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The Great Mother

An Ongoing Series of Talks
Han Marie Stiekema Sermes


This is the story about a successful spiritual teacher, psychotherapist and (holistic) medical doctor, who suddenly and totally unexpected was granted the unique Threefold Realization (1977), after which He spent ten years in uninterrupted Bliss. During the next fifteen years - Dark Night of the Soul - he was (painfully) confronted by "the world", while integrating old parts of his self into his New Identity. Eventually, he acknowledged the Ultimate to be a Vacuum, a Cosmic Womb ("The Great Mother"), to Whom he is dedicating the rest of his life. It took more than 33 years before he reluctantly acknowledged his role as Her "Servant/ Messenger" (Sermes). The Mother is All-Embracing, hence, Her Compassion includes the whole of existence, nothing excluded. The MatriTalks are giving an account of this>>

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