosmic Womb Healing the Planet"

This Womb is Bottomless, the Origin of both Creation and
Destruction balancing each other, thus making
life possible

It is corresponding with the deepest insights of spirituality,
together with those of science (physics and cosmology),
the latter calling the Womb "Cosmic Vacuum"

By blowing up our ego's further - individually and collectively -
the total destruction of the earth as we know it
is just a matter of time

In order to keeping Cosmic Balance, "Mothers' "
emphasis is on breaking down all our ego-accumulations.
Either our ego's "die" or the planet will die!

Thus, mankind has a last chance to overcome the global
crisis we have inflicted on ourselves

It means giving back our ego's to the Ultimate Depth of
the Cosmos, in order to restore balance on all
levels of existence

Thus, may the Mother prevail, destroy all our addictions, while
granting us a New Self, for only New People can create
a New World

Strengthened by the Ultimate and urged by the rapidly
developing global crisis I finally got the courage to
"show my true face"

My Mission will start (2012) with the beginning, simply telling you
about the Cosmic Mother, Her Revelation, and how
"She" is "Healing the Planet"

Once the seeds are sown (wo)mankind will once again start
flowering, giving the earth and its children a new future

Everything in the Name of the Cosmic Mother

PS. When will we meet?

Many insights collected here in this website are the result
of my Great Experiences (1977 and onwards)

Together with additional essays they can be used as
an encyclopedia for self-study

Much love to all of you

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0-2010 Copyright Han Marie Stiekema
Last revising: 03/29/12




O, poor people of the world

Not knowing yourselves

A lifelong search for the wrong things

More, more and more doesn't satisfy

To have is the inability to Be

How pityful to see (wo)mankind addicted

Causing destruction, violence, injustice and oppression

Now Emptiness is destroying your ego's

Confronting you with Nothingness

The latter, however, isn't the end

On the contrary, it is the "Cauldron of Regeneration" also called the "Cosmic Womb"

So, let your ego die in Her Bottomlessness and you will be reborn

Light is born out of Darkness!