Mother Worship
The Original Tradition

To Restore the Wholeness of Life

The Dragon is one of the most ancient symbols. It represents the Primordial Power of the Mother Goddess. Hence Her image on the Babylonian Ishtar Gate (Pergammon Museum, Berlin)

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The Chinese adopted the Dragon from the Near East, making it their symbol of divinity, power and excellence. A Dragon is energetic, intelligent and defeats all obstacles. The Chinese call themselves "Long de chuan ren" - descendents of the Dragon - which proves that their memory of the Mother is still alive

Not surprisingly, that the Dragon survived in Celtic lands, because the Celts originally came from Anatolia ("Land of the Mother"), now Turkey, where the Great Mother was worshipped. Below, the Dragon as the symbol of Wales.

Countless other cities in Europe have the Dragon as their symbol. This one is from Ljubliana, Slovenia. We adopted Her as the symbol of our (heroic) "Healing the Planet" Initiative.

The griffin - a composed animal - is related to the Dragon. Here it is the symbol of the Free University, Amsterdam

From the very beginning Christianity has considered the Dragon as its arch-enemy. Hence, the "St. George slaying the Dragon" motiv in countless churches, houses, books....killing the Essence of the culture. It symbolizes the degeneration of Western civilization. 


The "Healing the Planet" Flag
(With the Mother colors, "accidentally" integrating all major German
political parties (CDU, FDP,Greens, SPD/Linke), thus emphasizing
our all-inclusive effort to save the earth)


The Dragon
Primordial (Mother) Power
(Symbol of the "Healing the Planet" Initiative)

Green Man & Wise Woman
(Leaders of the "Healing the Planet" Initiative)

Christian destruction of the Dragon
("St. George")

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